Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little move closer to Canton

During his “Wake Me Up When September Ends” induction speech earlier this month in Canton, former NFL defensive back Rod Woodson lobbied for the placement of Dick LeBeau’s bronze bust in the Hall of Fame.

Woodson’s plea, unlike most of the rest of his speech, wasn’t ignored.

The Hall of Fame’s Seniors Committee has nominated LeBeau and Broncos running back Floyd Little for enshrinement in 2010.

They’ll join the 15 traditional finalists for consideration on the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

The difference?  Of the 15, five at most will make it.  As to LeBeau and Little, both can get in — if they each get the votes.

LeBeau was a starting cornerback for 14 seasons with the Lions.  He has since spent 37 years in coaching. 

He’s being considered based on his performance as a player — since he’s still in the league, he wouldn’t be eligible for enshrinement due to his stellar work as an assistant coach.  (Though we’re not reluctant to smooch his LeButt, we just can’t call his work as a head coach stellar, given that he was 12-33 with the Bengals.)  Still, it will be hard for the voters to ignore the full body of LeBeau’s work when the time comes to cast the ballots.

Little, a five-time Pro Bowler, churned out more than 12,000 yards during a nine-year career.  He led the NFL in rushing during the 1971 season, with 1,133 yards.  He widely was regarded as one of the best running backs of the era in which the NFL and the AFL began to consistently capture the attention and imagination of the American public on a widespread basis.   

We assume that Hall of Fame coach John Madden is pulling for LeBeau to get in, so that LeBeau’s bust can recite The Night Before Christmas for the other busts each and every December 24.

27 responses to “Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little move closer to Canton

  1. What certainly also must be taken into consideration is LeBeau’s stellar body of work in “Hogan’s Heroes.”

  2. Woodson’s plea, unlike most of the rest of his speech, wasn’t ignored.
    Yea, don’t you wish these guys had speech writers, so their heart-felt words can become fake and insincere.
    If you feel it was that bad, at least you now have an idea of what it’s like watching you on PFTV.

  3. LeBeau absolutely deserves it. 14 years in the league as a player and is still T-7th ALL TIME with 62 career INTs. He definitely deserves it for his work as an assistant coach, but should get in solely for his efforts as a player as well.

  4. Maybe not as a player or as a head coach………….But Lebeau is one of the best defensive minds the game has ever seen…….Damn right he belongs in there…..Let the man enjoy some glory for a lifetime of work, and i’m no Steelers fan…He was an innovator,made many a player realize his potential, and beloved by his players, classy and an asset to the NFL…..Seems a no brainer to me………

  5. As much as I hate the steelers on Sunday, I agree 100% with putting LeBeau in the HOF!!
    The guy is a genius!!

  6. That means another year goes by without Stabler, Cliff Branch, Ray Guy, Lester Hayes, or Jack Tatum being elected to the HOF?!?!
    Meanwhile overrated players like Bob Griese and Lynn Swann are in???
    What a joke the HOF voting process is.

  7. Lynn Swann is “overrated”?
    No, THAT’S the real joke here, Einstein.
    Better start watching more football Mervin. You’ve got a lot to learn.

  8. Hell..stiller43……he had 62 int’s as a player?……..WOW…..Why isn’t he in there already?…..My bad for not an introduction as a player…….I just was looking at him as a coach…..

  9. swann was overrated by a numbers perspective but he got extra credit for the quality of those catches.
    Notwithstanding swanny still seems like a complete tool.

  10. Bout **** time! Steeler’s nation is pulling for you Dick! Don’t see how he can’t be voted in!

  11. And still no Don Coryell? Do you think that a single scheme devised by Dick LeBeau (or every single defensive coach over the past 40 years or so) has not been devised to neutralise the offensive schemes Coryell brought in? Offensive schemes which are so commonplace they could be said to BE the modern NFL
    The I Formation?
    The pass catching tight end?
    Nickel coverage. Dime coverage. All Coryelll inspired. Loads more.
    He will be gone soon. Let’s get him in before then.
    Coryell never won a Superbowl as a head coach. LeBeau won’t either. Sometimes it goes a bit deeper than that.

  12. Nick Lincoln,
    You may have a point with Coryell, but where did his offenses rank yearly? I’m really asking cuz i don’t know.
    I know Lebeau hasn’t ranked below 8 on defense since 2004. And it probably didn’t rank below 10 when he was a d-coordinator in the 90’s.
    I’m just saying; they should probably both make it but I know Lebeau should.

  13. Even if Lebeau never coached a day, he deserves to be in the hall. He was a great corner for years. If he played in a media capitol instead of Detroit he would have been in years ago.

  14. Frank Burns –
    Wake up, son. Lynn Swann’s numbers pale in comparison to cliff Branch. And only 1 SB trophy stands between the two guys. If Swann is in, then there are a few WRS from that era that deserve it more. And please dont give me his performance in SBs as a reason to be in the HOF. Terrell Davis isnt going in anytime soon. Neither is Deion Branch.
    Wake up, Burns.

  15. How about moving Rickey Jackson closer to Canton?
    The guy was a beast who had better stats than any LB not named LT (and even there, his stats are right with LTs).

  16. I believe Dick LeBeau should have been in the HoF years ago. His 62 interceptions should place him there. His outstanding work as an assistant coach would be enough as well if assistant coaches were enshrined into the Hall.
    Floyd Little, however, I don’t believe deserves. His 5 Pro Bowl selections were mostly as special teams play. He only had ONE thousand yard season. This means he could only muster up more than a measly 71.5 yards only once in his career. Decent, but not Hall of Fame worthy in my opinion.

  17. Floyd Little in the HOF?? They must be desperate for a Bronco to get in there. My gawd, why don’t they just put in Karl Mecklenburg, too!!!

  18. SwervinMervin – you better go shave your afro a little. You’re living in the ’70’s. If you have to go back to the disco daze to pull out some RayDa HOF candidates, you’re desperate bro. Maybe you can nominate Tom Cable for the boxing HOF!!!

  19. Frickin’ pity vote for Little – what a joke the HOF has become…Tim Brown should get in way before a RB who didn’t put up hall-worthy numbers…just look at the stats.

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