Bengals' Henry seems to have turned corner

Chris Henry, the former poster child for the Bad Newz Bengals, quietly has made a turn for the better, on the field and off.

And the change has not gone unappreciated.

Henry scored the Bengals’ lone touchdown in a 7-6 win over New England Thursday night, hauling in a 24-yard throw from Bengals backup quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan on a fourth-and-16 play in the second quarter.  Henry made it look easy on that play and others, finishing the night with a total of four catches for 55 yards.

“He does it every practice,” said Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who didn’t play Thursday night due to an ankle injury.  “Great kid, great skills, he does it all.  He’s the guy we feel we need a big year from for us to be successful.”

Asked about the transformation he’s seen from Henry, Palmer said, “He’s made some mistakes and had his fair share of problems and things go wrong but he’s got a great group of people around him in times of need.  He’s changed his mindset, changed the way he acts and it’s been a pleasant surprise for us.”

After multiple arrests and multiple suspensions from late 2005 through early 2008, Henry was in the news far more frequently for his inability to behave than for his playing ability.  Waived by Cincy in April 2008, the Bengals gave him another chance last August.

He’s been under the radar ever since.

“I’m gonna keep it like that,” Henry said.  “As long as I keep doing what I’ve been doing I can show everyone who’s watching that I belong here and I can be a professional about everything I do.”

Henry says he now finds life a little simpler.

“I don’t party no more or do nothing like that,” he said.  “I’m at home with my family when I’m not working.  I don’t dwell on the past, I’m just learning from my mistakes and moving forward.  Ive grown from all the negative stuff that happened and I’m just gonna keep grinding and keep working.”

51 responses to “Bengals' Henry seems to have turned corner

  1. Good thing. He just needs to hang around guys like Reggie Kelly, Carson Palmer and Lavernicantspellhisnameious Coles. He has all the talent in the world, and hopefully he’ll make headline because of that in the future.

  2. There ya go… Forget second chances, give every player 4 or 5 chances since it worked for Chris Henry.

  3. I knew without looking that Florio didn’t write this. There is way too much faith in human kind in this article.
    People can’t actually change, right Mike?

  4. Can’t say I have any positive feelings towards the Bengals, but its nice to hear an occasional story of a reformed scumbag actually doing something good with his God-given ability and opportunity.
    It does take away some of my ammunition for teasing my Bengal loving friends about their criminals.

  5. this guys a must in ANY fantasy league. I picked him up last night in my draft in the 12th round. Monster season from this kid.

  6. thats good, chris henry is really talented and itd be a shame if he threw it all away pacman style. if palmer stays healthy (somehow) and the oline holds their own, im expecting a cardinals-esque air it out offense
    who dey

  7. It is really refreshing having a real sports writer on this site.
    Nice article. Henry obviously has seen the light. Good for him and good for his family.

  8. Wow Florio the Bengals win one preseason game, I’ll grant you it was an aweseom victory. Suddenly your reporting good news about the Bengals. You mood swing worse then my Ex-wife.
    Now that I got that out. Thank you for a decent post on the Bengals for once.

  9. What? What’s this? 49 minutes and NO ONE has something negative to say about this? I’m dumbfounded that the prissy ass debbie downers (“I hate Chad” “There’s nothing entertaining about this ass clown” “Bungles this Bungles that”) haven’t ate this ‘story’ alive. Perhaps you douches have turned the corner eh?

  10. Good for Chris Henry (not in the sarcastic way, seriously). I had given up on him long ago, but perhaps he is one of the few “punks” that actually can change. Time will be the true measuring stick of whether he has changed, or if he is just trying really hard to not be in position to do stupid things, and then when he disappears from football, he could very well be the next OJ. In any event, if he can change, perhaps Cinci is a good nest for Pac Man?? If Henry can change, perhaps the influence of a former knucklehead will hold more weight with a knucklehead like Pac Man?

  11. Good to see someone finally gets it and actually changes their lifestyle. Hopefully Mike Vick can do the same thing Henry did.

  12. Good for him. It’s nice to see people turn their lives around. I wish him success (but as a Steelers fan, not TOO much success, on the field anyway….)

  13. He made it look easy because it was easy. Terrance Wheatley continued his preseason regimen of getting burnt by standing there while Henry ran past him.
    Not to take anything away, Henry looked pretty good last night, it’s just that the Pat’s D looked awful.

  14. The young man sounds sincere. If he truly gets the family thing, then he is already well on his way to happiness.

  15. He always tears it up preseason against the second and third team d-backs. Once the big hitters get in the game he becomes invisible.
    Maybe he has turned the corner due to Mike Brown’s man-love for him.

  16. I thought Henry was another troubled thug wannabe gangster that would piss away his future out of sheer stupidity……when I saw him on Hard Knocks and he seemed to have his head on straight and really trying to get it together I was very pleased to see it. He seemed low key and sincere in his efforts to get it right this time and I have become a little bit of a Chris Henry fan.

  17. Nice connection to Vick – Bleedgreen. It would be great if they both are being honest about their intention to walk the straight and narrow.
    I had completely given up on Henry and thought it was totally stupid and a sign of weak desperation when Cincy gave him another chance. It sure looks like I was wrong, and I sincerely hope that I was.

  18. “There ya go… Forget second chances, give every player 4 or 5 chances since it worked for Chris Henry.”
    And by “worked” you mean “caught four passes in a preseason game”.

  19. This thug is a DISGRACE to the league, he’s already a multiple time LOSER who’s had more than enough chances. As a former Steeler assistant coach, I always wanted to give Marvin the benefit of a doubt, but Marvin has proven time & again that he’s an embarrassment to those who earned their success coming out of S.W. Pa., by continually enabling many of the NFL’s incorrigible souls!

  20. # HEPennypacker says: August 21, 2009 10:19 AM
    He made it look easy because it was easy. Terrance Wheatley continued his preseason regimen of getting burnt by standing there while Henry ran past him.
    Not to take anything away, Henry looked pretty good last night, it’s just that the Pat’s D looked awful.
    What? The score was 7-6. The Pats offense looked awful! The Pats special teams looked awful! But the Pats D, was the lone bright spot…… I dont know what else you could ask for from a team……
    I understand that it is just pre-season. But if the Pats D was awful, what does that say about the Bengals offense? True, Palmer wasnt in there, but lets not get crazy in here

  21. Henry is not scene ANYWHERE in Cincy…Im a 28 year Bengals fan who just got back a few weeks ago from the srimmage and mock game that was shown on Hard Knocks as I partyied with my college buddies at Bootsys (site of drunk guy hangin on Chad from Wednesday episode) there were a few other Bengals there but all of them were very professional not drinking and only conversating…..Seems we have turned the corner and now are about building the locker room with players that have character….In the scene you can hear Chad say…”I dont drink”…Henry is engaged to Fui Vakupuna’s(Rookie FB) cousin….She has a polynesian heritage (super pretty) and she is strong willed and is really about building the family and making sure Chris is on board….I hope he continues to get better and live a righteous path…..For a guy that never had a POSITIVE support system and has put these types of persons around him now…I think he will be ok…Some of us learn the hard way….That doesnt mean we(AMERICANS) should all turn our backs on them….We didnt with Vick and he is in the rehabilitation process now…and we didnt with Henry…..Im just glad we were able to change a man and prevent him from spending a LOOOOOONg time in prison…..Keep ya head up Chris and focus on becoming a great receiver…..
    If the Steelers dont double you week 3 they will pay for it…..

  22. The score could have been a lot worse, the Bengals ran for 173 yards (most in the first half), and allowed JT O’Sullivan to go 10/13 for 141 and a TD. The Pats also benifitted from the Bengals going for it on fouth from the redzone and a fumble that should have been a long touchdown if the ball wasn’t being carried by a tight end with no ball control.

  23. “And by “worked” you mean “caught four passes in a preseason game”.”
    Actually, Vox, I was referring to his allegedly turning his life around…which, if you read the article, was Curran’ s main point.

  24. This guy could be one of the top 5 receivers in the league if he keeps his act together and tightens up his routes. Plus when they realize they have to double him – what are they gonna do about Chad and Coles? Throw the Rookie TE in the mix and they better have 6 DBs and some LBs who can cover out there or be able to blitz.

  25. Hey SixBurgDude… just because you were hired as a temp waterboy in 2002 for away games (and only West coast games), doesn’t mean that your opinion is any more valid than another, and who are you to call Marvin a disgrace? It was actually Mike Brown’s decision to bring him back. Your post is so nonsensical that it almost reeks of drunken anger. Don’t go driving in Nashville for your own sake.
    Nobody cares that you used to wash jock straps for the special teams players during the 1997 preseason. Quit doing the equivalent of a blog-site name drop. That’s lame and has zero to do with this situation. Have a legit thought cross your mind and you’ll up your merit level here more than your work history will.
    Henry has been a model citizen and success story rather your tainted view agrees with it or not. Do you think Carson Palmer is a bad guy? Chris Henry is like his honorary little brother nowadays. He loves the guy. Henry’s got my backing and hopes that he can keep it up for the long haul. You’re hating just to hate. Hope you’ve never done anything wrong or you’re just throwing stones from a glass house… or your refrigerator box under the overpass you call home.
    You just got owned by a Bengal fan dude…

  26. “You just got owned by a Bengal fan dude…”
    Just can mean very recently as, “I just wrote this sentence.” Got is the past tense of get and indicates possession as, “I got tired when I ran.” Owned indicates the possessive. This sentence states someone very recently in the past was doubly possessed by a Bengal fan. If you are going to attack, please be coherent with your weapons.

  27. Hey Sixburghdouche:
    You better worry about the rapists and drug addicts on the steelers roster.
    Child Please.

  28. Baseball First, with a name like that, get off a football site and get over yourself. He got owned, and I’ll own you too if you like.
    Get out much? “Owned” is a very common term. Maybe I should have instead used the iconic “Pwned” instead to help you realize I don’t give a shizz about using proper diction in posting my thoughts on a football blog. I’ll be professional in my writing when it’s required… here? On Florio’s blog? Not so much…
    Take the grammar lessons somewhere else please. Laaaaame (oh my God there’s a typo! oh no!) attempt at being awesome broham… get off my jock.

  29. And yes, Mr. SixBurg “very recently in the past was doubly possessed”… Does that even make sense??? You’re making my head hurt. Can we get a non-partisan ruling here?
    Stop harshin on my end-of-the-work-week high either way holmes.. I’m out this piece til Monday. I’ll “study up” on my grammar over the weekend in between brews and chicks and concerts, I promise. You think of something good to say in between World of Warcraft game sessions. How bout that?
    Chris Henry Pwns!

  30. @ JoeSchmoe-
    You do realize that you just spent, the better part of an hour, based on the timeline, to blindly concoct a post based solely on fantasy, as you don’t know me…what I do KNOW is that Marvin went to a neighboring High School & as such I always take interest in following the careers of fellow athletes that hail from my area & he has gone from concensus approval, to majority skepticism from area observers, as his tenure as H.C. of your Sincy BungHoles has progressed!
    “Owned by a BungHole fan” First of all, assuming there is such a thing, which is doubtful based on how SteelerNation takes over YOUR stadium every year, let this serve as an open invitation…since I’m tired of making your sorry-ass city one of my away games each year, let’s see how much of a true fan you really are…when your BungHoles come to Heinz to get their annual ass-whoopin’, I’ll buy you a beer if you got the sack to tell me whatever you need to say to my face…all I’m sayin’
    except…….WE DEY!!!
    Big ben Rapistburger says:
    “But if the Pats D was awful, what does that say about the Bengals offense? True, Palmer wasnt in there, but lets not get crazy in here”
    But when Brady’s out the games don’t count???

  31. I couldn’t resist coming back just to see if you responded… not Baseball guy, but Pittsburgh guy. Baseball guy is irrelevant….
    So you’d buy me a beer if I came to the game at Heinz field and told you that your criticism of Henry and Lewis is a little misguided (to say the least)? Why in the world would the entire Western PA population want to disown a coach? Much less one that has to report to Mike (let’s make a DE a TE) Brown. Is that beer before or after you and your “Still’r” buddies try to pummel me for taking shots at your resume? Make it before, so the punches impact are softened a bit. You’ve got some pent up aggression issues dude. Maybe because you’re the one who lives in a sorry ass city (Pittsburgh, c’mon… it’s the poster child of the Rust Belt, probably second only to Detroit as symbolic of downtrodden America – but for the record, I love both cities, lived in one for a while, and the hard workin people in each should be more of the poster material than the abandon buildings/mines/etc). But I would actually have to come from two time zones away (yeah, there are BungHole fans outside of Cincitucky). I don’t think it’s worth it for me to jump on a plane to volunteer myself to a bunch of pissed off Steeler fans.
    So for the convenience factor, I’d probably prefer just a gentleman’s over the web, payable via PayPal wager for now…. No spread (which would be in my favor) just straight up W/L. I don’t take solace in beating the spread.
    And for the record, you do realize that my shots at you are born in the Steeler/Bengal rivalry right? Not because I hate you personally. You’ve had our # no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it’ll continue… I like our odds now just as much as when we last owned you in 2005, maybe more. And yeah, the fact that you worked for an NFL team in any capacity is pretty cool regardless of if it were jock strap duty or you’re actually Dick LeBeau in disguise here (if so I actually met you at a convenience store in Cincy a long time ago). I’d probably buy you a beer my damn self… but you’d have to come to Denver to collect. A beer and a two-piece combo son! LOL.
    And PS, I can type fast… and only bounce back and forth onto PFT every once in a while…. definitely haven’t spent an hour of my life here.

  32. sixburghdouche –
    I don’t think the pig calling and watermelon seed spitting contestants from your hometown qualify as “athletes”.

  33. BRYAN_NELMS says:
    sixburghdouche –
    I don’t think the pig calling and watermelon seed spitting contestants from your hometown qualify as “athletes”.
    Dude, you have no F*CKING clue…if you did you wouldn’t keep setting yourself up son:
    All of the following were born, raised & played High School football in S.W. Pa.:
    > George Blanda (HOF/AFL & NFL CHAMP)
    > John Unitas (HOF/NFL CHAMP)
    > Joe Namath (HOF/NFL CHAMP)
    > Joe Montana (HOF/4xNFL CHAMP)
    > Dan Marino (HOF/owner of every meaningful passing record at the time of his retirement)
    > Jim Kelly (HOF/ONLY QB to WIN 4 consecutive conference titles)
    > Jeff Hostetler (NFL CHAMP)
    > Ty Law (2xNFL CHAMP)
    > Tony Dorsett (HOF/2xNFL CHAMP)
    > Jack Ham (HOF/4xNFL CHAMP)
    > Mike Ditka (HOF/4xNFL CHAMP)
    > Curtis Martin (Top 5 all-time NFL rusher)
    There’s a dozen, I could add substantially to the list, if I wanted to go back to the golden tears of the NFL or if I merely wanted to include solid NFL players, instead I chose to only include NFL immortals in most if not all cases…I’ll check back for your list, you know the immortals from the philly area…later, TOOL!

  34. I’m sure they all received bjs from your mom in southern pa too. Who gives a flying f@ck. I’m sure that the youth of S.W. Pa probably spend all their time to football because there is nothing else to do after banging the farm animals.
    And by the way, how many of those hall of famers still live in their hometown? I’m sure Dan Marino is spotted there all the time.

  35. Bryan_Nelms,
    You’re no doubt one of the punks with more lip than sack that wouldn’t stand up to me at Steelers/Eagles last year…Philly fans, all bark-no bite…or maybe it was your daddy, your mama said the only thing smaller than his brain is his dick & as they say, the apple don’t fall far from the tree!!!

  36. Sixburgh if your looking for guys with big sacks you better stay at those gay stirp clubs in sw pa. We don’t like that brokeback mountain shite in philly.

  37. Bry-Bry……Right, you guys(?) in Philthy just like to rim the balloon knots of dog slayers!!!

  38. Hey sixburgh, how exactly do the Steelers own the Bengals at Heinz Field? Last time I checked, the Bengals are 2-2 there the past 4 years.
    Former coach? I call BS. No former coach would be on this site posting things that resemble non intelligence from a 4th grader.

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