League's Twitter policy won't be "anything dramatic"

As the NFL continues to formulate a policy regarding the use of Twitter by its players, we periodically check on its status.

In an e-mail sent to us this morning, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello writes that the Twitter policy has not yet been finalized, but that we shouldn’t expect “anything dramatic.”

Said Aiello:  “We embrace Twitter as a great new way to communicate with fans.  We are simply clarifying how it should be applied in various circumstances.”

That said, the individual teams might impose (and some have already) their own policies regarding the time, place, and/or content of the tweeting. 

And the content will always be a potential concern.  Things said on Twitter are no different than things said at a press conference.  But it’ll take a while for players to realize that they’re likely to be a lot looser with their thoughts when sitting at their keyboards — especially if they’ve also been bending their elbows.