Broncos can't send Marshall home with pay

Some of you have suggested that the Denver Broncos should take a page from the Jon Gruden/Andy Reid playbook and send disgruntled receiver Brandon Marshall home, with pay.

Gruden did just that with receiver Keyshawn Johnson during the 2003 season, giving Keyshawn an extended vacation after repeated clashes between player and coach.

Two years later, the Eagles followed a four-game unpaid suspension of receiver Terrell Owens with a suspension for the rest of the year, with pay.

Though Keyshawn didn’t fight his paid vacation, the grievance filed by Owens included an attempt to force the Eagles either to let Owens back in the building or cut him loose.

The effort failed.

And so, when it was time to work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement after the 2005 season, the NFL Players Association slipped into the new deal language prohibiting teams from sending players home with pay.

Here’s the relevant language from the provision in the current labor contract permitting maximum discipline of a four-game suspension without pay:  “This maximum applies without limitation to any deactivation of a player in response to player conduct (other than a deactivation in response to a player’s on-field playing ability), and any such deactivation, even with pay, shall be considered discipline subject to the limits set forth in this section. The Non-Injury Grievance Arbitrator’s decision in Terrell Owens (Nov. 23, 2005) is thus expressly overruled as to any Club decision to deactivate a player in response to the player’s conduct.”

So while the Broncos can sit Marshall down for maximum suspensions of four games at a time in response to conduct detrimental to the team, the Broncos cannot pay him to stay out of their hair.

23 responses to “Broncos can't send Marshall home with pay

  1. Trade him to the Raiders. I can’t think of a worst punishment than that. Then again, they play in the same division, so maybe a trade to the Lions, Bengals, or Browns would be more feasible.

  2. This just shows how stupid the current CBA is. If any “normal” person acted like that at work he would be fired on the spot.

  3. This reminds me of suspending a bad kid in school. A bad kid doesn’t want to be in school and this diva doesn’t want to be in camp.
    So, let’s give him exactly what he wants – and pay him to boot?
    If you want to punish him make him sit in camp (or run laps) while NOT getting paid!
    I’m sure that the people in Denver are regretting getting rid of Shanahan.

  4. I can’t believe the league ever agreed to this. Can they take him with them to games and not dress him? Like, make him the 6th WR on the depth chart? Hell I would make him ASSistant to the towel boy or something sweet like that.

  5. That sucks for football fans everywhere. We have to watch jerk-off crybabies like Brandon Marshall pout and moan like a four year old that he’s only making millions instead of millions upon millions to play a game (for a very respectable franchise nonetheless) that I try to play any chance I get for free. Sometimes I honestly wish talent did not trump integrity in the NFL and they would get rid of all the prima donna receivers like Marshall and Owens but it won’t happen as long as there are still desperate teams out there.

  6. milehiclown,
    Yeah, put him on special teams…then you’re basically playing 9 against their 11. One guy who WON’T do anything (Marshall) and one guy who CAN’T do anything (the punter). The Broncos have bad coverage teams already, they would get TORCHED if they did that.

  7. The coach is irrelevent. These are just the actions of an ignorant, immature, and selfish player who’s putting himself and his contract above the team.
    Just bench him for the season. I wouldn’t put him on special teams because a half hearted effort in that department gets people hurt and allows big plays for the other team to happen. Just bench him for the entire season and let him waste a year of his career.

  8. I’m sure most of you are smarter than me, so I’ll ask a question. WHY can’t the Broncos force him to stay home as long as they are paying him? What is the reasoning behind this in the CBA? This is the same situation when McNair was banned from the Titans training facility. How does it infringe upon the athlete’s ability to do his job if they are paying him anyway?

  9. Regret getting rid of Shanahan? Are you kidding me? Shanny is the one that turned these guys into the cry babies. Cutler and Marshall are all about one color and it isnt Orange. Its Green. Why? Because of all the $$$$ Shanahan tossed to old guys who couldnt play anymore. It breeds a culture of GREED.
    Shanahan created this mess. Josh McDaniels is repairing it.
    Bronco Fans: Dont give up hope. Your team is being built the proper way. Not bringing in old Vets on Defense that cant play anymore, but building a young team that you can watch grow right in front of your eyes.
    Josh McDaniels will build a winner in Denver. Count on it.

  10. The owners need an unwritten law about not picking up other teams problems…unfortunately most would sell their souls for a Super Bowl win so someone will pick him up.

  11. Who wants to pay the clown to sit? And why would ANY team want to pay a guy when they could NOT pay him?
    Besides, the guy has admitted to not learning the playbook. That IS play related and they CAN deactivate him for it.
    Also, Mike, you may want to check the rule again and confirm the part about four games at a time. I thought it was four games per season total.

  12. It’s too bad Buffalo wouldn’t make a trade for Marshall. Now that would be interesting to watch, Owens on one side and Marshall on the other, both on the field and off!

  13. I agree on putting him on the bench and even on the practice squad.. make him waste a year.. although it would hurt most if he would just be on the sidelines benched watching the game. This has nothing to do with McD.. its just about the money.
    Still McD is an ass for letting Cutler go.

  14. So they can’t send him home with pay. Don’t. And, don’t activate him for ANY games this year. Put him on the scout team. Or change his position to defensive tackle.

  15. McDaniels inherited a mess in Denver. They’re not going to be a winner this year. I feel bad for Kyle Orton. The Bears will be missing him this year.

  16. A perfect example of what is wrong with Unions today. Unions protect those they shouldn’t, at the expense of the entire group. Marshall should be told by the UNION-who would be wise to try and upgrade their image, especially now-to stop the crap and behave. Instead, they fight everything and give the rest of the players a black eye. Pathetic.
    This, coupled with ass kisser Goodell, is making me move away from the NFL.
    I applaud the Broncos and I’d play him on every special team and if he doesn’t put forth the effort then cut him/suspend him whatever……

  17. smartest thing to do would be to just put him as 4th string and never play him.
    nothing pisses off a prima donna more than being bottom of the depth chart and not being able to play. then he’ll have no stats, stardom, or tv exposure. eventually he’ll be forgotten.
    maybe then he’ll learn a lesson?

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