Multiple reports confirm that Big Ben's injury isn't serious

As Steelers fans continue to hold their breaths (and perhaps other bodily functions) for word as to whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s Achilles’ tendon injury is serious, multiple reports are confirming the initial indication that Roethlisberger escaped a season-ending injury.

Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, coach Mike Tomlin was asked whether Roethlisberger will be OK.  His answer?  “Yup.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports via Twitter that Roethlisberger is “fine.”

Said team spokesman Dave Lockett, per the Associated Press:  “Someone stepped on [Roethlisberger’s] foot, and we don’t have any updates other than that.”

That someone was left tackle Max Starks, who seemed to be unwilling to acknowledge the former franchise tag recipient got blasted into the franchise quarterback’s leg.

“James Harrison was bull rushing … I’m not sure I knocked him into [Roethlisberger] or what happened behind me.  I was busy trying to block the defensive MVP,” Starks said.  “He got tripped up and fell down.”

The good news is that Roethlisberger, a well-documented exaggerator of injuries, isn’t suggesting that amputation is in his immediate future.  “Oh, it just feels great,” he told team president Art Rooney.  “It feels like a car ran over it.”

29 responses to “Multiple reports confirm that Big Ben's injury isn't serious

  1. Give it up Florio. You’re the only on that I’ve heard make it sound serious from the get go. Milk it for all it’s worth and then report it’s nothing for another 40 comments.

  2. Florio has a history of contradicting himself. Here in 2004 he writes that the “broken Toes” incident was Cowher’s fault and Roethlisberger.
    Date: January 31, 2005 Publication: Byline: Mike Florio
    Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says on Tuesday that he broke two toes during Sunday’s loss to the Patriots in the AFC title game. The next day, coach Bill Cowher — who apparently knows Ben’s body better than does Roethlisberger — says that there was and is no such injury.
    “He mentioned something to Ryan Grove, our assistant trainer,” Cowher said. “He said that he thought he may have broken his toes. He came [off the field] and he was fine. He left here [Tuesday] after the season-ending physical exam and he is fine. There is nothing really going to be done with it. It’s nothing that a little bit of rest won’t take care of.” …
    Tossing two busted toes into the mix, Cowher’s decision to heap so much focus on Roethlisberger makes even less sense. …
    [It’s] a long offseason and Cowher no longer has a guy like Kordell Stewart around to take the heat. Bill gets the blame for this one, and we think his comments from Wednesday were driven by his desire to throw some water on a firestorm that could only grow as the fans and the media continue to mull over the manner in which one of the best regular seasons in the history of the NFL came unraveled.

  3. “As Steelers fans continue to hold their breaths (AND PERHAPS OTHER BODILY FUNCTIONS) for word as to whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s Achilles’ tendon injury is serious, multiple reports are confirming the initial indication that Roethlisberger escaped a season-ending injury.”
    Good witty humor there. = )

  4. It is quite a serious injury – He now has been infected with magnus os colonius iunctioititis, which is a fairly common ailment that connects the mouth to the colon instead of the brain, thus distorting the meaning of all any any philosophically inspiring statements that the patient may have.
    Doesn’t help with your bad breath also…

  5. Big Jen, the queen of drama….. broken toes….. broken thumb nail……
    He wants in on a little of the attention since Favre has received it all.
    Karma Big Jen….. Karma

  6. Max Starks is a large man. If he stepped on my foot while wearing cleats, my foot would probably hurt, too. Just sayin’.

    2nd rate ambulance chasing lawyer to 2nd rate blog. no wonder espn shitcanned your ass.

  8. The over/under on Jen getting hurt was the 3rd regular season game. All the unders – go collect. This guy is the biggest drama queen the NFL has seen in recent history.

  9. Someone ran over my big toe at work with a cart today. The nail is split and the toe is purple but I’m gutting it out and plan to work again tomorrow. Still waiting for a national or even local film crew to show up for the interview so I can act heroic. Well, my kid thinks it looks cool, anyway. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with that.

  10. ahhh…franchise envy…SteelerNation laughs AT you clowns

  11. romo sits out when his pinky finger gets hurt.
    ben wins championships then gets surgery in the offseason.
    its a beautiful thing being on top of the NFL again.
    in b4 “that’s what she said”

  12. Maybe he dropped his 2 SUPER BOWL RINGS ON IT—Or on the way to the lockeroom THE 6 LOMBARDI TROPHIES fell off the table and onto his foot———–S___IT TO THE REST OF YOU LOSERS!!!!!!

  13. SixBurghDude says:
    August 20, 2009 9:54 PM
    ahhh…franchise envy…SteelerNation laughs AT you clowns
    Steelernation, aka the bandwagon that is still full from winning two Super Bowl this decade. In a few years that “Steelernation” will be back to the SteelerVillage that was prior to the Super Bowls.

  14. The Steelers have become the new Cowboys.
    Jag off fans who don’t know when to shut the hell up.

  15. @ppdoc
    This guy is the biggest drama queen the NFL has seen in recent history.>>
    Apparently you’ve never heard of Terrell Owens.
    Try following a little bit of football first, that is, before you come on here and try to act intelligent.

  16. We can only hope that the injury is career ending for “Pig Pen” The guy with the worst QB ratings of any Super Bowl QB

  17. The rules Steeler Nation lives by, when responding to negativity:
    1) Make a comment about homosexuality!
    2) Pretend everyone is jealous of 4 steroid induced SB wins, and 2 Zebra SB gifts
    3) Pretend that you all live in Pissburgh, and never miss a game (most of you have never even been to PA, let alone Pissburgh)
    4) Make another homosexual comment
    5) Mention the 6 Lombardi Trophies
    6) Make yet another homosexual comment
    7) Say something truly gay like “bwahahahaha”
    8) Wish career threatening injury on every other player, for fear that you might actually have to beat said player on the field
    9) Make an ironic comment, about someone acting tough on a blog but being a pussy in real life, then make a threat, something like, I’ll kick your ass if we ever met in person (even though you are now acting tough on blog….)
    10) Make another comment about homosexuality

  18. I would love to see any other quarterback in the NFL play behind the Steelers offensive line and win a Super Bowl. LOLZ

  19. @ Big ben Rapistburger-
    Your username alone proves what a TOOL you are son…Newsflash, sport! The name is sooo F*CKING lame, especially after the events of the case this week!!!
    In fact, there’s a better chance that your user name would be based more on fact, if you’d change it to MyMommaTheCrackHo…cause it sure looks like the money grubbin’ psycho was out for a big payday, but your momma could in fact be a crack ho, for all we know???
    > you’re gay!
    > born & raised in S.W. Pa./LOUD & PROUD!!!
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    > got 6??? WE DO!!!
    > you’re a fagg & a pussy……Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!
    p.s. thx. for obliging Ms. BBR…lmmfao!!!

  20. Jealousy is evident when..
    1. you choose a Profootballtalk name similar to the player that you supposedly dislike.
    2. comment under a Steelers post by Florio instead of focusing on your own favorite team.
    3. take the time to create a list about the fans of the organization that you hate.
    btw thanks for making that list of things that upset you. it makes trolling you easier!

  21. “Immediately following someone accidentally stepping on his foot, Roethlisberger looked around to see if anyone was paying attention and immediately gave a thumbs up to show the worried fans he was ok…”
    Let’s face it, Big Ben is a great QB, but is a drama queen.

  22. @ The Rural Juror –
    If I busted you in the piehole every time you tried to post a pile of bile, you’d be a drama queen too…dude’s been hit more times than any QB in the league the last 5 years!

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