Talib tells teammates he doesn't recall what happened

To the extent that a “he said/he said” breaks out between Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib and the Louie DiPalma whom he allegedly roughed up on Thursday morning (allegedly), Talib might not be able to refute whatever the cab driver says.

Per a league source, Talib is telling teammates that he doesn’t remember what happened.

And if that lack of memory has anything to do with any beverages that Talib might have consumed in the hours preceding the incident, it’s all the more reason to applaud Talib for having the wisdom to not drive.

25 responses to “Talib tells teammates he doesn't recall what happened

  1. Ironically, Talib does remember how horrible his team will be this year and just how much of a loser he is…that he does recall.

  2. To quote the old guy with the chickens from No Country For Old Men, “brother, I’ve been there”.

  3. Talib tells teammates he doesn’t recall what happened
    “Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high”

  4. There is defintely a silver lining here.
    This dumb millionaire made the right choice by not driving himself or getting in a car with someone who had been drinking.
    He needs to control himself but he saved himself from a 4 game suspension (hopefully) for violating the substance abuse policy. Maybe he’ll only get 1-2 games
    Besides, everyone knows cab drivers are usually assholes anyways

  5. Right, because “I was drunk and can’t remember what happened” is typically a successful defense in assault cases. If I’m Louie DiPalma, my story now changes to “AND HE TRIED TO ROB ME, TOO!” and I initiate a civil case.
    Jail, plus mandatory alcohol rehab and at least 4 game suspension.

  6. Are you seriously commending him for getting drunk, assaulting someone, but not not driving a car.
    May as well commend him for just beating up the guy and not pulling out a gun and shooting him.

  7. Classic take on this one. Dude gets so wasted he can’t remember anything, assaults a cabbie and gets arrested. And Florio pats him on the back. Good one Florio!

  8. “Ironically, Talib does remember how horrible his team will be this year”
    This coming from a Broncos fan? The other team with a green head coach, barely any defense, a malcontent WR demanding a trade and Orton Hears A Boo? That’s pretty funny.
    Honestly, even the most die-hard Bucs fans aren’t expecting a 10+ win season but I absolutely love how all the parrots follow their know it all columnist gods and suddenly predict the Bucs will be the 2009 version of the 2008 Lions – yet NO ONE can back up the claim. New coach and QB, yes (funny how Atlanta was supposed to be equally terrible last year, eh?). Veterans dumped, of course. Running game strengthened (and seriously, whats with the hate for that all of a sudden – Dunn AND Graham were easily on pace for +1000 yards each before the latter got hurt and now there’s a completely healthy – we hope – Carnell, Askew and now Derrick Ward). The O-Line is remarkably solid and on D they bring back everyone save for Brooks, Buchanon and Haye. Last year that was a good D in many’s eyes and now suddenly its garbage?
    Seriously people, no one is expecting 12-4 but you people suddenly toeing the line with prophecies of 0-16 are just plain stupid.

  9. Hey, I got drunk, pissed off an arab taxi driver (I think it was the bomb joke), and ended up taking a side trip over a bridge. When I woke up in ICU, there were rumors that he was still in the wating room wanting his fare.
    I hope Talib at least got in a couple of blows. Too many taxi drivers lack senses of humor and people skills.
    I don’t know– I think throwing a really drunk guy off a bridge is a bit disporportionate. Taxi riders have feelings, too, you know…

  10. Well put Guru, Broncos suck donkey d*
    Bucs will be 8-8 or better this year, I see an improved defense (if we can get Tanard & Talib on the field) and dropped Garcia (who is what, 3rd string in Oakland?) for Leftwich & improved the run game, the only reason I say 8-8 is the difficult schedule & giving up a home game to play in London.
    Broncos will be suck.crap in a crap.suck division. I usually don’t talk smack about other teams but some people are just dumb & need to be knocked down a peg..

  11. I guarantee I’d get a slam-dunk high six figure out of court settlement if this idiot punched me and later claimed that he couldn’t remember what happened and his army of Johnny Cochrans would be begging me to take it.

  12. Can’t remember works flawlessly for the government…
    Even if he’s found guilty any one thinking he is going to get suspended for more than 1 game for out of their mind.

  13. Damn, if you’re gonna try and look cool by using a character from an iconic tv series for a metaphor, get the right character! Louie wasn’t even a cab driver, geez.

  14. @bob loblaw
    you said it bob. let’s just start commending people for making a good decision not to drive even though they beat the crap out of someone after catching a cab. the fact he drank so much he cannot remember what he did, makes it better that he decided not to drive? what if cannot remember that he took advantage of someone’s daughter? he cannot remember that he punched someone’s lights out, who knows what else he did. lock him up. if you want to exhibit destructive behavior to yourself fine but when it affects others, there is a problem. this guy does not get it. he has been in the league no time at all and he has already had numerous incidents. until the punishment fits the crime, these kind of things will continue to happen. the players see that their millions can get them out of almost anything, so they feel they have a pass to run amuck. look at the arrest meter on this site as an example. in the world of business, you and i get a background check. I would not be able to get a job if i have assaults on my record. forget the whole “its a privlege” to play in the NFL. just start to expect these players to conduct themselves as any other citizen in society is expected to or suffer the consequences.

  15. How do you know the cabbie wasn’t trying to rob him after Alib passed out in the cab?

  16. Great job commiting assault instead of DUI Talib!
    Maybe he should speak at the rookie symposium.

  17. Assault is better than a DUI by far. Good job Talib. A minor crime instead of a major crime. This is tame compared to most of the crimes that other players commit.

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