Fisher takes a shot at Schefter

Our pal Adam Schefter, who joined ESPN earlier this week, is getting an official baptism by en fuego.

Schefter reported on Monday night that the Titans have contacted veteran receiver Marvin Harrison.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher said on Wednesday that it’s not true.

“We’ve not contacted Marvin,” Fisher said, according to the Tennessean.  “We’ve had no contact whatsoever with
Marvin or his agent and to be quite honest with you I don’t know where
Adam Schefter got that information

Asked whether he might change his mind, Fisher said, “No.  You’ll have to just stay put and see what Adam says because he’s
got a better take on what we’re doing than we do.”


We assume Fisher won’t be giving jobs to any of Schefter’s kids.

25 responses to “Fisher takes a shot at Schefter

  1. ^^^
    I second that. I stand by Schefter. Organizations are so full of crap on who they say they are interested in. I just hope Schefter doesnt lose his reporting integrity the next time incriminating Big Ben story breaks.

  2. Schefter getting caught up in the ESPN BS. Shouldve stayed with the NFLN where he was the head guy. Now hes “competing” with Mortensen and Clayton, among the other top reporters(Sal Palontonio(sp), Ed Werder). But ESPN will report what they want to report whether its true or false.

  3. Clearly they DID speak to Harison and Fish is pisst that Shef found out. Fish will now raise hell within the organization to find the leak.

  4. “No. You’ll have to just stay put and see what Adam says because he’s got a better take on what we’re doing than we do.”
    Well put Coach Fisher, smart ass. And I agree with you, Adam does have a better take on what you all are doing with that horrible team. BTW, you have something in your mustache.

  5. // Schefter getting caught up in the ESPN BS. Shouldve stayed with the NFLN where he was the head guy. //
    Amen to that! I really liked some of his work at NFLN. Now? He’s just another douche trying to get face time at ESPN.

  6. Schefter also also reported that Ray Lewis was more likely to retire than ever re-sign with the Ravens. His reports are no more reliable than Mort’s.

  7. I remember, back in the day, when Shefter was so good at copying his scoops out of PFW. At least now he has evolved into inventing stuff.
    Did anybody catch this guy’s shenanigans at the 2008 draft– when he created the impression that he really knew his stuff by ‘predicting’ every single pick before it was made? The reality was that he was reading the picks off a computer, and against an explicit agreement that no pick be broadcast until announced at the podium. That’s a microcosm of Adam Schefter ‘the journalist’. He’s a showboating ethical train wreck.
    The fact that this man is employed at all is further evidence that the mainstream NFL media has lost its ethics and soul.

  8. It is a shame that Schefter went to ESPN. But he has every right to get paid. Schefter has more than paid his dues.

  9. This is simple, if the Titans end up signing Marvin or even admit to talking to him in a couple of weeks then Fisher looks like a total jack ass for his comments.
    However, if its true that they’ve never reached out to Marvin or his agent then Schefter deserved everything he got from Fisher. Just because it’s a believable scenario doesnt mean you should report it to get his name credited with breaking a news story. Too bad he cant claim it’s “JUST A RUMOR” cause he only writes for a BLOG like you Florio.
    Only time will tell.

  10. whether he hit or miss on this one, Schefter is one of the best in the business.
    on my list he’s no.2 behind Glazer (no offense Florio, i’m referring to “mainstream” folks, which you vehemently deny your involvement with for some completely unapparent reason).
    i give ’em all percentages for how often i feel they’re accurate – Glazer is a solid 90%, Schefter 75-80%, and all the other ESPN talking heads are in the 40-60% range.
    wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Tits sign Harrison soon, and Jeff Fisher to be angry about it (is it just me, or is he rapidly growing into the new Bill Cowher – minus the rings, of course)
    the ‘stache, the anger, the chin….

  11. Reminds me of when he broke stories on the Raiders….He was called allot of things, but he was right on with the info. and Al Davis looked like a buffoon!

  12. Schefter doesn’t just pull reports out of thin air. I’m sure there is some truth behind this one.

  13. But, of course, since every team and coach now blatantly lies outright, nothing can be taken from this.

  14. you’d have to think there was legitimacy to schefter’s report or else fisher wouldn’t have been so upset or irritated

  15. I loved the “Our Pal” part. Way to get on those knees. At least its late in the week.

  16. LMAO @ broncoman calling the titans a horrible team. If you played in the afc south you’d be lucky to get 2 wins this year with your pathetic attempt at a team. Good luck with orton and mcdaniels

  17. Adam also reported Vince Young wanted out of the SD playoff game in 07-08 also…
    Fisher’s anger may go back to that.

  18. I don’t think Jeff would consider Marvin Harrison. Don’t think he’d be a good fit. And, he’s ready to become…fragile.
    We’ve had our problems with receivers on the downside of their curves before, e.g. Yancey Thigpen.

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