PFTV looks at the Cable conundrum

We continue to be fascinated by the situation involving the Raiders and coach Tom Cable.

Taco Bill is fascinated by it, too, as seen right here.

We’ve mentioned in the past the fact that the NFL is in a tough spot on this one, and we delved into it in further detail for one of this week’s PFTV segments.

15 responses to “PFTV looks at the Cable conundrum

  1. He broke a guy’s jaw. Put him in jail. You Yanks are good at that and you sure seem to have plenty of spaces to fill what with all the new prisons and such.

  2. We need the footage of Cable belting Hanson in the face. Then we’ll settle it “in the PFT family”.

  3. This sucks. Players fight all the time, so do the coaches. What if the hospital had to file a police report every time a player was injured by another, there are a lot of cheap shots all the time. Football is a contact sport and people get a little heated, people get hurt. Finally the Raiders are showing some intensity from somewhere! Screw everyone that want’s to get involved with this.

  4. Again…if this were Steve Smith people would be crying bloody murder and saying he needs to be suspended for a year+. Emotions flair, its a physical and emotional game where fights are bound to happen. Personally I say who cares and let teams deal with this kinda stuff within house.
    If Cable and Smith get/got suspended for throwing punches than Shockey and Demeco Ryans should get suspended. Or half the Cowboys and Broncos teams from last years hard knocks…double standards…gotta love the NFL.

  5. Football is a contact sport and that is why they wear pads and a helmet. If a player broke the jaw of another player while watching film it would be viewed differently than an on field fight. Ryans and Shockey were on the field playing a game. Cable was in an office having a meeting.

  6. Seriously, Joe Bracto where do you shop? It seems your shirt and tie are something horrible from the clearance bin at your local TJ Max.

  7. Florio is on a witch hunt. Unless the police file charges, and until/if Cable is found guilty of anything, the league should keep their noses out of it.

  8. sluggrad says:
    August 21, 2009 4:19 PM
    “Bill Polian called and he wants you to shut the hell up!”
    Florio is that you?

  9. Not sure about the rest of the states but California doesn’t allow management to cause physical nor emotional harm to their employees. Cable is in such a position. On top of that, California is an “at will” state. You can be let go for no reason as long as you don’t fill that spot with the exact title. Sure, they need a head coach (or do they?) but they can legally can his ass. Collective bargaining you say: how’s that working against the Williams wall in Minnesota.
    Keep your hands to yourself. A person in his position should know better than that. If you have to cause bodily harm to someone then you obviously aren’t able to outwit them to prove your point and you are in over you’re head. IF Cable did what is being implied, then he was better of having sex with the guy then busting his jaw. Oops, this is Oakland, not San Francisco.

  10. if cable hit him he belongs fired and likely jailed + sued.
    that doesnt mean hanson will keep his job either.
    but if yer the big boss, u have to be wondering why cable couldnt hold his fire any better than that. if ya dont like hanson FIRE HIM. dont give him ammo to GET YOU FIRED OR SENT TO THE CAN.

  11. Dude (nice name btw),
    What part of living in a country with an incarceration rate 8 times the rest of “the world” don’t you understand?

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