Bart Scott says he meant no offense to Harbaugh

As it turns out (surprise, surprise), Brett Favre isn’t the only college-educated football player who ain’t all that bright.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott recently declared that former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan was the real head coach of the team in 2008, despite the words “John Harbaugh, Head Coach” stenciled onto one of the doors at the team’s facility.

And now that Scott is being criticized for his comments, he’s claiming that he didn’t intend to disrespect Harbaugh.

“Look, I went to war with Coach Harbaugh and that team, so there is
nothing bad to say about him or the organization
,” Scott said, per the Baltimore Sun.  “I
didn’t say anything bad about them when I was there or when I left
because those guys gave me an opportunity.  To disrespect Coach Harbaugh
goes against everything I stood for when I was there and everything I
stand for now.”

It doesn’t quite mesh with the import of Scott’s words from Monday:  “[Ryan] was the head coach of [the Ravens] last year,
whether you guys know it or not.  He kept that team
together.  The defense leads that team over there, and he controls the

Sometimes it’s better to just apologize for saying something disrespectful, rather than to pretend that what was said didn’t constitute disrespect.  Frankly, the tends to compound the insult.

18 responses to “Bart Scott says he meant no offense to Harbaugh

  1. It was great last year when he led that Ravens defense to 3 straight losses to the Steelers!!

  2. What he probably means is that the team leaders who control the team – players like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Suggs are all defensive players. And Ryan “controlled the defense”.
    His words arent a stretch nor do I view it as a diss on the head coach in this context. Much to do about nothing.

  3. Damn I hate that “I hate went to war” crap.
    Let me know when they replace the football with a live grenade and running backs tape bombs to their bodies then you can call it war. Clueless professional athletes.

  4. Bart Scott is an idiot and a has been! He’s a talker and likes to hunt for the mic on the sideline. I could kick his a__ one on one! Bring it!

  5. Every single defensive player on the Ravens in 2008 considered Rex Ryan their head coach. Even the ones still in Baltimore in ’09 did in ’08. I guarantee that those players that played D for Rex Ryan would run through a wall for him, I am not sure the same can be said about Harbaugh. Again, enough with the High School girls gossip stories. Suggs essentially said the same thing as Scott on XM Radio’s Shade 45 about a week ago.

  6. He’s a douche. Somehow, the Ravens defense will manage to be just as good without Scott and Ryan.

  7. Cleveland Sucks aka Philly Sewer Rat1 says:
    Bart Scott is an idiot and a has been! He’s a talker and likes to hunt for the mic on the sideline. I could kick his a__ one on one! Bring it!
    Ok, internet tough guy, why don’t you go down to the Jesters practice facility and see how that works out for you.
    I’m no fan of this assclown either, but give me a friggin break

  8. I don’t understand your comment regarding Favre, he seems smart not to attend training camp and then get a $10million dollar contract. I guess I would have to accept the fact that you are smart, not because your a lawyer but that you fooled the fools at NBC to purchase this site.

  9. Gopher,
    Perfect. Favre is so stupid that he got an NFL team to guarantee him $12million this season even though he has a partial tear in his shoulder. It pays to be stupid doesn’t it?

  10. I agree with gopher. Most of this site is you trying to write a think piece about the NFL. Mostly NBC pays you to just take out your vent up frustration at people who are more successful than you. or does that don’t hire you like ESPN.
    You’re just a biased ass clown, you have a love for Jay Glazer, a hate for Favre, the Jets , Rex Ryan and ESPN. Just report NFL news.
    And an FYI, Bart Scott is trying to go a 360 just to kill the situation before it gets worse . it will die shortly because of all the Sanchez Hype.
    And funny thing why aren’t you seeing any baltimore players running to the the defense of John Harbaugh “Head Coach”

  11. Maybe Bart Scott isn’t the story here at all, but could a D vs. O schism be brewing in Baltimore like Chicago saw 25 years ago?
    Like the Ravens today, the Bears were a completely defense oriented team with a fiery coach in Buddy Ryan, and in 1985 the competition between the units and coaches worked to produce some awesome football. But by 1986, Ditka and Ryan both had such inflated egos that one team could not contain both “geniuses”, and this discontent directly led to play on the field that didn’t come close to expectations. Super Bowl run ended at just 1 trophy.
    Baltimore in for a similar fate?? Or maybe they are not a good enough team to suffer these problems of success?

  12. Forgot to mention the fun and obvious link between these stories: Rex Ryan is, of course, the son of Buddy Ryan.

  13. “Every single defensive player on the Ravens in 2008 considered Rex Ryan their head coach. Even the ones still in Baltimore in ’09 did in ’08.” — Seeryer
    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon you. What a valuable resource you are. Since you have access to the entire roster and have polled them about their opinions I was hoping you could let me know what they think about the new Madden10? Really looking forward to your report on this.

  14. hey alberto40907 if bart scott is doing a 360 then he’s dumber than we thought.

  15. Bart Scott probably just realized that he left a perennially strong defense and contender for perennial mediocrity with New York’s minor-league football team, and now he’s lashing out like a little child.
    I notice that Jim Leonhard wasn’t so quick to jump on Harbaugh. What gives?

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