Jets, Ravens sniffing around Eagles receivers

After years of driving their fanbase crazy because of a lack of competent receivers, the Philadelphia Eagles may now have too many.

The Jets and Ravens are aware of this, and are reportedly “keeping a close eye” on the Eagles wideouts, according to Paul Domowitch of the Philadelhphia Daily News.

It’s not clear what receivers the AFC teams are looking at, but Reggie Brown is the best guess.  The 2005 second-round pick’s career has slid the last two years, but he produced 1,596 yards with 12 scores between 2006-2007, so he’s not without talent.

Brown isn’t guaranteed to make the Eagles roster presently, with Jason Avant in the slot, rookie first-rounder Jeremy Maclin on board, and Hank Baskett helping out on special teams and reality shows.  (DeSean Jackson and Kevin Curtis are the starters.)

Brown may only be sixth on the depth chart in Philadelphia, but he would likely find playing time on either the Ravens or Jets. 

21 responses to “Jets, Ravens sniffing around Eagles receivers

  1. I heard a report that they were also thinking of getting Freddie Mitchell. Oh wait, that report came from Freddie Mitchell.

  2. reggie brown, kevin curtis, hank baskett, and brandon gibson……one will not make the team. three will
    my vote is to cut hank baskett, you’ve seen what he has…..he’s hit the plateau….brandon gibson is a very solid talent that can contribute on this team. brown is finally healthy.

  3. I’m a Birds fan and even this puzzles me. After the starters (Jackson, Curtis and Avant), the rest are waiver wire junk at best (outside of Maclin who will be special teams and the occasional WR4).
    Here’s to getting some compensation for our junk!!!! Come get it boys!

  4. bye bye Reggie Brown…..
    Hopefully, this will cause Marty and Andy to start using Baskett’s size for fade routes instead of blocking…
    time will tell!!

  5. Why the hell would eithe of those teams want one of these guys when Matt Jones is out there and cheap?

  6. Don’t worry bednarik, they are the same knuckleheads that boo McNabb. They don’t actually pay attention to whats going on, they just keep throwing around the same uninformed nonsense they heard on ESPN three years ago.
    The good news is they are the small minority…

  7. Reggie has talent, he can play but for some reason he can’t see the field.
    I like hanks hussle, maclin, djack, curtis and avant are off limits. Unless the get a 3rd round for brown, keep him around incase of injury

  8. Reggie’s not a bad WR, he has all the skills he just hasn’t been able to put it all together. Well, okay, he has MOST of the skills. He does need to learn how to catch better.
    Maybe getting him in another uniform will change his luck.
    Hell, don’t we owe a solid to the Ravens? I mean, they took L.J. “groin pull” Smith from us.

  9. I like Reggie Brown. He somehow got into Reid’s doghouse and it’s near impossible to get out of. Now he’s in a numbers game that he can’t win unless someone gets hurt, and soon.
    But the Eagles probably want too much for him.

  10. Reggie Brown is not a #1 and we all know that. However, he’s a pretty decent #2 and an outstanding #3 reciever. He is 1000x better than Hank Baskett. Hank is my pick to be cut/traded.

  11. Ravens seems the most likely bet, given the Harbaugh connection. Knowing that, he’d want a known quantity in Brown, Baskett or Curtis.

  12. let me see if i can help out.
    The DPR: Reggie is in the doghouse because he stinks. Yes, stinks. He can only catch a ball that is thrown in his hands. The guy does not make route adjustments or come back to the ball and is not willing to fight for a ball. Reggie is in McNabb’s doghouse. If I was a qb, I would not throw to a guy who will stand there while a db goes after the ball. Only reason he is on this team is because of the dead money that will be incurred if they cut him. no way anyone takes him on with that salary.
    surefooted: If Reggie Brown is a good number 2 then your WRs are terrible. Hank Basket is better and I do not think it is even close.

  13. All you “cut Hank Baskett folks”… they aren’t going to get rid of him because he’s the only tall WR and showed last year he’s our best option for the end zone fade. The LAST thing the eagles want to do is take away options in the red zone.
    Also…I think Andy want Kendra around.

  14. bednarik60: just sometimes?!?
    I’ve been having a running conversation w/another writer regarding this situation. He’s been at the practices and says that Brown has looked good. We came up with these two destinations a week ago, not that I scooped anyone, but we also thru in the Rams.
    Really comes down to whether we can get a 4th or 5th (or more) for Brown and they have to create some sort of element of multiple teams bidding on him to get that. Gibson is the one that is causing the issue w/his efforts. Kid is playing strong.
    Brown is 2nd on the depth chart behind Jackson, and not 6th, but ahead of Avant.
    If I’m Baskett or Avant, I’m a little worried.

  15. Jackal,
    We already did the Ravens a solid – we took TO back in 04 before they could get him. Probably saved RayRay another murder trial.
    Your source is giving you old news – Reggie looked great early in camp, but according to today’s Daily News, he’s regressed since then. I say they get what they can for him, since he’ll probably be cut anyway.

  16. Kevin: I heard he’s looked “disinterested.” Same difference more or less. They’ve got him listed 2nd, but might be more of a “ploy” to keep folks interested.
    His problem was lack of trust from DNabb fighting for the ball.
    I agree with you, though, get whatever we can get! Ran into his roommate from college, said he was hurt more than he was letting on last year. Who knows if it’s exactly true, but he may just need to move on.

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