Beason has an MCL sprain

After Panthers linebacker Jon Beason injured his knee during Saturday night’s preseason game against the Dolphins, he expressed a high degree of confidence that he had not suffered an injury to his ACL, the ligament that holds the joint together.

He was . . . drum roll, please . . . then again, if you read the headline you already know . . . but what the hell maybe this is creating a feeling of suspense for a couple of you . . . now, what the heck was I saying? . . . oh, yeah . . . correct.

Per a league source, Beason has a sprained MCL.

We don’t yet know the extent of the sprain, which is essentially a partial tear of the rope-like ligament that heals with rest.  Grade I typically results in an absence of a few days; Grade II requires a couple of weeks of rest, if not longer.

With the first game of the regular season only three weeks away, it’s a critical question.

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