Favre says there's no "schism"

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that there’s a “schism” in the Vikings’ locker room regarding the identity of the team’s starting quarterback. 

(We’ve heard merely that there’s a “faction” of players who prefer quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  But what the hell do we know?)

On Thursday, Favre addressed the report.  Per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the newest old Viking was “clearly annoyed” by the report.

He apparently would have been even more annoyed if he knew what a “schism” is.

“I don’t even know what that means, I’ve got no reaction,” Favre said. 
“I’m just doing what I can do to hopefully help this team win and just
trying to fit in.  I’m not worried about that. That’s for you guys to
have some fun with.  Once again, I have no idea what that means.  I’m
assuming it’s controversial.”  (Favre’s response reminds us of Muhammad Ali’s reaction to being called “truculent” by Howard Cosell.)

“You guys have to keep stirring the pot I guess,” Favre added.  “Somebody has to
make up a story like this.  I can assure you, I don’t think any guy in
the locker room, me included, would use that word.  We’d probably come
up with something a little different.  You guys have to come up with
something a little more locker-room related.”

Yeah, “schism” is one of those high-falutin’ words, one that only a guy who went to college (and, you know, actually went to the classes) might use.

Meanwhile, Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has reported that more than a dozen starters were not aware of any problems in the locker room, and ESPN’s Rachel Nichols (as one media source who saw the coverage tells us) disputed Schefter’s report based on her own information.

Then again, Rachel has had her face tattooed to Brett’s bum lately (no disrespect intended), so the only thing noteworthy about her report is that ESPN actually is pitting their employees against each other on the air in a non-contrived Salisbury-Clayton way.  As to Jensen’s report, it’s simply impossible to accept at face value the denials from players in the starting lineup after the sheetcake has struck the fan.

We’ve been hearing since late June that there are players on the team who want Jackson to be the starter.  And while we haven’t heard that it has risen to a high degree of rancor (Brett probably thinks that word is the name for a special kind of tractor), we’re convinced that there was, as of yesterday, an issue.

Frankly, it’s possible that these reports have galvanized (Brett really has a headache now) the team, causing them to rally around a guy who waltzed into the locker room after skipping the entire offseason program and all of training camp.

Regardless, this one hasn’t been “made up,” no matter what the guy who just got there nine days ago has to say.

65 responses to “Favre says there's no "schism"

  1. The players saying stuff like that are pissing off the fans too.
    We’re the ones who buy the tickets and merchandise that pays your salary dimwits.
    When you rip on Brett, you’re ripping on Ziggy, on Chilly, on the entire oprganization and it’s fanbase that couldn’t be more excited that he’s a Viking.

  2. Right, there’s no schism.
    – Just like you told Andrea Kremer you were “gonna miss the game” week 17 of 2006 at Soldier Field.
    – Just like you “retiring” spring 2008.
    – Just like the rumors of your unretiring were “absolutely untrue” in the summer of 2008.
    – Just like you “retiring” early 2009. You didn’t have anything left to give, after all.
    – Just like your denials that you were planning on coming back in 2009.
    – Just like your announcement just last month that you were going to stay “retired”.
    – Just like there is currently no schism in Minnesota.
    Brent, you are either a patholigical liar or suffering from extreme mental illness. You are a delusional, dysfunctional mess.
    My advice…seek professional help, and then run for political office, because you’d be perfect.

  3. RACE WARS!!!!!!
    No seriously, Ray Edwards needs to keep his trap shut. Hes nowhere near good enough at his own position to be making a stink about who he thinks is the better QB.

  4. It was probably Glenn Holt who told Schefter there was factions in the Vikings locker room for Jackson to be the starter. He probably knew he was gonna get cut and figured “what the hell, I might as well stir the pot before I leave.

  5. So let me get this straight…. When Jared Allen, Pat Williams, Madieu Williams, Antoine Winfield, Chad Greenway, Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson have all come out ON RECORD saying there is no ‘schism’ in the locker room, there’s still idiots like Adam Schefter and Mark Schlereth saying the locker room is divided and people are still believing them??? They have unnamed sources who won’t go on record and somehow that holds more weight in the press room then actual veteran, pro bowl players going on record? What a world!

  6. His name is Brett. If you’re a Packer, Bear, or Lion fan, you’re a blatant hypocrite because Daunte Culpepper and Jay Cutler have far more serious character flaws than Favre ever has or will.

  7. schism (thanks, Tiki), truculent (thanks, Tiki), rancor (thanks, Tiki), galvanized (thanks, Tiki).
    PS, if you guys want to learn about “faction,” read Federalist #10 (written by James Madison): http://www.constitution.org/fed/federa10.htm
    “By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community. There are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects. There are again two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which is essential to its existence; the other, by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, and the same interests.”
    Brett Favre’s head just exploded.

  8. Favre says there’s no “schism” in the Vikings’ locker room.
    Maybe he thought they said “Jism?”

  9. Honestly, in my seven years of College, the word “schism” never came into play. The only reason I had known it previously was due to a popular Tool song. This all reminds me of Michael Steele on NPR not understanding the word nuance, but trying so very hard to make us all believe he does–the difference, of course, is that Steele’s job is to look like he knows what’s going on, and Favre’s is to play football. Unfortunately, this matters because reporters can’t stop searching for ways to make Favre look like a dufus, after so many years of making him look like a god. Favre simply betrayed the media which made him into “Lord Favre” by making human-esque errors in judgment.
    I’m disappointed that Shefter feels the need to keep pushing this non-story, and I’m only assuming he sold out to ESPN’s journalistic standards.
    Here’s your story, with less drama:
    With Favre having joined the team, some Vikings players still prefer Tarvaris Jackson, because not only is he a hard worker, but he’s a good kid. Fortunately, these players know nothing about running a successful football team and aren’t a part of management, so it does not matter.

  10. Well of course Favre and some vikings are going to deny it. Are they seriously going to say: “Yes, its a big devisive issue in the locker room.”
    “mnmaverick says:
    August 27, 2009 8:28 PM
    When you rip on Brett, you’re ripping on Ziggy, on Chilly, on the entire oprganization and it’s fanbase that couldn’t be more excited that he’s a Viking. ”
    Good…. I’ll remember this and hold you to that level of excitement when he delivers his usual week 8 or earlier implosion.

  11. It’s called a team getting a new player. There are always going to be some people for it, some people against it, and some indifferent. Unfortunately media hounds trying to make a name for themselves will make something perfectly normal into a big story.

  12. “a high degree of rancor (Brett probably thinks that word is the name for a special kind of tractor)”
    Trust me, Brett Favre knows his tractors. At least give him that much credit. He may be a liar, and he may be a douchebag, but he knows his f-king tractors.

  13. hayward giablommi,
    Indecisiveness does not equal liar. Get over it. Maybe if he “krunked” dogs to death who lost fights you would like him better, but he is just pain old indecisive. Sorry if that gets your undies in a bundle so much. I hope you get over your “schism”. lol

  14. I will be soooooo glad when the season starts and you media dick smokes have something relevant to report on. ‘Reports out of’, ‘un-named sources’ ‘players speaking on conditions of anonymity’ are all just code for stuff you pull out of your ass to fill the page!!! It does NOT matter what the players think, there is only ONE opinion that matters and Chilly, as usual, is not saying squat. Players get paid to PLAY, not think, why do you think in college they all major in “math for Britney Spears.” SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!! You make me want to kick your head like a soccer ball Florio.

  15. Is there anyone who actually thinks that they want Favre because he gives them the best chance to win? It is a gimmick for ticket sales and nothing more. We saw what Favre has in the tank last year. It is average at best. Couple that with the fact that he hasn’t been through training camp to work on timing with his receivers.
    T Jack struggles, but at times shows great promise. At least he has worked with the team through training camp. Clearly he gives them a better chance to win. But Favre creates publicity and will sell tickets.
    So this is a “Jerry Springer” type move and nothing else. You can bet your you-know-what that the players don’t like it.

  16. And journalistic standards is one of those high falutin’ phrases of which you are ignorant. Why don’t you report what Adrian Peterson, Pat Williams, Jared Allen, and Brad Childress had to say, or what the other beat reporters said after talking to other players? Don’t be truculent.

  17. hayward giablommi says:
    What makes you think he has to, or wants to tell the media, and dimwits like you anything that is really happening? Is there an unwritten law that says sport figures have to tell the media exactly what is going to, or is happening, get your head out of your azz!

  18. Yawn…I don’t know what’s more tiresome at this point, all the Favre articles and media man crush that seems ubiquitous or you whiners who can’t give it a rest either.
    Florio, like it or not the guy is a first ballot hall of Famer and in large part this crap is made up or at least embellished. Every freakin’ Veteran who gets cut or demoted has friends who think it’s unfair and bitch about it. It happens on every team across the league. The only thing making this news is the fact that it’s Favre. The malcontents will have to suck it up the same way the Charger players did when Rivers was brought in.

  19. 47 TDs, 52 INTs.
    John Elway’s stats through his first three seasons.
    31 TDs, 58 INTs.
    Terry Bradshaw’s stats through his first three seasons.
    20 TDs, 18 INTs.
    Tarvaris Jackson through 25 games.
    I’m just sayin’.
    This idea that a QB hits his peak in 3 years is a relatively new phenomenon.
    I think it has something to do with the “fire your coach every other season” phenomenon.
    Hiring a new coach/bringing in a new QB piques interest, which sells tickets & merchandise. Change is interesting, if nothing else.
    Doesn’t necessarily win ball games, but the idea of “winning ball games” as a front office’s top priority is quaint and old-fashioned.

  20. How would Bert know what the rest of the team is thinking? He’s off in his little corner, talking only when he wants Bevell to bring the limo around. May or may not be a schism now, but there will be before the season is over.

  21. sounds to me if its true that its more about emotion than skill. No matter how many picks Favre throws or how bad he might look, he is still 10x a better qb than Jackson. Jackson wouldn’t be a starter on 90% of NFL teams. And one team where he could start just signed Brett Favre, so he is even more screwed. Face it people, love or loathe Favre, Jackson SUCKS!!!!

  22. Schefter is quickly becoming an idiot. This is the same guy who said the Plaxico BUrress situation was an “American Tragedy”
    What an a$$

  23. So, Adam Shefter takes the big pay day at ESPN and now spits the company line of “un-named sources” and makin $h!t up to cause drama.
    Now the Vikings have taken over the Cowboys spot as ESPN’s target for destruction this year. The Vikings now have to play against an NFL opponent and ESPN every week.
    The World Wide Leader in Combative Sensationalism disguised as Journalism.

  24. Relax guys. Anybody who saw the report with the responses from Favre and Jared Allen should clearly see that they were making fun of the comments by Schefter. Maybe there is a faction that would prefer to see Jackson. Maybe all will be well when the Vikes are 4-0. We’ll have to see. But, clearly this particular story shows the players were having a little bit of fun at the expense of the sports media.

  25. Of course there is no schism. There team players are behind Favre, and the rest don’t matter to his lordship. Can’t wait till this ship starts to sink late Nov and Dec.
    I just had looked up “truculent” too, so cut Ali some slack.

  26. @ Fan of Football
    Not sure why you think I am a fan of Ron the Dog Drowner. But to answer your question, no.

  27. Quote:
    I’m assuming it’s controversial.” (Favre’s response reminds us of Muhammad Ali’s reaction to being called “truculent” by Howard Cosell.)
    First off, Ali had a lot more IQ points than the subject here. And he learned how to handle Howard as did Dandy Don.
    Other that Kindred getting the quote right, he’s a washed up plagiaring hack trying to get paid for his pitiful memoirs.

  28. Your personal attacks notwishstanding, you are right, he does not have any obligation to be forthcoming with the media. I am on record as being a huge fan of Bill Belichick, and I enjoy watching him toy with the mediots.
    With Favre, though, its a very blurry line as far as whether he is telling the truth, then changing his mind, or whether he is just a cunning, conniving, manipulative narcissist. I lean towards the latter.
    Another difference is that one of the aforementioned men has held 3 franchises (to an extent 4, considering TB last year) hostage in the last 3 years. Hint: he’s wearing purple and gold this year.

  29. Oh ya, Brent Favre is a model of straight talking honesty. Every Viking fan should believe every word that comes out of his mouth.
    That is the problem with these type of stories, the players are unhappy but they have no where to go with their complaints. Chilly and Favre are the best of buds, Chilly even ran to the airport to blow Favre on the ride in. So the players air their complaints to selected reporters and the fun begins.
    Just wait till the season starts. Unless the Vikings go 16-0, the dark clouds that start forming with every loss will be an excuse to dredge this up and Klink will be going down with the ship.

  30. Man alive are you f@ucking kidding me? Florio, can you come up with something better then this? You are a damn sports writer for christ sake, start writing something that doesn’t have stupid @ss criticism attached to it.
    Football players aren’t the brightest, but I would bet my 401K that most are smarter then you and have more intellectual stuff to talk about. Its funny how you all worship Favre for the last 18 years, yet as soon as he becomes a Viking, you all bash him to no end.. Get a f@cking life people.. This site use to be fun to come to, now its like going to the circus..

  31. There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away.
    Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
    Ive done the the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing
    Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication
    Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion
    Between supposed lovers

  32. Florio is like the whore that’ll tell you “yeah, I’m a whore, but I’m a respectable whore”. Florio IS that whore. He continues to browbeat and make up stories and non-stories about Favre … every … single … day, and then in the next breath will try and tell you that he hates all the stories in the media about Favre. All the while knowing that the name Brett Favre gets more clicks on his web site and more coin in his pocket.
    Mike Florio – the “respectable” whore !

  33. “Favre says there’s no “schism”‘
    Of course there isn’t. Everyone loves me. You must.

  34. “a high degree of rancor (Brett probably thinks that word is the name for a special kind of tractor)”
    Even Brett Favre knows what ‘rancor’ means. C’mon…
    That’s the thing Luke Skywalker killed at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Fortunately, Favre does believe that a football thrown at high speed will have more effect than that leg bone jammed in the monster’s mouth…

  35. “Yeah, “schism” is one of those high-falutin’ words, one that only a guy who went to college (and, you know, actually went to the classes) might use.”
    Or, you know, high school?

  36. Its a good thing Favre doesn’t frequent this site. If he did, I’m certain he would be indignant. His acrimony would undoubtedly be discerned.
    I reckon he’d be ya’ll!

  37. @ Vox-
    I’m just glad he’s not on my team, but even if he were, I’d like to think my fellow NE’ers would have a bit more backbone then Philly fans.
    If you haven’t seen the ovation Ronny got tonight, then just wait til you do…it was reprehensible.

  38. “You guys have to come up with something a little more locker-room related.”
    ..said the guy who’s had his own locker room for the past few years. Maybe they should send someone in the real locker room.

  39. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    August 27, 2009 9:41 PM
    Football players aren’t the brightest, but I would bet my 401K that most are smarter then you and have more intellectual stuff to talk about.
    I’ll take that bet. I’ll put the winnings towards my next hamburger.

  40. Vikes-N-Favre, you must be one of those purple Kool Aid drinkers. I’ll take your bet. I’m assuming you made the bet because your 401k isn’t worth shit, just like your ridiculous thoughts.
    There’s a reason why people who appreciated Favre in the past are bashing him. He came back to play for the wrong reasons, lies through his teeth, thinks he’s bigger than the team and to top it off has eroding skills due to being 40. Yes, the guy is almost 40 and his arm is about to fall off. Not sure if you were aware or not, but he’s not 27 and coming off his MVP season.

  41. Florio should take a Ferry Boat to no man’s land. He never has a good word to say about Favre. The players have no say so regarding the quarterbacks. Favre was hired as the quarterback so be it. I am almost sure Jackson will play in some games. I can’t wait until Minnesota plays against Green Bay. That game will be sold out. Hopfully Minnesota wins. Favre is a good person, he thought he would like retirement but it did not work out. I am glad it worked out for him. I live in Chicago born and raised there but I am not following the Bears. I am following Favre. I would like to see him win the Super Bowl. He deserves it.

  42. I went to college and have a successful carreer and HAVE NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what this means…….
    You’re a lawyer..Welcome to the real world, where more than 50% of the country doesn’t know what that means….

  43. Funny how Favre is considered a country bumpkin with little intelligence. Yet, at 39 and 40 years old and perceived as being “washed-up”, he’s managed to “swindle” the Jets management outta 13 million and Minnesota management out of at least 12 million.
    If you’re a hater, I think it’s high time to begin throwing the word “genius” about, LOL!

  44. TJack will be gone next week. He’ll never be a starter in the NFL. End of story.
    Schefter & Schlereth are tools.

  45. He was actually speaking about, “Favreism”.
    Brett the Kid is the Most Wanted Man In the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan Territories so they’re busy spreading nasty rumors like teenage girls with PMS.

  46. I am truly amazed, the majority does not know the
    word or meaning of schism!!! schism means a rift in the fabric of any organisation…originated with the separation and split between the Roman Church and the Byzantine Church or as you may know it the Greek Orthodox Church. The word is
    anchored in history for a thousand years and has
    established itself in the description of : rift..separation.. discord within any organisation.
    As far as brett is concerned he may not be smarter than the rest of you, the writer Adam Schefter may be incorrect in his accusation, but at least he knows the word, ehich makes him smarter than most of you.

  47. Brett says, “Rancor? Isn’t that a monster from Star Wars when Jabba dumps Luke into that pit?”

  48. Of course there’s a schism, and if Favre really doesn’t know what that means, he’s a hell of alot dumber than I’ve given him credit for.

  49. “Funny how Favre is considered a country bumpkin with little intelligence. Yet, at 39 and 40 years old and perceived as being “washed-up”, he’s managed to “swindle” the Jets management outta 13 million and Minnesota management out of at least 12 million.
    If you’re a hater, I think it’s high time to begin throwing the word “genius” about, LOL!”
    In the land of idiots, the hillbilly with a 65 IQ is king.

  50. I thought Jared Allen had the best comment: “Schism? What are you talking about? I thought that was an STD, and they preach abstinence around here”. And then he went off to trim his mullet.
    Surely, if the Vikes’ season is a failure, the “schism” in the locker room will be the cause, because players on winning teams are all universally on the same page. Better start looking forward to next year I guess.

  51. Are you kidding me???? Enough already!
    I am NO Lord Favre fan — I hate that he’s here, especially since he missed training camp (where he might have picked up the nuances of the offense he allegedly knows so well, plus gotten to know his teammates, AND, as an added bonus, maybe learn how his receivers run their routes), and I certainly don’t think he’s the answer to our SB prayers. (His one and only SB victory was over 10 years ago.)
    When was the last time he was in the playoffs? And won? Like he’s done the last several years, he’ll run out of gas late in the season and fall on his face — or get injured.
    IF (big IF) the Vikes somehow make it to the big dance, it won’t be because of his Lordship. At this stage in his career, he’s no better than the mediocre qbacks we already had/have. The media and everyone else in the sports world just cut him slack because of his past performances — way past.
    However, seriously…who did Shefter talk to? Tavaris? Sage? I just can’t believe anyone on this football team would be lobbying for TJack. He has a few plays where there are just glimpses of what COULD be, and then in the blink of an eye, they’re gone.
    PLEASE…this isn’t reporting. This isn’t even rumor-mongering. It’s just stupid. You don’t have anything else to write about? Really?

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