Police: Talib had incident with a cab driver

Apparently influenced by news of Patrick Kane’s run-in with a cab driver and/or the resurrection of punter Todd Sauerbrun’s career (UFL style), who once laid hands on Latka, Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib ended up in jail on two misdemeanor counts for — you guessed it — an altercation with a cabbie.


The Florida Highway Patrol has issued a press release explaining that the initial call came from I-275 at Gandy Boulevard in Tampa, where a cab driver said he was receiving verbal threats from the occupants of his vehicle. 

Though the cabbie said nothing about being Tom Cabled by Talib when reporting the incident, the driver apparently said once cops arrived that he’d been punched knocked out his chair by Talib.

Thus, Talib was arrested for battery and for resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.

Hey, Talib should be happy that his own car was no where near the scene of the arrest.  Because there’s a chance his own car would have been searched.

And, given his history, all that that implies.

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  1. In other news, Tony Dungy has been seen boarding a plane to Tampa.
    Well, Dungy does actually live in Tampa, so Dungy boarding a plane in Tampa, or to Tampa, is a common occurrence. And since Talib is not guilty of a felony (yet), I don’t think he will be receiving the counseling of Dungy the Magnificent at this time.

  2. well, if he needs a good lawyer, Plaxico’s is now available. As long as the cabbie is the only one hurt, the sentence will be minimum, but if he hurt his hand punching him, hes looking at 3 to 5.

  3. That sound you just heard, was Tom Cable saying, “See, I’m not the only one punching people, I mean, knocking people out of their seat!”

  4. Yo, Raiders177…(i’m assuming you are a Raiders fan…) what do you think, you guys maybe 2-14 this year?
    sorry hacks.

  5. The report makes no sense.
    If he was arrested in Tampa at I-275 & Gandy that’s Hillsborough county.
    Why would he have been taken to Pinellas county jail? That doesn’t sound right.
    Not defending Talib who is clearly an idiot but the facts don’t jive.
    If arrested in Tampa he should have been taken to Hillsborough county jail on Orient road.
    Also, the cab driver may be pulling some kind of shake down..if he knew who his passenger was.
    And all of this is misdermeanor so it will most likely get tossed anyway.

  6. don’t be so quick to judge broncoman….you’re going from a lackluster 8-8 (in the afc west no less) to utter uncertainty this year, a serious decline wouldn’t surprise anyone

  7. The report makes no sense.
    If he was arrested in Tampa at I-275 & Gandy that’s Hillsborough county….

    Of course, he could not have been arrested in Tampa at I-275 and Gandy because that “address” does not exist. I-275 and Gandy do not “intersect” until St. Pete. I’m guessing that the “in Tampa” is incorrect and should be “in St. Pete”.

  8. TheDaddy:
    I275 and Gandy is definitely not in Hillsborough. You must be thinking of Gandy and the Crosstown or something.
    The article here is wrong by saying it was in Tampa. It was St Pete.

  9. I went to Tampa a couple years back for a hockey tournament, they got some acrobatic strippers. Ugly as sin, but acrobatic.

  10. Do you guys down in Tampa not have street signs? I’ve never seen so much debate on an address before.

  11. Currently attending or Alumni from Penn State :
    And we not talking college
    Rae Curruth
    Michael Vick
    Plaxico Buress
    Donte Stallworth
    Tony Dungy

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