Orton bounces back

Kyle Orton didn’t hear a boo in his second preseason game.

Alright, so he was playing on the road.  But even the Broncos faithful had to be encouraged with what they saw on television.

Orton threw for 177 yards in the first half against Seattle, leading the Broncos to ten points in their first two possessions.   Only a drop in the end zone by Jabar Gaffney kept Orton from having a nearly perfect night. 

After the Jabar gaffe, the Broncos went for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal from the one.  With pressure coming from his right side, Orton made a Jake Plummer-like left-handed throw that was picked off in the end zone.  The blooper-reel-worthy play marred an otherwise impressive effort, which included many plays straight out of the 2008 Patriots playbook.

I’ve got a lot of confidence right now,”
Orton told the Denver Post.  “This is the best offense I’ve ever played
with.  I’ve got a lot of talent around me.”

Perhaps Orton’s most talented teammate, Brandon Marshall, was left behind in Denver.  Coach Josh McDaniels commented vaguely about it after the game.

“Every player who was ready and able to
play in this game was here, and all the guys we didn’t think were ready
and able stayed back home,” McDaniels said.

After the game, there was some question regarding the availability of Orton’s backup Chris Simmsm who left the game with an ankle injury, and who was seen on crutches after the game. 

So, whether Broncos fans like it or not, Orton is going to be their man. 

And they should save their boos for another quarterback; Jay Cutler and the Bears visit Denver next Sunday night on NBC.

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  1. Did no one notice that before the fade pass for a td by orton, there was an easy interception opportunity missed by the defense on the previous play in the endzone? If i was a Bronco’s fan, i wouldn’t be anymore relaxed from orton’s most recent performance. his stats do not reflect him getting a mulligan on his touchdown drive.

  2. In a related note, Hasselbeck went 16/23 for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns in a half of football. Orton came out for 2 or 3 more series in the second half and got completely shut down by Seattle’s second string defense.
    Orton’s numbers are better than he looked. Seattle gave up too many big plays but put down the hammer when was needed.
    If Orton had “bounced back” he certainly reverted to last week’s form when he tossed that left-handed mess that got intercepted by Ken Lucas. After that he didn’t do a damn thing.

  3. hello gregg… good pice. i hope McWTF(Daniels) knows what he is doing!. so far it seems as if he’s allergic to talented players! ie.(marshal, cutler). i don’t presume to know more then he, but i had thought the Cutler trade was stunning to say the least!. considering who he traded for. the draft pics r good, but cutler was a proven player whom is still very yang.
    I still don’t know what think of Mr, McDa wat the hell!, but i sure don’t think much of him thus far!.
    pls give my regards to THE Tom Curren! .. and pls ask him if he had or will do a pice on the late Jim Johnson?! thank you all!

  4. I,m glas for Orton, I hope does well. Unfortunately Cutler & Co. are going to show Denver what a real Franchise looks like next weekend.

  5. This story is living proof that you can’t judge a single thing by the box scores.
    Broncos faithful have no reason to be encourged. Did you actually watch the game, Gregg? On the down before Orton threw his TD pass, he threw an INT right to Ken Lucas that was dropped.
    Then he turned around and did the Plummer lefty toss the next time the Broncos got to the redzone.
    He spent the entire game throwing checkdowns, screen passes, and other short little routes as he appears totally incapable of throwing a pass longer than 10 yards. That’s nice in the preseason, but what happens when defenses actually start taking that short underneath stuff away?
    As Jerry would say: good luck with all that.

  6. “I’ve got a lot of talent around me.”
    hear THAT, champagne? go take it out on a mcdonalds’ bag!
    and if defenses take the short stuff away, something is open deeprt.

  7. What’s funny–or sad, depending–are the voices from the woodwork yelling “but he was almost picked off! He doesn’t throw long! Seattle! Cutler!”
    First of all, no. It wasn’t “almost picked off.” It was a close throw, but that’s it. You don’t get to play what-if, just what was. Sorry.
    Also, it’s the flippin’ *preseason*. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is vanilla right now. There’s no reason to over or under-rate this performance.
    Just like we shouldn’t throw Seattle’s starting offensive line under the tracks because they gave up three sacks to the Broncos, who everyone knows are just terrible and worthless, right?

  8. Ill bet you in the next 2 weeks Tjackson of the Vikings will be traded for Brandon Marshell….think bout it…Favre Sage and Booty is all u need…TJack. has a year left and he played pretty good the other night vs KC: 12 of 15, 202 yards and 2 TDs…his trade valve went up…It would be fun to see Orton Tjack and Simms duke it out for starting spot….Plus Farvae with Marshell would be a nice hook up for Minnesota (and im a bears fan)…Denver hasnt been using him…send him off..

  9. dbears91 – One good preseason game for Tjack and all the sudden he’s worth trading for Brandon Marshall? Tjack will be lucky to be in the NFL in a couple years. Marshall is arguably a top 5 WR. Use your head.

  10. Broncos fans are an embarrassment and a joke.
    Get a life, and please avoid Invesco Field in the fall so I don’t have to risk running across one of you morons.

  11. If that is a bounce back than I would hate to see what a bounce forward is.
    Oh wait, I already know what a bounce forward is: a 1 out 4 throws that Orton makes is a bounce forward. A pass that hits the ground then skips to the intended target.
    Gonna be a long year for Bronco fans….sorry buds.

  12. I really feel for Kyle Orton, who seems like a very decent guy, but the fact is that he simply doesn’t have the physical talent that Jay Cutler has, and will never be the factor that takes a team to the playoffs. Gonna be a very long (and boring) season Broncos! What the heck ever possessed Mr Mac to so openly disdain a pro-bowl QB for a one year wonder like Cassell is beyond me, and I would bet that he’ll pay for it with his job within a year or so……..

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