Pioli, Parcells do some family business

Scott Pioli now holds the keys to the Kansas City Chiefs franchise.  His father-in-law, Bill Parcells, call the shots in South Florida.

So they’ve apparently gotten together over a Sunday night plate of pasta and come to an agreement.

According to Adam Caplan of Scout.com, the Dolphins have shipped center/guard Andy Alleman to the Chiefs.  The compensation to Miami is not yet known.

Alleman entered the league as a third-round pick of the Saints in 2007.  The Dolphins acquired the 6’4″, 310-pounder on waivers a year ago.

The University of Akron product, who in 2008 took Jason Taylor’s place on the roster as the lone Zip, appeared in 15 games last season, starting four.

Per Caplan, Alleman had slipped to third string in Miami.  With the Chiefs, he’ll have a chance to back up right guard Mike Goff.

UPDATE: According to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins also sent Ikechku (Ike) Ndukwe in the deal. 

13 responses to “Pioli, Parcells do some family business

  1. I see nothing wrong there, just two teams working out a deal. Now hopefully the Pats will “trade” a few more spare parts to KC, maybe in exchange for cash considerations, or a player to be named later. Or guys that the Chiefs were going to cut anyway.

  2. All I know after watching the Chiefs v. Vikings Friday night is that if the Chiefs don’t bring in a right tackle, Matt Cassel is a dead man by the second game of the season.

  3. Florio I love the characterization of doing this deal, “over a Sunday night plate of pasta”. It reminds me of this scene from Training Day:

    where at the 1:15 mark Denzel explains how what he reads in the newspaper is 90% BullS***, but it entertains him. Florio I think you might be doing better than 90%, but the pasta thing is silly.
    Is parcells taking time out from his golf and baseball to orchestrate a deal for a 2nd string left guard? Please. Day to day this is Irelands team, Parcells might have something to do with a Jason Taylor signing or the draft, but not this drivel. Thats the truth, Florio is just “entertaining us with his BS” with comments like these…

  4. “Per Caplan, Alleman had slipped to third string in Miami. With the Chiefs, he’ll have a chance to back up right guard Mike Goff.”
    Hell, he’ll have a shot at starting the way Goff played on Friday.

  5. Your right on jeffz303, I watched the Chiefs friday night and there O line is terrible. What really scares me is that Jared Allen did not play and they were missing another starter at DT. If they played Cassell might be in a hospital right now..

  6. Good deal for Miami. Alleman was claimed off waivers last year, and Ndukwe was signed from Baltimore’s practice squad last year. Basically, Miami just got something for nothing.

  7. The Real Shuxion says:
    Two overweight, obnoxious, overrated clowns!
    Jerome Bettis was there?
    Not only will Bettis get into the Hall of Fame before the 800 lb. TUNA, but it says here that the other two clowns NEVER get in period.

  8. just goes to show how desperate the Chiefs are at OL…. Carl Peterson made one of his last brilliant moves by taking Dejuan Morgan-Safety ,when Chiefs had two young safeties already, in the 3rd round – 2008 instead of Jeremy Zuttah, 3 time all Big East guard from Rutgers who was available …Zuttah starts at left guard for Tampa, Morgan is heading toward getting released.
    Nice one Carl

  9. i hope the chiefs gave us something of value…. i could care less about Alleman, but Ndukwe was solid depth for us on a line that we needed all the depth we could get last year.
    wonder what the terms were….

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