Is Rex Ryan good or bad for the league?

For a guy who still has not yet coached a regular-season NFL game, new Jets boss Rex Ryan has done more squawking than many pro football coaches do in their entire careers.

And as Ryan prepares to take his new team against his old one, Ryan is squawking again, calling Monday night’s preseason contest against the Ravens (8:00 p.m. ET, ESPN) a “special preseason game.”

Let’s see if we match up with the elite teams in the league,” he said Sunday, per Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News.  “You’re playing against a great football team, and they’re
playing against one that’s going to be great in the New York Jets.  I think that’s going to be a great matchup.”

Um, Rex?  It’s a preseason game.  Which means it’s not a game at all.  It’s glorified, televised practice with full-price tickets.

Many think that Ryan’s bluster — which should only get more interesting once the real games start — is harmless.  Others, however, view it as a potential problem.

“You’re gonna tell me it’s not detrimental to the league?” one source observed.  “We don’t want thugs, but we’ll let a coach act like an idiot?”

The source pointed out that, just as kids look to players as role models, coaches at lower levels of the sport take cues from the guys at the top of the football food chain.  So with Ryan already popping off routinely, other coaches might be inclined to conclude that it’s proper to behave that way.

There’s another intriguing dynamic at play here.  The Jets generally have a complex regarding the reality that they’re regarded as a rough-and-tumble alternative to the more buttoned-down New York franchise.  Ryan only feeds the perception that the Jets have a much rougher exterior than the three-time Super Bowl champs who also inhabit the stadium that bears their name.

Indeed, as the source pointed out, “[Giants coach] Tom Coughlin has a temper, but he’s a gentleman.”

Ryan, on the other hand, comes off as a guy who, if not on the sidelines at a Jets game, would be hanging out at Gate D.

That said, Ryan’s conduct to date pales in comparison to what Raiders coach Tom Cable allegedly did to Randy Hanson’s jaw earlier this month. 

But, hey, there’s still plenty of time for Rex to treat one of his coworkers like Kevin Gilbride.

63 responses to “Is Rex Ryan good or bad for the league?

  1. The guy says what he feels…the only people complaining are people that don’t like the Jets to begin with anyway. They should be happy they have more to complain about. So far to date I have not seen anything that makes me wonder if he should be a coach or not by what he says. I will make that decision later in the year by whatever record they hold. So many more problems in any number of areas to worry about a guy that talks too much and feeds the media hype.

  2. Make no mistake about it. Rex Ryan is a fat piece of cow droppings with a mouth that is about the distance of a football field in front of his brain.
    The Jets deserve him!! Long live the hatred for these New York infidels!!

  3. A little bit of time in the league as a head coach should fix his mouth.
    Quite a few people thought they were going to turn the Jets around, not many have accomplished much in the last 40 years.

  4. Let’s see if we match up with the elite teams in the league…
    Although the above comment, before a pre-season game, is astonishingly stupid, I don’t think Ryan is good or bad for the league. Many coaches have been viewed unfavorably and caricatured by the media on a regular or periodic basis and the league has continued to survive and thrive. The league will also survive Ryan’s stupid outbursts.

  5. So Florio, if it’s just a “glorified, televised practice” then why do you have so many posts about preseason games?

  6. Oh cool. The “source” has spoken again. While I think using a “source” to confirm breaking news – Favre, Vick, Burress, etc. – is lame and brings up serious credibility concerns, I at least understand the purpose. Using a “source” for pure conjecture aimed at stirring up controversy is completely ludicrous.
    How easy would it be for you to just make up these quotes because you want to stir up the issue yourself? How do we know that’s not what you’re doing??

  7. he is going to be bad for his team, which is all that really matters. he is acting like an idiot. he isnt being a coach, he is being a friend. this didnt work for pete carroll, who is really a great coach when it all comes down to it, so why would it work for a guy who is essentially the same thing, except for the fact that he probably swears more? the jets are going to be en elite team? really? how the hell does he know? they have a tough schedule, a rookie qb, a rookie head coach, and a ridiculously overrated defense. i cant wait until they lose ther 1st game. i think that will most likely occur on week 1. he is just a jackass. his father was too, but not this bad. you know who he is- he is hank steinbrenner. the only difference- ryan actually has to run the teams x’s and o’s. be scared jet fans, i think this is going to get uuuuuuugly.

  8. I think he is good for the league. You reporters always gripe about how coaches either lie or just say the same old thing. I’m not a Jets fan but I like the way Ryan does his thing..

  9. I don’t think Rex is doing anything detrimental to the league. And as far as these “young coaches” are concerned, if they are still looking to the professional coaches as some kind of hero or role model, then they need to take along hard look in the mirror and grow up. What is Rex doing that is hurting the league? He pops off at the mouth, showing his players that a little swagger can be a good thing, even if his team hasn’t proved anything yet. Let’s worry about the Tom Cables and the Mike Vicks and the Donte Stallworths before we start chastising a man for liking his job…and showing it. Not everyone has to be a humdrum bore like Belchicheck.

  10. Lets see:
    Fat, unaccomplished blowhard who talks a big game having never won a game as head coach…will be laughingstock of the league once his team craps the bed.
    It was entertaining as hell to read the Jets boards last year once the team imploded. Rex Ryan + failure= Good for the league

  11. It is a refreshing change to see a head coach with energy and with some bravado. Rex is great for the NFL compared to the recent years of stone faced boring coaches that do nothing to get fans motivated. Then look at the players Rex coaches. He has them fired up and ready to play. Whoever this observer is needs to have the stick removed from their butt.
    You have to remember most fans are not lawyers and executive types. We are poor people getting stomped on by the economy. We like to see energy and life instead of stuffy so called “professional” behavior. I have had it with the No Fun League and I want the National Football League back.

  12. It’s business. If Ryan wins and makes the Jets and the league money, he’s good for the league. If they lose games and lose money, then he’s not.
    That’s how the league will look at him.
    Until he commits battery on a coworker.

  13. The guy’s a breath of fresh air. Well, actually, he’s probably a breath of air smelling like pizza and beer, but he’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than the same old boring cliche-laden crap we have to hear every day from the other 31 coaches. Tell your source to lighten up Mike.

  14. Baseball coaches get thrown out of games for arguing with the umps routinely. Hockey coaches talk tough all of the time and send players on the ice to “send a message.” Who cares if an NFL coach wants to talk a little smack? As long as he backs it up, that’s all that matters.

  15. Love this site, but that post about rex ryan is kinda ridiculous…i dont see why people have such a problem with him….i listen too him speak after practices and things like that and the guy just sounds like a man who is pumped to be an NFL head coach and lead a team….I dont see why people expect coaches to be on Mute…I actually think its good for the NFL and he is the exact opposite of a guy like Mangini, who did nothing for the jets, the media and was a total robot!

  16. Rex’s quote in this story is completely harmless. Yes, it’s a preseason game, and yes, Rex is excited about it. I am, too. Should he have told the media, “I’m really not looking forward to going back to Baltimore with my new team because these games are just glorified practice”? F no, man. If he did, you would have ripped him a new one for that.

  17. What’s the big deal? The man is a fiery coach. If we have soft coaches in the league who are afraid to speak then the league will fail. Good job Rex…make your team pumped up about a GAME, regardless of what type of GAME it is.

  18. “You’re gonna tell me it’s not detrimental to the league?” one source observed. “We don’t want thugs, but we’ll let a coach act like an idiot?”
    Who the f*ck said this and what rock have they been hiding under?

  19. Florio I just lost a lot of respect for your reporting. Rex Ryan’s actual quote was, “If there is such a thing as a special preseason game, I think this is it.” You took his quote out of context and made him seem like an a-hole for “squawking” before a preseason game. He did use the words ‘special preseason game’, but only to acknowledge the fact that preseason games aren’t all that special. Why not include the full quote? Because you have an agenda? While I don’t think you have an agenda, you’re not giving anyone any reason to believe otherwise.
    (Feel free to deny me a post, as long as you see this I’d be happy)

  20. I don’t see anything wrong with him saying these things. If his team backs him up and they win 10 games, he’ll be glorified. If they go 6-10, he’ll be vilified (sp).
    Either way, I don’t see it as “bad” for the game. How is someone shit-talking in PRO FOOTBALL bad for the game? Whoever that source is is a “Jay Cutler” (thanks B. Urlacher!!)!!

  21. The league needs characters. It seems that every year that goes by, NFL players and coaches become more and more boring.
    Rex Ryan might not be the brightest bulb, but he’s a throwback to the days where coaches didn’t constantly spout off the company line and said what they felt. I appreciate that in a coach and fail to see any detrimental effect to the NFL.
    He’s not drinking and driving or worse, he’s just speaking from his gut. Can’t fault a man for that.

  22. oh and to address the questions i’ll reserve judgement to see if he wins football games which is the most important thing a coach can do.

  23. I’m on Twitter @nygreenmachine; all I know is I could care less what people think of Rex’s outspoken personality, besides I don’t remember anyone saying we were thought of as the rough and tumble franchise in New York when Mangini or Herm Edwards were around, it’s probabaly a media created myth if anything; I think on the contrary, Rex’s personality suits us perfectly, its about time we have a coach who brings attitude and swagger to our franchise; when was the last time we had a Huge Jets fan who is actually our headcoach, so was his father, Buddy. I’m only 39, and I’ve been a Jets fan since I was 10 or 11, and in all these years I cannot remember a headcoach of the Jets, who was a passionate Jetsfan as well, had a great defensive resume, inspired greatness in players, and demand players who want to be jets, and play like one. As jet fans, isn’t this what we have always been missing, we will demand respect through our play, through our attitude, and our winning ways. If Rex Ryan brings WINS with his smashmouth personality and muliple super bowls; all the Rex Ryan haters including Mike Florio and co. will be eating there words and jets fans will rejoice and have the last laugh; we will be in Jets heaven. Remember, it’s all about mindset, and I think the Jets mindset has been reset with this new group at the helm. As I recall not too long ago the Patriots were a sad franchise that no one talked about and everyone beatup on. I’m a believer, and I think Rex has the IT factor, and he will bring the Superbowl to the Jets in the near future…to be continued…

  24. if he makes the jets a good team who can finally stand up to new England then he Is good for the league. Period. End of discussion. The only people to whom it matters how much he talks are the beat reporters who have to fill up space.

  25. He’s good for the Patriots. Belichick already hates the Jets. What do you think Rex is going to say when we go down there in Week 2 and club you guys like baby seals (again)?

  26. What do you expect him to say? He’s clearly not a “Keep-Quite” guy. If he’d come out and spoken negatively about The Ravens it would have been in poor taste. If he’d come out and said the Pre-Season was dumb, pointless, or even dangerous to those starters who literally have no reason to risk injury – then you would have crucified him as not towing the corporate line. (I think most people would agree that the Pre-Season is dumb, pointless, and dangerous to starters.)
    However – he came out and respectfully called his old team great, while saying that his new team was good and looking to step up to the challenge.
    What would you have liked for him to say? Like I said – he’s not going to say nothing…

  27. I say good, especially since it’s almost a given that he’ll put a bounty on Cindy Brady, about time someone in that pansy assed division brought a little toughness to the table…you Massholes are overlooking one major point for 2009, none of the teams that your Cheats ran up the score against has had a chance at Cindy Brady since…you TOOLS jack his sack like no other fans do of any other player, be afraid, be VERY ascared…bwhahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  28. TheDPR says:
    August 24, 2009 10:30 AM
    It’s business. If Ryan wins and makes the Jets and the league money, he’s good for the league. If they lose games and lose money, then he’s not.
    You’re right…the NFL is a business… But more importantly – it’s entertainment than it is anything… a “show” if you will. It’s something to sell tickets, merchandise, ad space, and product.
    That being said – I actually like the guy. He reminds me a bit of John Gruden. Gruden was a foulmouthed – angry – we’re going to walk all over you and laugh after we do type coach. I think he has the potential to be a model for a new generation of head coaches, following Gruden’s example, that can come in and do things there own way.
    I also love that Tom Cable isn’t afraid to punch his assistant in the mouth. I’m sorry, but that shows me the guy is passionate and dedicated to the extent that he is willing to fight. Isn’t that what building team chemistry and team unity is all about?
    I hope both are successful – and I would love to see Gruden come back as well. I would play for any of them.

  29. Hey Mike, the fact that Ryan gets a wild hair up the unmentionables of rival fans (like Pats fans in your case) makes is worth it to Jets fans to see him shooting from the hip like he does.
    Way to over-analyze the casual comments a of head coach in a press conference. It’s fun watching you lace your articles with anti-Jets vitriol like you do. You fail again, Florio.

  30. I call this the SISIFICATION of America with the NFL and the FO execs….If you aint like the rest of em..its a problem….Im a Bengal fan I love the hell out of Ryan and his style..I would play for that guy any day…We need more like him….The type of the guy that builds up his players tells them like it is…..AND DOESNT TAKE ISH!!!!! Other NFL Franchises need to take note…..
    And oh Yeah…..Florio, tell Belicheck to stop calling the NFL in New York crying about how scared he is if he sees Ryan in an Alley…Take it like a man! LOL

  31. @RaiderSavior-
    Gruden’s a pussy…his Raider players have made that point obvious & he won the Super Bowl with Dungy’s talent, in blowout fashion only because his successor, whom he faced, was too damned dumb to change the system that Chucky installed…merely a case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

  32. For those of us who always wondered what it would be like if Eric Cartman got to be a head coach in the NFL, we have gotten our wish. What’s next? Calling Robert Kraft a stupid jew?

  33. I’m an Eagles Fan, long time one too.
    When Buddy Ryan coached the Eagles his methods were pretty much the same as his kids are. Buddy never quite got over the hump because he was too abusive of the owner, but he was the guy that planted the seeds that turned a dead franchise around.
    This Ryan may be the same thing, he may not give the Jets what they want now, but he will inject a dose of attitude that won’t soon go away

  34. I’m with mafleish on this one. If its nothing more than a glorified television practice then why have you made so many judgments on other Teams and players ?
    Is the Cheatriots Belidick good for Football ? He has the personality of a fence post but people put up with it because he wins. If Ryan wins then he’s good for the NFL, if he doesn’t it wont matter because he wont be around very long.
    Submission error my ass…..fix yer damn site already.

  35. “Let’s see if we match up with the elite teams in the league. You’re playing against a great football team, and they’re playing against one that’s going to be great in the New York Jets. I think that’s going to be a great matchup.”
    THIS is the quote we’re supposed to be getting stirred up about?
    Why are we supposed to be offended that there are a few characters in this league?

  36. “A Source” says: “You’re gonna tell me it’s not detrimental to the league?” “We don’t want thugs, but we’ll let a coach act like an idiot?”
    The league doesn’t want thugs? Could have fooled me. It’s pretty obvious that Goodell doesn’t see it that way. Thugs and felons are more than welcome to play in the NFL, so what does it matter if a team has a big mouth coach to go along with them?

  37. Ryan’s simply being a chip off the old block, like his father, all bluster and self-hype. Buddy was a great coordinator and a mediocre head coach. We’re about to see if it’s like father, like son.
    I don’t care for the guy myself. I loved watching the Steelers stuff it up his wazoo three times this year, and shut his big fat mouth. But really, what’s the big deal about his quote? All he did was compliment his old team, and boast about the promise of his new one. They’ll be plenty to bust on and laugh at in the future, but this ain’t it.
    Personally I think the guy adds some spice to one of the league’s bland teams. And at least the dude’s honest enough to do things like admit he’s ripped off Dick LeBeau’s schemes, as he did in Sports Illustrated last year. He ran a pretty good defense there in Baltimore, so he at least deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  38. @sixburgh—
    maybe Gruden is a “p*ssy”… but he’s a “p*ssy” with a ring – regardless of how he got it. I agree that it was a bit unfair that he used Tony Dungy’s team and further went on to beat his old team who were still running his scheme – no brainer there as to why it was a blow out…
    However – you simply cannot call Tom Cable a PUSSY… because he had the balls to not only punch his asst. coach in the mouth – but also break his Jaw – something Lane Kiffin should have done long before Cable got his chance.
    RaidersSavior>>>>>Rex Ryan>>>>Sixburghdude>>>>>PFTiswhatitis

  39. I don’t get why the media is so anti-Rex
    Guys like Bill Belichek and Andy Reid sit around and act like the media are a bunch of swine that they “deign” to talk to, because it’s part of the job. They deliver wholly uninteresting conferences that don’t leave a lot to write about.
    Rex is a character. His team isn’t going to the Superbowl, but it’s clear that after having Mangini (out of the Belichek mold without the success to back up the arrogance) the Jets need a “players coach”.
    And he gives you more to write about. You’d think you’d hate the guys who look down on you and like the guys that engage you. But hey, I’m just a fan, what does a fan do other than keep sports writers in business?

  40. The answer is “good”.
    “For a guy who still has not yet coached a regular-season NFL game” – who has not been the head coach of the Jets for a regular season game – I’m quite positive you know he’s coached plenty.
    And when the rest of the Billick staff was expunged, he was brought back and promoted. And then got a raise and promotion again from an opponent. And is somehow an asshat because he’s excited and actually shows some freaking personality?
    Yeah he must be a real thug. So horribly detrimental – the league would be much better off if the coaching community was entirely populated by Belichick/Mangini/McDaniels/etc. characters that don’t say anything. But I already know you are a better coach than any of them, “Mister Florio”.
    You are the best coach in the NFL. Astounding work as usual.

  41. I do not know what is worse. Your hatred for ESPN or your biased stupid articles. So we have a coach who has cheated in the game, yet he isn’t bad for the game. We have a coach who is under investigation for beating an assistant coach , yet he isn’t bad for the league. We have a guy who is excited about his first national TV game against his former team. A coach who has a sense of humor and says what is on his mind and he is bad for the game. Just Wow.
    Not only is your opinion a biased one but it is a stupid one for that matter. So what if the coach is excited and talks. Obviously you can’t take a freaking joke. So the guy shoots off his mouth, so he talks trash. Who cares. Joey Porter shoots his mouth off. Is he bad for his team? Who really cares man, you are really writing this as a biased fan. Am i a jets fan yes, does he say things that are out there or he shouldnt say, sometimes. But who cares. If it works he is a genius, if not oh well. There are so many other bad things for this league than a head coach who talks.
    Wow, ignorance all over this article. Who is the source, Eric Mangini?

  42. So Tom Cable beating his assistant coach and a cheater head coach are better for the league than Ryan.
    That’s like saying Tavaris Jackson is better for the Vikings than Brett Favre.
    Who is the unnamed source? Eric Mangini ? Bill Belichek?
    Yeah the league doesn’t want thugs, yet for some odd reason Miami Dolphin Randy Stark was allowed to hit a cop with his car and get away scott-free.

  43. He was squawking, like he was when he said Vernon Gholston will be a good football player….LOL LOL good luck REX.

  44. This is just another of the relentless attempts to dupe poor Jet’s fans into somehow thinking there is hope. You could almost feel sorry for them because of this constant charade except, well…. they are Jet’s fans.
    Look up the definition of Blowhard, and you will see Ryan’s picture. Speaking of which, we should station a windmill in front of his yap and we could provide endless free energy to the entire nation!

  45. Mr. Florio, you my friend are an idiot. All you need to do to answer your question, is to look at the Jets themselves. It’s not very often you see an entire team so eager, and so passionate about football, like the Jets are right now. You are spending too much time on what he says, and not the attitude that is behind it. While you and the teams he talks about get all bent out of shape over nothing, him and this team get even more fired up. If you think that is bad for football, than maybe you should be writing about something other than sports. If a love and passion for the sport is something bad, than I don’t want to even think about what is good.

  46. “TheMagicIsYou! says: August 24, 2009 12:56 PM
    “Let’s see if we match up with the elite teams in the league. You’re playing against a great football team, and they’re playing against one that’s going to be great in the New York Jets. I think that’s going to be a great matchup.”
    THIS is the quote we’re supposed to be getting stirred up about?
    Why are we supposed to be offended that there are a few characters in this league?”
    We’re not, we’re supposed to come read Florio’s flaming so he gets his requisite hits.
    The sad part is, when I read horseshit like this, I know he’s trying to push everyone’s buttons, but I still get riled up. Manipulator. Vile sorcerer of words!
    …yet I still come back to read.
    Hate the man as much as you want (I do), but the bottom line is he knows what he is doing, and everyone jumps into the trap like it was filled with crispy bacon. Every time.
    Repetitive BS Favre/Vick stories galore, still getting thousands (if not more) hits. Provocative biased crap that “Mister Florio” likely doesn’t even support – populatin’ the Intergoogle waves.
    It gets the hits, and pays the bills. In the end, we’re all just jealous fanboys whose blog did not get purchased by a major news outlet for its incredibly high volume.
    Curse you, “Mister Florio”, curse you.

  47. @sixburgh guy – You are a bit warped, don’t you think? Those comments about Kraft are pretty sick, even for you.

  48. Ryan likes humor, and that’s not a crime in the NFL. Most of his comments have been to get a laugh, and he has been very funny at times. I expect a lot of the Rex Ryan haters on here have never watched a Ryan press conference. If you had you’d have a greater appreciation for the guy and the things he says. You can always tell the difference between the serious talk and the “get you going” talk. Players talk crap on the field all the time, we just never hear most of it. So what’s wrong with a little coach on coach banter if it remains entertaining.
    As for this being a special game….it is to Jets fans. A lot of the off seasons wishful thinking will be put to the test. The starters will be on the field for the first half and we will get to see what Sanchez is really like. And like Willis McGahee said earlier this week, “To tell you the truth, I think it’s going to be more than just bragging rights. People want to go after each other this game just because you’ve got Rex on one end and coach [John] Harbaugh on the other. So, it’s going to be quite interesting.” If the players are thinking it what’s wrong with a coach thinking it. And if he’s thinking it, why the heck can’t he say it.
    The irony of the 52 posts I’ve read on here with regard to this article is that they were written by people who say Ryan should keep his mouth shut, but they can’t shut their own mouths long enough to give the guy a chance.
    Mike, I’ve promoted your site on the official Jets forum for some time now but you really dropped the ball on this approach to Ryan’s comments. It certainly had the aroma of an anti Jets agenda behind it. Disappointing!!!

  49. Hey RaidersSavior
    Uncharacteristically, that stuff on your nose isn’t silver pancake makeup this time.

  50. One of the many problems the retarded child Sickburghdude has is that like all the mostly inbred stealer fans he thinks cheap-shots are tough football.

  51. RaidersSavior says:
    However – you simply cannot call Tom Cable a PUSSY
    WTF did I say anything about your Cableguy???
    Didn’t think so!!!
    SIXBURGHDUDE >>>>>> fraidersavior >>> pftiswhatitis*
    * Jury’s still out on Rex = N/A

  52. BP says:
    “One of the many problems the retarded child Sickburghdude has is that like all the mostly inbred stealer fans he thinks cheap-shots are tough football.”
    As he totes Rod HGH Harrison’s ballbag, while V. Wilfork is sack deep in his nether world!!!

  53. Alberto, your Jets admitted getting caught taping the Pats. Then they said they “had permission”. What a joke. Hit the road you ass-clown.
    And you goofs raging on Florio, he loves you giving the site hits. Keep bitching. He’s laughing at your dumb asses all the way to the bank.

  54. @ SixBurghDude
    “As he totes Rod HGH Harrison’s ballbag, while V. Wilfork is sack deep in his nether world!!!”
    So I guess this is your final contribution to PFT, eh? How fitting. Your brief, yet disgraceful run as PFT commentator has come to an embarassing and merciful end. Florio even went out of his way to announce you were banned, truly unprecedented in PFT history. To that, we, PFT nation, rise as one and say:

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