Appeals court strikes down portion of Delaware betting law

The NFL, the other major pro sports leagues, and the NCAA headed to Philly today for a hearing before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit regarding the question of whether Delaware’s plan to allow sports betting should be stayed until the litigation challenging the move could be resolved.

Instead, the federal appeals court scuttled all single-game betting.

Per published reports, the court found that the new Delaware plan would violate the 1992 federal law prohibiting any sports betting, with an
exemption available to states that employed sports wagering from 1976
to 1990.

Apparently, the court prohibited only the attempt to legalize single-game betting, which was not part of the Delaware plan in 1976.  The NFL has argued that Delaware should be allowed at most under the federal law to allow multiple-game wagers on pro football games, since that’s the specific program the state previously used.

The maneuver is unusual.  The appeals court skipped over the question of whether the betting would be stayed pending resolution of the litigation — and then resolved one of the most important pieces of the litigation against Delaware.

The NFL separately is challenging whether the multi-game betting program violates the Delaware Constitution.

17 responses to “Appeals court strikes down portion of Delaware betting law

  1. Delaware should call Tony Dungheap. He can tell the judge- “you are wrong. Don’t do that.”

  2. Awesome. The courts deal yet another blow to both personal freedom and state’s rights. And the bookies continue to rake in billions in untaxed income, and sport gambling continues to controlled by organized crime instead of state regulatory agencies.
    What a country!

  3. Delaware will probably end up doing a minimum three-game lottery much like what is run in Canada.

  4. Really, Anyone should be able to operate a gambling business. EXCEPT a government entity. Really should gambling be a function of govt?
    (though I did just check my mega millions numbers – It is over $200,000,000 afterall)

  5. Just what part of the United States Constitution gives the federal government the right to make ANY law regarding betting in individual states?

  6. DPR,
    Are you really that stupid? The article clearly says it’s in a Federal law passed in 1992. Do you really think anything not mentioned in the contitution is OK? You know, there’s no mention of murder or rape or any of a multitude of crimes mentioned in the Constitution. That doesn’t keep the government from passing laws that tell you not to do them.
    Dr. Mike,
    You commit the two worst sins of an internet poster – you are repetitive and boring. Please stop wasting our time by making us scroll past your drivel.

  7. Great … A giant WIN for Organized crime.
    the NFL has too much money ,,and they now want to tell the STATES people,,what they can and can’t do!
    whats next NFL ????
    the SUPER BOWL on PPV for $199.99, So the good-people can pay for your legal-bills ???
    FU you F’N ….. “NFL-Nazis”

  8. Complete Fan says:
    Delaware will probably end up doing a minimum three-game lottery much like what is run in Canada.

    where one gets 4-1 if he picks all 3 winners when the correct odds are 7-1. which also means if you go 2-1 you lose.

  9. wishbone-
    yes thats what it means. this makes me so angry! the nfl is all up in las vegas’s a** and they love to promote fantasy in their own site, which is betting plain and simple. but now ppl on the east coast who want to gamble have to hit TWO games to make any $$ instead of just regular single game bets. ridiculous!!!
    i know what happened here; the shadow las vegas lobby pumped a ton of money and influence into this somehow; helping ensure vegas gets its flow of gamblers w/o a dropoff of ppl who would go to delaware instead and the nfl gets their way…again. i konw that the nfl’s lawyers and influences teamed w vegas powers on this and could have bribbed a judge its not that crazy….roger goodell is a clown. i LOVE the kc chiefs; I HATE the nfl [front office and powers that be].

  10. dr mike
    what does this have to do with obama? this is PFT not rush limbaugh’s giglly neck gravy face pill . com

  11. Proline Betting in Canada has actually be reduced to a minimum of two games.
    Best of all, I can bet at any corner store.

  12. Kevin from Philly:
    You either misread what DPR said, or you know nothing about the Constitution and how it works. Therefore, you are the stupid one.
    Not that I agree with DPR, but I at least understand his argument.

  13. Dr. Michael:
    Can you please curse, so Florio can ban you?
    The entire population of PFT.

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