Fein's agent claims profiling

Ravens linebacker Tony Fein, an Iraq War veteran, was recently was arrested for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

When word of the arrest broke, it seemed odd that the Baltimore police would be conducting a Sunday night press conference to discuss the case.

Apparently, the cops were simply trying to take the lead in the coming P.R. battle.

Fein’s agent, Milton Lee Hobbs, claims that the incident resulting from profiling on the basis of race and clothing, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Per the report, Hobbs contends that the arresting officer, Sgt. Joseph Donato, was aggressive, that Fein didn’t assault Donato, and that police approached Fein “because he was a black man wearing a sweat suit and hoodie.”

The issue arose because Fein and others were supposedly passing around a silver cell phone that was mistaken for a gun.  When police approached Fein and asked him to stand, he allegedly refused.  When they asked him again, Fein allegedly stood and shoved Donato.

“It looks awful for Tony and puts him in a bad position,” Hobbs said.

The Sun explains that security has been high at the Inner Harbor due to a couple of recent
incidents there, including an August 15 gang-related shooting.  When the city decided to beef up the police presence and activitiy, Mayor Sheila Dixon predicted that there would be friction.

“People might not like it,” Dixon said earlier this month.  “Some radicals are
going to speak out about it.  Our officers are going to have to be more

The question is whether the officers or Fein were too aggressive on Sunday night.

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  1. It’s been my experience that if you shove a police officer what results usually involves some combination of handcuffs, mace, tasers and a free ride to get a mugshot taken.

  2. It’s a bird….it’s a plane…..it’s DUNGYMAN! Here to save the black football player who screwed up.

  3. “The Sun explains that security has been high at the Inner Harbor due to a couple of recent incidents there, including an August 15 gang-related shooting. ”
    Actually, the gang-related shooting was at the same restaurant (Johnny Rockets) as Mr. Fein was eating, so you can understand why security was a little paranoid…

  4. “As we saw recently, an impassioned black man in public like Henry Louis Gates is considered a threat to the social order, whereas a hysterical white man brazing signs of death to the president is considered a patriot in America.”
    – Jeffrey C. Stewart, University of California

  5. It wouldn’t be the first time Baltimore police have acted inappropriately. Being from the DC area, this video was a viral hit for every parent of a teenager, or teenager. The kid was there from VA with some friends with his parents for the weekend. Check it out, Florio:

  6. I am not saying he is innocent or guilty, but, if a cop asks you to stand and you say “no”, you’re asking for trouble. You never wanna disrespect, argue or get “cocky” with a cop….

  7. Once again more snap judgment by optics. His real crime? Being black and not realizing that he has to act and look a certain way before he can be treated like everyone else.

  8. Hardly a black/white issue. The real issue is the multiple murders in the last month where this incident occured. This is a main tourist area in Baltimore and people reported to the police that they saw a gun. Professional athletes should understand the situation police are in especially if they haven’t done anything wrong…a veteran of war (as Fein is) should understand even more so.

  9. Guy is on my team and he is wrong. Period. Cop asks you to stand up, you do so. They are trying to protect the public and themselves. Sorry VonClause…. I disagree. But then, I suspect you think the Harvard Professor was in the right as well, despite the fact that there were two other cops there who weren’t Caucasian.

  10. florio why is it all these racist post seem to make it past whoever is monitoring these things but when I ask whether or not you and dr. michael are the same person it gets swept under the rug? by the way where is he/you a black guy got arrested you should have been here by now.

  11. We have given the government and especially law enforcement WAY too much power and they continually abuse it!
    They don’t need a reason to pull you over, they don’t need a reason to search your car, they don’t need a warrant to break down your door and come into your house and search it.
    Judge Rehnquist and Ronald Reagan personally and solely took away our 4th amendment rights during the 1980’s. This is why we need lawyers (and not ones that write hate articles about Al Davis) but to defend us from these over resourced storm troopers.
    To pull someone over because of their skin color or the way they are dressed is such bull shit but it happens everyday right here in America where they (law enforcement)have taken all of our civil liberties.
    I hope the younger generation takes the power back from these pathetic, abusive, lying assholes. Because in reality they are nothing more than leaches on the back of society. This nation is so over policed that if we cut law enforcement in half it would still be over resourced. As long as Soccer moms are scared of serial killers there will be cities over policed, while Schools become more dilapidated and old people continue to go without food. And why, because we need 5 cop cars to administer a DUI arrest and an entire SWAT team to blow up David karesh. Hell one guy could have handled that situation and saved us tax payers a whole lot of money!

  12. I’m doubting some of the details of the story. What kind of idiot would a cop have to be to walk right up to someone he thought had a gun and ask him to stand up? That’s not any sort of police procedure I ever heard of.
    So either:
    a) the cop made up the “I thought I saw a gun” story later to cover himself
    b) the cop really did think he saw a gun and wanted to get himself shot
    I’m generally with the authorities when it’s clear that they acted in good faith and the accused was being a dope but that isn’t clear at all with this story.

  13. PPDoc13,
    I don’t think it has anything to do with the race of the arresting officers at all actually. The problem is with the psychology of police and the limited tools they have to make decisions on. It just happens that it’s easier for them to make decisions on race and appearance than anything else, so they do that. It’s completely wrong but that’s never stopped them.
    To the others,
    Regarding whether you should listen to a cop at all times. Really this is perhaps the stupidest suggestion I’ve heard in a while. Cops aren’t dictators over your being. That haven’t been given that latitude, so don’t preach the mantra that you need to be their slaves. Unless of course you think slavery is an acceptable way of life. Some of you people need to get your priorities straightened.

  14. Krow says:
    August 24, 2009 2:40 PM
    He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him.
    Make up your mind. Last week you were calling the Nashville cop a racist. Now you are defending a cop?

  15. OK, I’ll have to be the one white guy that isn’t a flat out bigot… The guy was eating lunch and minding his own business and had a CELLPHONE, before any of the fun started. Yeah, I’d have obeyed the cop, but I’d be damned angry and would have reported him to his superiors; this guy was a soldier, I have more respect for him than some rent a cop…. If the idiot cop can’t tell the difference between a cellphone and a gun , maybe he should be selling comic books or something …Fein should try for a jury trial, they might acquit him, a judge will deem anything the cop says as gospel.

  16. Profiling? In Baltimore? Do the police assume you have a knife if you’re wearing a number 52 jersey?

  17. TheDPR
    “a) the cop made up the “I thought I saw a gun” story later to cover himself”
    Because who is the Judge and jury going to believe, we all know its the cop weather its a lie or not.
    Thats one reason why the system is so incredibly flawed.

  18. It is always about race isn’t it? An upstanding citizen such as Fein would never have assaulted a Police Officer had race not been involved.

  19. I suspect race has zero to do with it. Dressing up like a gang-banger is what got the cops attention, not the color of this skin. I don’t think you’d see the same situation if had been wearing a business suit or NOT wearing a hoodie and sweat suit in the middle of August.

  20. Now I get why people like BlueEyeDevils are allowed to spew their racist hate garbage around here while you delete my posts setting them straight….your a white Uncle Tom, Florio. Are you trying to make up for some past wrong against POC by slanting your blog’s playing field the other direction?

  21. You all must live in that happy place gang bangers do not wear suits and ties unless your in the Washington DC mob
    When a cop asked you to stand up you do you do not ever give them a reason to lock you up
    I am a white guy and I get pulled over and stopped for no reason never got out of the car and pushed the cop

  22. What did the cop do that was wrong? It doesn’t matter if you’re black, or white, if a cop asks you to do something, you do it. You don’t throw him an attitude, you treat him with respect and the situation is resolved in good order.
    To disobey a police order is to commit a crime. If you do not understand that, then you are sadly lacking in intelligence. Police have certain procedures for a reason, if you just play along(keeping the right attitude) then everything will be fine.
    I guess I didn’t realize that black people are supposed to get a ‘pass’ from police simply because they are black. I’m white, I’ve been pulled over…should I have made the argument that I was only stopped because of my race? I did something wrong, but that doesn’t matter, the cop was a racist. DOES THAT ARGUMENT SOUND STUPID TO ANYONE ELSE?
    In this particular case, a security guard called for police indicating that a man had a gun. The officer did exactly what he should have. Had Fein simply done as he was told(with the right attitude), this situation would not have occured, and they all would likely have walked away happy as can be.
    Furthermore, the fact that Fein was in the Army for three years is damning to him. He should know and understand how to respond to legal authority. The fact that he didn’t shows that he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. He should be released immediately, you should never pay an idiot too much money…because they’ll always do something stupid with it…which is why they’re idiots.

  23. A black man wearing a sweat suit and a hoodie in Baltimore? If this guy is using this as his template for profiling, he will busy.

  24. fein isnt fein in the head. must think he can outrun a bullet or stop it himself.
    while i can agree that not all cops can handle the “power” well, and that some were poor choices to be cops… most of them respond much better to politeness than confrontation. and apparently they are under orders to clean up the inner harbor area. instead of pissing and moaning at the cops etc, why doesnt fein curse the gangs that made the situation what it is today…
    looks like another gates case where the so-called victim was looking for a white guy cop so he could show him “who is in charge”, in front of his homeboys.

  25. Same reason Obama’s approval ratings are dropping like a rock. Same reason everybody wants to kick David Paterson out. Gotta be because of skin color, not because they’re jagoffs.

  26. What really gets me is how people are jumping to the conclusion…….
    All the racists and others questioning the actions of Fein….Why didnt the cop come over and say the following:
    Cop: Excuse me sir I have been told that you have a gun and were pasing it around. Do to this I am asking you to stand up why I perform a search?
    If all he said was “stand up” then I got a damn problem with that too….CLARIFY YOURSELF!
    Now I would have stood up and then after I did that I would have told him the whole time he was checking me that I will be filing a complaint and I will be suing…And since its a free country as long as I was not loud and obnoxious HE CANT DO A MO FO THING!
    We as Black men HAVE TO BE SMARTER THEN THESE IDIOTS! PLAY THE GAME MAN! DOnt let them get you there…I would have been smiling the whole time saying I cant wait to file a complaint and launch a lawsuit…Hit these idiots when they dont do things right where it hurts…RIGHT IN THE POCKETS!

  27. I doubt this had anything to do with racial profiling.
    Baltimore just has an abundance of shitty crooked cops.
    I was arrested in Baltimore after my fiance at the time broke my nose with a dictionary, poured orange juice on my head, and stabbed me about a quarter-inch from my jewels with a broken champagne flute. Because I beat her at chess three times in a row.
    She had zero injuries. I was drenched, bleeding from my nose and crotchal region, yet because she was crying and her mascara had run, I got to hear this (and this is absolutely every the police said):
    “It’s time to go, sir”. No Miranda rights, no questioning, nothing. They took pictures of her frontal and profile. No pictures of me. No seatbelt in the back of the paddy.
    7 months for that shit.
    Don’t take that as a sob story, just substantiating that its highly likely Fein’s telling the truth.
    And it isn’t just the Inner Harbor. Baltimore sucks.

  28. The police were called by security at the restaurant about a man potentially with a gun. The cop didn’t “make up” seeing the gun. The restaurant was the site of a shooting just a couple of weeks ago so I am sure everyone is on edge.
    @ VonClause…
    I am a white male who is a Jew and a military war vet. I have experienced anti-semitism, but as one of my best friends from the Army a black Col. surgeon, I’ve never had to deal with racism based on color. When I wake up I am just a regular old white guy.
    While this is all true, I have taught my kids that if you are pulled over by the police, it is yes sir, no sir three bags full. If the police do something stupid we will deal with it later. Don’t give them any reason to ratchet up the level of tension in an already tense situation.
    This young man Fein should have known better being a military veteran. I guarantee you that if he was still in and that were an MP his response would not have been the same.
    I bring up Gates from Harvard as a man that I think was spoiling for a fight. If he has problems with white men in authority positions let him go to a shrink. But to yell and scream at a cop, or to push a cop, is plain stupid.
    Perhaps the cop went too far. But it wasn’t the police profiling, it was the security guard at the restaurant. And the bottom line is that the police are charged with protecting the public. And if Mr. Fein isn’t good with that, he can move to a different locale.

  29. Agreed jwill007,
    Gotta be smarter. Whether he was profiling or not we’ll never know, kick the foolish pride to the curb.

  30. i’m all for personal rights, but if an officer asks you to stand up, just do it! how effin hard is that?
    if it goes past that and gets to harassing, THEN complain about profiling or what have you. But until then, don’t make a scene because the officers are trying to do their job. They’re in a bad part of town during an increased crime rate on specific orders to crack down on illegal activity.
    sitting with a hoodie on isn’t illegal, but in the interest of knowing the cops are just trying to do their job, just comply. when they see you’re not doing anything illegal, they’ll send you on your way.
    stop being proud or quick to claim you were profiled…. just do what they ask. half of the time the athletes bring it on themselves because they feel they don’t have to cooperate with the law.

  31. ppdoc13,
    Listen I agree with your points for the most part. Really I do.
    I also think Fein got targeted because he was a black man and he fit the ‘profile’ – a euphemism for black, young and overtly wealthy. That is racism and tolerating it doesn’t fly with me.
    Did he do what the cop claims he did? We don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the cop wound the situation up on his own (and that’s another problem – since when did emotionally crippled, spastic power trippers become the acceptable standard for police officer?). It’s more conceivable to me, a white man, that this incident happened due to the actions of the officer than anything Fein did. Fein could probably do nothing and still get charged. That is the state of America today. Anybody that thinks otherwise is in denial in my opinion.
    Re: Gates from Harvard. I don’t know what happened there and only followed what I heard via cnn. Who knows. Are there black people that use claims of racism to their advantage? Absolutely. But the vast majority of blacks have to deal with racism on a daily basis. Much of that isn’t n-word redneck racism, rather it’s an insidious psychology that treats blacks as outsiders and somehow different from the rest of us. And when you have a for-profit prison industry coupled with a broken justice system it’s the blacks and the minorities who take the hit, perpetuating this alienation. For the record I have no political or racial affiliation. I’m just calling it like I see it.

  32. God, now I know why I chose to become a State Trooper. Its because of crazy people like yourselves!!
    Were any of you there? It’s amazing how many of you were there and know all the answers. Most of you have no clue what its like to walk up on a car stop at 3:00 AM being surrounded by a half a neighborhood/project. Get some balls and become a police officer or state trooper if you feel so strongly against racial profiling and thug cops. SO SICK AND TIRED of all you monday morning quarterbacks.
    Come ride a weekend night shift with one of our troopers in the Philadelphia area. Just one night in the Temple badlands or in Chester City and I’ll guarentee that you conspiracy nuts & racial profiling idiots will definitely have a change of heart. Google to see how many Philadelphia Police Officers have been killed in the past few years. It may wake you nuts up?
    I love it when I pulled over speeders on Interstate 95 going well over 90 miles per hour and then walking up to the car and being told I only pulled them over cause they were black. Well I must be a damn eagle to see who is driving a car going over 90 at 3:00 AM, reading the radar, pulling out from my fixed location in the woods or high grass safely, eventually catching up to the car and eventually pulling it over to a safe area along the interstate, all just because I could tell the driver was black. Get a clue people, you can’t tell who the hell is driving until you walk up to the driver.
    I loved my job because I get to meet all kinds of interesting people like yourselves. You all have been watching too much television and listening to way too many liberal ACLU creeps too much CNN & MSNBC.
    Go Black & Gold! Repeat!!

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