Cutler puts on a show in Chicago

If the city of Chicago wasn’t excited about the Jay Cutler era already, Saturday’s preseason performance against the Giants should do the trick.

One week after struggling in his Bears debut, Cutler led Chicago to scores on their first three drives.  The numbers were great (8-of-13, 121 yards and a TD), but how Cutler achieved them was more impressive.

He rifled in a 27-yard pass between two defenders to Earl Bennett, just before taking a massive hit.  He completed another throw on the run into a tight window, again to his collee teammate Bennett.  Cutler made first downs with his legs, and he showed off his deep touch with a teardrop 39-yard completion to Devin Aromashodo.

The highlights are all available on, and they show off his full arsenal of talents in a way that will make Denver fans ache and Chicago fans giddy.

Maybe too giddy.

Following Cutler’s performance, the Chicago Sun-Times has an article writing that Cutler is worth an Eli Manning-level contract.   Another said it was Christmas in August, calling Cutler a “gift” that “seemed so confident and adept at the quarterback position that he really didn’t appear to be a Bear.”

Cutler’s big night even one-upped Kyle Orton’s rebound game. The two can settle their three-round preseason sparring match in Denver next Sunday night.

30 responses to “Cutler puts on a show in Chicago

  1. The FIBS need to realize that this guys a total douche bag and he’ll implodeon. by mid seas

  2. I’m not totally sure of this, but I think there were not many of the Jints first sring starters on D in that game. Anyway, a win in the pre-season gets you what exactly? One positive however, is that I haven’t read or heard any dumb quotes from Cutler following this game, that’s refreshing!

  3. I can’t wait for the tune to change over the season in Chicago.
    Cutler “looks” like a great QB who can make all the throws (including the bad ones) and he’ll put up “pretty” stats but he’s not a winner!
    He hasn’t had a winning record since high school!
    17-20 in the NFL!
    …In November you’ll here them yell:
    “Overrated, overrated, overrated!”

  4. This kid is very talented and some his haters are just that, haters.
    He has never played on much for a team. Sure they had some weapons to throw too but he was asked to do a lot. He is also very young and just entering into his prime.
    In two years when he starts to take this job serious he will be a special QB. The kid is young and makes dumb choices right now. Not criminal but dumb.
    Like wide receivers are Divas, gunslingering QBs are a little wild and full of themselves as well. Saw the same behavior in Brett Favre and John Elway.
    Not everyone has the tutelage of a hall of fame family like Peyton [who still gets crap for mooning someone over a decade ago].

  5. Ah, the word “haters” has made an appearance, so the discussion must be over.
    Oh, and I agree with earlier posters…it is PRE-SEASON. Weren’t the Lions undefeated in preseason last year? Weren’t the Patriots horrid in preseason for the last few years? It’s a good performance, but can’t we put it all in some perspective?

  6. The piece title is correct, he’s certainly a stat show… but not a winner. Chicago, you’ve seen his best.
    You might want to pick up Brian Griese as a back up. Very nice stats also.
    Goober—what a goober! I’m not an Eli fan, but the last time I checked, Eli has a super bowl ring, and actual pass completions beyond the regular season that led his team to playoff and a Superbowl win. Cutler has not earned the paychecks he’s got now.

  7. Okay, Eli contract? Better than Eli? Does Cutler have Tom Coughlin and a winning front office management? Thought so.

  8. My concern with Cutler: Will he ever live up to the trade?
    Sorry, but with such massive expectations bestowed upon him by a ridiculously rich trade, he’s going to have to play like Manning–and I don’t mean the dorky looking one who plays for the Giants. I’d have to question whether he has the capabilities to be as consistent, year after year, to justify the trade–especially with the receiving corps in Chicago.

  9. I think that Eli had an off day like everyone has. Its in all sports. Cutler may lose against some of those more powerful teams that he will be playing. Then Chicago will be crying the blues. What happened to Grossman? He brought the Bears to a Super Bowl and I haven’t heard his name yet. I live in Chicago, born and raised here but I am following Favre not the Bears. Gone are the days of Ditka, McMahon, Singletary and the Fridge. They never will be replaced.

  10. I’m from Boston, but I lived in Chicago for four years.
    After my Patriots the Bears are my #2 team.
    Two reasons: 1. Great fans/people in Chicago.
    2. Absolutely the best looking, down-to-earth women in the country. Many great memories.
    The city has been waiting for another championship-caliber QB….. Maybe Cutler is the answer.

  11. Tufar:
    You are correct.
    The Giants we’re out a starting CB (Ross), two or three defensive tackles (depending on who they name the “starters) with Canty, Bernard, and Robbins who haven’t had a full week of practice yet. Their “leader” and middle linebacker Antonio Pierce, and their starting Safety, Kenny Phillips.
    So yes, the Giants were missing over half their first team defense for that game.

  12. Hahaha, I love the ignorance shown by people everytime they scream HE’S 17-20 WHATTA LOSER!! Well, he’s something along the lines of 12-1 when his D allows less than 21 points.
    And yeah, it’s preseason. But this is definitely starting to dispell the myth that he can’t succeed in Chicago after proving to be a franchise level QB in denver.

  13. Hey lets not wait get him in the HOF right now
    It was preseason not about wins or losses but a real life tryout for your players
    If everyone is pounding there chest over that win remember Detriot had a good preseason last year
    IF DA Bears make it to the playoffs lest see what little J can do then

  14. He rifled in a 27-yard pass between two defenders to his ol’ buddy Earl Bennett.
    Cutler is the real deal, his rocket arm and determination will carry Da’ Bears into the post season!

  15. Yea it might be pre-season but the hits are still real and as I recall Cutler was hit hard and still made the completion. NOW SIT DOWN AND SHUTUP!

  16. Didn’t anybody see that CHI defense horrible tackling??? They are going to need tons of points seeing as they have no defense…

  17. Garbanzo says: August 23, 2009 7:14 PM
    Hahaha, I love the ignorance shown by people everytime they scream HE’S 17-20 WHATTA LOSER!! Well, he’s something along the lines of 12-1 when his D allows less than 21 points.
    And yeah, it’s preseason. But this is definitely starting to dispell the myth that he can’t succeed in Chicago after proving to be a franchise level QB in denver.
    You sir, are a douche bag. I bet he would be undefeated if his defense never let anybody score…12-1 when giving up less than 21, what a ridiculous argument.

  18. usedtobeteddybayer:
    “Never trust a grown man with bangs. Even a Beach Boy. Especially Cutler. ”
    brilliant. absolutely brilliant.
    The first time I saw him he looked like a whiner with that stupid hair.

  19. Chicago has some real push over games on the schedule this season (Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, etc.). No reason Cutler can’t get them into the playoffs. What will interesting to see is how he performs when they get there.

  20. Denver will regret this trade. Cutler can actually throw the football accurately. And he has a strong arm. Orton lacks both.
    I can’t believe we got him for a mid-first round pick and our 2010 pick. Unless we (the Bears) are in the top 5 this was a hell of a deal.

  21. Tufar and giantsgab- if you’re going to bring up starters not playing, why not tell us what Bears were missing? Let’s see….oh, that’s right our entire startering secondary was out minus Payne.
    D. Manning
    Peanut Tillman

  22. So when the bears go 13-3 this year, it will be because of the “push-over” teams we played this year. Name 1 team that dosen’t have push-over games on their schedule this season.

  23. Garbanzo makes a fair point–the Broncos with Cutler were an unusual team, because they both put up and allowed an awful lot of points. It’s not really fair to look only at his team’s W-L record and say, “that’s how Chicago will do, too.” The way he played, without an elite offense in Denver, would have been enough to win easily with most other teams.
    It’s a little like Drew Brees and the Saints. Is their past record a fair indicator of how good a QB he is?
    Who knows how Cutler’s going to do. None of us do. But it’s kind of silly to look at the W-L record of his old team, a weirdly unbalanced team, and put it all on him, when he helped them score a ton of points.
    Personally, I hope both Cutler and Orton do well–the league will be more fun with two more interesting, good teams in it.

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