Anderson, Quinn still battling for Browns job

With two preseason games in the bag, Browns coach Eric Mangini is no closer to picking a starting quarterback.

That’s because Mangini sees the competition as “very close.”

And so the battle between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn will continue into the third preseason game, in which starters typically play through halftime, sometimes into the third quarter.

Mangini hasn’t determined who’ll play with the starters for Saturday’s game against the Titans.  Or perhaps he has and he simply refuses to say who the starting quarterback for Saturday night will be.

Regardless, it’ll be fair to infer that the guy who gets the first crack in the third preseason game has the inside track to winning the job.

“If it’s close [at the end], then I’ll make the decision and that will be the decision based on what I feel gives us the best chance to win,” Mangini said.  “Everybody will have a different opinion.  But that’s what makes it so great, so much interest in the game, so much excitement.”

If it’s truly close after the final preseason game, financial considerations could come into play.  By participating in 70 percent of the offensive snaps this year, Quinn will trigger a $5 million salary escalator for 2010.  By taking 45 percent of the snaps, Quinn will earn a $1.32 million playing-time incentive.

Hell, if it’s truly a toss-up, the dollars and cents should be enough to tilt the competition in Anderson’s favor, and to keep him in the job for at least the first 31 percent of the season.

13 responses to “Anderson, Quinn still battling for Browns job

  1. Anderson’s record against losing teams is pretty good. It’s the good teams that read him. Quinn’s an unknown which is why he’s going to get the nod.

  2. Wow, who gets to be King Shit of Turd Hill.
    …I breathlessly await the results.
    Florio, I apologize for taking liberties with the “shit” word, but in this case it has so much more punch than “poop.”

  3. Florio, why do you always feel the need to cuss?
    Kids who are football fans might want to read this. Aren’t you intelligent enough to do this without the potty mouth? You guys do good work. Don’t be so lazy with the English language

  4. I think Mangini is setting up Anderson for a trade. He looked ok against the cub scouts AKA, the Lions, but not so good against the Packers. He already turned down an inquiry regarding a trade for Quinn just prior to the draft. This would be a good year for Quinn to get a shot since the Browns won’t win their division anyway, Next year they will know about Quinn.

  5. # stillworker says: August 24, 2009 8:09 PM
    …………isn’t it spelled MANGINA??
    Ha ha! Now that’s funny. Hey, stillworker…isn’t that spelled DIPSHIT??

  6. @urbusted I hope you’re right… I’ll prolly just shoot myself if I’m forced to watch Derek Anderson overthrow his RB in the flat by 5 feet for another season.

  7. It is obvious to anyone with a basic knowledge of the people involved that Anderson is the starter.
    Mangini…along with the rest of Northeast Ohio have been waiting for Quinn to prove he is the better choice. Quinn has failed to do so at every turn.
    Anderson did have a very bad season last year but has so much more upside in a Daboll offense. He was a Pro-Bowler and when he plays well he is lights out.
    Anderson throws more interceptions than I would like to see but he can get the ball down field. Mangini likes the pass game to open the running game. Quinn throws too many 5-8 yarders. It may be efficient, but it doesn’t present more offensive options.

  8. What Anderson is “genius joe” talking about? The good Anderson, or the bad Anderson. Nobody knows what Anderson is going to show up from quarter to quarter to game to game.
    Plus his inablity to not short arm 5 to ten year passes is a real problem.
    Lastly, I don’t think Anderson is good under pressure (mental pressure). For example, even in his good Anderson mode he has not ever scored a td in the 2 min drill. This year he is talking about a taking more easy go lucky attitude, less pressure. I am sure that is what the real competitors in the sport say.

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