Blue Bombers squat on Tarvaris

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson might not see the writing on the wall, but the Winnipeg Blue Bombers sure do.

According to, the CFL franchise has added Jackson to its exclusive negotiation list, given the Bombers dibs on Jackson if/when he’s cut by the Vikings.

At this point, the Vikings don’t plan to cut or trade any of their quarterbacks not named “Brett Favre.”  As the final roster cut approaches, however, that could change.

The open question is whether there would be a market for Jackson, a second-round pick in 2006 who has been so-so at best during his NFL career.

34 responses to “Blue Bombers squat on Tarvaris

  1. There is always a market for someone with his ability. Someone else will take a chance on him as their #2 or #3 QB.
    He’s not a terrible QB, but he’s fairy average which bodes well for his chances of finding a new home.

  2. At this point, the Vikings don’t plan to cut or trade any of their quarterbacks not named “Brett Favre.”
    Are you saying they might cut or trade Brett Favre? That would be shocking.

  3. You suck Childress. Thanks for wasting three draft picks on TJack and then throwing him and the rest of the team under the bus for your love crush on Farve.
    Maybe Thompson was on to something, of course aside from screwing up the draft and hibernating in free agency which will get the Packers nowhere.
    Thank god we still got Sage though, cause as we all know when things get bad we can always…. Run!!!! Get to the Choppa!!
    Hey as long as they’re going to remodel the dome for the Vikings, we might as well start rebuilding everything after this season.
    Shanahan, Cohwer, anyone? 2010

  4. “a second-round pick in 2006 who has been so-so at best during his NFL career” Well acording to you there’s interest in Green Bay. HA Ha

  5. Might as well ship him out of town…Brett will be the man there for a while. At least 5 more years.
    We all can agree on this right? The Broncos will win the AFC!

  6. Sure, the CFL wants Jackson badly. Why wouldn’t they?
    There is no chance he would fall to the CFL, however. Last season Jackson hit 59.1% of his passes for 9 TD, 2 INT, and a 95.4 quarterback rating.
    That’s better than many starting quarterbacks in the NFL.
    Jackson has not matured as a pocket quarterback yet. His throwing accuracy in game situations is not yet good enough. He is not a master of reading defenses yet. He has, however, improved every year in every area.
    He did not look very good against the Colts last week, but he is still coming off of a sprained MCL.
    Many NFL teams would love to have Tarvaris Jackson, and they would love to get him for nothing or a low draft choice. Who wouldn’t?
    The Vikings know the upside of T-Jack, though, and there is no way they are going to let him go. Jackson is a valuable member of the Vikings, and once the very brief Favre era has passed, Jackson will still be a Viking and will compete for the starting job.
    I know T-Jack does not lack for critics, but folks, have you seen his 2008 stats? You have got to take a second look at any young quarterback with those stats.
    Jackson is a good character guy, a good leader, conservative with the football, a natural athlete, a gym rat, a workout freak, a film study maniac, and hey, the guy has lots of talent and he tries real hard. He’s the kind of guy that anybody would want to have on their team.
    Sorry, but you are not going to trick the Vikings into letting Tarvaris Jackson go. He’s a Viking, and he’s going to stay that way.

  7. Far less than “so so”.
    Outside of the Vikings no other NFL team would have him.
    Even if the Blue Bombers got him as one of their back up QB’s, it doesn’t mean he would get injured less in the CFL or throw more accurately.
    Thanks for acknowledging that the CFL does exists. Your larger staff ought to be able to talk about CFL regular season games and the good people up there.
    But if it isn’t a turd story, or spinning nothing into a turd story, NBC doesn’t care.

  8. The move wouldn’t help the Bombers. Jackson actually reminds me too much of the incumbent at the position, Michael Bishop. Both have tremendous athletic ability but neither have the mental capacity to be a top-level quarterback. Nice that Jackson is on the negotiating list but it just may be best to leave him there. Besides which, another quarterback change won’t solve all that ails the Big Blue.

  9. fairy average?
    i guess he wont get no help from saint dunghole then!
    not that there’s anything wrong with THAT!

  10. Ticewasbetter, why don’t you fricken go root for the Packers you bum.
    People like you will find anything to complain about. If Favre didn’t come you’d be screaming at Childress saying he’s an idiot. Now that Favre is here and made our team better you’re saying he’s throwing our team under a bus.
    Straight bad weather fan. Nobody wants people like you as a Vikings “Fan”. You bum.

  11. Jackson may be a better back up than what 50% of the NFL has for their #2 QB. Take a look at the depth charts. Backup QBs with game experience and talent are pretty rare. They say that about the most anyone will give the Vikings for him is a 5th round pick. That would be a steal for some team and the Vikings have no chance of resigning him after this year (the last of his rookie deal) so why not?
    CFL….no way

  12. @ Leatherneck
    I live in Mpls and go to/watch every game. Tavaris just does not get it. I know he tries hard but this league is about making it happen. When you have to cut a playbook in half just so he can run the offense you have problems. The Vikings will cut him because a) Sage is better and b) Booty still has an “upside” much like Tavaris did a few years back.

  13. GET A GRIP

  14. T-jack we love you and your great pump fake/throw the ball into the ground. reminds me of culpeppers tiny hands

  15. While I may not agree completely with Leathnerneck in regards to the Vikings future plans on Tjack. I do have an alternate take on #7.
    If you look back at the NFL maybe ten-fifteen years ago, TJack would be right on schedule.
    He’s entering his fourth year in the league and has had his ups and downs, but has shown the ability to make plays and win some games.
    While he has always had injury issues, he has rehabbed usually quickly and has never been gone for more then a handful of games.
    It used to be all part of a plan. It used to be a process, now in the NFL its win win win now or you’re out of here. Jackson has won some games, has a strong arm and is mobile. He just needs to be consistent. It appeared at the end of last year he was getting around the corner and then playoff loss to the Eagles happened.
    TJack was a dear in the headlights, but going against one of the great defensive coordinators, you could see the writing on the wall before kickoff. But, again, thats all part of the plan. Your first years in the NFL as a QB you learn how to operate and gain success. Then come the playoffs where you learn the next level of the league.
    That’s where you learn how to really take control of your team and grow into champions. All quarterbacks have failure in the playoffs before success. How many super bowls did Elway lose before he got one?
    If Childress gives up on him now then he’s a complete failure as a head coach. As we all know, defense is not his strong suit and it’ll be adrain peterson and the defense after farve goes down. And he will, just wait for pittsburgh and baltimore.
    Also, if K. Williams hadn’t fallen down he would’ve sacked McNabb or broken up that screen pass and if Birk hadn’t fired a football into TJacks ankle. Maybe that game would’ve been a little different, regardless of that INT. Not to mention they would’ve then gone to Carolina and we all know what happened there.
    Like I said, if this had been 10-15 yrs ago, TJack would be refered to as an up and coming QB in the NFL. Of course, in todays NFL its what you do today and how many TD’s you can throw. Molding a QB can be a great thing when done properly, too bad for TJack he wasn’t selected on day 2 like he should’ve been and given the proper time to grow and mature as a starter

  16. Hey Kev…what in the hell has Philly EVER won? Since ’88, they have been very impressive to have only missed the playoffs 8 times…yet, they have not a damn thing to show for it.

  17. @Bob Nelson –
    You’re back! I hadn’t seen many postings from you since you so accurately predicted how things would work out with Brett Farve. And you were so humble about being right as well…
    I knew you couldn’t resist this story — the chance to hammer the Vikings and TJack, and the CFL. This one had your name written all over it!

  18. I’m waiting for the Vikings to announce that TJax knee is 100% and put him on IR so it can heal for the year.
    His salary is low, and that seems like an easy way to stash him for the year. Or, maybe Booty will get some mystery ailment as training camp winds down forcing him to IR…

  19. Anyone who wants to call my loyalty to the Purple and Gold is a moron.
    I read history on the Vikings, Stromin’ Norm Van Brocklin rules! Go to Mankato almost every year, buy tickets to many many games including preseason, own a white and purple Peterson jersey among many others. I still am pissed about that G. Anderson field goal, Green never should’ve takena kneee, still wonder where Dimitrius Underwood went, Bill ‘Boom Boom’ Brown has the coolest nickname, will always believe N. Poole wouldn’t have come down with that TD in bounds, plan on urinating on Lambeau while my fiance’ takes a pic. And I have hated Farve all my life and as a Viking fan I intend to boo that traitor tonight at the dome.
    You think I’m fair weather? Ha! Thats like saying Ryan Leaf was a calm and collected QB who could’ve been a star for years to come.
    And as they say in Animal House, insult me with that again and I’ll have your legs broken.

  20. Whoo-hoo! CFL post! Thank you, PFT. That wasn’t so bad, was it?
    The Saskatchewan Roughriders are at the Montreal Alouettes tonight opposite the Tennessee Titans at the Dallas Cowboys.

  21. A third string QB in the NFL makes more than a starting QB in the CFL. If he came here he could expect to make $50,000 to $90,000 US for the year. Most NFL teams would take a chance or squat on him for $250,000 a year.

  22. A post above mentions the Alouettes and Roughriders. Now there’s a good quarterback matchup. Durant has impressed me week after week and there’s not much more anyone can say about Calvillo, one of the best ever.
    Jackson would come up here with a lot of hype, and fail.

  23. Unreal.
    Are we watching the same guy? Jackson looks EXACTLY like the same QB that he was when he played his first game. 4 years later he still can’t read defenses, can’t throw an accurate pass over 5 yards, and is injured more than a crash test dummy. I really hope some team will give us a draft choice for him, after all we got a 7th for Troy Williamson so anything is possible but I’m not holding my breath.
    The only reason he is still on the team is because a 2nd round pick was wasted on a projected 4th-5th rounder who was a bit of a long shot to make it in the NFL. Knowledgeable fans have predicted that the CFL is where he will end up after seeing him play his first year and it appears it is going to be fulfilled.

  24. His accuracy in the CFL would probably end up being better since the CFL has 12 players on the field at a time instead of the NFLs 11. So thats one extra reciever that can attempt to run under and catch his overthrown inaccurate passes.
    BTW CFL sucks. I’m sorry Canada.

  25. Ok lets all get off the T-Jax is not that bandwagon and hop on the If he was worth a crap the Vikings would not of:
    1. Replaced him after two weeks last season to go with an older Qb whose claim to fame is head butting a concrete wall.
    2. Traded for an average Backup who gets a contract extension
    3. Willing take on a 40 year old QB and pay him 25 million over 2 years.
    Look the facts are the facts he was bad last year. The WR for the Vikes at times looked like infielders for an MLB team the way the were constantly catching balls off of one hop.
    Yes T-JAx can run and is a threat on the edge with the ball however he has yet to prove he can run, decipher a defense, make a correct decision and hit a WR in the hands.
    If T-Jax really was making progress do you actually think the Vikes would hamstring themselves with brett farve and his 25 million dollar contract?
    Just my .02.

  26. I’ve watched a lot of young QBs make their starts for the Vikings (Lee, Kramer, Wilson, Dills, Johnson, Culpepper) and none of them ever looked like Jackson. You could see that they were capable of playing in the NFL. Perhaps if he had sat for 4 years and been a student of the game he may have had a chance with good coaching. But that ship has sailed.

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