"Big Fan" opens Friday in NYC, Philly

This Friday, an independent movie called Big Fan opens in Philadelphia and New York.

It’s a “dramedy” featuring a 35-year-old parking garage attendant with a pretty bleak life and an unhealthy obsession with the Giants, who has a chance encounter with the team’s fictional star.

Things don’t go well.

If you aren’t this guy (thank the Lord for that), then you have likely encountered him.  Often

The movie is the directing debut of Robert Seigel who wrote The Wrestler and (even more impressively) is a former editor of The Onion.  The movie stars comedian Patton Oswalt.

Inevitably, pointy-headed movie critics are going broad-brush anyone who happens to own a jersey with a player’s number on it as being a replica of Oswalt’s character.

And then they’ll explain sports fandom in general as being a terrarium for all sorts of societal ills. Then they’ll go back to explaining to us the brilliant social commentary made in Zoolander.   

But don’t let them spoil it for you.  The trailer is here.  It looks like a pretty powerful movie (said the guy who’s seen Up and nothing else in 2009).

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  1. I saw Big Fan earlier this summer at a Film Festival in Traverse City, MI. It’s a dark comedy, (not always my favorite) but this was very interesting and definitely worth seeing!

  2. “UP” was depressing. That thing was filled with nothing but tragedies in some old man’s life, so he loses his mind and does all sorts of grandiose things. They could have ended that movie with the guy coming to in a mental hospital, while wearing a straight jacket, and the entire movie would have made sense.
    Now…speaking of movies…”Inglorious Basterds” was the best dialogue I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

  3. Pretty sweet that you can clearly see Patton donning Eagles gear at the end of the trailer. ‘Atta boy, Gnats fan.

  4. I don’t know Robert DeNiro and Wesley Snipes in “The Fan” set the bar pretty high and Daniel Stern, Dan Akroyd and Keenan Ivory Wayans took it to an even higher level in Celtic Pride.
    I love Patton, indie films and the NFL but I do not have high hopes for this film. We’ll see.
    Everyone on this site should see Buffalo 66′ if you haven’t already. That is a great film.

  5. my man Scott Ferrall is in this movie. He’s the greatest radio sports host ever; Sirius Channel Howard 101 8pm-12pm.

  6. It kinda ruined it for me to find out, in his interviews about the movie, that Patton Oswalt is the complete opposite of the movie’s character- he doesn’t like sports at all.

  7. Man, butterfingers, I know what you’re talking about. Like when I saw that interview with the Harry Potter kid and found out he couldn’t actually do anything magical… took away all believability of those movies.

  8. I can identify Reno!!!
    It was kinda the same for me when I saw Florio on video for the first time.
    Before I saw what he looked like, I almost thought he was cool in like a hip sort of way.
    Totally ruined it for me after that.

  9. Ok. Clearly no one who LIVES in NYC had anything to do with that script.
    1) Celebs don’t go to dive bars
    2) You don’t get near them in the clubs unless you are known, especially mooks in hoodies and flannel. They don’t get in the front door.
    3) You NEVER insult the garage guy unless you are positive you will never park there again. You crap all over those guys and your car won’t start next time you pick it up and it costs a fortune to have a tow truck come to get it.
    4) Garage guys come from Brooklyn and, primarily, from the Bronx. I’m sure somebody from Staten Island works in a garage, but it’s not common. Lower Manhattan is the only place where it would make any sense for a person from Staten Island to work and garage attendants don’t make enough to make even that worthwhile.
    5) $5 for parking in Manhattan!!! What? Was the guy parked for 10 seconds? Man, tell me where I can find $5 parking in Manhattan!

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