Plaxico laying the foundation for a pardon?

We pointed out on Friday the possibility that receiver Plaxico Burress eventually could be pardoned by New York governor David Paterson.

More recently, Mike Freeman of made the case for a full pardon of Plaxico.

And in the wake of the player’s recent interview with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN, it sure seems as if Burress is trying to finagle a certain orange card from the ultimate powers-that-be in the state of New York. 

Burress has accepted full and complete responsibility for his actions, typically a key ingredient in justifying a pardon.  And the tears he shed on camera coupled with the Roethlisberger-style contention that the bullet that tore through his leg missed his femoral artery by only two millimeters surely were aimed at building public opinion in his favor.

But would Paterson do it?  Would an embattled chief executive whose plans to run for the office he inherited from disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer could be crumbling step in and set Plaxico free?

If Paterson ultimately opts to exit the 2010 race, a pardon would entail no political consequences.  If Paterson loses the primary (based on July polling, he trails likely opponent Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a margin of more than two to one), a pardon likewise would create no fallout.

Actually, there’s a case to be made that a pardon would actually help Paterson, to the extent that folks beyond the borders of New York City have a distaste for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose brazen, public call that Plaxico be put in the “slammer” might have rubbed folks the wrong way.  Recently, Bloomberg offered support for Paterson via quotes that arguably could be interpreted as condescension.  If the relationship between the two politicians becomes strained, we wouldn’t be shocked if Paterson decides to twist the tail of Prison Mike by setting Burress free.  

Since Burress is expected to commence his two-year term not long after his September 22 sentencing, it’s likely that a pardon would come only after Burress has served several months in prison, especially since the primary is scheduled for September 2010.

Still, we’re now inclined to think that a pardon is possible — especially if/when a governor who seems to be destined for lame-duck status officially acquires that label.   

39 responses to “Plaxico laying the foundation for a pardon?

  1. It’d be a lot more likely if he was playing for a NY team. Too bad Plax burnt that bridge. Nice move Einstein.

  2. To bad he did the crime now he has to do the time if that chucklehead Gov lets him off the people of NYC should vote to anex for NY State
    What right does a Gov have to over turn the verdict of a Grand Jury
    With everything wrong in this country I would hope that he would focus on fixing his State not letting the crybaby out of jail

  3. Ideally he gets pardoned, comes back to play for whoever NY fans hate the most and makes the game winning catch that ruins the Giants season.
    (Jets season come pre-ruined)

  4. Forget the pardon. Plax broke the law flat out and in an alcohol establishment no less! Why not split the difference and make him do a year and some probation. With good behavior that sentence should seem fair.

  5. @Krow
    Plaxico did not burn any bridges related to the only NY team. In fact, he not only never played for the Buffalo Bills, but he never even came close to playing for them.
    If you are suggesting that had he contiued to play for the New Jersey Giants that would have helped him with the Governor of New York, why do you believe that?

  6. Will Plaxico Burress spend the entire two years in prison? I don’t see that happening.
    David Paterson, Governor of New York

  7. If it was me, and I know it’s not, I’d let him serve his time for a few months and then pardon him in time for next year’s training camp. He’s dumb and lazy but not half the punk that Mike Vick is.

  8. If he gets pardoned maybe it’ll be a wake up call and he’ll stop being a douche bag NFL player. Stranger things have happened!

  9. Plax laying the foundation to deeeeeez. No matter what he’ll miss 2 seasons of football with the combination of jail time (pardon/early release) and the commish’s 1 yr ban. 2 years out of football as a receiver is a good amount so any last ditch NFL contract offers he receives won’t be worth a darn.
    Typical MSU low life.

  10. Even at lame duck status it would overshadow anything he has done and always will.
    Expect a tough on guns administration to criticize the pardon, even though they have no effect on the outcome.
    B*tch should just suck it up (literally) and do the time like everyone else.

  11. Yeah…pardon the athlete and keep up the enabling that lets these guys rarely face consequences for their actions in High School, College & the Pros.
    That will send the right message.

  12. And why not? A pardon is exactly what any regular citizen would deserve in this situation. If money doesn’t get you off, maybe some political connections will. Yeah, that’s fair.

  13. Bulls__t. He should get the same leniency any person should get. I don’t care how fair you think the law is: it’s a law. If he wants to get out, he needs to get some lawyers to overturn the handgun laws in NYC (good luck).

  14. The CORRECT thing for the govenor to do is contact Burress representatives, explain that unless he signs a long term deal with the Giant, honors the deal with good conduct and play he will commute the sentence. Yes. I think this is pretty funny.
    He is about stupid to think that conducting himself in such a manner that the Giants wanted to cut him, given his great talent, because he is such a malcontent that the Govenor would be inclined in any way to pardon him.
    Yeah, we want to pardon you so you can sign with another franchise outside of New York and possibly beat one of the New York teams.

  15. This really comes down to politics. If Paterson sees that he is in a losing battle creating a shitstorm of controversy by pardoning Burress would give him a soapbox to champion the cause of justice reform. Ironic no? Politics rather than values driving this movement. Listen the broken justice system needs to be buried and forgotten. But is a man who is motivated out of self interest the right flag bearer for this cause? Or does it even matter?

  16. on what grounds is the pardon? he broke the law, he does the time.
    if he gets pardoned, this will just fuel his ego and his thought process that tells him he is not subject to the same laws we are. he already has a superiority complex, bending to it will just fan the flames of his idiocy.
    leave him in jail. he knew what he was doing was illegal. if he didn’t, this is a good way to learn. he’s already got a reduced sentence, and now he’s angling for NO sentence?
    what a douchebag.

  17. he was man enough to carry a firearm, so hes gotta be man enough to take his punishment. i don’t feel bad for him, its easy to stay out of jail.. DON’T BREAK THE FRIGGIN LAW! best of luck mumbling yourself to sleep plax

  18. All of you who say he’s a douche for not wanting to go to jail are idiots. Of course he doesn’t want to sit in the slammer as his window to play in the NFL winds down.
    If you were locked up and had the platform to try to get your sentence reduced, you obviously would as well.
    Don’t get me wrong, Plax is definitely, definitely a douche. The fact that he doesn’t want to be in jail–which nobody does–just doesn’t make him more douche-y.

  19. Let’s just keep lowering the bar for these idiots!
    If i’m not mistaken, it’s a 3 year minimum for his offense… so I thought that 2 years was the plea deal? Why would he be receiving a pardon? Is everyone else in prison for the same offense going to receieve a pardon?
    And of course he says he’s sorry, who doesn’t when they’ve been caught? He’s sorry that he got caught… that’s what he’s sorry for!

  20. he should be pardoned, right to bear arms motherf*cker!
    sean taylor might be still be alive if he was able to pack heat…

  21. @ Tim Biakabutuka
    i am all for the right to bear arms, even though I do not (yet) own a gun. But those are two completely different scenarios.
    My suggestion is, go to NYC and cap yourself in a public place. Then, see if the governer will personally pardon you, and please let us know how that turned out once you’ve served your 3-4 years in prison.

  22. Tim B,
    You are an idiot:
    1) We have the right to bear arms just as we have the right to free speech. BUT with both rights come RESPONSIBILITIES! You can carry a gun in NY, you just have to get the permit. You can say what you want, but you “can’t yell fire” in a crowded theater.” Plax knew this: he has a license in FL to carry a gun (that was expired at the time).
    2) Sean Taylor was shot while in a house. He could very easily and legally had a gun in the dresser, under his pillow, etc. and didn’t. He’s not dead b\c of a gun control law.
    For the record, I have a concealed carry permit, think gun control laws don’t stop gun crime and the law/sentance used to prosecute Plax was never intended to be used against someone like him. He had no criminal intent and was merely stupid, not violent.
    Unfortunatley idiot remarks like yours only fuel the fire of gun control nuts.

  23. WTF! This is not a game of Monopoly where you can have a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.
    Why should this P-O-S get any preferential treatment?
    Serve your time Burress. You effed up, now it’s time to pay the piper.

  24. Gov. Patterson of the good state of New York knows something about a pardon. He asked for public forgiveness just to get his job. The former Gov. Spitzer was caught in a prostitution scandel and then Patterson took over. One of the first things that he asked the public and officials to do was forgive him for his own moral failings. He had a long standing extra marital affair with a staff member……..and so it goes in New York.

  25. Florio – you clearly don’t understand NY politics. Think of how the mafia operates and you understand exactly how BOTH parties operate in NY (Yeah, kiddies, there is a Republican party in NY and it’s alive and well in upstate NYS. Burned it’s monopoly on Long Island by bankrupting Nassau County, but that’s another story). Paterson, could be destroyed in the primary, but if he plays the roles of the “good soldier” and accepts his fate, he’ll be back in politics within a year. And he’ll win a local Senate seat or be appointed to some cushy post. He’s a democrat, so he doesn’t dare piss off the NYC democratic party or his career is dead. Twist Bloomberg’s tail? Smart move!!! Then, every person Paterson ever runs against has Bloomberg’s billions available to run 24/7 slander ads against Paterson. Brilliant! The guy couldn’t be elected dogcatcher! No, no pardon for Plax unless Paterson wants to commit career suicide. Why would he do that for aging WR who lives in Jersey, doesn’t play for a NY team, and his best days are behind him? What’s the payoff for Paterson? Trust me, as a NY politician ALL he thinks about is what the payoff is. Plax has nothing to offer Paterson, so he won’t get anything from him.

  26. What PB got – should have been what Stallworth got – and visa versa. Its clear the mayor used PB for political purposes. His anti-second amendment crusade forced the DA to wrongfully prosecute a criminal case. There was no crime. No victims. What pray tell is it that makes the N.Y. public any safer than the public in any other state by a 2-year incarceration? Let’s see – is it Phila., Chicago and N.Y. with the highest murder rates in the industrial world? Here in Raider-land, a prominent state official about a year ago set a program for collecting guns. He max’d out in less than a day. 2000 weapons! Of all kinds!
    Around here most of the guns discharged are pointed at a person. A day doesn’t go by without a murder of a teenager or a driver or a innocent pedestrian. Only a shot heard round 5th Avenue.
    In the Stallworth case the victims were permitted to be compensated. In this case, who can PB compensate? The answer to this question highlights this farce of justice.

  27. What Plax did was STUPID. 2 years of going to high schools across the nation telling the youth to not be stupid is a suitable punishment. Humble Pie is good for the soul. Vick needed to stay broke and in jail for his pre-serial killer actions.

  28. Why should he be pardoned?
    Prolly because he isn’t a criminal. He broke a law, not a criminal… there is a difference.
    Have you even seen the E:60 report? If he wasn’t Plaxico Burress… he probably wouldn’t have even been charged. No one knew. It wouldn’t have even been a big deal if the media wouldn’t have reported on it.
    So screw your “special treatment” because if he would have been me or you… no one would have even come after him.
    Plus, this is exactly why jails are overcrowded. Because they try to send people to jail for 2 YEARS for being stupid… making not enough room in prison for REAL criminals.
    So THAT is the problem with this country, not people like Plax getting pardoned.

  29. WTF? What is wrong with you NBC?
    A pardon on what basis, he’s a talented NFL player?
    You are making fools of yourselves with this crap.
    this site gets worse by the day.

  30. the good governor of the state of new york is throwing around the race card lately,check it out.
    the governor feels that the media is out to get him because he’s black.
    with the governor’s paranoia in play,i could see him pardoning buress to get back at his

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