Jerry Jones doesn't want to move video board

So with a rookie slappy punter who’ll undoubtedly be pumping gas in South Carolina this time next month able to send a kicked ball into the floating, four-sided drive-in movie screen at Cowboys Stadium, owner Jerry Jones will order the thing to be moved higher from the stadium floor, right?


You don’t need to move it,” Jones said after Friday night’s game between the Cowboys and the Titans, according to Paul Kuharsky and Matt Mosley of  “You gotta be trying to do it.  The rule is very clear.  You just kick it over.”

Titans coach Jeff Fisher, co-chair of the league’s Competition Committee, doesn’t agree.

“It’s an issue, yeah,” Fisher said.  “I’m sure the Cowboys or the league will
tell you, I shouldn’t have to throw a flag out there because [the
officiating crew] didn’t see the ball hit the scoreboard.  Now, it’s not
necessarily their responsibility.  Once a fair catch signal is given,
then there are no eyes on the ball anymore.  So they don’t see it.  So
something has to get worked out.  It can become a problem.”

Per, rookie punter A.J. Trapasso and veteran Craig Hentrich struck the video board repeatedly during pre-game warmups. 

“I hit it probably a dozen times in pregame,” Hentrich said.  “Probably
somewhere around a five-second punt is going to hit it and some of the
guys in the league wouldn’t be able to punt here if it’s not raised,
they’d just be non-stop hitting it.  I don’t know what the people were
thinking.  I guess they should have tested things out before they put
that thing in place.  It’ll have to be raised.”

Cowboys punter Mat McBriar, however, said that he doesn’t think it will be a problem (thus guaranteeing his employment for 2009, and likely beyond).

Meanwhile, we’re still not sure what we think about the board itself.  For folks at home, the thing potentially undermines the overall aesthetics.  While attending a game, there’s a chance that folks might spend more time watching the grossly oversized television instead of focusing on the action on the field.

So, basically, plenty of folks might end up paying good money for the ability to watch the game on a television that will often remind folks of the big tree that branced over the street and prompted endless do-overs during the days of skinned knees and periodic shouts of “Car!”

79 responses to “Jerry Jones doesn't want to move video board

  1. Of course it has to be moved….it’s in the field of play. 42m for that thing….wow…you still gotta move it. Hail!

  2. It’s hard for Jerry to move his narcissism. How dare a football game get in the way of his entertianment mecca.

  3. Skinned up knees …Car! LOLOL …… SHUT -UP your so not funny! Stick to what you do good? You know ,bash the Raiders.. You Dick!

  4. Funny how you leave out this little key tidbit of info from the original article on
    “Trapasso said he didn’t try to hit the board during the game, but admitted warm-ups were different”.
    If you are going to report the facts, especially when you quote another article in *your* story, at least include all the pertinent information!
    Before you ask, I am not a Cowboys fan, but it is obvious that Florio is a Cowboy hater!

  5. They should have just replaced the star logo at the 50-yard-line with a giant mug of Jerry’s face. This place is ridiculous. $1.1B for a friggin’ stadium that’s used for 10 Cowboy games a year and a handful of concerts?

  6. That thing is an abomination. Leave it to the yokels in Texas to want to pay good money to have their view blocked by a gargantuan boob tube – all that’s missing is a couch for them all to lie prone on and a bottomless bucket of pork rinds.

  7. The moron doesn’t want to move it because it would be a bruise to his ego. The fact that something he wanted done is WRONG! Wouldn’t be the first time (See paying Romo all that money) Just another moronic move by an egomaniac.

  8. that thing is ridiculous. only jerry jones would do something like that without checking if it would bother the game

  9. I hope numbnuts at least had it professionally installed so it doesn’t fall down like the el-cheapo practice facility.

  10. The Cowboys fail at buildings once again. At least nobody has gotten paralyzed in the new stadium yet.
    Jerry Jones is a horrible owner.

  11. I dont understnad how Jerry Jones expects people to “kick it over” – Thats way too high to kick over.
    If I punted Id hit it every time to embarrass J Jones

  12. …and who wants a ground level suite. In a regular season game there will be nothing but photgraphers in front of the view.

  13. How about this as an idea:
    Any time a punter (for either team) punts the ball and it hits the board, it’s a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Cowboys.
    I bet that would get Jones to change his mind pretty fast.

  14. Watching the practice clips during the game it looked pretty obvious to me that they punters were TRYING to hit the video board.

  15. Lets see the Commish, Roger Goodell suspend Jerry Jones 4 games for “Conduct embarrassing to the NFL.”

  16. OK, so some scrub punter decides to make a name for himself by hitting the scoreboard in a pre-season game. Wow.
    Chances are, if it were any other owner/team, it wouldn’t even have raised a murmur.
    Florio may be a turd of the media world (irony?) but he smartly ignores facts like the Titan’s punters were trying to hit it and that the NFL have approved the scoreboard in order to maximise the Cowboys-haters for every comment/page view they are worth. I hope NBC are suitably embarrassed.

  17. And of course there is no way that Fisher would tell his punters to take a shot at the screen. I also like that the punter says anyone with a 5 second hang time will have a problem. That leaves out 25 or 30 punters. Truth is that if the punters try to hang one up that high and miss, there will be a lot of 25-30 yard punts.

  18. “…will often remind folks of the big tree that branced over the street and prompted endless do-overs during the days of skinned knees and periodic shouts of “Car!””
    Funny as hell!!!

  19. “grossly oversized television” hahaha
    “So, basically, plenty of folks might end up paying good money for the ability to watch the game on a television”
    What do you care what people decide to watch at the stadium, Florio? It’s not like the screens obstruct the view of the fans.
    “That thing is an abomination. Leave it to the yokels in Texas to want to pay good money to have their view blocked by a gargantuan boob tube”
    It doesn’t block the view, idiot. Jeez you gotta work hard at it to be that stupid!
    The way I see it, if you know it’s there and you’re not trying to hit it but you do hit it, the problem is with your scrub punters that can’t control their punts. Didn’t seem to affect Matt McBriar… then again, he’s one of the best punters in the NFL, not one that’s destined for a job at Home Depot (that rookie guy) or a retirement home (Hentrich).
    Did any of you consider the fact that Fisher had the scrub try to hit the boards to distract from the fact that his team looked like a pretty bad div. AA college team last night? He’s got waaaay more problems to worry about than a video board.

  20. Some of you have no clue or are just cowboy haters. There will be more than just ten cowboy games and a couple of concerts. Just goes to show how ignorant some of you are. They have three fields, college, NFL and soccer fields, conventions, superbowls, NCAA final four, BCS championship games, NBA allstar game, college football games, already have numerous of thoses booked, tours at $15 bucks a head and there’s a wating list for those, the stadium is open every day.
    The titan kicker was clearly trying to hit the video board, which by the way is five feet higher than the league mandate of 85 feet, regardless of what kicker says, the ball traveled thirty yards, so he wasn’t trying to kick it deep. Mcbriar was averaging net 50 yard punts last night and never hit it, hmmm.
    some of you must be jealous because once again, the Dallas cowboys and their owner built the biggest, baddest stadium on the block… and your team plays in a barn. boohoo, cry me a river..

  21. So much for the grand opening of the Mecca of the Millenium…LMMFAO…did anyone suggest to this clown that the game of football was not meant to be played in a glorified concert venue, on a plastic surface, and most of all not INDOORS???
    True fans like their football played on grass, or even painted dirt for that matter, and most definitely in the ELEMENTS, whatever they may be!!!

  22. Did someone just knock Florio for not making it clear the punts were in warm ups!?!…..Dude, get a life, the point is the BOARD CAN BE HIT EASILY, the fact that the punters may not have been in position during the game to hit it is irrelevant.
    Can you imagine being in a game, the Cowboys bang a nice punt, it hits the board, then when they “kick it over” the punt is shanked for 10 yds….oh this issue isn’t going away that easily, trust me. What do you tell your punter, nice kick, but this time take a little off of it….WTF!?

  23. So it’s the 4th Qtr and your ahead 27-23 with 1:38 on the clock and your defense is gassed. Why not have your punter hit the thing 5 times to buy your defense some resting time?

  24. Comment from Cowboy fans and Jerry Jones “But it’s so pretty!”
    Jones and his Cowboy fans are such idiots. Jones for being stupid enough to put that screen in the way of the game, and the fans for being stupid enough to pay to watch a game on a TV when they could sit a home and see the exact same thing.
    Jones and his idiot fans deserve each other.

  25. Well, if some of you were to actually do some research, you’d find that the league minimum is 85 feet and the Cowboys scoreboard is hung at 90 ft. So the homework was done before hand. They’ll still probably move it up a little bit, but like Matt McBriar said after the game, if you hit the scoreboard, then you’ve hit a poor kick.

  26. When the tent fell down they acted like “Who could have predicted we would ever have bad weather it was supposed to be sunny and nice and never windy.” Now they have a basketball arena style video board hovering right over center court. Honestly who would have known that giant thing that is in the way would be a problem?

  27. Of course, it will need to be raised. It hinders normal field of play. Depending on field position, a punter will adjust the trajectory of the punt. With the overhead obstruction, all punter will have to adjust their trajectory so as not to have a do-over. Having a punter on the field more than necessary increases the likely hood of an injury to the punter. Most teams don’t have the luxury of carrying additional punters on the roster. Additionally, if the punter is forced to punt a short trajectory to avoid the do-over, then the opposing team is given an advantage as the punt will be easier to block. Also, a punter’s ability to kick the ball high, but short (pinning the opposing team near their endzone) allowing for the coverage team to down the ball will be restricted.

  28. It’s funny how many people ignore the facts of a situation so that they can test out one liners.

  29. did anybody notice in Jerra’s interview introducing the stadium, he tried to explain that on a blue day the stadium glass reflects “cowboy” blue and on a gray day it reflects “cowboy” gray. Like he’s some kind of a magician. It’s glass, if the sky was purple it’s going to reflect purple. Can’t believe someone could have that big of an ego…

  30. “the big tree that branced over the street and prompted endless do-overs during the days of skinned knees and periodic shouts of “Car!””
    What the f— are you talking about?

  31. 1.1 billion and nobody bothered to see if the scoreboard would affect the actual game? Way to go Jerry!
    Them ‘Boys sure looked good kicking ass in that new stadium though. Romo is going to make all you haters eat your words this year.

  32. Just like Texas you all like everything big to make up for your short comings
    Take that anyway y0u like but Texas women love men from the northeast

  33. So, what happens in a tight game when the punter hits the board, you’re forced to re-kick, and the punt gets blocked to swing the game? Wait until that happens – especially if it happens to Jerry’s team.

  34. This is pretty lame. I’m not going to act like I know exactly what the normal height for a good punt is, but if the scoreboard is low enough to interfere, than it results in forcing the team’s to kick line-drives that are easily returnable.
    With the Cowboys playing there 10 times a year (plus as much practicing as they want), and no other team playing more than once (unless, of course, you count a potential rematch of a seasonal opponent during the Cowboys one-and-done playoff appearances), they could, theoretically, train around the eyesore, and gain an unfair field-position advantage over visiting teams.
    Move the thing, and STFU Jerrah.

  35. I can see this scoreboard becoming an advantage for the Cowboys. Visiting teams punters will have to try and avoid the thing and the home team punter will have no thoughts about hitting it. And yes, the thing has already been approved by the league. It looks to me like this is a feature not a bug.

  36. Nice stadium except for the scoreboard. It’s a distraction from the game and the rest of the stadium. Guess he’d rather have that thing the focal point rather than the rest of the place. Just looking at it, I’m in aw. Who plays there again?

  37. Embarassing! To be at the game… but see a better view on this carrier-sized electronic tribute to one man’s ego.
    Embarassing! Any punter who fails to hit this thing with every opportunity. A low kick (as we all know) is most returnable.
    Embarassing! No one had the balls to tell JJ that this thing was too low for NFL standards. There are standards for this type of thing, right?

  38. Newsflash STEERS & QUEERS:
    It’s not the HEIGHT of the board, it’s the AREA (sq. ft.) of the underside of the gaudy f–king thing, the larger the surface area facing the field, the greater the chance of it being hit, no matter the height…I’m sure the NFL mandate of the min. ht. of 85′ was agreed upon without anyone even considering that an arrogant fool like JJ would build a screen with an underside area of nearly 10,000 sq. ft., then have the audacity to hang it, dead center over the damned field…WTF did he expect would happen?

  39. Texas stadium was a dive and went out with barely a whimper.
    Someone tell Jerry the Ravens would be happy to play in the inaugural game at the Doink Dome too…

  40. :…# IStateYourName says: August 22, 2009 10:08 AM – I hope numbnuts at least had it professionally installed so it doesn’t fall down like the el-cheapo practice facility….”
    Doubtful. Most construction in Texas is done by unqualified scab labor. Ever hear of Halliburton – KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root), you know, the same unqualified knuckle-draggin’ mouth-breathers that electrocuted soldiers in Iraq, after being handed billions in no-bid contracts by W & Cheney?

  41. I was in the 4th level last night, sitting next to the angels and dodging satellites as they whizzed by… and honestly, if you have a good set of binoculars, it’s a fine spot to see the game from.
    The video screen can be obtrusive, but after about 5-6 plays I didn’t notice it anymore and could focus on the action on the field without issue.
    Now, when they flash up a cheerleader’s boobs on there… well, I’m paying attention.

  42. Out of curiosity Florio. did you know that The Cowboys ‘checked with the League’ and the league rule is scoreboards have to be 85 feet off the field ( this one is 90 ft) and just left it out, or where you afraid that little tidbit would get in the way of a good bone to throw the idiot, knee jerk Cowboys haters?
    Pretty funny reading the ignorant comments posted here by people who obviously did not watch the game or have any clue (the board does NOT block anyone’s view).
    The fact of the matter is that, in order to hit the board a punter has to kick almost straight up, if he does that and misses he’ll end up with a 25-30 yd punt. I’m sure that every team in the league is going to want their punter to be trying for 25-30yd punts just so they can say they they hit the board.
    McBriar got off his usual 50 yarders with good hangtime no problem. That clown of a punter for the Titans tried to hit the board and didn’t care to make a decent punt.

  43. I can understand calling Jerry Jones an idiot. But using the screen as a reason to insult all Cowboy fans is nonsensical.

  44. Nice stadium, but the scoreboard, as most cowboys fans can relate, is simply Jerry overcompensating for other things. Can’t wait until the Saints can go there and kick the sh*t out of the Cowgirls again like we did in 06. What a night 42-17. Atleast the Saints have great memories of their last trip to that previous arm pit they used to play in

  45. What are the rules on punt formations in re: number of players on the line of scrimmage, and on either side of the ball? I know the onside kick rules have been altered to prohibit unbalanced lines.
    My point is, why not put the center on the hash marks and the punter directly behind him? That would give plenty of scoreboard clearance and sideline clearance, and allow for a full follow-through by the punter. Could be a handy technique for strong crosswinds in open-air stadiums as well: offset the formation to the wind and kick to the lee.
    Do the rules allow a team to position the ball on the hash voluntarily for a kick or does it always come down to where the previous play ended? The offset punt formation might have to be set up with thought given to the prior play.

  46. Using the screen or any other reason to insult all Cowboys fans makes perfect sense. It’s fun.

  47. Jerry Jones went from being a barefoot hillbilly to being a big screen mogul Leave Jerry and his play thing alone

  48. OK, lets end this.
    1. If the screen sits 5 ft over the minimum requirement, it’s not a Dallas issue. Whether or not punters are purposely trying to hit it or not, it’s up to the Commish. End of story.
    2. 2,100 inch screen is indeed large. If a fan wants to pay to watch it on the screen, so be it. Yes they could sit at home and watch it on their own tv, but the difference is that you don’t have the energy of the crowd. If you don’t want to watch it on the “Jerrytron”, then don’t. But I’m sure when a play is challenged, all you saying that it’s excessive, are going to appreciate that it’s there. End of story.

  49. If I was an owner, I’d try to create a functional football stadium and not a narcissistic symbol of my wealth.
    I’ve gone to Dallas for two games and those fans don’t give a rats ass about football. It was like being at a social event with some silly men doing silly things in the background.
    So it doesn’t shock me that many things than football are important to Jerry Jones. He needs fawning or praise more than he needs a decent football team
    And the Cowboys won’t let him down.


  51. I really don’t understand what this is about, if all you Cowboy haters find the stadium such a frivolous and over the top venue, don’t worry, you can stay in the $h1t holes you call stadiums and never come down here.
    Be assured that we won’t miss you.

  52. You morons trying to defend this gargantuan TV are complete idiots
    Who cares if they try to hit it or not…..fact is….it is way way too easy to hit.
    By the way, if a ball is punted that high, chances are there is no return, so saying that no punter would punt that high, is as moronic as putting the TV in the field of play.
    35 yards with no return is as good as 50 with a 15 yard return, and if you punt 50 yards your ball is going low and fast enough that a 15 yard return is very likely.
    Remove your EGO Jerry, and Move the Stupid obnoxious TV

  53. I really don’t understand what this is about, if all you Cowboy haters find the stadium such a frivolous and over the top venue, don’t worry, you can stay in the $h1t holes you call stadiums and never come down here.
    Be assured that we won’t miss you.

  54. Adres…based on my Texas Stadium experiences, I’d sooner be sodomized by a goat that spend money to go to another Dallas high-society event.
    Don’t worry about me staying away.

  55. I never comment on message boards but I figured that I would add my 2 cents. As a life-long Cowboys fan that lives near Philly, I’ve heard every negative comment that you can imagine. I find it funny how anytime a Cowboys fan talks about winning 5 Super Bowls it is looked at as ancient history but everybody mentions the fact of no playoff wins in 13 years. This is a new team in a new stadium that has one eye on history and another on the future. I could write on here everyday about all the teams that have never won a SB but why bother. If the big tv is too low it will be moved up before the regular season but if the league allows it to stay where it is, it will stay. I can’t understand all the hate about this team,the owner,the stadium,the fans. …….envy??

  56. Magilla says:
    August 22, 2009 11:27 AM
    Too bad that awesome scoreboard can’t coach them to a playoff win.
    Haha! No, see, Jerruh has taken a page out of Belichek’s playbook. Have an innocuous-seeming advantage that might help your team to a win.
    Vox is right, the Cowboys kicker wasn’t having problems. That’s because he’s practiced not hitting it.
    If you can’t make the playoffs with the best roster, try to nickle-and-dime your way in by forcing good returns.
    At least he’s thinking, I just thought this TV was another way to reassure “tiny” Texans that everything is bigger down there hurr hurr hurr.

  57. “bigtommysmalls says:
    August 22, 2009 3:50 PM
    I can’t understand all the hate about this team,the owner,the stadium,the fans. …….envy??”
    Definitely envy.
    I’m so envious of Cowboy fans that next week I have an appointment with the dentist to have 3 of my front teeth removed (haven’t decided which ones yet), then I’m going to pick up a case of Natty Light to get my sister in the mood.

  58. # VoxVeritas says: August 22, 2009 10:48 AM
    “Jeez you gotta work hard at it to be that stupid!”
    Ouch. I stand speechless before such a masterful zing (*stands up and applauds slowly*). I’ll try to continue somehow, though: Fact of the matter is, if that hideous monument to Texas-sized sloth and lethargy is anywhere within your field of view, good luck focusing on the field. It’s really big and shiny though, so I can see it’s value in Texas.

  59. TFBuckFutter says:
    August 22, 2009 4:30 PM
    Definitely envy.
    I’m so envious of Cowboy fans that next week I have an appointment with the dentist to have 3 of my front teeth removed (haven’t decided which ones yet), then I’m going to pick up a case of Natty Light to get my sister in the mood.
    Well. my initial response to you never got posted. So, I will try again. I don’t know about your teeth or your sister but I do recognize envy when I see it. Don’t know which NFL team you follow and I really don’t care. Say hello to your mamma for me.

  60. Man, the excuses Cowboys fans are making for this television screen are almost as hilarious as the excuses they made for choking their playoff aspirations away the past few seasons.

  61. Kind reminds me when my father would take me to see an Astros game in the new Astrodome. During batting practice most of the visiting player would try to hit a pop up ball to see if they could hit the top of the dome. Amusing at first but soon forgotten once the newness was gone.

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