Senior Bowl might be moving out of Mobile

There have been scattered rumors and reports over the past several months that the Senior Bowl, one of the primary pre-draft recruiting events and an unofficial convention of NFL scouts and media, will move out of Mobile, Alabama.

Previously, the game was linked to Tampa.  Now, another Florida city is entering the discussion.

Per the Mobile Press-Register, organizers of the game has issued a former request for a proposal to several other cities, including Jacksonville.  The other cities have not been identified.

The Senior Bowl’s contract with Ladd-Peebles Stadium, which has hosted the game and the week of practices preceding it since 1951, has expired.  Talks between the Ladd-Peebles people and the Senior Bowl haven’t produced a new deal.   

15 responses to “Senior Bowl might be moving out of Mobile

  1. Have they issued a former request or a formal request. I suppose we could be talking about past actions, but I doubt it.

  2. I’m going to brag about my adopted home town for this one. Jacksonville would be the ideal place to this game. The stadium facility, Jacksonville Municipal, is top-notch. Practice fields are located right alongside the stadium.
    naturally, the weather in February, while not Miami-like, will nearly always be pretty good. There’s a mixture of an NFL fan base and plenty of college ball fans who would love to have the opportunity to see some of these guys play pre-draft. Add points if any of the invitees are from Florida, FSU, Georgia, Miami and even a few of the “smaller” programs (UCF, USF, Valdosta, Florida A&M, etc).
    There’s plenty of housing close to the stadium. There’s golf and the beaches, water and fishing.
    And, of course, there’s Whitey’s Fish Camp in Clay County. They’d love to have a house full of hungry college kids and their coaches.

  3. If it does leave Alabama we will hate to see it go. It is the only time basically that this state has anything NFL related.

  4. Well I guess Jacksonville’s gonna need to do something with that big ol stadium once the Jaguars leave.

  5. Doesn’t this have more relevance to be on CFT?
    …wait, do you still have that site??? I haven’t seen you pimping it in a while.

  6. Jerry Jones put in a bid. They will hold practices in the new stadium and they will evaluate the punters in the parking lot.
    Okey, while you may not have the NFL in Alabama, you do have professional football. Nick’s kids get paid more in total than Mike Brown pays the Bengals players.

  7. Don’t go that way on I10–head west to N’Awlins, my hometown. Scouts can evaluate at once on-field talent and off-field character.

  8. No matter where the game is played, it is still owned by the Mobile Arts and Sports Association, so the money will still make it’s way back to Mobile. The only loser here is the city of Mobile, who will lose out on millions of visitor dollars. But then, it’s just one game played in a raggedy, old stadium that is well past it’s prime and deserves a better venue. I’m surprised it’s lasted in Mobile this long. The funny thing about this game is that by game day, most if not all of the scouts and coaches have left town. Their work is done. The game is really just an after thought by that time. It’s the practices that are of value to the NFL.

  9. What’s the over/under for attendance in Jacksonville? Good thing the Senior Bowl doesn’t have a blackout rule!

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