Titans' Davis is arrested by same officer from McNair case

Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper has some interesting details regarding the DUI arrest of Titans receiver Chris Davis.

Most interesting?  Davis was arrested by the same officer who arrested Titans quarterback Steve McNair for DUI in 2003, and who arrested Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi for DUI in July 2009, two days before Kazemi killed McNair and then herself.

Taylor was disciplined for repeatedly asking McNair to consent to a breath test after he refused, and Taylor reportedly was (and still might be) under investigation for making comments that reflected an “unprofessional” tone while speaking by phone with a colleague during the July arrest.

Davis reportedly consented to a breath test (presumably after only one request from Taylor), and Davis generated a result of 0.11 percent blood alcohol concentration.

Further proving that alcohol really does impair a person’s judgment.

36 responses to “Titans' Davis is arrested by same officer from McNair case

  1. Damn…..put the bottle down NFL players…..get a dimepiece to drive you around call cab like Talib just dont get into it with him…..lol

  2. Either Nashville is a one horse town or they have a rogue cop after black NFL players.

  3. “Further proving that alcohol really does impair a person’s judgment.”
    So in other words never take a breath or blood test… you are just giving them the evidence they need to convict you.

  4. So then what your saying is the Titans have a drinking issue or the cop does not like Pro Football players
    Remember none of this would happen if they did not drink and get behind the wheel of a car.
    And as far as McNair well we all know what a high class family guy he was

  5. I think Officer Taylor’s wife was the Titans’ players’ door knob (everyone gets a turn) for a while, and now he is getting revenge on all of the players he comes across….. Or maybe he is a Bills fan and is still pissed about the Music City Miracle…….

  6. I think what Florio was implying was that had he refused a breath test and offered to take a blood test at the station, it would have came up under the legal limit.
    Davis probably felt that he was under the legal limit, I mean .11 to someone who drinks regularly is going to feel “sober”. Obviously you should not drink and drive period, but as you develop a tolerance the BAC means less and less.

  7. Come on Krow. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Either way it doesn’t change the fact that he was indeed driving drunk. .11 is over the limit whether your black, white, or caveman.

  8. The cop is a DUI specialist. His job is to go out on the streets at night and look for people who are drinking and driving and arrest them.
    Race had nothing to do with it.

  9. I think its pure coincidence.
    There is probably a bar/club that all the young ppl frequent, I’m sure nashville isn’t huge. The cop probably works the graveyard shift and just so happened to pull him over.
    If it continued to happen then I’d say somethings fishy.
    The 1 and only time I will defend a cop

  10. Big ben Rapistburger says:
    I think Officer Taylor’s wife was the Titans’ players’ door knob (everyone gets a turn) for a while…
    …but only until your mama was back in action!

  11. So are we to assume that this cop never pulls over and arrests white people or people that don’t play in the NFL? Or both?

  12. Krow says:
    August 21, 2009 11:48 AM
    This difference is that one guy gets pulled over… the other doesn’t.
    If you are going to pull the race card, maybe you should contact the Nashville police and get all of Officer Taylor’s arrest records; then compare them to the racial breakdown of Nashville. Then tell us if one race gets pulled over and another doesn’t.

  13. krow –
    Do you mean the drunk guy gets pulled over while the sober guy doesn’t?
    Or do you mean because a white guy pulls over a black guy (who is breaking the law)… he must be a racist?
    Your assumptions make you a racist.

  14. How do you know this Krow, and how does conjecture like yours do anything but further racial divides in this country?
    He blew .11 – That is illegal, and thankfully the cop got him off the road before he hurt anyone else. Clearly the cop was justified in his actions in this case.

  15. The cop either works in a nice part of town where many of the titans players live, or in a part of town that there is a lot of bars, clubs, or night life. If you dont want a DUI dont drink and drive. These players could easily hire a driver to take them out any time they want.

  16. I live in Nashville and the local media is more thorough than national media.
    This isn’t racism and it really isn’t that coincidental. Taylor patrols downtown (2nd Ave mainly) specifically for DUIs.
    It’s easy to cry racism when two of his hundreds of arrests are black NFL players. Easy and stupid.

  17. So because he’s black, that automatically makes the cop racist? In both McNair cases, the driver was impaired. In this case, the driver was impaired.
    I am SOOOO sick of people pulling the race card everytime a black guy gets in trouble…it’s called personal responsibility…be accountable for your own actions.
    Honest to God, should the officer have apologized for pulling over a black man, and offered him some weed to make up for it? Does it not matter to any of that this guy was actually breaking the law? Grow up, you sound like little kids.

  18. There are, what, 50 or so active Titans on the roster? There are over 1.5M people in the metro area, and you’re telling me this guy pulled over McNair, McNair’s girlfriend, and another Titan without profiling? Absurd.
    Davis deserved to get popped, I agree, but why’d he get pulled over? I have little doubt this guy targets big, chromed-out SUVs or fancy sportscars driving around his area knowing he’s likely to nab an athlete or a black guy. This guy clearly wants his name in the papers or has a bone to pick.

  19. How about this – don’t break the freakin’ law dumb asses?!?!?
    Jesus – there are really, really, really DUMB people in this world. Not that I didn’t already know this, but their numbers appear to be exponentially growing – much to my chagrin.

  20. how is the cop racist for pulling over someone who has been drinking? the entire “DWB” argument would only hold water if he had no cause to pull these people over.
    every instance on record of him pulling NFL types & associates over has all been legimitate. each instance the officer was correct in determining that the drivers of the vehicles were under the influence of something.
    for that i’m not so sour on Taylor. the dude needs to learn how to handle situations though, he definitely has a complex. maybe he was beat up by bullies in high school, i don’t know. he’s a dick for sure, but a racist? i don’t think you can claim that based on the fact he pulled McNair, Sahemi, and now Williams over in the last six years when they were legitimately under the influence.

  21. SixBurghDude says: August 21, 2009 11:57 AM
    Big ben Rapistburger says:
    I think Officer Taylor’s wife was the Titans’ players’ door knob (everyone gets a turn) for a while…
    …but only until your mama was back in action!
    Unfortunately, my mom was killed by a drunk driver 15 years ago, but thanks for the shout out. Stay classy Pittsburgh. America would expect nothing less….

  22. Further proving that alcohol really does impair a person’s judgment.
    Why? Were you drunk when you posted this, Florio?

  23. silverhammerq:
    Or maybe he’s just doing his job by getting drunk drivers off the streets? How about the fact that all three of these cases (within a 6 year period) involved *GASP* a drunk driver!
    What is he supposed to do, let these people drive around drunk and kill somebody because they’re ethnic and/or a football player?

  24. Big ben Rapistburger says:
    Unfortunately, my mom was killed by a drunk driver 15 years ago, but thanks for the shout out. Stay classy Pittsburgh. America would expect nothing less….
    If it is true, my condolences, no worries though, I never knew her, just as you didn’t know what happened in Ben’s case, yet that never stopped you from being a jackass & it still doesn’t even after you find out that the case is on the verge of being laughed out of civil court…If you’re looking for an apology you’re nose would do better up someone else’s ass…clown!

  25. should anyone care to look, this is just as i guessed in the comments below the first post of this incident this morning.
    methinks young officer taylor likes to pull over escalades with football players and take a chance with the law of averages. as we recall, he also went out of his way to inform mcnair’s girl that if the car was only in his name, that he would have been arrested for DUI as well. sounds like more than just civic minded enforcement.
    and as to the speeding, perhaps, but in these situations, an officer with an interest in pulling a particular car can always find a reason, legit or otherwise.
    while i have no doubt this knucklehead did what they charge him with, how he got there stinks to me. just as does/did the mcnair so called investigation/solution. reeks actually .

  26. In Nashville, if you drink, and drive, you’re going down. Period. No matter what is your name, your game or your color. You don’t know anyone big-time enough to get you out of my brand of trouble. I’ll destroy your life, and get you fired, divorced, cut, killed.
    Cops rule, thugs and drunks (and near-drunks, and even .11 buzz drivers) drool.
    Stay at home or call a cab, if you want to drink to excess. Or even drink enough to crack a smile. That cracked smile of yours won’t get you anything but cuffs. There’s no room on the streets for both of us.
    Be very afraid of me. Every one of you.
    /Officer Taylor’s Gleaming Gold Badge

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