Real "Hard Knocks" for the Bengals

While an appearance on this year’s Hard Knocks series has increased the profile of the Cincinnati Bengals beyond the borders of Ohio and Kentucky, not enough locals are sufficiently enamored with the franchise following a 4-11-1 finish to permit their preseason home opener to be broadcast live on television.

It’s enough to make a non-Spanish wideout with a Spanish name say, “Nino, por favor.”

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Thursday night’s game against the Rams won’t be televised locally, because it hasn’t been sold out.

Per Reedy, the game will be shown on a tape-delayed basis at 11:35 p.m. local time in Cincinnati and Dayton.  Fans in the Queen City who hope to see it live but who are too cheap to buy a ticket can drive to Columbus or Louisville.

We’ll be monitoring Ochocinco’s Twitter page for a reaction to the news.

30 responses to “Real "Hard Knocks" for the Bengals

  1. Ramirez, Hernandez, Munoz are Spanish names, Florio…
    OCHO CINCO is “eight five”…
    I don’t think your Hispanic readers would like having their heritage trivialized…

  2. Columbus is generally part of the Cincinnati blackout area. Not that I would watch and exhibition game anyway.

  3. I can’t believe the NFL uses the black out rule in the preseason. The games are meaningless and you won’t see the starters for long.
    I am a HUGE Vikings fan but I’m not going to buy a ticket to a preseason game and drive to the game.
    I do however have my tickets to the Bears game on the 29th.

  4. i wouldnt make to much of this its pre-season and its against a not so great team in the rams.
    if it were any team like patriots, eagles, cowboys, giants etc… they would sell it out.
    nevertheless…i will be there haha

  5. Hosstyle In Tampa says:
    August 26, 2009 11:52 AM
    Ramirez, Hernandez, Munoz are Spanish names, Florio…
    OCHO CINCO is “eight five”…
    I don’t think your Hispanic readers would like having their heritage trivialized…
    Quit being so damn touchy.
    Brian Urlacher thinks you are a pussy for pulling the race card on PFT.

  6. @ Hosstyle in tampa
    The comment was on sarcasm. Ocho Cinco may be “eight five” but it is “eight five” in Spanish and it is now his last name. Two things, if the Spanish following doesn’t get English sarcasm, then learn it. Next it is now a last name and it is in spanish, if Spanish readers are upset, tell them to call Chad.

  7. Few responses:
    1. This was known Monday at 730PM, you’re tardy
    2. Too Cheap? How about too smart, i’ll simply add this.
    3.Blackout radius is 75 miles, I think C-bus is outside of that though.
    4. I would be surprised if this isn’t a problem with at least three home games this year unless the Bengals start out hot, which, BTW is somehting I think is a possibility, probability? No, but far more than a snowball’s chance in hell for sure.

  8. wow, Hosstyle In Tampa… I can’t believe nobody else noticed that “ochocinco” means “eight five”- that’s some shocking news! Thanks for translating it for us.

  9. “Columbus is generally part of the Cincinnati blackout area. Not that I would watch and exhibition game anyway.”
    Incorrect……The blackout rules apply to 75 miles or less and Columbus is over 75 miles from Cincy…I have driven there to watch a game before…However I see them all now that live in Atlanta home of some very good sportsbars….
    Fans are not buying tickets cause they are tired of the embecile Mike Browns DUMB decisions…He doesnt want to change and because of it fans are fed up…..They wont come back until we win and then when we win they will be guarded with their emotions..Mike Brown can not fool this fan base and city anymore….He is the head and almost the reason for all problems….Some wish death I dont go that far but you understand how passionate some of the fans are as they want what every other franchise has and thats a real shot at the playoffs….EVERY YEAR….LOL

  10. They should blackout the season opener as well….unless browns fans want to see a 28-7 shalacking from those vikes…

  11. I told him on Twitter too. We’ll see what happens. He’s just pimpin Hard Knocks right now

  12. A meaningless preseason game between 2 of the worse teams in the league last year isn’t sold out? In this economy? You have to be kidding me.

  13. He should change his name to Flumencio Esparza de Ticuan del Robles y Azandual de los Casas de Perros Johnson and demand that it be pronounced “The Bengals Suck, Get Me Out of Here”.

  14. Columbus is not part of the blackout. It’s a 75 mile radius. Cbus falls outside of that.
    Now to this article. It’s dumb. It’s a pre season game in which Palmer isn’t even playing, and we are supposed to run out and spend 80 dollars on a pre season ticket to lift a black out?
    This story gets the ole….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. “Fans in the Queen City who…are too cheap to buy a ticket”
    Bengals fans have to send a message to Mike Brown somehow, and the only way to do so is by refusing to fund his greedy arse. We’re sick of Brown’s inability to run a franchise.
    Cmon Florio, you’ve given WhoDeyRevolution plugs on this site before and then you turn around and call the fans cheap?????
    The local blackout is a moral victory for us.
    Child please, Mike Brown.

  16. @ buckeye044, Columbus is not part of the Cincinnati blackout area. Check the facts before you post something. Typical buckeyes fan. Who Dey?!

  17. good, hopefully they will show the eagles game instead. last year i went to the philly bungals game. i was on the 49 yard line 24 rows back. i paid 50 dollars for the ticket, including the parking pass.
    p.s. i hope mike brown gets pancreatic cancer and shingles at the same time.

  18. @govikings?
    Oh contraire!
    Keep in mind you now have Lord Favre under center. He of the throwing off his back foot into triple coverage and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!
    Don’t be so sure you can shellac the Browns on 9-13!

  19. Wyoming: You are from the state or the pansy ass cincy subdivision? Either place lends itself to your lack or perspective.
    dl: Classic, I struggle not to type things like that on all comment threads related to the Bengals.

  20. dldavidlong: You are an idiot and a classless person. I hope you get pancreatic cancer. Wishing death on someone is the lowest of the low scum bag of the earth.
    Finally, I saw a Chiefs fan calling the Bengals the Bungles. That’s priceless. As if the KC Chief fans can say anything about their team positively.
    Good stuff.

  21. florio: now that you’ve gone big time with NBC, you can afford to appropriately punctuate your spanish punch lines… the second N in nino gets a squiggly over it…
    child please.

  22. What the hell if Florio talking about? His bashing of the Bengals is getting pathetic. Cheap? Seriously? We’ve sold out every game for the last three years, with a team that hasn’t been great, and you’re calling us “cheap” for not selling out a preseason game? The Chargers have all the talent in the world and they face blackout in the regular season. Don’t get us mixed up with Mike Brown…….Child, please.

  23. Some people cant dish out that kinda money for a ticket. Some of us have kids and bills to pay. The fans of any NFL team deserves to see their home team on television. This sellout rule needs to go. If you dont agree you need kicked in the John Thomas

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