Childress says he sees no evidence of Jackson favoritism

Vikings coach Brad Childress faced questions on Wednesday regarding mounting reports that, as we’ve characterized it, a “faction” of players want Tarvaris Jackson to be the starting quarterback.

For weeks, we’ve been hearing that some players prefer Jackson; Adam Schefter of ESPN made a similar report on Monday.

“You know, I’ve seen the same reports that you’ve seen,” Childress said, according to Sean Jensen of St. Paul Pioneer Press

Those are opinion,” he added later.  “It’s hard to shoot
holes in an opinion.  Opinions are just that, it’s an opinion.  I
certainly don’t see anything that looks close to that.”

And that’s understandable.  Players who want Jackson aren’t going to approach Childress and say, “Hey, Coach.  That old fart you brought in here sucks.  We want T-Jack or we quit.”

Running back Adrian Peterson, whom we’ve heard is a staunch Favre supporter, said he’s aware of no players on the team who prefer Jackson.  “I’m not sensing nothing like that at all,” Peterson said, which of course technically means that he is.  “I don’t know where that came from.  That’s news to me.”

But it seems that Childress is being more realistic, and in a roundabout way honest, about the situation.  Jackson has spent three-plus years with the team.  Certainly, there will be players who like him, and who might be allowing their personal feelings cloud their assessment of whether Jackson gives the team the best chance to win.

“Well, I think it’s tremendous that guys feel that
way about their teammates,” Childress said.  “We don’t live in a vacuum,
certainly.  They don’t sit at their stalls and not get to know each
other.  That’s part of the dynamic.

“But people come and go, and that’s a part of the dynamic,
too.  It’s a part of this deal.  Does anybody like it?  No.  Like I told
you before, that’s the hardest job, when you have to tell people their
dream is done.  But it is a dynamic that’s real.”

We continue to believe that this very real dynamic is causing multiple players to support Jackson.

 And, as Schefter now reports, other players want Sage Rosenfels, who was solid in the preseason opener against the Colts.

Schefter also says that there currently is “little support” for Favre in the locker room.

Based on everything we’ve heard, we think Favre enjoys a greater following than that.  But the bottom line is that Favre hasn’t sparked the kind of immediate consensus that he surely assumed he’d find upon arriving in the Twin Cities as the aging superhero with the “aw, shucks” demeanor.

55 responses to “Childress says he sees no evidence of Jackson favoritism

  1. A little birdy told me that there is a very large faction in the Vikings locker room that wants whatever quarterback that gives them the best chance to win.
    But that’s just a rumor.
    Or is it?

  2. Whether guys in that locker room support Tarvaris, Sage or Brent…One thing that the Vikings front office seemed to overlook:
    Noone is bigger than the game….or, by extension, the team.
    Favre clearly thinks he is…hence, there is no way this could turn out well.

  3. What else is Childress gonna say?
    I think Favre will suck this year, which will surely cause problems and factions on the team.

  4. Ah shucks Florio, Leave it alone! Stop making news out of nothing….Schefter is a tard and is apart of the East Coast Sports Network…what the f does he know???
    Go Vikes

  5. stupid brent. thought he could just show up after falling on his face last year and everyone would love him. i hope he gets booed off the field and the team in MN, it is what he deserves.
    he will surely get booed at lambeau, if he makes it there.

  6. This is basically a mdae up media story…if there are any players who aren’t in Brett’s corner yet, they will be after they destroy the browns opening day 28-7…

  7. Everything will be hunky dory when Favre plays much better this week than his 1-4 crapfest and Tavaris Jackson regresses like we all know he will.
    Not much going on here in my opinion.
    Now, if TJAX plays well again AND Favre lays an egg, then you got yourselves a story.

  8. Funny how the beat writers for both local rags, who are with the team every day, have recently stated that they haven’t noticed this issue. Let’s hope the players in the T-Jack camp aren’t in positions on the field where intelligent decision making is required. This issue will impact the teams’ play about as much as a big pimple on Pat Williams’ butt.

  9. I think the media is just trying to start trouble so they have something exciting to say for a change. I’m sure there are other positions on the Vikings where some players support over another. Why are you not reporting that! Get over it people. It’s a non-issue.

  10. “Running back Adrian Peterson, whom we’ve heard is a staunch Favre supporter”
    That’s all that matters. As long as your best players such as him and Allen are in Favre’s corner, who cares what a group of scrubs think. They’ll get on board with the rest of them.

  11. Of course there’s little suport in the locker room for Favre. Football players may not be rocket scientists, but they aren’t stupid either. What they see is an aging guy who’s made a habit of using his status to flake out on offseason work while his teammates sweat and suffer in the scorching heat (especially the ones he’s bumping out of contention for a job), who dresses in a private office he gets away from his teammates, and who’s play has deteriorated significantly in recent years. There are no leadership qualities there to rally behind as a tammate of Favre. Since his play is very far from what it was in the 90’s and his record in the post-season is less than stellar, you can’t even point to his production anymore as something to rally behind. So much for “veteran leadership”.

  12. Favre has never really identified with his teammates, especially the last several years in GB. He will probably try a little harder to “fit in” this time around, because he knows this is his last shot. If he comes out winning, the controversy will soon be forgotten. If not, it will be hard to watch when Childress pulls him for Sage or Tavaris. When that happens I will feel kind of bad and kind of good. The whole love/hate thing, you know?

  13. “I see no evidence of favoritism of T-Joke over Brett Favre,………Brett Favre has to be here for OTA’s if he wants to be a part of this team……..Brett Favre has to decide by training camp if he wants to be a part of this team…. we are closing the door on Brett Favre for good.”

  14. …and Urlacher thinks his new teammate Bears teammate Culter is a “pussy”? So what….these are pro athletes! You’d hope that they have matured enough not to whine and suck it up because their “buddy” didn’t get to start the game. True pro’s and more emotionally unattatched guys like Adrian, seem to know who is the ticket to success, so I don’t really care if Tarvaris’s Playstation buddy wants him to play.

  15. Thanks Mike, way to open up another anti-Jackson anti-Vikes comment avalanche! The Packer bunch are just waiting to get all over this.
    Have you ever been in a locker room? There are cliques all over the place, that’s a common occurence. Once the ball gets snapped for real, all the “who likes who” doesn’t matter, you support your teammates that are out there with you. This pre-season has been away to long already…let’s get ‘er!

  16. This issue is being flamed by the media to create controversy & ratings
    One Player (TJack Roomate) a month ago went on record saying he preferred Tjack & another (Bobby Wade) said Pre-Favre TJack already had the job then had to backtrack
    I agree with Judd- When Favre wins early all this chatter will go away
    Give Brett a chance. He is a proven winner and a sizeable upgrade. Just his quick decision making will make the Vikings better.
    Feel the excitement since his arrival and just wait until Oct 5th when a 3-0 Vikings team host the Packers on Monday Night for 1st Place in the North
    You will not hear any of this chatter then only a lot of writers and so called analyst taking a Big “Brett Favre Foot” out of their Mouth – Shefter & Simms and you to Florio

  17. Perhaps some of the Vikings are talking to Jets players who remember that Favre was a selfish pantload who didn’t bother to get to know his team mates. You can get away with being a jerk if you can produce big time on the field. Some of the Viking vets have to be wondering if Favre still has it when he hasn’t worked out and is only slightly better conditioned than the average 40 year old tractor jockey. Good luck winning them over, Favre. Maybe you can speak to your new team mates by intercom from your separate locker room.

  18. Excuse me for a moment.
    Who the f#$* cares!?!
    Tarvaris Jackson sucks.
    IF Jackson is/was so good they wouldn’t have brought in one, but in fact, TWO QB’s both of whom where given big time money and both of whom where expected to start in front of Jackson who has shown little if anything that he is starter material.
    Please, is this story just filler or something to keep the Vikings in the news?

  19. Last season Jackson was benched after only two games in favor for Gus f’ing Frerotte. Players barely made a peep. Gus did well.
    Now we are being led to believe that these same exact players are creating fissures over who they want to be the starting QB. Pulease. Those things will evaporate once Favre gets some reps and everyone realizes that he does indeed give the team the best chance to win.

  20. Please all you TALKING HEADS make up your mind. I have heard nothing all year except the Vikings are being held back because of the qb position. They now sign Favre and all of a sudden TJ and Sage are Hall Of Fame QB’s. I’m not saying Favre will hold up all year but make up your minds, if you have one.

  21. Of course Childress doesn’t think it is an issue, it is his rear end on the hot seat! He is not going to be honest about whether his locker room is split or not. He cannot even be honest with his two other QB’s. I don’t understand why either Sage or T-Jack haven’t requested a trade. Favre will NOT last the whole year but who will be the number two? Does the fair competition Childress promised start then? WTF?
    For what it is worth, it is sad to see Childress resorting to this to win. He was the guy that was supposed to be clean, honest, and hard charging after the Mike Tice/Randy Moss/Boat era. Now he is just comes off like a dishonest idiot who knows X’s and O’s and how to be a shitty liar. Sorry for the profanity Florio, there is no other way to say hit. Childress had become a real POS and a sellout to Brett Favre.

  22. Brett’s a Man! He’s 40! Leave the kids on the team alone. They’re good kids. Heap it on Brett. He’s a man. He can take it. He’s 40.

  23. purpleguy says:
    August 26, 2009 5:48 PM
    Funny how the beat writers for both local rags, who are with the team every day, have recently stated that they haven’t noticed this issue. Let’s hope the players in the T-Jack camp aren’t in positions on the field where intelligent decision making is required. This issue will impact the teams’ play about as much as a big pimple on Pat Williams’ butt.
    Good point. Local sports media has never been known to be jock-hugging fan boys.

  24. lol, I’m sure players are just knocking down the coaches doors to demand TJ starts.
    This whole story is nothing but Florio’s imagination and those mysterious ones and twosies “unnamed sources”. Simple fact is that players on the Vikings are sick of TJ lighting it up in the preseason, only to fail in the regular season. Time and time again.

  25. It’s funny that all the “dissension” against Favre on the Jets from last season all comes from one interview by a ghetto radio station in NY interviewing Jones.

  26. Instead of Words unnamed Viking Players & Tjack Lovers – Question
    How come TJack has not won the Job Hands Down
    Look at the Other QB’s ahead of his starting schedule that either came in the league the same time or after Tjack – Please Give me a Break
    Flacco – Ryan – Sanchez – Trent Edwards – Cutler – Jason Campbell – Jamarcus Russel – All current starters
    Enough Said – He had his chances – This Team is Super Bowl Ready and the Keys just got handed to Captain that can lead this Viking Ship to Miami

  27. Ask the Viking fanbase in Minneapolis who they want at QB.
    Toodles and Sage are not even in the discussion.

  28. To the best of my memory, this has been the way that every Super Bowl winning team has gone into the season – with a divided locker room, a lame duck coach, and an old guy who didn’t bother to get into shape manning the most important position. Sometimes, life is just really beautiful.

  29. Hey jimicos, how the heck a TV guy getting Randy Moss to admit he could care less about an NFL fine and publicly look like a dope make local newspaper beat writers less than credible jock sniffers? The organization was ticked at the TV guy for airing that clip — and it wasn’t even generated by the beat reporters I referenced. The three beat guys here in MN are pretty objective, as is the former beat guy who now does the NFC North blog for ESPN (and he doesn’t even find the issue credible). There’s plenty of topics you can trash posters like me, Klink and the Vikes on, but this one is a stretch. I almost thought you were good old Bob Nelson there for a minute.

  30. I’m a long time Packers fan (stockholder, actually) and have no love at all for the Vikings.
    It warms my heart to see the Brett sideshow/freakshow move west to the twin cities.
    We love ya, Brett, for all those years in green and gold! Now you’re someone else’s problem.
    Hope you have a great NFL season (except when you play the Packers)!

  31. as one who knows, if the old bod hasnt fallen apart by 40… it’s going to.
    but… is that viking ship… the lust dragon?
    maybe pullpecker can answer that nov 15 in minnehaha. since he should have lots of time to give interviews then.

  32. I also heard that a majority of the Vikings locker room think that Chester Taylor should start over Adrian Peterson. They feel that Taylor is a much better blocker and pass receiver out of the backfield. This has created division within the locker room the past two years. Peterson doesn’t have much support right now.
    Please, spread this information. I want to see it scrolling across the bottom of ESPN.

  33. This has turned into the very cluster that I had hoped for.
    Nice work Brett!
    I know you could do it.

  34. It is breathtaking – the amount of time and energy people in this country put into attempting to destroy something that by its very nature is very admirable. What a shame and a sham all at once.
    Look – if anybody is stupid enough to believe players know what is best for a particular team, you’re beyond help at this point. Like the dense kid who can never seem to turn off that bathroom light at nite and unnecessarily needs to be admonished by the old man – who pays the bills around here sonny boy?!?!?
    Everybody take a deep breath – that’s it – release gently. Favre is going to start and he is going to have another solid season. The intelligence-challenged among us don’t realize that all the whining and complaining about Brett’s season last year with New York will not change the fact that he led his team to a winning record (again, regardless of the hemming and hawing) and he finished as the #14 fantasy QB in 2008. No matter how you attempt to spin this situation is not going to change reality. Brett Favre is good – strike that; damned good!
    Look – Favre is a 12 million dollar QB. You think a couple of basically bogus posts by PFT/NBC is going to make Ziggy-N-Chilly bench Favre before he’s even played a regular season game??? It makes no sense. But, if it makes the haters sleep better at nite – carry on!

  35. Col Klink has thrown his two QB’s under the bus during OTA’s and is still wiping off Farve’s DNA from his chin in an all out effort to get Brent to sign. So his opinion is hardly objective.
    But I give him credit for finally realizing that T Jack Off is not a real NFL QB because if he was, don’t you think the Vikings would have found a willing trading partner by now?

    It doesn’t sound like a raging issue on the team.
    A few scrubs who will be a part of the cut-down don’t like a seasoned veteran with a Hall of Fame resume.
    Boohoohooo! :::sobs:::
    They must be friends of Fran Tarkenton who Viking fans haven’t heard from in over 15 years, but makes sure to bad-mouth the one guy who has achieved more and had greater success than he ever had. ; )

  37. purpleguy says:
    August 26, 2009 8:26 PM
    Hey jimicos, how the heck a TV guy getting Randy Moss to admit he could care less about an NFL fine and publicly look like a dope make local newspaper beat writers less than credible jock sniffers?
    It’s not that they got Moss to admit he could care less about a fine.. It’s the way they drool all over his every word. Listen again.
    “Oh my God, he said ‘Straight cash, homey.’ I think I just came.”
    That’s my point. Some of the local media (in every city, not just Minneapolis) are jock hugging apologists.

  38. Hydra:
    In the words of Publi Enemy’s ChucK D.
    ” Don’t believe the hype” This is all media driven.
    You know it and I know it.

  39. Yep. But I still wonder what the hell Childress would do if Favre struggles. Bench him? Holy Stuffing is this a risk. This isnt all on Childress though. Whoever is running that team up there could have said no. I dont think he will struggle. If he doesn’t turn nothing into disaster he’ll be fine. I don’t see it changing that teams season that much. I felt they were a NFC title contender before his arrival. If he stays healthy he’ll provide leadership but goodness youd hate to see him serve one up in the NFC title game though. He’ll be fine for the long haul but all it takes is one mistake in the big game and its all for not. He has alot on his shoulders and could have a great season only to make that one mistake and then its deemed a failure. Time will tell….

  40. I heard some Vegas insider (don’t know his name) on the radio a couple of days ago. He said Vegas gave the Vikings +.5 points per game with the addition of Favre. He compared the difference between Rosenfels/Jackson and Favre with the impact of McNabb going down to injury and being replaced by Vick.. Minus 2.5 points per game with Vick QBing the Eagles.
    So according to that one guy, Vegas thinks Favre is a minimal upgrade over Rosenfels.

  41. Yeah I can believe that. I mean this teams identity is Peterson and Taylor. That wont change. Its difficult to see exactly how much differance a 40 year old Favre can make when he will not be asked to do what he has done his whole career. There is potential upside but will he become impatient? Will he try to make the most of the lesser opportunities he is going to have in the passing game? Dont know. Kind of makes you wonder..We will see..

  42. Well, the only obvious way to determine whether or not bringing a 40 year old rented out Packer QB to the Vikings was a good idea, is to let the season play out.
    Per my username, you can see where my feelings on the matter fall. However, I am a Favre fan as a football play, just not as a Viking.

  43. Uh huh.
    That is where you want to get your information on football, ” from some Vegas guy”.
    Jimi with an “i”. Stop posting!!
    It is obvious you are just grasping at any straw to make you feel better about Favre playing for the Vikings.
    On to someone with some actual knowledge.
    Favre is there to take the 8/9 men front out of the box. He isn’t the QB from even 5 years ago, but he will command enough respect to have to be game planned around.
    Tjax didn’t give us that, it will yet to be seen if Sage would have. I’m willing to bet if they stack the line and leave WRS 1 on 1 that Favre would burn them a hell of a lot more than either of the other two.
    Look we all know Brett is going to throw picks, whether any irrational Packer fans want to admit it, the Vikes do have some recieving weapons.
    Shiancoe is going to get the biggest benefit out of Favre being there(receiving-wise)
    As long as he plays within the system, a system he knows front and back, he will be fine.
    What most of these Pack fans don’t want to admit is that, before the injury, Favre was at 20tds and 11 ints(approximately). I’ll take those stats this year.
    Hydra, I’m not lumping you into the irrational category. Thats reserved for Bob nelson , Jimmy Smith and jimi withan ‘i”cos it’s “cool”
    Let the games begin, 2 weeks is too long to wait.

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