Report: Shaun Smith chews out Browns G.M.

Former Browns defensive tackle Shaun Smith largely lost his job in Cleveland for his inability to keep his mouth shut.  (And his fists off Brady Quinn’s magazine cover-worthy face.)

Now with the Lions, Smith isn’t done yapping inappropriately at members of the Browns organization.

According to WKNR radio (via the Akron-Beacon Journal), Smith gave Browns G.M. George Kokinis an “expletive-filled tongue lashing” in a stadium hallway after Saturday’s preseason game in Cleveland.

According to the report, Kokinis wisely walked away without saying a word, likely more secure than ever that dumping Smith was the right thing to do.

13 responses to “Report: Shaun Smith chews out Browns G.M.

  1. It’s bad enough that I get bombarded by mormons at my front door, can you at least take all the religious mumbo jumbo off the front page of the site? Thanks.

  2. umm yeah, this is exactly why we got rid of him…what a piece of trash, also you know you a POS when the Browns and BENGALS dump you

  3. The next person to care what Shaun Smith thinks will be the first person.
    Have fun in Detroit, A-hole!!

  4. That could have made Kokinis the NFL’s version of bumbling Ed Wade-GM thrown to the ground by player. Kokinis/Mangini will make Browns fans beg for the days of Art Modell.

  5. The only time I hear about Shaun Smith is when I read about his diatribes on this site. Maybe he should focus on becoming a better player rather than being a loudmouthed dumbass.

  6. way to burn bridges you fat ass…smith’s working on the world record for most chins on an NFL Player ( and i use that last term loosely)

  7. If Sean Smith worked at football as much as he works his mouth he would be all-pro…
    Sean Smith is an idiot along with “Dr Michael” – the poster a few posts up and they both need to just shut the F-up!

  8. If someone talks crap to you, and you just walk away, that means its 51% true. Relate this to Your lives people.

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