Bowe nearly out of Haley's doghouse

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe’s residency in coach Todd Haley’s doghouse looks ready to end.

Bowe didn’t start Friday’s game against the Vikings, but he entered the game on the second possession and played with Matt Cassel.  And for the second straight game, Bowe looked like Kansas City’s best wideout.  (Maybe because he is.)

Bowe led the team with three catches and 37 yards, including a touchdown catch in traffic.  Haley used his first training camp to teach many lessons to his new team, but the time for motivational games and lessons is over.

Look for Bowe to be back in the starting lineup for Kansas City’s third preseason game.  It’s time to start trying to win.

6 responses to “Bowe nearly out of Haley's doghouse

  1. chief fan here; this is good news but not really surprising. bowe looked good against the minnesota vicodins [#4]. the real ? is tho; why does coach haley always looked so cracked out? always with the stubble, raccoon circles around the constantly bloodshot eyes, sweating….could he be a dope fiend?? with this teams roster, it may well be.

  2. Dwayne Bowe is the most under rated WR in the league. I have picked this guy in my fantasy league for the past 2 seasons in early rounds and was laughed at each time and will most likely be laughed at again when I pick him this year. The kid has potential and the fact that he is on a quiet team is only going to help him get better.

  3. Hmmm…maybe Haley just might know what he is doing…he did lead the AZ Cardinals offense who had not been to a Super Bowl EVER.
    Bowe is responding to Haley. He has not dropped a pass in two games and has looked like a pro Bowler

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