Ochocinco plans to box in the offseason

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis apparently has opted to indulge the Twitter and USTREAM tendencies of receiver Chad Ochocinco because it’s primarily harmless — and because it’s the best way to Ochocinco mentally involved.

The problem, however, is that Ochocinco will continue to push the envelope.

He recently made clear his intention to take things to the next level after the coming season ends.

Per Albert Breer of Sporting News, Ochocinco said after Thursday night’s preseason game that he plans to take up boxing.

“[W]hen I get in the ring and knock out [welterweight champ Andre] Berto, and people are like, ‘I didn’t know Chad could fight,’ I just told you,” Ochocinco said.

His desire to box comes from the fact that he included it in his training regimen during the 2009 offseason.  And he’s not worried about whether his plan to box competitively will violate his contract — even though it clearly will.

“I don’t care,” Ochocinco said.  “I’ll take the fine. Whatever I earn, I’ll give it to [Bengals owner] Mike [Brown].”

What he doesn’t understand (and he’ll surely call me a “hater” for pointing this out) is that it’s not a matter of being fined.  The Bengals will be able to prevent him from boxing, via an injunction.

That’s precisely what the Titans did two years ago, when former Tennessee cornerback Pacman Jones wanted to wrestle during his one-year suspension.

Of course, the Bengals could choose to let Chad box.  But they’re not required to do it, and the response if they don’t like it will be much stronger than a fine.

24 responses to “Ochocinco plans to box in the offseason

  1. Maybe the Bengals should let him box…….mite just “knock some sense” into the idiot for once!

  2. Loser antics – loser team.
    Lewis and his malcontent circus need to go before the Bengals rise again.

  3. Child, please DO IT.
    Have your dentist stock up on more gold caps.
    (No, not the caps you put in a suckas ass)

  4. And after that……..Extreme downhill skiing……..Cause he once crossed a snow covered street……..

  5. Where do I sign up to box this clown? As Paulie of Rocky fame would say, Ocho-Douchebag (aka Notorious B.A.G.) is mentally irregular.

  6. When Chad’s football career is over, he will become President of a sewage treatment facility near you …. because he is always stirring up the poop.

  7. Can gold toofs be removed prior to a fight, or do they have to be knocked out during the fight?
    Really, I don’t know anything about them…

  8. “how is it that Dhani Jones was able to do MMA in his offseason TV show?”
    Because he sucks and might actually improve his team if he gets hurt.

  9. What you should have said was Ochostinko currently plans to spend a fair portion of next season sulking, bitching and requesting a trade because the Bengals won’t “let him have any fun” and how horribly they are treating him not allowing him to box.

  10. I am an avid boxing fan and this is a joke. Berto is a lot smaller [i believe like 5’8″] but he would own Chad. They wouldn’t be able to a real prize fight but rather a 3 round amateur fight with head gear and 16 oz. gloves. You can’t just walk in and fight 12 rounds with 10 or 8 oz gloves. No commission will license you.
    Berto would kill him of course. He is a good young talent. Not the best but a top 10 guy.

  11. I was gonna suggest putting him in the ring against Pacman, but I like the Tom Cable post better. Send that man an autographed copy of QBF.

  12. Ocho is also considering careers as a race car driver, chef and fashion designer as he drives, eats and wears clothes.
    He’ll be in Lewis’ doghouse again by Game 4 and will continue the antics to make one last push to get out of Cincinnati.

  13. Someone needs to tell MuchoStinko that it’s doubtful that his opponent in the ring, will be as cordial & help him pick up his grill, like Troy P did after jacking his sorry-ass up a couple of years ago. Need a good laugh, youtube it?

  14. chad’s an idiot who obviously has serious comprehension & intelligence issues. his antics are just getting retarded now.
    i hope they let him box so he can get his ass beat. then maybe he’ll shut up or calm down.

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