Cadillac comes all the way back to starting lineup?

Carnell “Cadillac” Williams’ remarkable comeback from his second torn patella tendon in as many years took a surprising turn Tuesday.

In a move sure equally to thrill Cadillac fans and to annoy a nation of fantasy football owners, Bucs coach Raheem Morris said that Williams will start Thursday’s preseason game as part of a three-man running back rotation including Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham, in that order.

Morris plans to roll out Caddy for two series, Ward for two series, and then Earnest Graham will play the fifth series.  The order may change, but this is a plan Morris intends to keep heading into the regular season.

“If it works, that’s what I’d like to do. I want to go into it with that thought,” Morris said.

Ward got solid money in free agency, but it’s clear Morris doesn’t plan to use him as a true lead back.  Williams has a chance Thursday to be a big part of the team’s plans.

The Bucs held Cadillac out of their first two games as a precaution, so this is his first true test of whether his rebuilt knee can hold up to contact.  If he passes, it appears a sizeable amount of regular season work awaits.

It was only a few months ago that conventional wisdom about Williams said he may not make the team or play regular season football again.

Conventional wisdom, as so often happens, didn’t know a damn thing.

22 responses to “Cadillac comes all the way back to starting lineup?

  1. BS. They’re showcasing him hoping to trade him.
    The Caddy won’t be driving in Tampa.

  2. I loved Cadillac his rookie year. It would be great to see him return to form. The NFL really needs some great running backs to keep us from drowning in the sea of quarterbacks that can’t take a hit and wideouts with egos bigger than Texas.

  3. Don’t read too much into this. Williams has been a subpar RB for all but the first 3 games of his career. Can’t run north-south, can’t catch, can’t block, and can’t stay healthy. The Bucs feel that they owe Williams something with all the trials he’s been through and they want to give him the benefit of the doubt before they get rid of him.
    Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward are the durable two-headed monster, Clifton Smith is the 3rd down back (all 3 players catch the ball exceptionally well) and Williams doesn’t play special teams… how many 4th string RBs don’t play special teams? He won’t garner much in a trade but they’d still like to see him catch on with another team.

  4. Pooh:
    Are you KIDDING? I am as a big a Caddy fan as anyone, and he has ZERO trade value whatsoever and everyone in the whole wide world knows it, even his momma. He has had two torn patellar tendons in two season plus other numerous injuries his entire college and pro career!

  5. This is such a rookie coaching move. I do not understand the idea of a predetermined substitution of players. If Derrick Ward is lighting up a defense why would you sub him out? The idea is to be productive on offense and try to win games. I have seen it before where coaches insist on subbing guys into a game and having the “fresh” player be ineffective and ultimately change the flow of a game.
    I am happy to see Caddy make it back again, but I would hope that the coach will feed the ball to whoever gives them the best chance to win.

  6. I was at the Tampa/Raider game when Cadillac injured his knee.
    From the seats, it didn’t look like much. But when they replayed it on the jumbo screen, I had to scratch my head.
    He wasn’t even touched and he didn’t twist or cut awkwardly. He just fell and clutched his knee.
    Fragile …

  7. hey man he was looking good before he reinjured himself, he was having a helluva game if i remember correctly, i wish anyone the best that never quits. and yes the bucs have 3 dangerous rbs, and they fall like flys in the nfl, i doubt he’ll be of any trade value. i think they should send caddy in late game though when the defense is already beat up by our bigger backs . dam raheem put me on the coaching staff bro

  8. so glad i traded earnest graham. this RB committee looked too suspicious to rely on for fantasy season.

  9. This is not trade bait, and Caddy is not a subpar back. This is almost a medical miracle, and you should see this guy at training camp. His lateral cut is just great, and he is going to bust some big runs, benefiting from this new zone blocking scheme. I always hated Grudens traps and pull, slow developing run pays.
    I’m no doctor, but the ones who are say that both of the knees Caddy busted the patellas in are in fact stronger than before. So in other words (and watch that Oakland game that he got hurt in to convince yourself of it) looks like Caddy’s got even more horsepower and hardly any mileage coming out of the garage. sorry if your one that hates all the Caddy car anologies.

  10. Give me a break on the fantasy football garbage. If you have already done your draft, that’s your loss and you need to learn from this mistake. I have never understood why anyone does their draft before the end of preseason. It makes perfect sense to wait till the end to see who gets injured, who is going to start and who is not, etc…Some people still have not figured that out and continue to get burned, with this being a perfect case.

  11. It is good to see someone overcoming such odds, best of luck (just not when you play the Saints).

  12. All these people talking about him as a starter.
    HELLO!!!….. It’s preseason, this means nothing.
    I won;t be shocked if Caddy is hurt again by the 2nd qtr, he just isn;t built for football and his skills are very good either even when healthy.
    As for Rosenthals comment of…
    “Ward got solid money in free agency, but it’s clear Morris doesn’t plan to use him as a true lead back.”
    No Sh1T Sherlock, wasn;t the fact that the team pretty much said this when they signed him a slight clue.
    In other news, Gregg Rosenthal believes the sun is hot.

  13. Too bad he doesn’t play for the Seahawks. They could use a RB with the heart and determination of a “Caddy.”

  14. Cadillac’s rookie contract was enough for him to give up like so many bust and pre-Madonnas do. He put in so much work to come back from the first knee injury and when he finally go it going again his other tire blew out. To work that hard and have another setback has got to frustrate the shit out of you. He could have left after that and still had the respect of “normal fans” but he still fought back again and now here’s his chance. Whatever happens doesnt really matter you have to respect Cadillac. He’s got heart! from a fantasy football position i wouldn’t draft him, but don’t knock a guy who has put his heart and soul into the game.

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