Raheem Morris doesn't deny quarterback trade rumors

In the wake of reports that every Tampa quarterback not named “Josh Freeman” is available via trade, Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris said nothing to debunk the notion that Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, or Josh Johnson could be had, for the right price.

“Everybody in this league, all 32 teams around this time, start calling
other front offices.  I can’t control who calls us,” Morris said Wednesday, according to Pewter Report.  “Everybody is interested [in] everybody’s roster.  Everybody is looking to
nit pick off other team’s rosters.  Everybody has talent, and you are
trying to accumulate the best talent on your football team.  That’s just
all that talk is.”

McCown received a $2.5 million signing bonus from the Bucs during the offseason.  Coincidentally, the Dolphins traded McCown’s brother, Josh, to Carolina last year after giving him a $2.5 million signing bonus — and then unexpectedly scooping up Chad Pennington from the Jets’ trash pile.

If the Bucs aren’t inclined to carry four quarterbacks, McCown could be in danger of being cut.  Before making that call, the Bucs would surely like to recoup something for the free money that McCown received, especially since the Bucs currently are treating dimes like discuses.

16 responses to “Raheem Morris doesn't deny quarterback trade rumors

  1. I love headlines like that. They hint things but say absolutely nothing at all. You could have used, “Morris Doesn’t Deny Unnatural Relations With a Goat” and it wouldn’t be any less accurate.

  2. Careful there Raheem. Now your QB(‘s) might instantaneously grow a vagina, become a malignant tumor to your organization and demand to be traded.
    See Cutler, Jay

  3. The Bucs will go 4-12 with any one of them, trade Leftwich , start Mc Cown and when we are 1-5 start Freeman.

  4. Or cut leftwich, start McCown, and when we are 1-5 start Freeman.
    Or just start Freeman. Better 2-14 with the future than 7-9 with someone holding the seat war.

  5. man , unnatural goat relations and instantaneous vaginal growth. you don`t see the two of those together that often . nice job

  6. “Everybody in this league, all 32 teams around this time, start calling other front offices. I can’t control who calls us,”
    ‘Hey Tampa Bay, we are calling to see if you’d be interested in trading Antonio Bryant or Barrett Ruud?’
    ‘Nah. But we are offering a 2-for-1 special on quarterbacks. Interested?’

  7. Morris could sign 3 street free agents and it’d be a side grade to what he already has on the roster with the exception of Freeman. Of course he won’t deny that he’d take draft picks from any sucker willing to offer them up for his garbage.

  8. What!?!?!? This would be the first time the Bucs had less than 4 QB’s this century! It’s a smokescreen…I bet he trades McCown, Johnson & Leftwich for Gradkowski, Simms & Griese! Champtionship!

  9. ‘Hey Tampa Bay, we are calling to see if you’d be interested in trading Antonio Bryant or Barrett Ruud?’…
    Yup, those two and the RB Ward is about it for players other teams might be interested in trading for on the Bucs; and I’m not sure about Bryant, he may need another year of good behavior. Players like Tanard Jackson, Talib and Winslow would draw some interest if they were not complete jack@sses (of course, in the NFL being a jack@ss is not often a negative, so I guess they would draw some interest anyways).
    I’m not forgetting Barber people, he is just too old for interest at this time.

  10. WoW! It has now got to the point where on many different sites the blogs about the Bucs QBs are getting BRUTAL!
    My it is good for laughs though!

  11. Raheem Morris is incompetent to handle this job. The front office could have hired my dog and it would have been a better choice than “RAH.” He is in over his head, has no qualifications, and will fail.
    THe selection of Freeman was idiotic, plain and simple. This organization has not drafted effectively in years.

  12. yes raheem and co have picked up the shack harris tendencies. he wont last long.
    and, florio… not discusses. manhole covers.

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