Ochocinco keeps kicking after Bengals win

After providing the winning point in the Bengals’ 7-6 win over New England Thursday night, Chad Ochocinco was giddier than a Gramatica.

In a lengthy locker room diatribe/monologue (almost all of which I missed I was talking to Chris Henry and Carson Palmer), Ocho promised a massive 2009.

“You haven’t f–king seen anything yet,” he promised.  “Know how serious I am?  I just cursed.  I’m taking all the hate that I received from the media and balling it all up.  Just like in the movie theater when you’re watching all the previews, this is what I’m using the preseason for.”

Ochocinco had three catches for 69 yards in limited time.  He did indeed look pretty good.

As for the PAT, necessitated by a groin injury to kicker Shayne Graham, Ocho said, “I’ve been kicking since high school.  It was easy, just like riding a bike.  You haven’t done it in a while but it’s still the same thing.  I don’t think they need to bring anybody in.  I can do the kicking for the preseason.”

He also promised that, when the NFL Films cameras stop rolling for the Bengals turn on Hard Knocks, the entertainment won’t end.

“This year I’m gonna be myself,” he proclaimed.  “But I’m gonna be very productive at the same time.  It’s gonna be hilarious.”

21 responses to “Ochocinco keeps kicking after Bengals win

  1. His extra point was right on the money and his kickoff was not half bad. I don’t doubt he could continue kicking duties in the preseason. If a preseason game comes down to a 50 yard field goal and he misses, it doesn’t matter, its preseason.

  2. It would be hilarious if he shut up and showed some class by respecting the game rather than making a total ass of himself in public.

  3. To out laugh this class clown, someone (wr) should change their officail name to Chad Johnson.

  4. Man, this login crap. It ain’t a bank account y’know.
    The Ocho kicking a field goal was the funniest thing I have ever seen in an NFL game. That was awesome and it was the winning point!

  5. I love Ochocinco! Just got done watching the 2nd Hard Knocks episode. I don’t care if the Bengals are a good or bad team, it’s the best run of the series since the Ravens – and Chad is the main attraction!
    Child please.

  6. giddier than a Gramatica, great stuff.
    Keep that one, Florio, your repeated attempts at cleverness have finally borne some fruit. A fruit. Whatever.
    I didn’t get to watch the game (or Hard Knocks), but it is nice to see Chad in good spirits. Before he got all down and diva-y he was one of my favorite players and definitely the most entertaining player in the league.
    Hope he keeps his word (and changes his name back to something human).

  7. Before everyone gets overexcited about Ochocinco actually being able to kick, one must remember that there were times when it was more common for offensive players to double as kickers. Paul Hornung is a good example.

  8. I love it. He’s entertaining, that’s for sure. All we need him now is to go in there at DB and get a pick 6 off of Favre. It can happen….

  9. “This year I’m gonna be myself,” he proclaimed.
    Looks like Goodell will be able to afford new carpets for the league offices after all.

  10. Chad Ochocinco being himself = funny
    Michael Vick being himself = what he doesn’t kill he infects with herpes

  11. Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing was staged? Look forward to another 3-13 year for the Bungles.

  12. I wonder how many of you haters would be singing a different tune if OchoCinco was on your team…

  13. Just watched the replay on NFL network. The announcers comments were priceless. “you have got to be kidding me”
    And Chad’s smile coming off the field.

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