Brandon Marshall officially is an idiot

We’ve been fair to Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.  When ESPN tried to smear him unfairly regarding battery charges on which he was later acquitted, we cried foul and demonstrated the serious flaws in Bristol’s reporting.

But based on this video from Wednesday’s practice, courtesy of, we are now prepared to conclude that Marshall is, in our opinion, an idiot. 

A complete idiot. 

Watch the video if you disagree.  He’s acting like a spoiled brat, knocking the ball down during individual wideout drills, punting the ball instead of handing it to the ball boys, and generally lollygagging.

So it’s no surprise that Marshall wasn’t at practice today.

As one league source recently pointed out, the Broncos should be documenting Marshall’s behavior.  They’ll need that evidence if/when they decide to suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. 

And though Marshall’s plan likely is to be disruptive without providing full-blown cause for a conclusion that he’s acting like Terrell Owens circa 2005, what we saw in that video is, in our view, enough to justify sending him home for the first four weeks of the season, at a total salary loss of $517,000.

The Broncos should do it.  They’ve got nothing to lose, in our view.  If the grievance succeeds, then they’ll pay him the salary they would have otherwise paid him anyway for being of no value to the team’s effort to win football games.

Marshall apparently also doesn’t realize that his behavior is making it even less likely that another team will pull the trigger on a trade for him.  The fact that Marshall is behaving so badly for the Broncos is more than enough to make any potential buyer beware that he might do the same thing in his new city if/when he gets a stick up butt at some point in the future.

90 responses to “Brandon Marshall officially is an idiot

  1. Please, can I have his salary? I guarantee I’ll provide more value than that video shows. And I’m a fat, slow, 35 year old that can’t jump.
    I think you are kind to call him an idiot. I think he sullies the good name of idiot.

  2. Seriously…he just sucks at life. He should be getting paid top-5 money…but now…who will give it to him.
    Really smart giving the Broncos enough evidence to build a case to suspend your ass and let you rot! Going into an uncapped year no less.
    I say the Bronx franchise this idiot and the suspend him for insubordination.
    Have a nice life Brandon.

  3. Wow…
    Well, I’m gonna make a guess and say the Broncos will not extend Marshall. He’s also an idiot because when he is FA eligible, I’m sure other teams will probably scale back their offers (unless it’s Dan Snyder or Al Davis).

  4. Wow. This guy makes T.O. look like a choir boy. This is what happens when you surround yourself with “yes people” your whole life!

  5. What an idiot, I hope they can suspend him for the whole year without pay.
    On a different note Florio, why do I have to log in every time I want leave a comment?, and yes I check the “remember me” box, it is getting very tiring!

  6. WOW, I’m not sure I have ever seen any player do anything like that. Dude is a great talent, but that is ridiculous.

  7. Amazing that this guy doesn’t get the fact that this video will ruin any chances he has of getting another team to trade for him.
    Brandon Marshall you are “Boob ‘O’ The Day”

  8. “We’ve been fair to Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.”
    Yeah you’re always fair to the turds.

  9. Does this guy really think people are going to feel sorry for him? People are losing their job left and right in this country. He gets paid to play the greatest sport in the world. QUIT YOUR F*CKING BITCHING, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, AND PLAY FOOTBALL!

  10. One of the vets need to jump this idiot, making sure helmets are off, of course. Shouldn’t be too hard to find Marshall unaware of his surroundings, helmet-less, and by himself.

  11. Im not one of those old crusty types who get mad at a guy for not always trying hard and stuff like that but that is downright childish. I was hoping the Bears could put together a trade package for him but now I don’t want him.

  12. I know its not in Denvers best interest, but I’d almost like to see them let him rot on the inactive list for a year and ruin his career. Let’s see how much he gets paid in 2010 when he hasn’t caught a football in a full year.

    This type of nonsense makes it very hard to be a Bronco fan.
    Paging Pat Bowlen. Helloooooo Pat Bowlen. Are you NOT THE OWNER HERE? Can you not gain control of this sinking ship?
    Shanny and 8-8 and missing the playoffs AGAIN never looked so good.

  14. You shouldn’t even compare this guy to TO. You don’t have to like Owens but at least he works hard. This guy Marshall is a joke. I bet all 31 other teams in the NFL are just lining up to trade their 1st and 3rd picks away for a spoiled child that cries when he doesn’t get his way.
    BTW nice title there Florio couldn’t think of anything else more becoming of a professional journalist?

  15. this guys trade value has to be going down by the day,
    1) he is quitting on his team like TO did
    2) he has character issues-isnt he in the drug program also?
    3) he is coming off injury issues..
    send him home for as long as you can, stay the course josh mcdaniels

  16. Hmmm Florio, your headline a bit much?! I don’t know too many journalists who would use the word idiot to describe their story subjects, no matter how foolish their actions may be 😉

  17. practice?
    i’m s’posed to be franchise player, and we in here talkin’ bout practice.
    how’m i s’posed to make my teammates better by practice?

  18. HAHAHAHAHA!!! You know what I find amazing? How a bunch of grown men constantly moan and complain about what another grown man does. You losers act like you pay Marshall’s salary. Me personally, I think it’s HILARIOUS… HILARIOUS I tell ya.

  19. There is hope for the world….21 responses and not one linking Marshall and the Raiders. Peter King and Adam Schein could learn from you guys…I’m so proud *sniff-sniff*

  20. marshall is a bleephole, but i cant blame him, mcdaniels is an egomaniac and a jerk and ran their chances of winning to chicago, belichick’s assistants never succeed without cheating

  21. VoxVeritas says:
    August 27, 2009 9:35 PM
    “We’ve been fair to Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.”
    Yeah you’re always fair to the turds.
    thats why you are still on this site

  22. Yeah, McDaniels has really brought a lot of great leadership and discipline to that team!
    He’ll be fired within 2 years. Nobody on the team respects the guy and he’s already blown everything to smithereens.
    Absolutely everything has been handled poorly from the moment McDaniels stepped off the airplane for the first time. Way to go, Broncos….

  23. Re: the headline.
    In related news, the sun is hot. Damn, Florio, you’re just ready to make this call NOW?

  24. Every NFL team should have a Terry Tate kinda guy on the coaching staff it would be good for the players…unless they got hurt. but only do it to the guys who act like babies, douchebags (can we still say douchebag?) pricks, lazy players and Terrell Owens. If you dont know who Terry Tate is, google that ish.

  25. This wasn’t evident when he lied about falling on the mcdonalds bag and was really wrestling with his cousin and his arm went through the entertainment set or whatever happened?

  26. If Denver never drafted marshall the confrontation that got Darrent Williams murdered would have never happened.

  27. I can’t believe some of you tools are ragging on Florio for using the word, “idiot” in the title. You guys are idiots.

  28. I agree he needs his ass kicked. That, and he should be forced to work a minimum wage job for the remainder of the year, with next year being a do-over for this year, contract wise. Let’s see how he changes his tune then. It must be real f’n hard to wake up every morning in a house that’s paid for at 24 years old, driving a paid for car and earning a check every 2 weeks that’s probably more than I make in a year. What a f’n loser. And I’m a Denver fan. Used to be a Marshall fan.

  29. That was hilarious. Did anyone else enjoy McDaniels’ attempt to be Belichickesque fall flat?
    He thought “He’s not prepared to practice” was a standoffish, Billish comment and would shut up the reporters…..and then he has to end up sounding all douchey….”We’re NAWT gon’ talk about dat!”
    Is he from Jersey?

  30. Saddest part is Brandon Marshall killed Darrent Williams.
    Maybe that’s where all this is coming from. Dude probably holds a ton of guilt since he is responsible for DWill’s death.

  31. Branded Marshturd hates being on the Bronco’s no doubt about that. They need to get rid of this cancer on this team like……..yesterday!
    If Denver ownership doesn’t make an example out of this guy and suspend him, the rest of the player’s will feel Patrick Dennis Bowlen cares nothing about the future of this franchise.

  32. Will Big Al call the Donkeys already and get this guy! Come on he’s starting to look like a Raider and Denver killer to me! Come Al go get this guy then unleash him on Denver!!!

  33. Yeah but at least he didn’t change his mind on whether he wants to retire or not! Florio would really let him have it.

  34. Hmm 1st and 3rd for Boldin or Marshall..I think I’ll take the Human Hamstring any day over this douchebaggery. And I was still pissed off about Crabtree, nice to know it is always worse somewhere else in the world.

  35. If I were a Denver fan, half of me would be concerned about losing two high quality offensive players in Marshall and Cutler.
    The other half would realize that, with a 15-17 record in the last two years, it isn’t worth keeping two divas no matter their talents.
    Better to make an example out of Marshall, let Royal develop into a #1 WR, and let Orton/Simms act as placeholder until they draft a stable/poised/non-whiny QB they can build a team around.
    Again, I’m not a Bronco fan, but I’d rather suffer horribly for a year (and be in position to draft a great QB) than suffer in mediocrity for the next 5-7 years with those two buffoons.

  36. PLEASE trade him to Oakland! I’d love to see him shut down by Champ and smacked in the mouth by Dawkins or DJ. Oh, and maybe Cable would break his jaw too!

  37. Practice? We’re talking about practice? Not a game but practice…We’re talking about practice dog…
    McDaniels is still a moron, this is just blowback from his actions

  38. You know who’s a real idiot. Mike Florio. He constantly goes on and on about anything a player does. He never mentions the things the team does to the player. He ignores that the #3 receiver in the league last year is considered the #4 receiver on the team by a new coach that has proven he is an idiot with several moves. The coach won’t start Peyton Hillis even though he has clearly out performed all healthy backs in games. He says Marshall doesn’t know the plays so Marshall has played along. It was written in the Denver Post this week that Ayers often has to be directed to his position on the field, is a rookie and somehow still a starter. The coach has lied time and again since coming to the team. Flori-ass needs to point out the things the team does too. If Marshall could just quit, I’m sure he would. But since they insist on forcing him to stay, they need show some respect to get some. American have become such sheep excepting whatever. No wonder our economy sucks and half the employees have no benefits.

  39. Sorry, have to repeate MARSHALL GOT A TEAMMATE MURDERED!!! Idiot is a massive understatement.

  40. Just another spoiled young man who believes he is entitled to anything he wants. Let him grow up somewhere else.

  41. HILARIOUS…. as a Chiefs fan I can’t wait for them to lose another pro bowler. McDaniels is in over his head…love it

  42. StevieMo:
    There is alot of leadership on that team. He is Shanahan’s guy, not McDaniels. Use your head.
    This video is going to force the issue. Full year suspension by the team w/o pay, and there will be a successful defense to the NFLPA. Brandon will then be broke between not getting paid and his large legal fees.
    This video shows him being the turd that he is. As was once reported by an unidentified announcer (from MNF): He may be the dumbest person I have ever interviewed!
    For anyone thinking he would be so much better for their team, he won’t. He has been a problem EVERYWHERE he has been.
    Watch the video again and say to yourself: He should make 9 million dollars a year. Say it again. Then contemplate it. Amazing waste of talent.

  43. Really, Brandon Marshall is an idiot? I’m guessing you’re going to tell us that water’s wet next.

  44. Let’s not get started on the Chiefs and their endless problems (unless they want to trade Cassel for Marshall).

  45. Ok, so perhaps this is an indication that there’s something wrong with how NFL contracts work. It seems to me that a player in a contract dispute who has a few years left on his contract only has one option if the team shows no interest in dialogue – disrupt the hell out of things. That’s it right? That’s the only way he can dispute it. That’s the only tool in the arsenal.
    In the real world if you have a contract dispute with your employer you can quit. Non-competes might delay you getting a new job for a year or 2 but that’s it. And most states have caps on that too.
    As long as the NFL operates in a weird crazy pixie land free of free market competition this is the type of loyalty you’ll see.
    And obviously Marshall’s sending a message that he’s done there. Yeah this is Cutler all over again. Too bad for the Donk’s they’re getting hit by lightning twice but shit happens. Is Marshall “right” or “wrong”? Who knows. That’s ultimately up for the team to decide. But this kind of bullshit would never happen if the contractual playground wasn’t so one-sided in the team’s favor.

  46. B-Marsh needs to get a clue. His “big” numbers were the product of him being the only go-to receiver on a team with a all-pro caliber QB. Love or hate J-Cut, he is a solid QB.
    These antics are are going to get him nowhere but suspended. The guy has zero class. He is a womanizer, he antagonized the fight that got D-Will killed, he’s a liar, a poor teammate, and most of all an immature boy with the reasoning of a parakeet.
    Let this guy sit at home and pout–the broncos don’t need him and no other team wants him now. The Broncos can hold the fire under his feet with the uncapped year and the ability to slap him with the franchise tag if they want to.
    Good luck B(oy)-Marsh.

  47. First Cutler now Marshall. They both want(ed) out of town. The question is why? It makes me wonder about what kind of coach McDaniels is. I know that alot of todays players are now prima donas but has McDaniels already lost control of his team?

  48. dcbronco, you probably don’t realize that Marshall probably doesn’t know the plays because he’s either pretending or not trying to learn them. He’s a turd through and through and I have no doubt the team started to disrespect him after he initiated it first. He’s proven to be a douche, so he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt here.
    Marshall and his turdish behavior would be a perfect fit for the Vikings. Childress will just say that he looked into the man’s eyes and fell in love….I mean, knew he was a good turd, not a bad one.

  49. Ha ha this is great first Cutler now this! Wow the Billicheat coaching tree is off to a great start. And it was probably Billicheat that was filming Marshall at practice. But i have not heard PFT or BSPN mention anything about how great the Billiccheat coaching tree is going. I guess if something having to do with the Patriots goes bad we don’t hear anything about it. But this is freakin hilarious! Jerruh Jones raise your video board cause Brandon Marshalls coming to town yeee haaaaw!

  50. If Brandon was well respected, McDaniels would probably have a problem.
    Indications from Denver are that the players have no problem w/ McDaniels. The two guys that did were the most selfish players on the roster. The video shows a single guy acting like a child. Everyone else seems to be ignoring him; they aren’t pissed, its like he’s a joke and doesn’t even exist (which in reality, he doesn’t).
    Don’t get rid of him. Suspend him and make him disappear.

  51. von claus…..
    i disagree with your comparison to the “real world”. sports requires contracts to keep order. imagine a sport where any player can quit their team and sign where ever, whenever they want. it would be constant chaos, and ridiculous.

  52. Marshall is to be on NFL Live on that unnamed Sports Network at 11:30 pm CST tonite 8/27/09
    Trey Wingo will interview him supposedly.

  53. @ VonClausewitz:
    Actually, he has exactly that option. Pack it up and go home, they can’t do anything to him if he does that. He won’t get paid a cent for this year, but neither would any other contractually employed worker. This is simply a case of a player not wanting to stay now that his boys in the front office have turned over. It’s really too bad, because you signed the contract.
    This is the real problem in the NFL, these players sign these contracts while they drool over the huge payday. A few years pass, and they realize they might have sold themselves up the river for one reason or another, and they want things their way again. It’s one or the other: you either play things prudently from the start, or pay the price later. Marshall should just take his arse home if he doesn’t like it.

  54. Brandon Marshall wants respect but he knows he’s a turd. Brandon will brag about some thing a normal player just does. His stats may be like Roddy White’s but that’s where the comparison ends.
    After living through the Vick/Petrino debacle, Roddy knows what it’s like to be on the short end of a meltdown. Marshall only knows what it’s like to be the one causing the meltdown. And, deep down, he knows his immature behavior is what got DWill killed.

  55. GREAT commentary. Total jerkwad-hope he gets traded then gets hurt. Royal is looking better for fantasy all the time.
    Is McDaniels even old enough to drink??

  56. As a Broncos fan, I hope they give him the Jerry Porter treatment. Let him sit on the bench for a year and see what happens to his market value.

  57. Brandon Marshall is a disgrace. I can’t wait until he is a Raider. Him and Javon can hang out in the could have been something lounge.

  58. “We’ve been fair to Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall. When ESPN tried to smear him unfairly regarding battery charges on which he was later acquitted, we cried foul and demonstrated the serious flaws in Bristol’s reporting.”
    Wow. Have you read your own reporting on Roethlisberger? You were all over ESPN for not jumping all over the story with both feet.
    Good thing you’re here to expose ESPN’s flaws. How’s Roy Williams’ shoulder?

  59. Finally, the last turd in Denver is about to be flushed. Say what you want about McDaniels, but most fans are happy that the days of the MoClos, Marshalls, et al. are a thing of the past. In case you didn’t know, every other player has bought into what McD is selling. Marshall is a petulant child – talented, yes – but an immature and selfish player that teams would be better off not having on their roster.

  60. It’s a catch 22 (IMO). There is no doubt that Marshall is very talented. If Denver suspends him nobody really wins. I don’t claim to know how (in reality) a team should deal with it (let’s face it they have invested both time and money into Marshall) but a disgruntled player can drag down the morale of a whole team if nothing is done about it. It sucks to let a malcontent (look no further than T.O.)”run the show”. I mean that a team shouldn’t be held hostage by an unhappy player, but why keep someone around (just to make an example out of him) who doesn’t want to be there. There is no value to the team (both his teammates and management) in doing that. What real good does it do? Oh I know that he should be happy just to be playing in the NFL, without question, but I would think that Denver needs to pack his bags and ship him off for whatever they can get for him and move forward.

  61. i dunno. i mean dude is top 5 receiver in the league—probably top 3. i mean, the fact that i am making the same amount as other people who suck at my job, with less experience, when i am very productive and experienced, kind of chaps my ass too. as a result, it makes me quit caring about the company i work for. viva la marshall. he’s one of the best, he’ll get paid.
    objective raiders fan that actually gets it.

  62. They disrespected Cutler and didn’t want to pay him and have you seen how great he looks in Chicago?
    Now they are disrespecting and bad mouthing B. Marsh?
    Sorry Denver fans in one off season your coaches/execs managed to get rid of your only two best players.
    For those Bronco fans that just want to “cut him” or junk him your crazy. He is all you got left…

  63. That Mcdaniels dude must be a real a-hole. This video wont hurt his chances of another team signing him. They gave Vick another chance and what he did was far worse than slacking off in practice because he thinks his coach is a lemming. This douche bag (Mcdaniels) acts like he was born into royalty or something.

  64. “dcbronco says:
    August 27, 2009 10:39 PM
    You know who’s a real idiot. Mike Florio. He constantly goes on and on about anything a player does. He never mentions the things the team does to the player. He ignores that the #3 receiver in the league last year is considered the #4 receiver on the team by a new coach that has proven he is an idiot with several moves.”
    Umm….you realize he’s number 4 on the depth chart because of HIS OWN ACTIONS, right?

  65. I like watching overpaid assbags make fools of themselves, it just cements the fact that there still no “I” in the word team, and these punks, and I’m not using the term loosely, can’t seem to figure that out.

  66. makes you wish for a return to the “gold ol’ days” when there was none of this “me first” mentality that’s so prevalent today.
    can you imagine T.O. or Marshall pulling this crap on a team with say, Jack Lambert?
    Lambert would have stuffed his sorry ass in a locker at the first sign of this garbage.

  67. marshall isnt top 3 or top 5. and with his act, he wont be top 64 anymore. ie, not starter material…
    if the broncos were in the playoffs he would pull a chad and melt down in the locker room even if they were winning at half because he was getting shut down.
    and the one guy is correct, champagne set into motion a chain of events that got someone else killed. he has zero judgment and cant defeat a mcdonalds’ bag or a woman.
    doggone video wont stop the circle act but if you throw tantrums at work you will get reprimanded and if it keeps up, get counseled repeatedly. firing isnt out of the question. these guys, especially wideouts, get mollycoddled.
    and there is a steep drop from the raiders #1 cb to their #2 cb. lighting up the raiders #2 cb is no real feat. but he hasnt lit up any raider cb.
    champagne has 104 career receptions. he isnt hof bound. i wont even say “yet”.

  68. Come on guys, we need a few more comments to put “Brandon Marshall officially is an idiot” on the top comment headlines.
    He truly deserves it.

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