Bengals Graham might miss more time

More Esteban Ochocinco?

Child, please?

Bengals kicker Shayne Graham indicated Saturday morning he’ll be taking more time off to rest his injured groin this preseason.  According to a source close to the team, however, Cincinnati isn’t expected to take wideout Chad Ochocinco up on his offer to kick for the rest of the preseason.

They’ll find another camp leg to get them through. 

Meanwhile, according to Geoff Hobson of, Graham said this morning, “I’m not worried about [missing time with the injury].  I know I’ll come back strong.  It will give me time to rehab it.”

Graham had a similar injury last year and wound up missing the first two regular-season games.  Asked if he thought he’d be ready for the opener, Graham said, “I would say so but I’ll just [take] it a day at a time.”

Even if Graham isn’t ready come Week One, the Bengals are stuck with him, at least for the present season.  He signed a one-year franchise tender earlier this year, giving him a fully guaranteed salary of $2.483 million.

6 responses to “Bengals Graham might miss more time

  1. What a joke. This guy is in the lower half of fg kickers in the league imo. He is often injured and the depth on his kickoffs I guarantee are in the bottom third in the league. He was kicking last week in the Superdome and his kicks were barely making it to the twenty!!!!!! Kickers are a dime a dozen we should have let this guy go in the offseason. Another stupid move by us. I will say it again, the guy has balls asking for a long term deal.

  2. “Roethlisberger’s Bitch Tits says: August 22, 2009 1:42 PM
    Another stupid move by us.”
    Glad to see you taking responsibility for your bad moves. What is your position with the Bengals?

  3. He’s one of the most accurate kickers in the game you fool. Bottom half of the league?
    Check your facts before you post absurdity.

  4. Graham, fourth all-time in the NFL for field goal accuracy at 85.6 percent, has set several club records during his six seasons in Cincinnati. In addition to being the accuracy leader, he holds the most points in a season (131), field goals in a season (31), field goals in a game (seven) and consecutive field goals made (21).

  5. Not to mention the other team gets the ball at the 35 every time he kicks off and he always seems to miss the big kick, cough, cough 2006.

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