Carson Palmer still not practicing

Last year, the elbow of Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer ended up significantly limiting his season — and dramatically impeding his team’s chances.

This year, Palmer’s ankle is keeping him from getting ready for the games that count.

He suffered what has been described as a “mild-to-moderate” high ankle sprain in the preseason opener against the Saints.  And Palmer hasn’t practiced since then, missing the preseason game against the Patriots.

Per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Palmer missed practice again on Sunday, and he might miss the next preseason game, on Thursday night against the Rams.

“If last week had been a regular-season game, he probably would have
played,” coach Marvin Lewis said.  “But we are going to continue to be cautious, because it is just
preseason.  We’d like him to get some more
time with our first unit, and I think we will do that before the
preseason is over.  But the most important thing is to have him 100
percent for Denver.”

Still, it’s one thing to be 100 percent healthy.  It’s another thing to be 100 percent prepared.  After missing most of last season, Palmer needs all the reps he can get in order to get back to the form that has made him one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

11 responses to “Carson Palmer still not practicing

  1. This guy is the highest paid thief in the league and he somehow convinced the front office to employ his untalented younger brother. Typical Bengals.

  2. I don’t agree with what cutler did but Carson Palmer needs to pull a Cutler and get the f*ck out of Cincy.

  3. He will be fine. No sense in making it worse during meaningless games. Palmer at 75% healthy and 80% prepared is still 100% better then the rest of the slappy’s on the roster. He’ll make up ground in no time once he gets back on the field.

  4. Shouldn’t he be over his period by now, I mean c’mon, ever since Kimo came a callin’ dude’s been hemorrhagin’ from the mangina???

  5. LMFAO @ all these damn Steelers fans who feel the need talk about what Palmer needs to do….Our defense was 12th our offensive is back so unless YOU HAVE WON THE 2009 SUPER BOWL then shut the hell up! The Steelers are going to see is week 3 and we will see how much talk you have then…And when you get your A– kicked dont come back talking about “we have 6 rings” cause 6 rings is old…WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IN 2009??????????? Thats what I want to talk about……The past is the past….NOW DO IT AGAIN! I GUARANTEE YOU DONT RUN THROUGH THE AFC NORTH UNDEFEATED! GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jwill007,
    The 2009 PITTSBURGH STEELERS are the DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPS & will be throught the entire season…they earned the right & nothing you say can change that fact…
    btw, some imagination, that’s what it’s called when you proclaim something so far fetched & unprecedented!

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