PFTV looks at whether justice was done in Plaxico case

In addressing the two-year prison term to which former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress agreed on Thursday, Giants co-owner John Mara addressed the perception that Plaxico’s celebrity contributed to the outcome.

“Had this been Joe the plumber, would he have gotten two years?” Mara said, per Bob Glauber of Newsday.  “I’m not so sure about that.”

Coincidentally, that’s the topic of our latest PFTV segment, which appears right here.  Watch it and then drop your comments.

40 responses to “PFTV looks at whether justice was done in Plaxico case

  1. Yeah being stupid is not againest the law but being that stupid is
    I always knew he was not a Giant for long but we did get good use out of him kind of like a rental

  2. Wouldn’t have happened to Eli Manning or Derek Jeter either.
    Plaxico is a celebrity but not quite celebrity enough.

  3. I know you are not supposed to carry guns….but when you can run a man over with your car and get 30 days…(24 days served) and you shoot yourself and be sentenced 2 years. I think his arrogance got him that sentence but damn did they make an example of him

  4. “Had this been Joe the plumber, would he have gotten two years? I’m not so sure about that.”
    Had this been the Browns, would they have cut him? I’m not so sure about that.

  5. The NRA must not like scary black guys. If this was a white guy they would be clammoring for his right to carry a weapon.

  6. Cue the “Donte Stallworth only got 30 days in jail” crowd. The same crowd that fails to realize that Plaxico and Ron the Dog Drowner got what they deserved.
    Just because some other guy got less time for doing a worse crime does not mean these guys should get off, people. Hell, OJ (allegedly) killed two people he was let off…by that standard no pro athlete should ever do jail time for anything.
    Athletes/entertainers/rich people should get the exact same treatment as everyone else, no exceptions.

  7. The real problem is that this is a NYC law. Almost anywhere else he’d not have had a fraction of this much grief. To my way of thinking that’s not exactly justice. And despite all the press, most first offenders get off with little or no jail time. Plax was stupid… for sure… but that’s not a crime.

  8. Unfortunately, New York law is harsh in these instances to serve as a deterrent.
    It would seem that either the law needs to be modified and/or the Governor needs to issue a full pardon after he serves 6 months!
    Plaxio is being treated fair by the “letter of the law” but he is not being treated with understanding and consideration due to the actual events.
    I would think 6 months is sufficient.

  9. Yea what he did was very stupid but not stupid enough to get 2 yrs. What did Stallworth get for killing someone?

  10. “Had this been Joe the plumber, would he have gotten two years?” Mara said, per Bob Glauber of Newsday. “I’m not so sure about that.”
    -I’m sorry, did I miss something? Is “Joe the plumber” an idiotic jackass that carries an illegal firearm in his pants and shoots himself in the leg in a crowded night club? No?
    So wtf is your point, Mara?
    No wonder your employees act like idiots: Trickle-down effect.

  11. Mara is an ass. A regular person would have already either been tried and convicted or in jail with a plea.
    Celebrity also has the benefit of usually lots of money to hire high profile scumbag lawyers. The fact that his was dumb enough to let him in front of the grand jury says it all.
    Lawyers first two rules are: Well three
    1. Get paid
    2. Make sure it’s not you going to jail.
    3. House in the Hamptons

  12. Carrying a weapon is one thing but, carrying a loaded weapon in a ready to fire mode and having it discharge in a confined public venue is worth whatever penalty the law calls for. In fact, the judge could have given him a longer sentence. Chances are very good PW will not return to the NFL.

  13. Let’s call a spade a spade – the outrage is that a guy who runs a 4.4 was sent to jail. Plax brought a concealed weapon into a night club where the law is a minimum of 3.5 years for having a concealed weapon. He’s lucky he only got two.

  14. The fact he got off with only 2 years shows preferential treatment. The law said 3.5 years…he gets 2 years.
    They had him dead to rights and then proved justice for all is a scam.

  15. Carrying a weapon is one thing but, carrying a loaded weapon in a ready to fire mode and having it discharge in a confined public venue is worth whatever penalty the law calls for. In fact, the judge could have given him a longer sentence. Chances are very good PW will not return to the NFL.

  16. Plaxico got off lightly due to his celebrity status – an ordinary bloke would get the mandatory three and a half year sentence ….

  17. It doesn’t help that there is nothing to root for with this guy. He redefines the terms smug and insolent, and, lets face it, he was an inch away from becoming a Darwin Award finalist. In otherwords, talking a way a guys livelihood for being stupid seems a bit excessive, but this IS Plaxico Burress we’re talking about. I’m not sure that the sentence is all about being famous, but how he has behaved in his fame.

  18. Burress should have gotten all 3 years. What are you thinking?!?!?! Celeberties always get off easy. There was a man sentenced in South Carolina to 102 years in prison for dog fighting with 17 dogs. Mike Vick got out in 2. Stallworth did 30 days for killing a MAN!!! OOOhhhhh and house arrest where he doesn’t even need the box on his leg. Any average person can’t afford a big time lawer. Your better off representing yourself than getting a public pretender. If I was Stallworth I’d be doing time for vehicular manslaughter. If I was Vick they would put me under the jail. If I was Burress I would be doing 3-5. This is just another example of it’s ok to break the law as long as you are rich. So please stop the pity party!!! Everyone says Vick got off easy and compared to that South Carolina man he did. He did what he had to do, lost almost everything he had, no people don’t want him to go to work?? It’s his job, granted it’s a job anyone would be more than happy to have, but it’s still work. I bet there won’t be protests when Stallworth comes back. Is a human life less valuable than dog’s lives? All you tree hugging, anmial obsessed, hemp bracelet wearing, hippie activists need to leave Vick alone. I’m not just saying that because I’m an Eagles fan.

  19. The law in New York says at least 31/2 years so it looks like he came out ahead. I read the posts and some said it would not been 2 years if it had been Jeter or Manning, the problem is that it was not Jeter or Manning and I do not think they are that stupid.

  20. I believe I did see a stat on this that most convicted in NY actually plead down and do about a year.
    he gets a second year for being a moron.
    He’ll be known for now as the crisco kid

  21. “Had this been Joe the plumber, would he have gotten two years?” Mara said, per Bob Glauber of Newsday. “I’m not so sure about that.”
    I think the “joe the plumber” we all hate would not have gotten any time, being he’s a mascot for the GOP, but any other joe schmoe would most certainly have gotten the max. Stop kidding yourself.

  22. 3.5 years is harsh. 2 years is harsh. These punishments do not fit the crime. They are harsh for socio-political purposes.
    The self-inflicted injury & pay ANY MAN, not just Plaxico, would suffer is enough.
    Are criminals not carrying guns in NYC now?
    You want to give a gangster with a laundry list of crimes a harsh penalty, I can hear that. 3.5 year minimum for anybody is BS.
    The problem is not the guns, the problem is the person behind the gun.
    Plaxico may be selfish, stupid & take his talent for granted, but he is not a menace to society.
    This is a total joke.

  23. Burress’ problem wan’t that he shot himself in the leg. His problem was that he shot himself in the leg inside a New York night club.
    If you don’t like the result you should be talking to Mike Bloomberg, not Joe the Plumber or the NRA or anyone else.

  24. Mr. Florio, can I suggest some research? According to New York law, the simple possession of a loaded weapon outside your house or business can bring a max of 15 years, min of 3.5.
    Burress had a loaded firearm without a permit in New York, his out of state permit had lapsed and he endangered the lives of others by firing the gun inside a nightclub.
    Burress was allowed to plead down from a C felony to a D where 2 years is the appropriate sentence.

  25. Some people (aka eagirls fans, hayword, and pengiun) need to pull their heads out of their asses. The vast majority of people (like 78%) who originally get charged the same as Plaxico get to plea to a lesser charge especially when there is no criminal history nor intent.
    Thats outside the fact the gun law itself flies in the face of both the equal protection clause (people outside of NY city are not allowed to get permits) and the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

  26. # Cranbo says: August 21, 2009 1:13 PM
    “he’s a mascot for the GOP”
    Really? You work for a living or take a handout?
    Because realizing that McCain/Palin trotted out this dumb sucker as a “mascot” for the common man who happened to agree with everything they said and disagreed with everything Obama said TOTALLY makes the person seeing it some kind of bum.
    But nevermind that, right? Rah Rah Team, Goooo Republicans!

  27. Like the ruling or not, Plaxico wasn’t just stupid. He was carrying a loaded, unlicensed firearm. Concealed. In a public place.
    He’s doubly lucky. First, he got 2 years instead of the 3.5 the law calls for. Second, he’s lucky he only shot himself. What if that bullet had hit someone else? What if it had killed them?
    What the hell was he doing with a loaded gun in his pants anyway? And don’t yammer at me about personal protection – if he was worried about that he could have gotten a permit.
    And comparing Plax’s punishment to Stallworth’s isn’t worth arguing about. Stallworth reached a cash settlement with the victim’s family. THAT’S why he’s not in jail.

  28. Im not saying he should have gone free…im not debating his ignorance or guilt..just the weight it carries..

  29. Anyone who says 2 years is harsh needs to stop it. The law in New York states you CANNOT carry an unlicensed firearm and you are subject to a 3.5 year minimum prison sentence if you are find guilty in a court of law.
    It wasn’t stupidity, it was a total disregard for the law. The gun was licensed at one point in Florida, but Plaxico made the decision to let that license expire in the beginning of 2008 and not register the gun in New Jersey or in New York. He should be in jail and he’s lucky to only be serving 2 years because of the plea deal. Then he made the decision to carry an unlicensed weapon in his pants with full knowledge that it’s illegal.
    Do not compare Plaxico’s punishment to Vick’s or Stallworth’s. Their cases have nothing to do with this. Stallworth was let off because the Tennessee court bowed down to his celebrity status. Laws and DAs are different in every state. If you have a problem with the punishment Plax is receiving compared to Stallworth, bitch and moan about the Tennessee judicial system. Don’t complain that Plax’s sentence was too harsh.

  30. of course he got celebrity treatment. how else do you skirt an “automatic 3.5 year jail sentence” law?
    NYC mayor should have to eat his shoe on public TV as far as i’m concerned – especially after he made such a big deal about this law and how it will not be forgiven. fast forward to months later, and here it is being skirted.

  31. I guess some of you guys just can’t read. He wasn’t saying “joe the plumber” as the actual Joe the Plumber (whatever his real name is)… it was a reference to an average guy. And the fact of the matter is the average guy that commits the crime Plax did does not serve 2 years, he serves less.
    The point that Florio made wasn’t that hard to understand, and he was correct. Most people that commit this crime in NYC do not get the 3 1/2 years or the 2 that Plax got. They are able to plea it down and do less time. Plax was punished more severely than most other offenders because he was a professional athlete.
    If you want to be a Plax hater, that’s fine. But don’t hide behind your lack of ability to read and understand this article.

  32. for all you criminal experts outside the confines of new york city,listen up,possession of an illegal firearm is jail offense,but when you fire it in a crowded confines of a club,you go to jail.that’s the way it is,once you fire the gun,your ass is grass and mayor blomberg is in a cutting mood.

  33. What if Plax raped a waitress & pissed in the soup?
    Who cares?
    What-ifs are not relevant. What someone ACTUALLY did is relevant.
    The man had an instrument in his pocket. That instrument harmed him.
    He’s not some crack slanging, store robbin’ or purse-snatchin loser…..right?
    Now someone on this board is saying 15 years for bringing a gun somewhere?!?! That’s insanity. That is a DECADE & A HALF. Over 1/2 the LIFE-SPAN of 50% of this board (a guess). It’s a bad law. The punishment is over-kill.
    We throw out years in jail like they’re wasted cell phone minutes.

  34. The justice system is broken. What other conclusion can you reach? Punishments aren’t consistent. Having money and a low profile is usually enough to ensure you’ll get a light sentence. Everyone else is subject to the random whim of politics and power tripping from the prosecution and judge. You have stupid laws that put people in jail for minor minor offenses that the rest of the world recognizes as such effectively limiting them from living the american dream. When you prevent a man from making an honest living you create a criminal. You have literally the worst justice system in the developed world. There is no developed country that even comes close to your incarceration or crime rates. You put 8 times as many people per capita in jail than any other developed country. You have a prison industry where lots of money is made by ensuring there is more crime. What part of “this system is broken” is hard to understand?
    Making an example of somebody, that ‘ole standard many of you like to wave around, just doesn’t work in your system. Your system is so broken that it doesn’t matter. Your prison stats skew massively along racial lines. That just flies in the face of logic and common sense. You are creating a violent criminal underclass and pretend you’re not. Your media and politicians work overtime on ensuring your public is afraid. I can leave my door unlocked in Toronto the 5th or 6th largest city in North America on a regular basis and have no fear of crime. This is unthinkable in the States. You’re lemmings and you don’t know it. And what was once a great country – the best country – is now hated worldwide.
    What part of this picture isn’t clear to you?

  35. comparing plax shooting himself to stallworths incident is assinine. Plax didnt shoot himself on purpose, so it doesnt matter that the person he shot was himself.
    he shot a guy with an illegal gun. could have killed him, or just as easily shot someone else.
    As to Stallworth, it does show how weak and pathetic our DUI laws are. driving drunk or high is just as dangerous as a loaded gun. There should be a similar DUI mandatory 3 years in jail law.

  36. Jackal138 says:
    August 21, 2009 1:39 PM
    Because realizing that McCain/Palin trotted out this dumb sucker as a “mascot” for the common man who happened to agree with everything they said and disagreed with everything Obama said TOTALLY makes the person seeing it some kind of bum.
    But nevermind that, right? Rah Rah Team, Goooo Republicans!
    The real shock is realizing the media spoon fed the American public a president who has done absolutely nothing but do interviews on late night television (in which he abused mentally handicapped people… but to the media that was not reportable news), throw out the first pitch at the all-star game, and create a buzz about what dog he was going to decide on for his family. Stupid me… I forgot the all important and self serving campaign he has launched for socialized medicine. I wonder how much money in tax payers dollars he’s wasting traveling around offering people something they don’t want or need…

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