Cutler needs to stand behind his words

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has been doing a lot of clarifying lately.

But in both examples involving unwise comments from Cutler followed by clarifications, there wasn’t really any clarifying going on.  Instead, Cutler seemed to simply be trying to say that he didn’t say what he had said.

It started with his comparisons between Bears fans and Broncos fans.  He openly dissed the denizens of Denver — and then he simply pretended that he didn’t.

More recently, Cutler called out receiver Devin Hester (justifiably, we might add) for failing to do enough to break up an interception during the team’s preseason opener at Buffalo.

But then, after the poo hit the propeller, Cutler was at it again, clarifying his remarks.

“Things get taken out of context and blown out of
all the time,” Cutler recently said, per Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.  “He has done a great job.  He’s a No. 1 receiver
and he has done a heck of a job on the field and in the classroom.

“He’s a go-down-the-field-and-get-the-ball [receiver],” Cutler added.
“It was a bad ball.  I didn’t give him a chance. I have to throw it down
there and let him run under it.”

Jay, you’re a quarterback.  Act like one.  Say what you mean and then stand behind it, even if it becomes a point of contention.

Any other approach justifies Brian Urlacher’s opinions.

46 responses to “Cutler needs to stand behind his words

  1. Crap like this is why i think Tebow would be a good NFL QB.
    Whatever he lacks in “NFL skillset” he can more than make up for in leadership intangibles.

  2. If Devin Hester is your #1 receiver, it is going to be a long season!!
    He is as dumb as a doorknob and isn’t really a receiver.

  3. Cutlers a big baby, he wined his way out of a town that loved him because someone hurt his feelings. You wanted a trade, you got it..

  4. Urlacher is a P***Y too 😉 , Say what you mean and then stand behind it, even if it becomes a point of contention. Especially when it is true.

  5. For what it’s worth, I agree that he totally backpedaled on the “fans” comments, but I listened to the entire interview of the second one, and didn’t find it controversial at all, until David Haugh got a hold of it.
    His “clarification” wasn’t a clarification at all, he just rephrased exactly what he said, he didn’t change anything. Basically he said he shouldn’t have put Devin in a position to jump up for the ball, because that’s not the type of receiver he is…Cutler said if he’s going to throw an inaccurate ball because he’s on the run, he should err by overthrowing rather than underthrowing.
    Whether Devin is smart enough to realize what even happened in the original play or not is a completely different matter……

  6. Who cares what he says? He “clarifies” because of the Bears PR team and the media. You media types hate when you get a canned answer, but then you get Cutler who’s honest (Chicago is a rabid football town, they are definitely a 9, and Hester is the p***y that can’t get a ball in traffic) and you’re all over him. I don’t get it, enjoy his honesty.

  7. What, you mean, like Peyton Manning? That’s what this sounds like. Stick to DUI’s and jail stuff Florio. This is too football related for you to try and comment on.

  8. Why would he stand behind his words?
    Bobby wade was right, this guy is a pussy.
    He’s proving it in Chicago everyday.
    Tebow will not make it @ QB in the NFL, the “wildcat” isn’t going to last forever. 2 more years tops.

  9. “I have to throw it down there and let him run under it.”
    That is NOT what an NFL QB does, that is what a sand lot QB does.

  10. Hester break up the pass? Why do you think they switched him from DB? haha – plus hes too short anyway.
    Hester is a slot receiver in a 3 wide – thats it

  11. Cutler repeated almost verbatim what he had said initially, that Hester is a vertical receiver and not a tall, jump ball type of receiver (paraphrasing of course).
    So where’s the story? He didn’t take back what he had said, and he’s right. Hester isn’t a jump ball receiver.

  12. Wow Florio. Seriously?
    Cutler is the most honest quarterback you will meet. That’s why he’s forced to clarify things he said all the time. The media always takes things out of context and skews words that have been said.
    Clarifying things doesn’t make you a pu**y. If it did, you would be considered one, as well.

  13. This is only to be expected from a QB who couldn’t get into a better school than Vanderbilt.

  14. Can we not just shut up (Baby Jay) and play football. In Denver, he did that…he just went out there and played…until someone had to rough things up for him…well Jay, that is life! Now in Chi-Town…you do not have anything to work with so, good luck to you on that. The Bears will be average at best!
    @BottleKnockers…Tebow will not be a good NFL QB…I don’t care how good a leader you are. I would call myself a leader…doesn’t mean I can go play football and lead a team to do anything! Get it? you said he…”lacks NFL skillset”…uh, you kind of need some.

  15. and the broncos just laughed out loud again. you think josh mcdaniels wanted to deal with this idiotic and ridiculously overrated version of Jim Everett/Drew Bledsoe/ JEFF GEORGE???? i mean seriously, what has this guy besides throw picks and fumbles in the red zone? he is great between the 20’s, but obviously he has some issues. # 1 issues- he is an idiot #2- he makes horrible decisions with the ball #3- well, what can i say, i think i just made it clear with the first two issues. “but he has such a great arm…….” so did the previous mentioned 3. the arm needs a brain attached to be great (montana, marino, manning, brady, elway- that is the top 5 of all time, if anyone wants to debate it, bring it.) have fun with this idiot, chicago. i wish he stayed in the afc……..

  16. I’m a NFL fan but I have a question, Farve gets all the credit when the Jets win but he has taking all the heat when they folded at the end, Jay Cutler got all the credit for the Broncos wins but nobody jumps his case as they folded in the end and also missed the playoffs. Cutler will be God in Chicago if he wins but as of today he is top dog.

  17. I don’t mind Cutler not standing by what he said (or in the second case with Hester, what he didn’t say – i.e. “I threw a bad ball off my back foot in the face of pressure”). I think you should correct the situation for sure. Just don’t try to tell me you were misquoted or it was taken out of context. Be a man and face up to it.
    How about this one: “I never wanted Denver to trade me.” after weeks of pushing for a trade? How about the “You don’t know how many drinks I’ve had” non-denial denial as a diabetes spokesman after being photographed at the bars?
    I’m a Bears fan but let’s face it. Urlacher was absolutely dead on.

  18. I have never seen a player put his foot in his outh more than Cutler. Every week something else comes out. Rememeber when he said he had a better arm than Elway?

  19. Hey Bill….Bill, nice assessment
    “That is NOT what an NFL QB does, that is what a sand lot QB does”
    what is your point? Jay’s attitude/play reflects the leadership in the Bears organization. His WR’s are terrible so he might as well, “throw it down there and let him run under it.”
    good luck with all of that…and thanks for the obvious!

  20. Come on Florio, you’re really stretching for content here. Cutler basically just repeated what he originally said. He never threw Hester under the bus in the first place. It was just the typical hack journalists looking for a story where there really wasn’t one.

  21. It’s a good thing PFT added the likes of Curran and Rosenthal. At least they are credible sports writers. No story here, just Florio demonstrating his serious lack of journalistic skill.

  22. Don’t worry Cutler apologists…I was one two.
    No matter how you slice it, Cutler said, paraphrased “I forgot that Hester has poor ball skills. I threw it where I wanted it and he doesn’t have the ability to get it. My bad…I guess.”
    Over the course of the season, this type of crap will add up like ice on and airplane wing and before you know it the 9’s in Chicago are going to turn on him…and for good reason.
    It says here that Cutler never earns the big extension in Chicago and this trade goes down as one of the greatest fleecings in NFL history.

  23. Florio,
    I made an account to post a simple question.
    Have you actually listened to both interviews?
    Cutler has nothing to worry about, this is another “see if it sticks” post that means nothing.

  24. Go back and read Cutler’s entire statement. You will quickly realize that he didn’t say anything negative about Hester. The comment was targeted at himself and how HE didn’t place the ball where it needed to be. I love pft and I understand this entry is ‘editorial’, however, it would be nice if you actually did a little bit of research.

  25. Florio you’re such a dick, trying to make a story where one just doesn’t exist. I recognize that’s just a typical media whore these days, but come on. Sometimes it embarrasses me that you’re also from West Virginia.

  26. Wow. Really? I can understand if this was in that no-man’s land after the draft and before OTA’s, but really? Right in the thick of the wind-up to the regular season, you’re posting garbage fluff like this?
    Don’t quite your day job. Whoops!
    This is the biggest, dumbest non-story of the week. Jay Cutler doesn’t have to clarify shit to anyone. And if you don’t like what he says, STFU and turn him off your TV.
    Chicago Loves Cutler.

  27. Cutler did stand behind his words. The media took them as tossing Hester under the bus. He clarified that he threw the wrong pass to the wrong guy. Same words, different interpretation.
    For all the baby and pussy labels, Cutler has been one of the most honest athletes to hit Chicago in some time. He speaks his mind, doesn’t deal in cliches and actually explains things when interviewed. Yes, there is a LOT of ego there, but what do you expect?
    So, when Cutler says Hester is a sprinter rather than a jumper, he’s right…and stood behind that comment. Devin did as well.
    Florio apparently prefers his athletes to spout crap like “we’ll take it one game at a time”, “its pre-season” or “on any given Sunday…” otherwise, he wouldn’t have stirred up crap by writing this article.

  28. Cutler is a whiner who always has a finger pointing at coaches, his O-line, receivers, etc. when things don’t work. Last year he bragged that his arm was better than Elway’s….and who knows (who cares), maybe it is. But one thing is for sure: he’s a whiney, finger pointing, pouting, little bitch who hasn’t led a team to a good season since high school. Good luck Chicago.

  29. How many times have I told you idiots!!
    Cuntler’s record against the Raiders is 2-2 with 8 INT’s
    I have personally seen two of those games here in the Bay Area.
    Wake up people Cuntler doesn’t have a winning record against the Raiders!

  30. Just like the rest of the crybabys that come from the AFC Worst
    All talk no action Cuntler Rivers both need to say out of the real citys and play in the whine and chesse div

  31. Off topic, but I keep coming back to this site because half of the posts always call Florio something derogatory and Florio still approves the comments. Kudos to you Florio, this site is hilarious.

  32. devin hester is not a good WR cutler is right. They have no choice to say hes a number one however because, well, hes a warm body that can run fast.

  33. “Mushin Muhamad said Chicago is where receivers go to die….maybe quarterbacks as well…lol”
    When Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton were your QB’s, of course it was.

  34. # gopher says: August 21, 2009 9:28 AM
    I’m a NFL fan but I have a question, Farve gets all the credit when the Jets win but he has taking all the heat when they folded at the end, Jay Cutler got all the credit for the Broncos wins but nobody jumps his case as they folded in the end and also missed the playoffs. Cutler will be God in Chicago if he wins but as of today he is top dog.
    We’re all patiently waiting for the question, unless the question is, “Did any of this make any sense?”

  35. Maybe Cutler needs to develop a pat answer for all questions such as the ever so popular “it is what it is.”
    Media flunkie: “What happened on that pass to Hester?”
    Cutler: “It is what it is.”
    Media puke: “What’s your relationship with Urlacher?”
    Cutler:”It is what it is.”
    If he needs to paraphrase it later he can just say it backwards, “is it what is it”, look at them like it makes sense, and let it f with their minds. I love a player that’s just on the edge of being a little bit crazy.

  36. So the same idiots that cry that Hester is not a real WR now want Cutler to call him a great one?
    He was right about Hester but some people are just too damn delicate to here a guy speak the truth.
    He was also right about the Denver fans.
    Just look at their silly ass jilted lover comments right here on this site.

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