Vick court order a little vague on alcohol use

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio has tracked down a copy of the order establishing the terms of Eagles quarterback Mike Vick’s “supervised release” (i.e., probation) following incarceration relating to dogfighting and gambling. 

And the order is a bit ambiguous regarding whether and to what extent Vick may drink alcohol.

Paragraph 7 of the Standard Conditions of Supervision prohibit Vick from “excessive use of alcohol.”  But paragraph 3 of the Special Conditions of Supervision require Vick to participate in drug testing aimed at determining whether he has “reverted to the use of drugs or alcohol.”

So, in one breath, Vick is prevented from engaging in “excessive use” of alcohol.  On the other hand, he agrees to submit to testing for the purposes of finding out whether he has “reverted to the use of . . . alcohol.”

The safest course of action, when faced with these terms, would be to drink no alcohol whatsoever.  Unless he was hiding a plastic bag full of raisin jack in his prison commode, Vick has gone a couple of years without taking a drink.  Why not stay on the wagon until the period of supervised release has concluded?

Of course, the blame for Vick’s decision to drink alcohol despite the somewhat unclear terms of the order might fall to Vick’s lawyers, who should have explained to him in no uncertain terms that he should not drink any alcohol — especially not in public — until he is free and clear of the watchful eye of the federal government.

That said, there’s a chance that Vick’s lawyers told him not to drink alcohol, and that he ignored them.  Regardless, if Vick doesn’t get better advice or if he doesn’t heed the good advice he’s getting, it’s just a matter of time before he does something that gets him booted from the NFL and/or thrown back in jail.

And so, once again, the issue here isn’t whether having a cocktail might prompt Vick to redevelop a hankering for hanging a few pit bulls.  Surely, it won’t.  But the deeper question is whether Vick appreciates the gravity of his current circumstances. 

Frankly, we’re still not sure that he does.

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  1. I really don’t see why alcohol should have any part of his probation. The booze didnt make Vick bet on dogs and then kill them.
    His probation should include volunteering at a dog pound, gamblers anonomous, among other things

  2. Did anyone else see the video of the mentally ill “karate master” get stomped out by an ex-marine in a dojo?
    Shit is hardcore….
    @vick story- Who cares.

  3. lost in all this hoopla is the following:
    Grey Goose and pineapple juice sounds like something a girl would drink.
    They might as well have caught him with an “apple-tini”.

  4. Lawyer, sports writer, author, and now moral compass of an NFL player you probably never met…impressive resume Florio…

  5. That’s why lawyer’s get the big bucks, write it up with little loop-holes in it.
    A shot of vokka is better than, oops,”I shot a damn hole in my leg dude.”
    I hope they ban him for life,but that ain’t gonna happen. He’ll get another warning, And another

  6. I think you would say “why not stay off the wagon” man. Come on I thought you were a true Feld fan.

  7. Totally agree. All of the people who are screaming “It’s just one drink!” fail to see that he is on very thin ice, whether or not they agree with it. Everybody wants to say he’s free to drink, and he is, but the deeper question is this: When you are trying to rehabilitate your image, engaging in anything that your evaluators can use against you just plain isn’t smart. It’s not smart to go to bars, it isn’t smart to go to strip clubs, and it isn’t smart to get spotted in public drinking. It’s not that he doesn’t have “the right” to, it’s that it isn’t smart.

  8. Why don’t you post a link for everyone to read?
    “The defendant shall participate in a program approved by the Probation Office for substance abuse, which program may include residential treatment and testing to determine whether the defendant has reverted to the use of drugs or alcohol, with partial cost to be paid by the defendant, all as directed by the probation officer.”
    Read it, it says that he shall participate in a program which MAY include residential treatment and testing.
    MAY include. It’s a broad statement that gives the possibility of testing since he failed a drug test before going to prison.
    Your hate for him is blinding you though, toad.

  9. This dude just doesn’t get it does he? I can’t tell you living in Philly, there are more than a few Eagles fans still upset by this move. But I’m sure once Vick scores a game winning touchdown the same jackass eagles fans will be swinging from his jock and forget about all the sick things he’s done. That’s how screwed up these fans are.

  10. This dude just doesn’t get it does he? I can’t tell you living in Philly, there are more than a few Eagles fans still upset by this move. But I’m sure once Vick scores a game winning touchdown the same jackass eagles fans will be swinging from his jock and forget about all the sick things he’s done. That’s how screwed up these fans are.

  11. the underlying crime that created this situation had nothing to do with alchohol. Why would the court specifically address that? Did the order include a requirement that he not drive too fast as well?
    It really is that simple, you’re overthinking this counsel.
    Why so much bashing on Vick, he took his punishment like a man, now people should lay off the guy.

  12. This is like your 8th article regarding Vick and the grey goose incident. We are into the third week of preseason games and rather than writing about teams and on-field related issues, you have chosen to repeatedly report about non-sense. It wud be nice to read about starting jobs being won and lost and other team issues. You are following the same path as the sports ‘media’ you always disassociate yourself with. Being a long-time guest of this website, I am on the verge of boycotting your daily dose of total bullcrap opinions.

  13. It looks like Vick still doesn’t get it (not a real shocker). By the way does anyone remember what he scored on the Wonderlic (couldn’t have been very high)? You Vick lovers can say what you will, but if there is anyone that could use an image improvement right now it’s Vick, so what does he do? He has a drink in public. I personally couldn’t care less but in reality it wasn’t the most intelligent thing that he could do. He knows that he’s under a microscope right now so why doesn’t he lay low and hang at home with his woman and their newborn child? It’s that type of behavior (public drinking) that that makes me believe that he is just an arrogant prick that hasn’t learned a damn thing through all of this. Oh I know that because I am white some of you (the ignorant ones) will somehow try to play the “race card”, but the fact is I dislike ALL assholes equally regardless of race.

  14. Last I checked MV is over 21. Let this person breathe for Christ’s sake. I didn’t agree w/ him goin to the strip club with AI, but this is over the top. It doesn’t matter if you are a convicted felon, a petty thief, a priest, the President, a construction worker, teacher, judge, race car driver, Jew, w/e, if you are over 21 in this country you should have the freedom to have ‘a drink.’ Anything less then this person’s Constitutional Rights are being violated.
    He didn’t do the slightest thing illegal – he had 1 fruity cocktail drink, give him credit for having only ‘1 drink’, he didn’t get drunk, he didn’t get loud and beligerent, smack talk, he didn’t get in a car and drive, nothing. He has done his punishment, he’s back in society, so let this guy behave atleast a little like a normal person. Rather he’s being ordered to behave like the Pope.
    The only ppl who are criticizing him on this are those who hate him, regardless. It’s not a fair measure of criticism.

  15. But the deeper question is whether Vick appreciates the gravity of his current circumstances.” ???
    No, the deeper question is did he do even the slightest thing wrong? The deeper question Florio is that having a single cocktail drink sitting w/ your group of friends has some degree of wrong in it? That one cocktail drink has (even the slightest) degree of moral repulsion in society?
    Unless your a puritan or an absolute hypocrite Florio, then…. well nevermind maybe you ‘are.’
    I believe this guy had more rights in prison!

  16. This is really a non-issue. Like billions of other human beings, Vick engages in behavior which has a cost. Most of these do not do so because they are ignorant of the cost, but because they enjoy said behavior. Kind of like you and your pointless but insanely sensational conspiracy theories about the McNair murder.

  17. once again PFT listens to unestablished reporters and bashing posters, and come to the conclusion that someone did something wrong…you guys are suppose to be journalist, go seek your own stories, form your own opinions and report on them…stop waiting relying on other weaklinks to give you “the scoop”

  18. As far as we know the guy had ONE DRINK! it doesnt say he got hammered at the bar.. you mention ONE DRINK!!!!!! frankly, you can let the guy live a little.. its because of NOSEY REPORTERS LIKE YOURSELF that have made this world the crappy place it is trying to out other people because you never made anything else of yourself.. this site is as bad as those TMZ shows…

  19. Mike Vick, Brett Favre and Skeet Skeet Skeet Florio shoots his load!
    What happened to the “BIG” fight story in Oakland where “Supposedly” they are going to charge Coach Cable with a felony and put him on death row with Scott Peterson in San Quienten?

  20. Use = Abuse??
    Note, specifically doesn’t say consumption and groups it with drugs – I would take that to imply excessive use or intoxication (hence approximating drug use). If he took two codine for a headache would that be drug use?

  21. Vick didnt violate anything and he’s playing Thursday night.
    Florio is to Mike Vick as
    Perez Hilton is to Will.I.Am

  22. Losers LOSE!…You can take the Thug out of the ghetto…BUT you can NEVER get the Ghetto out of the THUG!

  23. With regular season football so close you can taste it, is this really what we’re still talking about?
    If I went to jail for two years, came out and found myself hated by the entire oxygen breathing public, you bet your ass I’d be having a drink. Several of them.
    This isn’t exactly Donte Stallworth territory. It’s ONE DRINK.

  24. It would be different if he was pounding out the shots, but he’s just relaxing with a drink. I don’t see the harm. I’m sure you drink a vodka and tonic every once in awhile, Florio.

  25. DAM do you, the media, get enough ?!? what are you some self proclaimed “judge and jury”, leave the man the HELL alone !!!

  26. “But the deeper question is whether Vick appreciates the gravity of his current circumstances.
    Frankly, we’re still not sure that he does.”
    You’re not sure? I am sure. He doesn’t. He is too much of a psychopathic narcissist to do so without serious and heavy psychiatric counseling. You don’t do the things he has done and just go about normal life no worse for the wear. He’s a wreck who needs help, not further enabling.

  27. I have a bigger problem with Philadelphia and the NFL giving this guy a shot than I do with ANYTHING Vick does. If you don’t like the fact he’s having a drink in an airport (he’s done worse in an airport), blame Andy Reid and Tony Dungy, they’re the ones vouching for him.
    Must be a slow sports day…this isn’t that big of a deal. Could it lead to something bigger? History says yes in Vick’s case, but let’s all settle down.

  28. Hmmmmmmmmm,Florio convenantly left out wording, story changes a bit with the wording (may include) doesn’t it ya hack writer.GO BACK TO LAW ALEAST THERE YOU CAN LIE AND PEOPLE WON’T CARE.

  29. Florio is a one man wrecking crew when it comes to generating sympathy for Mike Vick. Keep up with the needling of every detail Florio and soon you will have everyone sticking up for this dog killer. It is just a drink people. You spend a few years in federal-pound-me-in-the-ass-prison and you’ll need a drink too. If he was smoking the kind again then I would be much more concerned. He did not make a fool out of himself or get fall down drunk. Give it a rest. Must be a slow news day. He was never diagnosed with alcoholism as far as any of us know.

  30. I’ll answer your question Pakman the reason the hack is’nt writing about football preseason battles for jobs, it’s because ever since the hack sold out to the “real media” no one wants to give him the time of day. So he just searches the internet for stories he can twist to make his own agenda seem real.

  31. This story is very dead. No one cares about it… When Pacman got in a fight with his babysitter – that was a story. This is a man, of legal age, having one drink in a responsible manner.
    Get over it.

  32. “Just put him down and make the world a better place.”
    Can you include some of his dimwitted but lickin , ” he’s black so defend him at any cost” defenders on this blog?

  33. DisplayName: didn’t you post that link yesterday? I read it, maybe the folks that run this blog will, but I doubt it.
    Florio: a serious question. If you deliberately withhold information in a court case, what happens?
    You know how you can tell if he violated his probation? Then his ass would be back in jail. Kind of like a foul or penalty in sports. You know how you can tell, when the whistle blows. No whistle = no foul/penalty.
    Anyone else reminded of the little ass clowns growing up that kept trying to tell on you to get you in trouble for anything?!? My God, stop writing like an ass clown kissing the teacher’s booty!
    Let’s take a survey. Who wants a new counter on this site? It will count the hours that pass until these guys post a completely irresponsible post about something. My guess is that we’d be lucky to make an hour…….. I’m getting close to going back to the Florio nickname of Perez Florio!
    Joe Mays doesn’t sleep, he lies in wait. Beware OneGiantLoss and be afraid…

  34. Florio, you were severely burnt by the poster “Display Name”. As he showed us all, it never said “require[d]” as you tried to make it out to be, but said MAY.
    Man, I can see why you started this site. You must have sucked as a lawyer.

  35. Whether or not Vick has a right to drink is irrelevant–the man’s trying to remake himself and anything he does blatantly stupid doesn’t help. Hell, go home and have your girly drink (grey goose & pineapple juice?–what a waste of good Vodka).
    Yeah he’s paiad his debt–but he’s also been given one incredible opportuinity to get back to where he was. Most do not get that chance.
    Being stupid just does not go away.

  36. Another strong move by this dreg of society…You would think he would see the conflict of interest, but that would involve thinking—He needs to be discovered stuffed in a suitcase..

  37. In VA you’re supposed to be put into an outpatient program if you test positive for drugs when you enter prison.This means that you are not allowed to drink or use drugs while part of this program, and are tested for both.
    Seems to me like Vick got a little preferential treatment in the court system if he’s not part of any rehab program.

  38. Hey “SUPPORTERS” this moron obviously doesnt get it, by some rediculous mircacle and the lack of one team’s disregard for public opinion, he’s been given a second chance. He should be acting like a Goddamn Alter boy.. not like a guy with a clean record.. So even though it only is one glass of vodka.. its one more that he should be having in public, when he should be spending his “spare” time at animal shelters cleaning up dog shit in the hopes the general public might forgive this scumbag for what he did.

  39. # oneGIANTloss says: August 25, 2009 1:08 AM
    This dude just doesn’t get it does he? I can’t tell you living in Philly, there are more than a few Eagles fans still upset by this move. But I’m sure once Vick scores a game winning touchdown the same jackass eagles fans will be swinging from his jock and forget about all the sick things he’s done. That’s how screwed up these fans are.
    Kind of like how you defended Plaxico for discharging a loaded unlicensed firearm inside a crowded club?
    “But, but, but, Vick was worse!” — And? You’re still a fraud.

  40. Didn’t Vick test positive for marijuana while awaiting trial? Wouldn’t that put him in the leagues substance abuse program and therefore prohibit Vick from consuming alcohol?

  41. Not a problem. Just tell Vick to stop drinking 2 or 3 days before his piss test. Easy. Everybody and their mom are hoping that he fails. He got caught doing something wrong. So what? He paid for it. I bet there’s a lot things that people do knowing that its wrong and still do them because they think they’ll never get caught. Might not be dogfighting but there’s other wrong things out there. Just let him play football.

  42. “But, but, but, Vick was worse!” — And? You’re still a fraud.”
    And this is different from your “Pacman was worse!” defense exactly how?

  43. When did I say Pacman was worse than anyone?
    Pacman’s a thug, but he shouldn’t be cheered on the field because he can’t play.
    Remember 44-6? 3 of those points were directly attributed to him too busy thinking about “making it rain” than worrying about holding onto the ball.
    Burress and Vick have talent. That’d be the difference there.

  44. Vick is such a loser.
    Guess I must be a ‘hater’ aka the new kindergarten term for those we disagree with.

  45. Jackal138: At a boy taking OneGiantLoss to task.
    Mastro: Think you used an oxymoron: Goddamn Alter boy?!?
    That is all…
    So many others have said it, including my earlier post, it is a non-issue according to the terms of his probation & league induced suspension.

  46. That other people do other things that are wrong misses the point completely. Other people do things wrong so let Donte Stallworth play also? He too has paid his “debt” to society so by that reasoning he should have no restrictions to pursue his career. Vick has been given the opportunity to play, that issue has been settled. The current issue is did he violate terms of his return and is he being treated like everyone else who failed a drug test and was place in the substance abuse program. No one promised Vick that he wouldn’t be scrutinized, quite the opposite. Even Jeffery Lurie made it clear that Vick must be proactive in proving he made the right choice in signing Vick. If that means not sipping on a vodka in public or at all, it seems a small price to pay for the (second) chance to play in the NFL.

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