Jaguars talking about Thigpen

The brief, brilliant entertaining Tyler Thigpen era in Kansas City appears to be coming to an end.  The Jaguars have reportedly shown interest in acquiring the Chiefs’ third-stringer, offering a fifth-round pick for him, according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.

The Chiefs are reportedly holding out for more, but getting that much value sounds pretty good for a player they don’t have a lot of use for. (Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.)

Perhaps the Chiefs feel like they can wait because they have received interest from other teams.  The Ravens reportedly inquired about Thigpen recently, while the Panthers and Bucs made calls before the draft.

The Jaguars look to be the most desperate to upgrade their backup quarterback situation, and have also spoken with the Bucs.  Jacksonville’s current backup is 37-year-old Todd Bouman.

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  1. It would be nice to see what he could do with a little bit of talent around him. He wasn’t all bad in KC.

  2. The Jags would be much better off with Tyler than the other scrubs…hell he will probably be starting by the end of the year.

  3. It goes to show that the Chiefs don’t know what they’re doing. their best QB is their 3rd string and they’re trying to trade him. “Fat”, “Ridiculous”, “Incredible.
    Rome out

  4. Sounds like another Mark Brunell type of addition. Gotta like it.
    4 – 12 – here the jags come!

  5. Thigpen wasn’t bad last year. I can’t believe the Chiefs have so much confidence in Matt Cassel and Brodie Croyle.

  6. I wouldnt say Thigpen is a future pro-bowler, but he’s definitely better than Brodie Croyle. Pioli knows whats goin on though, so they’ll be alright.

  7. Why in the world would Jacksonville give up something as high as a 3rd or a 4th for a backup QB that Pioli is itching to get rid of?
    Jacksonville… RED FLAG!
    In a couple of weeks there will be numerous BACK UP QB’s that are released from their respective teams that they can get for NOTHING.
    Paying ANYTHING or a back up QB at this stage of the game makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not like they would go to the Super Bowl or something with him anyways.
    Save your picks for next year and tell K.C. to take a long walk on a short pier.

  8. Now that Cutler’s already gone McDaniels should try to acquire the best QB on the Chiefs roster, but unfortunately his ego will get in the way.

  9. LOL at people thinking Thigpen was any good.
    He was widly inaccurate as a passer, saved only because he zeroed in on either Tony Gonzalez or Dwayne Bowe on every throw and they could catch his poorly thrown balls. Look at the stats, they were 2 of the 5 most targeted receivers in the league last year. And Thigpen’s inaccuracy actually got worse as games wore on.
    And the biggest thing of all: KC had to move to a spread offense because it’s the only thing Thigpen is capable of running. He can’t run an offense from under center.
    Getting more than a 5th round pick for him would be a ridiculous steal.

  10. He cost the Chiefs a $100 waiver fee.
    That is a nice profit and they got some value out of him.
    The Chiefs have held out for too much and been burned in the past. Will they now?
    Can the Thigpen continue to improve and be worth more in the future?
    That is the gamble.
    Those dumb vikings should have kept him and cut that Tjoke character.

  11. WTF, Thigpen played good last year?? He started 11 games last year and he won ONE game and it was against Oakland, if you can get a couple extra pair of cleats for him in a trade you do it. Yeah he may have had a good year in fantasy football because he had to throw the ball so much to stay in games and had the luck to throw to tony g and d bowe, but to say this guy had a good year and is worth more than a 5th rounder is ridiculous!

  12. “Brewster says:
    August 26, 2009 10:02 PM
    Now that Cutler’s already gone McDaniels should try to acquire the best QB on the Chiefs roster, but unfortunately his ego will get in the way.”
    They already tried to acquire the best QB on the Chiefs roster.
    That’s why Jay Cutler is in Chicago, ‘member?

  13. Finally, a “Curb” reference. You gotta tell the ol’ boss man to get with the program (literally). He’s still stuck in the Seinfeld era (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  14. Thigpen is a system QB that doesn’t fit in KC. He doesn’t fit anywhere actually, because he is awful.

  15. Chilly loved Thigpen, he drafted him to keep him and then like a BONE-HEAD exposed him to waivers in an attempt slip him on to the Practice Squad and the Chiefs pounced the minute he hit waivers. Thipen showed immediate poise and accuracy in the pre-season and he drew great reviews in camp that year.
    Please share when Toodles or Booty throw for damn near 300 yards and almost 20 TDs.
    We’ll be aging while we’re waiting.

  16. Certainly worth a 5th rounder. That’s hardly a gamble. Small college, but he got a lot of experience under the heat of the defenses of the AFC West last year.
    If I’m the Jaguars I pull the trigger on this one TODAY.

  17. @Vinny: According to Florio, if Thigpen was available for a 5th round pick the Jags would already have him.
    Thigpen has more potential than Todd Bouman and from what I’ve seen he may be a better QB even right now. HOWEVER, the Jags have already given up next year’s 2nd round pick. If the Jags think Thigpen can be their QB of the future then they should do this deal, obviously. But if not, then it’s better to wait and see who comes available on waivers.
    They’re almost certain to draft a QB fairly high in next year’s draft (I guess 1st or 3rd round). If Thigpen is just a rental backup QB, I don’t think he’s worth a draft pick.

  18. Chief’s will let him go for a fourth. but…hope the Jags realize that he isn’t a drop back QB.

  19. The Jags should do it, but for nothing higher than the 5th rounder they already offered. They definetally do need a backup though

  20. @Eli – Pioli’s dumping him because that’s what new regimes do, especially when rebuilding. They’re also looking to move Croyle. He brought in his guys from NE, Cassel and Gutierrez.
    Jax probably winds up trading a 4th for Thigpen, which is a good deal. He’s better than any back up on their roster and he’s only 25. You’ve still got time to work out the kinks and he proved to be effective, despite running the spread. So what if Gonzalez and Bowe were oft targeted by him. Who the hell else is he supposed to throw to on the Chiefs, seriously?
    The only reason Jax would TRADE for him is because they feel he could develop into a full-time starter. You don’t just trade for back ups unless you think they can take over.

  21. RIChief says it best; Jax better know what type of QB they are getting; this guy uses the shotgun, quick reads and scrambling better than alot of QBs, but let him drop back and it’s UGLY [as in JaMarcus Russel is better than him ugly].
    Thig is good, really good sometimes, but he simply didn’t win last year. I value him as a KC fan, but if KC can get a 4th for a player they got on waivers, that works. BUUUT, one must consider that w/ the poor quality of the Chiefs O Line, Cassel could be out sooner rather than later. And that leaves Croyle made of Glass, and so then I would start to worry. But I’ll take back Quinn Gray back if that happens!!

  22. as a Chiefs fan, I was completely surprised that T2 was able to put up any decent numbers at all last year. But come on, do ya’ll really think Thigpen is going to be money?? They threw the ball ALL THE TIME since they were without LJ and Bowe will catch anything thrown to him.
    Notice the difference Bowe has made in just this years pre-season. The first game, Croyle looked money cuz he got to play with Bowe while Cassell looked sub-par playing without him. Game 2, Cassell gets to play with Bowe and looks MUCH better. Likewise, Croyle was not as effective.
    bottom line, D Bowe is the MAN!!! Look for a HUGE year from him. And I’d much rather have Cassell or Croyle behind center. Though Croyle will get injured after taking one hit.

  23. @ Alfie
    The REAL reason Pioli is dumping him is because he sucks.
    If he where any good they would have NEVER went out and got Cassel (who, OBTW, has a lot to prove) and they would have developed him themselves.
    OR, even in a lesser role, they would hold onto this QB who is supposedly worth a 3rd round pick in case Cassel goes down whether it is for good or just for a short while.
    IF Jacksonville or any other team is stupid enough to give away anything at this point for a QB that is a major mistake.
    A). IF a new team acquires him he has missed ALL OTA’s, mini camps, training camp and THREE preseason games.
    He would be essential worthless to you at this point and time.
    B). IF somebody truly believes Thigpen is starter material and will lead there team to the promised land by taking the time to develop him all I can say is good luck with that.
    Otherwise, if they are looking for a BACK UP as reported, it would make more sense at this point to wait a couple weeks and get another QB for NOTHING instead of handover a pick to the Chiefs.

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