Leftwich to start third preseason game

Bucs coach Raheem Morris said repeatedly last week that he was going to choose Tampa’s starting quarterback by now.

That’s not going to happen, but Morris essentially acknowledged that Byron Leftwich is the leader in the clubhouse by giving him another preseason start, this Thursday against Miami.

“Both of them [Leftwich and Luke McCown] played so well, I don’t think it was fair for me to make the decision right now,” Morris tried to explain.  “We have a good problem on our hands. It’s a positive thing.”

We’re not sure that many talent evaluators would agree that Leftwich vs. McCown is a “good problem,” especially if one can’t separate from the other.

Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times wrote on Twitter what a lot of people hinted at last week: “Byron Leftwich has backing of coach Raheem Morris and staff as starting QB. But Luke McCown tightened race and want see both vs live rush.”

If Leftwich is the staff’s favorite, we question whether it will help the team to limit his snaps in the preseason. After all, the next significant playing time for Tampa’s starter will come in Week One against Dallas.

7 responses to “Leftwich to start third preseason game

  1. I think the coaching staff is in love with Leftwich’s cannon arm. Otherwise, how could they possibly think Leftwich’s is “leading” the competition? McCown has been outplaying him by a pretty large margin, without all the dumb mistakes McCown had been known for.
    If the way Leftwich has played represents the best the “veteran” QBs on the roster can perform, we might as well go ahead and start Josh Freeman and let him learn the ropes.

  2. notsosmart:
    You live up to your name. Both players will play with (and against) the starters, as the third preseason game will feature first string well into the third quarter (as is customary)

  3. Easy way to solve this situation.
    Send Leftwich to the Tampa Bay Rays for a player to be named later.
    Start McCown for the first 8 games, ’cause it won’t matter when Freeman starts week 9 and Junior has the Bucs at 2-6.

  4. It is called “FAVORTISM”. I wonder why….. That is the ONLY way Leftwich gets the start over McCown. Leftwich is a well proven less than average QB and if Morris starts him out of the 4 than I for one can wait to see him replaced by a Quality proven Coach. Morris, at this point, looks like a JOKE!

  5. Spelling Error Alert! The word in the first sentence above is spelled “FAVORITISM”. Thank you, and you’re welcome.

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