Vick will play on Thursday

The second week of the preseason wraps up tonight with the Jets and Ravens, but it’s not too early to look ahead to the marquee story of the third set of games that don’t count.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Michael Vick will play Thursday against the Jaguars, confirming the widely held speculation.

Since this week is a “dress rehearsal” for the regular season, it will be interesting to see how much time Vick gets on the field and when it comes in the game.  Donovan McNabb figures to play past halftime, but who will replace him is a mystery.

Kevin Kolb returned to practice Monday and Andy Reid said he remains the team’s backup. Vick figures to get far more playing time in the fourth week of the preseason.

29 responses to “Vick will play on Thursday

  1. Vick’s big debut in Philly! There will be a ton of haters at the Linc, should be interesting. Andy better have a nice preview of gadget plays to come throughout the season. Wonder how many people will have VICK 7 Eagles jersey’s on. He should have changed his number to 17 so he wouldn’t have to be a QB on the depth chart. Go Eagles!!!

  2. Wow. The comments from these Vick haters are so F’n And I dont think Schefter reported this, I think Andy Reid reported it when he announced it on his weekly show.

  3. Alright I was going to wait but after seeing the first comment I’m going to say this now before I have to respond to the posts that I’m sure will follow. Vick was signed to play football, regardless of what the critics say. This should be no surprise. So please save your “he’s a soulless monster,” “I’ll never support the eagles again,” “I can’t believe he actually had gray goose” comments. We’ve all heard them before. And to those that are going to say that I’m the one starting the argument, read Jaydubs comment, he made me do it…

  4. Bounty Bowl!
    PETA will pay big money to the first person that runs on the field and throws a bucket of blood on him.

  5. Break a leg Mike…or an arm or an ankle or your neck, it really doesn’t matter as long as you never play again.

  6. “Bounty Bowl!
    PETA will pay big money to the first person that runs on the field and throws a bucket of blood on him.”
    If he is still around when he plays the Bears I might sneak a bucket of dog shit in. Maybe my own if I can’t sneak anything in.
    Would be worth the inevitable beatdown.

  7. @ BobbyBob
    A bucket of dog shit. Talk about poetic justice. That’s funny stuff. Good luck!! I would definitely pay to see that. LMAO.

  8. I was walking down a Philly street today and saw my first green “Vick/7” jersey. Had to fight the urge to find a can of gasoline and some matches and heat those bad boys up.
    Anyone wearing such a monstrosity makes me sick.

  9. -jd- says:
    So please save your “he’s a soulless monster,”
    Ok…does “soulless sadistic puppy killer” work better?
    Or as I prefer, Ron the Dog Drowner.

  10. Brett Favre craves attention and people want him dead.
    Mike Vick actually commits a crime and kills dogs, and people welcome him with open arms.
    Hypocrites. All of you.

  11. hayward giablommi says:
    August 24, 2009 10:34 PM
    I was walking down a Philly street today and saw my first green “Vick/7” jersey. Had to fight the urge to find a can of gasoline and some matches and heat those bad boys up.
    Anyone wearing such a monstrosity makes me sick.
    So… you live in Philly and you’re a Patriots fan?
    Wow. So you’re no better than a Cowboys fan that’s not in Dallas. Get out of my city, or get off of the Brady bandwagon.
    I actually agree with you about the jersey, but it was the #1 selling jersey before Favre got back in the game. So I’d expect to see a lot more of them. If it’s the kind of thing that makes you sick, start carrying around a bucket.

  12. All of you idiots who are crying about him killing dogs probably have no problem stepping on a spider, hunting or fishing. How can you value the life of one animal over that of another. All you hypocratic crybabies should stick to watching synchronized swimming or croquet and leave football alone. I’m an eagles fan, not a huge Vick fan, but I hope he ends up being awesome just so all of you over-sensitive b1tches have to live with it. Its sad and all but get over it, much much worse goes on in this world!!
    PS – you’re watching the wrong sport if you care about how these athletes abide by the law. If all of the skeletons came out of there closets, half the league would be in prison. They are kids with millions of dollars in adult bodies what would you expect?

  13. Vick is obviously a hideous monster. But does it seem odd to anyone else that there was never anything close to this type of outcry about Ray Lewis killing A MAN?!?!?!?!?

  14. Holy Crap! Not a big Vick fan, but Ray Lewis helps cover up a murder and finally rats his buddies out to save his butt (and quite possibly had a little more to do with the killing) and we just can’t praise his work ethic enough…
    But Vick (like an idiot no doubt), does what he does and we just want to lynch him…
    Killing people or dogs????? C’mon….
    So worship Ray and condemn Vick… Great logic?!?!?

  15. Look, I’m not saying what the man did was right. It was wrong. But he was punished. Punished for two years, lost his money, and found out who his real friends were (not many). There are people out there who have killed other people and got lesser punishment and the public has given them second chances (i.e Ray Lewis) I hear all the comments from Dog Lovers and it totally pisses me off to hear these comments because I’m pretty sure most or not all these people are not vegetarians. Do you believe in the slaughter (yes slaughter) of cows, pigs, chickens just so you can eat? You do not have to eat meat to live. I just think you should check yourself and give the man a chance to prove he understands what he did was wrong. If he messes this up, then by all means, let him have it but the man has served his time.

  16. @ Jackal138
    I grew up 20 minutes from Foxboro and moved to Philly two years ago, bro. Not a bandwagon fan and not going to “get out of your city” since I can see how much it bothers you to have a Pat fan around…but I appreciate the brotherly love anyway.

  17. I actually do give Eagles fans credit for some of the outrage I’ve heard about this signing though. I am very curious to see the reception he gets Thursday.

  18. So jackal –
    Yell and piss and moan at me all you want- I live right in center city and I’m a Raiders fan. Shoot me. Actually, let me take that back – because this city is ghetto enough (outside of CC that someone might actually take me up on that… city of brotherly love? LMAO – try Brotherly Hatred).
    That being said – I hate Mike Vick. I hate everything he represents and every Eagles Fan/Organization/Player that supported his arrival.
    I have NEVER wished injury on any player in my entire life being an athelete myself (and I will never again) – however, I sincerely hope he breaks his neck. I would stand and applaud the man who delivered that hit, and offer him a steak dinner at Capital Grill on Broad after the game.
    As for those purporting the Ray Lewis argument – I actually agree that man should be lauded and despised just as much. But I wouldn’t want Ray to break his neck. Just sayin.

  19. Vick should break his neck or better yet go blind and need a seeing eye dog I have a nice pit that would be happy to do the job
    Hey Mike how about some gray goose before kick off you assclown

  20. Why would I yell at you, RaiderSavior? Your team isn’t remotely threatening to mine. In fact, I applaud your liking a team that isn’t a winning team. It shows charsacter. It’s Boston/Pittsburgh/Dallas fans that I don’t like, i.e. bandwagon jumpers.
    Similarly, this is the first I’ve heard from you. You don’t piss and moan and whine and come after posters like hayward does.
    I don’t like Vick either. I’d be happy if he was injured, too. I just don’t like posters using Vick to channel their hatred for Philly, the Eagles or Philadelphians.
    So RaiderSavior, you would cheer a dog killer who served time in prisone to break his neck, but not someone who killed a human being and got away scott free? You, my friend, are a hypocrite.

  21. Oh, and Philly might be a rough city, but c’mon. Compared to OAKLAND?
    We don’t have the luxury of shipping all of our thugs across a bay like San Fran does.

  22. hahahahahahahahahaha.
    I beg to differ – not only is Camden right over the river – it’s the highest crime rate city in the country per capita, oh – and there is that beautiful jail right on the river front across from the Trump Marina towers.
    We’re just like Oakland – just on a smaller scale!
    And the piss & moan thing was because anytime I seem to post something, some one takes offense and get’s all nasty, so I figured I’d jump the gun.
    And I’ve been a Raider’s fan since I was a baby, I have no choice but to support (kick) them when they’re down.

  23. oh and as to the hypocrite comment…
    Maybe, but at least I take a side! In my eyes, a dog is defenseless to a Human Being… whomever Ray Lewis allegedly killed – probably did something to piss someone off enough to point a gun at them…
    A dog? Sorry – all they do is try to play, and love their owners. And that’s why I’d love to see Vick strung up from a tree with a battery strapped to his balls and why I don’t mind Ray Lewis playing. After all – Ray Lewis was found not guilty… Vick went to prison.

  24. “Maybe, but at least I take a side! In my eyes, a dog is defenseless to a Human Being… whomever Ray Lewis allegedly killed – probably did something to piss someone off enough to point a gun at them…”
    And how many people can defend themselves against a guy like Ray Lewis when he’s flanked by his gang buddies?
    How do you make a villain bad in a movie? He can kill 1,000 people, but you make him kill a dog, and the audience hates him. Same deal here. You excuse a murderer and condemn a dog killer.
    Anyway, I agree about Vick being scum. I just don’t like the PFT troll brigade. Don’t consider you one of them, though.
    And damn, you got me on Camden! Haha, that place really is a blight on the map.

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