Vikes dump Glenn Holt

I got an e-mail earlier today from a reader who pointed out that the Vikings reportedly had cut receiver Glenn Holt.

My response?  “Who in the hell is Glenn Holt?”

As it turns out, he’s a fourth-year wideout who spent three seasons with the Bengals.  Cincinnati opted not to use a restricted free agency tender to hold his rights for a fourth year, so he signed with the Vikings.

Holt actually started two games last year for the Bengals, appearing in 15 due to his role on special teams as a kick returner.  He signed with the Vikings before Percy Harvin was drafted, and on the surface the move suggests that Harvin will indeed have a major role in the return game.

The Vikings recently have now announced the move, and the thing that caught our eye was the absence of another move aimed at filling Holt’s spot on the roster.  It makes us wonder whether the Vikings are finalizing an effort to improve the corps of pass catchers who’ll be available to quarterback Brett Favre.

Marvin Harrison is the most obvious candidate, but we still think he wants much more than any team would be willing to pay.  (That said, the Vikings as of last week still had more than $6 million in cap space.)

So how about Matt Jones?  Tom Curran pointed out a week or so ago that the 2005 first-rounder’s second chance could be coming in a week or so, and I’ve suddenly got a feeling that the bookend to the release of Holt could be — emphasize the “could be” — the arrival of Jones.

It’s all rank speculation, admittedly influenced by the fact that the guys at WHBQ in Memphis asked me an hour or so ago why Matt Jones doesn’t have a job in the NFL.

Given the fact that Glenn Holt had a job in the NFL until this morning, it seems odd that no one is giving Matt Jones a chance to show what he can do, especially since he had a pretty solid season in 2008 with the Jaguars.  

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  1. Glenn Holt = decent kick returner who has 1 or 2 KR TDs in his career. As a WR he is 4th string at best (or apparently not even that good) but as a KR he is decent.
    Matt Jones = has off field problems. Glenn Holt = does not have off field problems (although he’s not good enough to stick with CIN or MIN).

  2. Matt Jones would fit perfectly in Minnesota. He can hangout with Percy Harvin after games and I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

  3. Holt had no chance of making the final roster after the team drafted Harvin and Jaymar Johnson and your WV boy Darius Reynaud out preformed Holt in camps.

  4. The Vikings paid Favre 12 million to play for them this year…obviously they have no problem overpaying for washed up vets.

  5. “why not Matt Jones?”
    Umm, maybe because nobody wants to give him a guaranteed 1 year contract by signing him now and having him on the roster before the 1st game of the season??

  6. Cap space is becoming a thing of the past as most teams have more cap space then actual cash. This is why Brent’s contract was structured the way it was. The Vikes are a little strapped for cash. I don’t think Harrison is going to take delayed payments.

  7. Percy Harvin, Tavares Jackson and Matt Jones on the field at the same time would make for some interesting Wildcat combinations
    Jones has college QB experience, Jackson is a better than average athlete aside from being a QB, Harvin can play WR or RB.
    It would be a good way to spell Favre and Adrain Peterson

  8. Your memory is going Florio. I don’t even have to look it up to know that you wrote a small article titled “Vikings add Holt” when Tory Holt was available.

  9. Hmmmm….I dunno Florio. This one sounds like a major stretch. I think the Vikings are happy with their current group of receivers.
    Besides, don’t you think Matt Jones would just create another “schism” in the locker room?

  10. Or the Vikings let him go now, without a replacement in mind, to give him a chance to land with another team.

  11. Well, right or wrong the Vikings feel good about their receivers. It would be surprising to see them add a Harrison or Jones.

  12. Why would the fact that they haven’t brought anybody else in catch your eye?
    It’s time to start trimming the fat off of rosters to get them down to 53 players….

  13. hey Mike, you might want to to a look at the Vikings WR corps, Holt was on the bottom of the list.
    Bernard Berrian
    Syndey Rice
    Percy Harvin
    Bobby Wade
    Jaymar Johnson
    Darius Reynaud
    scrub #1
    scrub #2
    scrub #3
    Glen Holt

  14. Maybe because teams are getting tired of dealing with players with bad character issues. Besides you get Harvin and Jones on the same team and they would be “dehydrated” or “sick” all of the time.

  15. Unfortunate for Glenn. I thought he did a good job of covering punts, but sadly enough, he wasn’t brought here to cover punts. Hopefully someone picks him up.
    Don’t want Matt Jones, or his coke habit. There is a reason why the Jags let him go.

  16. I feel cheated, I clicked on this link because I thought “Vikes” actually read “Vick” and I was really hoping to get an update on his day. The last I heard he went to the bathroom at the courthouse in Virginia like 10 minutes ago and I was wondering what he’s been doing since then.

  17. I liked Glenn Holt when he was with the Bengals. He was a pretty good kick returner and a tough WR. He reminded me of Kevin Walter back when no one knew who he was either. He could add good cheap depth to any team. Maybe he was slow to learn the Vikes system.

  18. Could it be that Glenn had a schism –
    He should have deleted Shefter’s number from his call log

  19. Holt was purely a KR that they didn’t feel they needed. This isn’t some scheme to get the gunslinger in there for the intslinger to throw to.
    The Vikings are fine at WR.

  20. The Vikes have talked all preseason about how happy the are with the development of WRs Jaymar Johnson & Darius Reynaud. If they do decide to fill the spot (right before before the first round of cuts), it won’t be with a WR.

  21. Not sure this necessarily points at Harvin being a return guy at all. Jaymar Johnson has been getting time at returning punts and he’s looking pretty good.

  22. “the guys at WHBQ in Memphis asked me an hour or so ago why Matt Jones doesn’t have a job in the NFL.”
    collusion !!

  23. Matt Jones might be worth a shot. Maybe he’s smart enough to clean himself up. He did show some promise, big frame, good hands and really good speed. Maybe he should call Cris Carter and ask for some rehab/career tips. But, they should not ever overspend on a player (Harrison) that was once great and now would probably be best sitting on the couch on Sunday. Hmm, maybe somebody should have told them that before Chilly called Favre…

  24. I would welcome Matt Jones to the all mighty Vikings. Guy is about as quick as they come…soft hands too……HOLLA
    GO VIKES 2009/2010!

  25. I’ve never seen a link more uninteresting than “Vikes Dump Glenn Holt”.
    and yet, for some reason I clicked on it. And the post was surprisingly interesting. FLORIO IS THE MAN!

  26. The Vikings dumped Holt as they have 2 good young WR’s in Jaymar Johnson and Darius Reynaud. I don’t see them signing another WR.

  27. 1. It’s pretty bad you’ve never heard of Glenn Holt. It’s kind of your job.
    2. The Vikings cutting Holt is not necessarily a precursor to another move at this point in the year. Lots of teams dump guys at random times for all kinds of reason. The Miami Dolphins are have 70 players – TEN under the current roster limit. Teams just cut guys as they choose to rather than doing it all at the cutdown days.

  28. Chilly is probably holding a place for Hank Baskett in case the Eagles cut him. Wonder if Kendra will get a chauffered ride from the airport?

  29. Jones was on pace for something like 80 catches and 1000+ yards last year before he was suspended… and he was doing that in Jacksonville’s run-happy offense. The guy is hardly washed-up, and he’s got far more talent and can have a far bigger impact than other guys who were given second chances like Micheal Vick.

  30. Funny, you don’t see the NAACP or Tony Dungy lobbying to get Matt Jones a job. Jones admitted his crime, faced his punishment… nice double standard there by the media on a guy that is pretty darn talented.
    Seriously though, isn’t it about time the NAACP went the way of the square wheel? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People… just the name alone is a relic of the past. Colored People? Does that mean they should defend the hispanics and asians, too? I got a pretty nice suntan going for me right now, am I covered? And what about their prime objective? The advancement of colored people…. folks… we got us a colored people in the White House! You can’t advance much further than that! Let’s be done with this race crap once and for all and let people’s actions stand for themselves. No more NAACP, no more affirmative action, no more white weddings or black Fridays! Can’t we all just … get along?

  31. Rev. Al Dungy was on his way to Minny to argue his case for Matt Jones then he found out Jones was a white guy !

  32. Sign Matt Jones now, he can party with McKinnie to learn the fine art of skull bashing or he can drive the love boat or roll joints with Percy, he’s a perfect fit. or is it misfit

  33. This Holt character has to be pretty bad if he cannot make the vikings roster with their really bad set of receivers.
    No viking was in the top 50 in the NFL in receptions last season.
    You never heard of any of them.
    Some guy named Bobby Wade who is on his third team was their leading pass catcher last season.
    You have to wonder who Brett Favre can throw to on that pathetic team!
    If you still had Turd Watch, Harvin would leading for ROY. You only hear of him for the wrong reasons.

  34. guys, calm down. i’m sure the “who the hell is Glenn Holt” was completely tongue-in-cheek.
    i’m with the poster who mused at the success of possibly adding Matt Jones. When you have Percy, Tarvaris, AP, and (possibly) Matt Jones, you have a lot of weapons who can play multiple positions. It would be the wildcat gone berserk.
    If Vick can get a second chance, i don’t see why Jones can’t. Maybe Jones should call Dungy to pimp him to a new team…… oh wait

  35. The sad thing about all this Matt Jones speculation is that if he did actually end up in Minnesota, he’d instantly be the #1 WR on the roster.

  36. This must have something to do with the big schism Favre created. The only question left is whether or not Holt was in the Sage or TJack camp and of course how this all relates to Matt Jones, which Florio already covered.
    My guess is that Favre asked for Holt to be removed from the team, as all roster moves are his to make from here on out. Perhaps they are making room for Tyler Thigpen.

  37. You want to talk about “schism”? How about the fact that Tavaris transferred from Arkansas because he couldn’t beat out who for the starting QB gig? Yeah – Matt Jones! That would be pleasant.
    Again with the making it up as you go along. But I’ll keep reading – I can’t stop.

  38. You want to talk about “schism”? How about the fact that Tavaris transferred from Arkansas because he couldn’t beat out who for the starting QB gig? Yeah – Matt Jones! That would be pleasant.
    Again with the making it up as you go along. But I’ll keep reading – I can’t stop.

  39. I can tell you why Matt Jones doesn’t have a job yet:
    The NAAWP hasn’t lobbied for him yet, or held any demonstrations in support of him.
    The media–flock of birds swooping in mindless unison that they are (you included, MoFlo)–have ALL, UNANIMOUSLY decided that “everybody deserves a second chance”…
    (unless, of course, you are a white male, or unless you accidentally disharge a gun in the epicenter of liberal facism run amok).
    And, if you DON’T think everybody deserves a second chance, and that that chance should be an immediate re-elevation to the top of the social/financial totem pole, then you’re a bigot and a racist and ignorant and hard-hearted hard-headed and unforgiving and un-Christian and immoral and self-righteous and dumb.
    Even Young Jeezy can tell you that.
    Plus, Matt Jones doesn’t have Tony Sanctimony lobbying for him.
    Matt Jones doesn’t have the “brotherhood” of the NFL lobbying for him, either.
    He doesn’t have the benefit of every media mouthpiece/outlet lobbying for him ad nauseum, all driven by their own white-skinned bleeding heart liberal guilt, and the need to pander to minorities to *prove* how compassionate and color-blind they *really* are.
    I mean, it’s not like Jones planned, schemed, funded, operated, oversaw, and participated in an inter-state dog-fighting and gambling ring which involved guns and drugs and that tortured, mutiltated, and butchered hundreds and hundreds of “man’s best friends”, all for the sheer sadistic “sport”, pleasure, and profit of it, right?
    I mean, he never went all Jeffrey Dahmer on a bunch of dogs or anything, did he?
    I mean, it’s not like he LIED to his coach, owner, the public, and the commissioner, right?
    But worse–Jones actually did a few lines of coke.
    And then, later, drank a beer on a golf course–and for that reason alone he should be SHUNNED by the NFL community!!! There’s NO coming back from that. Someone should go all Jeffrey Dahmer on HIM!!
    Thank God we have heroes like Mike Vick and Michael Jackson to help light the way for us, as we stumble down this morally treacherous path of life.
    Without them, who would we look up to? Who would be our heroes and our role models?
    Meanwhile, scumbag whiteys like Matt Jones should be ASHAMED for even momentarily taking the attention away from a man like Saint Vick!! (the modern day Saul, on the road to Dascus)
    How DARE he!?!?!?
    F*ck you and your white skin and your beer can and your golf course Matt Jones!! Who needs you?!?!

  40. Bob Nelson –
    According to you, it shouldn’t matter who the Vikings receivers are.
    We have “The Greatest Person On The Planet In The Last 2000 Years” as our quarterback.
    Oh, but then again, he’d never play for the Vikings, right?

  41. Hydra
    I saw in an earlier post in another string you were hoping Hawk gets traded. You think they should keep Poppinga and lose Hawk?
    I know Poppinga had a decent game last week & I know Hawk got that deer in the headlights look quite a bit last year but still….

  42. That’s what I like about this site. Good ol folks like Dewey, Ragnar and a few others that have a nice way of sugarcoating everything —-

  43. Why would the Vikes go after a has been or a semi good problem child, when they could dump off one of their QB’s to Denver for an upset problem child like Marshall and have a young definite number 1 WR. Travaris is better than Orton everyday of the week. Both teams upgrade and it improves Chlli’s chance to keep his job at years end.

  44. Harrison or Jones would be great additions.
    Final cuuts are no concern. They have at least 3 or 4 receivers no better than Holt who are still on the roster.

  45. Matt Jones deserves a second chance. If this offseason has tought football fans anything it’s that if a guy is good enough to play professional football he will find a team that will take him regardless of his past transgressions off the field. With that being said the UFL is still hiring.

  46. But seriously Matt Jones is a super freak athlete with size and speed. If Florio wasn’t just making this up I might actually be exited about the prospect of him joining the Vikings.

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