Singletary has Hill's injured back

Tuesday, the 49ers put their offense on Shaun Hill’s shoulders by naming him their starting quarterback.

Wednesday, he missed virtually all of practice with a strained lower back. 

Niners head coach Mike Singletary downplayed the severity of the injury, which first surfaced Tuesday.  Hill threw just one pass at practice Wednesday before shutting it down.

“It showed up yesterday,” Singletary said in comments circulated by the team. “[He] pushed himself through practice, got some treatment yesterday.  Today it was still there.  He probably could have pushed himself through practice but I told him, ‘You don’t need to do that.  Let the other guys get the reps and let’s go.”  

Singletary didn’t believe the injury was severe enough to warrant an MRI.  He assumes Hill will play in the Niners’ third preseason game at Dallas on Saturday night.

If Hill can’t go, the Niners will be run veteran Damon Huard, the former Chief.  Alex Smith, who was competing with Hill for the starting job, was ruled out of Saturday’s game with a sore thumb.  

Singletary also made it clear he doesn’t plan on playing revolving quarterbacks if Hill doesn’t set the world aflame early in the year.

“It’s not a week-to-week thing,” Singletary said. “[Hill] is our starter.  What does that mean?  I think it means that you say, ‘Here’s the ball, here’s the offense, let’s go.  Don’t look over here when you make a mistake.  Don’t look over here when you throw an interception.  Just know that everything we talked about this offseason . . . just do what we know we have to do in order to win football games.

“I don’t want him looking to the sidelines wondering if I’m going to take him out and put somebody . . . no.  We’re not going to do that.  That’s not fair to anyone.”

Alex Smith might think it’s fair, but we get the coach’s point.

17 responses to “Singletary has Hill's injured back

  1. Get me Jackson…… mean Tarvaris Jackson????……….I know he hasn’t done very well against these guys but I got a hunch he’s due….

  2. Are you kidding me?!
    What happens if Hill completely tanks?
    Then what?!
    I don’t get it.
    Are you going to stick with him and go all the way to the bottom of the NFL and watch your team go down with him?
    His statement while “bold” is absurd.

  3. Ha ha ha clever title Curran.
    For those of you who DON’T get it. Read it slowly a couple of times… Well never-mind, you guys were too stupid to get it the first time, so here it is.
    Singletary has Shaun Hill’s “back,” meaning he is sticking by him. However, Hill has an INJURED back. So put those two together and you get the title, “Singletary has Shaun Hill’s Injured Back.”
    I got it right away…

  4. I Got it also.
    Iron Mike is just giving Hill the confidence he needs to lead the team, and I think he will!

  5. HardcoreVikesfan-when it was posted, it was
    “Singletary has Hill’s injured”, the word ‘back’ was left out, thus causing the confusion.

  6. Hoping to see Singletary succeed this year. Weakest division in football, 9ers in the playoff hunt? Doubt they’ll make it but being in the hunt would be nice.

  7. Wednesday, he missed virtually all of practice with a strained lower back.
    Maybe he has the same problems as Hasselback with his back?
    back to the drawing board?

  8. Tr3pidation says:
    August 27, 2009 12:07 AM
    HardcoreVikesfan-when it was posted, it was
    “Singletary has Hill’s injured”, the word ‘back’ was left out, thus causing the confusion
    Oh… I shouldn’t use sarcasm either. I piss too many people off. (Not just here)
    Whatever, the point is that Singletary better hope Hill gets off to a good start, otherwise he might be showing off his back…. side.

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