Chargers got a steal in Rivers deal

Earlier this week, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers finally got his long-term contract.  The negotiations commenced in earnest after Giants quarterback Eli Manning cashed in with a six-year extension.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune has the numbers on the Rivers deal.

Rivers will make $38.15 million in guaranteed money and as much as $98.25 million over the next seven years.

That’s more guaranteed money than Manning, but Manning’s contract has a base value of $106.9 million over seven seasons.

Our response?  Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith should be wearing a ski mask for the next month.

Though Eli has a Super Bowl win under his belt, does anyone dispute the reality that, if Rivers had been the quarterback of the 2007 Giants, Rivers would have a Super Bowl win, too?

We know what you’re thinking now.  Could Rivers have pulled off the front end of the Shawshank Reception? 

Here’s the reality.  If Rivers had been the Giants’ quarterback, he wouldn’t have needed a memorable escape (and a helmet-aided catch) to secure the victory, because the Giants wouldn’t have been playing from behind.

Rivers has generated far better career numbers, despite having a supporting cast that doesn’t measure up to the Giants’ rosters in the days before Plaxico Burress sent a bullet through his thigh.

If you don’t believe us, compare the week-by-week performances of the two players this year. 

We predict that, eventually, the numbers will show that the Giants paid too much — and that the Chargers got a real bargain.

63 responses to “Chargers got a steal in Rivers deal

  1. Wow, Rivers is better Eli.
    I bet you had to dig deep for that revelation Florio.
    All these Giants fans think Reese is this big genius, meanwhile forgetting that the Accorsi regime drafted most of their players and built the team that won the SB.
    Making Eli Manning the highest paid player in NFL history – especially with no Plax and Toomer to cover up for his terrible throws – does not say genius to me.

  2. You just realized that Eli Manning isn’t as good as everyone makes him out to be? Really? I thought this was supposed to be a football site.

  3. ummmm…
    “Here’s the reality. If Rivers had been the Giants’ quarterback, he wouldn’t have needed a memorable escape (and a helmet-aided catch) to secure the victory, because the Giants wouldn’t have been playing from behind.”
    Really? That’s the “reality”? See, I though reality was something that actually happened.
    Rivers got his shot against the Patriots the week before, that’s reality. Tom Brady threw 3 picks that game.

  4. If memory serves me, Rivers was hobbling around one one leg during the playoffs that year, so was ineffective.

  5. You can’t compare the two. Totally different teams, and the situations would be different. NY is NY, San Diego is well…. San Diego. There’s a lot more pressure in NY with the media and all. Plus, with San Diego’s running game I think my grandma would put up descent numbers.

  6. If memory serves me Plaxico was hobbling on one leg and the Giants running game was ineffective in the playoffs.
    Florio did you forget that the Chargers were predicted by most “experts” as superbowl contenders every year because they had more talent than the Giants who were predicted to finish last in the division? Despite all that Eli won a superbowl and Rivers hasn’t. Rivers has played with the best TE and RB in the NFL and one of the best defenses also. Do you honestly believe Rivers would be able to handle the media in New York??

  7. First of all you turd, Jerry Reese’s draft class came up huge that year when they needed them to. Accorsi got a superbowl ring for that year because he built the team, but Reese couldn’t have done a better job adding finishing touches.
    As far as River’s career numbers go, look at the division he plays in. He plays six games against the broncos, raiders, and chiefs every year. That has easily been the worst division in football since these players have been drafted.
    Rivers played New England twice that year posting passer ratings of 74.2 in the regular season and 46.1 in the playoffs. Each game he threw 2 interceptions.
    In two games that year, Eli posted a 118.6 and 87.3 ratings, throwing 6 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. Rivers had his chances against New England that year and blew it.

  8. Yeah compare stats week by week when Rivers plays 6 games combined versus the powerhouse Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos when Eli plays the Eagles, Cowboys, and Skins.

  9. The Giants have had a good supporting cast around Eli Manning, yes, but I don’t think Rivers has too much to complain about.
    The Giants surrounded Manning with a better supporting cast than Rivers had in San Diego? Dubious…. six in one, half-dozen in the other. In fact, a case could be made that San Diego’s supporting cast is more talented.
    I don’t get this “Eli isn’t as good as people say” talk. I don’t remember anyone suggesting he was ever that good. He gets plenty of criticism. But he makes plays, and he’s one of the better QBs in the league.

  10. Baggins, Giants fans think Reese is a good GM because he is. It’s hard to argue with the moves he has made in the draft and free agency.
    Accorsi did a pretty good job too, but some of his drafts were hit or miss. He used first-day picks on guys like William Joseph, Rons Dayne & Dixon, Wills Allen & Peterson et al. And most of Accorsi’s second-day picks were guys who fell out of the league quickly.
    Reese’s ’07 draft of Ross, Smith, Alford, DeOssie, Boss, Koets, Johnson and Bradshaw was phenomenal.

  11. I believe it’s hard to compare Rivers and Manning side by side. Rivers plays in a weak division in a fairly small market. Manning plays in one of the toughest divisions in probably the largest media market. But I do know that I prefer Eli’s calm disposition to Rivers’ trash talking. Let your play on the field do the talking.

  12. yes eli stinks
    he led giants to the playoffs the last 4 years – the only full years as giants starter for him. only his brother another bad qb has such a current streak as well of all 32 teams.
    eli leads rivers by 1-0 in super bowls. he may be already too far in front.

  13. Florio who would you rather have? Tomlinson, Gates, Vincent Jackson, and Chris Chambers or Brandon Jacobs, Kevin Boss, Plaxico Burress, and Amani Toomer? If you say the Giants supporting cast on offense is better then you really should be covering another sport.

  14. OK, I’m a Giants fan and a New Yorker born and raised, so take this for what you will.
    What makes you think Rivers has the mental makeup to be the face of a New York franchise? It’s one thing to talk smack to another QB when you’re playing in a one newspaper town, but in New York where everything is magnified ten fold, I think Rivers would have easily folded.
    Don’t get me wrong, Rivers is a better statistical QB than Manning, but you can’t say he would have won a ring if he were on the Giants. And you definitely can’t say the Giants would have been playing ahead in SB42.
    So Florio, it seems that all you’re doing is speculating and since you’re a lawyer, you should know that’s a bad move.

  15. “If memory serves me, Rivers was hobbling around one one leg during the playoffs that year, so was ineffective.”
    What was his excuse when he was perfectly healthy in week 2, and they got destroyed by the Patriots 38-14?

  16. Two weeks before Super Bowl 42, Rivers had his shot against the Pats and went 19-37, 211 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs while leading the team to 4 FGs and no TDs in a 21-12 loss. Brady threw 2 TDs and 3 INTs and still won. Yet, we’re to believe Rivers would have won Super Bowl 42 against the same Pats if he was with the Giants? Please. If he was with the Giants, that year’s Rivers probably wouldn’t have beaten the Cowboys or Packers in the playoffs, let alone the Pats in the Super Bowl.
    Meanwhile, if you think Eli in the super bowl and playoffs was a fluke, how about his performance against the pats on the last regular season game to try to prevent the perfect season? 4 Tds.

  17. Rivers is possibly a better QB than Eli, but you can’t be so sure the Giants would have won the Super Bowl with Rivers in there instead. That’s not a fair assumption at all.
    Eli went on a phenomenal tear through those playoffs culminating in beating an 18-0 Patriots team that Rivers’ Chargers lost to in the AFC Championship in a game where Rivers posted a measly 46.1 QB Rating and the Chokers failed to score a single TD.
    We all know that the Chargers have never won a Super Bowl. That putrid stink is on them like AJ Smith’s cologne.
    Look, the Chargers are 0-43 when it comes to winning the Super Bowl. I don’t know how their fans can take that team seriously. They’re barely above the Bengals and Lions and their fans think they’re some sort of powerhouse. Incredible.
    But that’s not the point. What is the point? It’s this: Rivers is a d-bag. Merriman is a juicer. And the best player in team’s history is breaking down. The fact is, the window is just about shut on those jokers.
    The Oakland Raiders will resume their rightful spot atop the AFC West Division, starting on Monday night, Sept. 14 when they lay a 35-0 smackdown on the Powder Blue Boys.
    Does that answer your question.

  18. Since you only care about stats how many pro-bowlers have the Chargers had compared to the Giants since Eli and Rivers rookie seasons?

  19. Florio I just made an account to confront you on this. Love your stuff, but your completely wrong here.
    Rivers would never make it in New York. First of all, He had a year on the bench, and was placed into the starting lineup with the best roster in the NFL. Hence the 14-2 record his first year. But in the opening round, his Bolts lost to a MUCH worse Patriots team AT HOME.
    You can blame Schotty all you want, but Rivers played like crap that game. What makes you think he would play better in the Super Bowl?
    I still stand by if Rivers was our QB the Giants wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl. He wouldn’t have survived the egos of Barber and Shockey and Burress all down his throat at once. He would’ve collapsed. His long passes that fall into WR’s hands in balmy San Diego would hang up like a punt in the Meadowlands in December. Worse than Eli.
    What do you thinks a tougher media task? NY or SD? Manning takes so much more crap from the media then Rivers ever has or ever will. And he still thrives. Rivers would not.
    Wanna talk numbers? Rivers are better. But who cares? Rivers gets 6 games a year against a division that has been crappy throughout his career. Eli plays in the best division in the league, in bad weather.
    That Super Bowl run may have appeared to come down to that one miracle play, but Eli played so well that postseason. His best game of his career was against Green Bay the week before in below 0 temps (how would king phillip fare there?) He had a handful of clutch throws against Dallas, and was flawless against Tampa.
    Flo… you’re wrong.

  20. Dear Sir –
    I would like to purchase you magic looking box that allows you to make such statements. I believe that I will be able to use your magic looking box in order to win the lottery many, many times. Only a person with such a magic looking box would be able to make such a ludicrous statement, so surely – yours must be capable of picking the correct 5 ping-pong balls out of 60.

  21. Oh, and one other thing.
    Eli Manning stormed the castle, slaved the dragon and saved the townspeople.
    Has Philip Rivers ever done that? I didn’t think so.
    Maybe if Philip Rivers storms the castle, slays the dragon and saves the townspeople, then he’ll be the highest paid player in the league.

  22. Florio, would Rivers have won both Superbowls for the Steelers if he was their QB? Since you are not bias against Eli how come you didn’t criticize Ben’s monster contract when he signed it?

  23. florio are u high… chargers have had the “most talented roster” according to the media for years. and lossed to the pats the same year the giants won the bowl… ive been reading for a few years and this is by far the dumbest $hit you ever posted… bright side at least i registered just to bash u

  24. how could you even make this assumption? i guess you’re not factoring in that eli doesn’t play against the afc west 6 times a year in beautiful san diego while eli plays 6 games against the nfc east, in terrible weather half the season, at home, and in a market where the media scrutiny might just be a tad bit more intense.
    im sorry florio, but such a large a assumption can’t be made. im starting to doubt your actual football knowledge the more and more i read your website. and i’ve been reading your website damn near inception.
    now opinions and conjecture are increasingly watering down the site to the point where real news and actual rumors are being sensationalized for more clicks and increased readership. i know you’re also conducting a business here but a quality product should come first. maybe opinion pieces could be reserved for a special section.

  25. That crap Rivers played out in Denver would have never flown in NY market. Both players are where they are supposed to be IMHO.

  26. Why do we hammer the players that leave a little money on the table and slam the players that get a max deal that leaves the team unable to sign other talent because of the salary cap? I have no use for Tom Brady or the Patriots, but Brady signed a contract below market value to save cap room. That sounds like being a team player.

  27. Florio…get your EAGLES goggles off…Manning is only the 2nd QB in Superbowl HISTORY to throw 2 TDs in the 4th quarter to win the SB…nevermind winning 3 road games in the playoffs….u still think McNabb vomiting (not 4 the first time) in the final seconds of the Superbowl…is the ultimate 4th quarter performance!

  28. To quote Slim Pickens, how in the wide wide world of sports can you remotely say the Chargers robbed Rivers by ONLY paying him 40 to 100 million.
    Who gives a damn what the going rate is (which is grossly out of hand), how about reeling these salaries in and giving the fans a break on tickets and concessions.

  29. Maybe if Eli Manning wasn’t such a bitch (bitch is OK since Florio used it) you all could have seen what would have happened since Rivers was drafted by the Giants.

  30. I guess the chargers don’t have a talented roster. I mean, it’s not like they have gates, sproles, tomlinson, and a highly-touted defense. just a bunch of average joes. that’s why poor rivers can’t win a championship when they get 6 layups a season.
    remember when they went 14-2? what happened then?
    wah wah, giants won eli got money, and rivers is still a loudmouth punk. they’re both well paid, and we all know that most contracts, besides rookie contracts, have a lot to do with what the player has done in the past.
    get over it.

  31. Yeah, thats fair to say. Especially because he has a GREAT record against the Patriots while having a much better team than Eli. You guys really suck sometimes. Rivers had a great team and lost to the very same Pats the game before. Quit making up stories.

  32. Why does everyone say that Eli has won a super bowl? Didn’t he have any team mates?
    Oh yea, uh, Philip Rivers has beaten Peyton Manning three times!!
    Thoughout college and the pros, Philip has outperformed Eli significantly. It’s a no brainer.

  33. giants fans are huge hypocrites, they told me last year their offensive players were better than ours, and that boss compares well with gates even
    and they said their rbs were better because LT was “over the hill” (and hell..i agree with that part about LT)
    now the giants are trying to suck up to sd’s O talent, when it fits their agenda regarding eli dilfer….
    but anyway, aside from that, this article is just another example of florio trying to drive up site hits
    and it works

  34. My response? Giants G.M. Ernie Acorsie should be wearing a ski mask for that trade.
    Though Eli has already won a Super Bowl , does anyone dispute the reality that, if Eli had been the quarterback of the 2006 Chargers, Eli would have won a Super Bowl in San Diego by now? He can play in cold weather and win in the Playoffs at New England. Peyton couldn’t and Rivers couldn’t. Eli did win in -20 degree’s wind chill in Green bay. We all saw the frozen water in the cup during the pregrame.
    Here’s the reality. If Eli had been the Chargers’ quarterback, he would’ve have had a memorable escape (and a helmet-aided catch) to secure the victory, and the Chargers would have won the game. Marty would still have a job.

  35. To put it succinctly, Eli has been clutch in 4th quarter comebacks and during the 2007 playoffs. Rivers, not so clutch.

  36. Yeah, AJ Smith is super smart.
    What was the name of that guy that they traded away so Rivers could play, that set the franchise back a couple years while Tomlinson was in his prime?
    Instead of wasting a pick on Rivers, what if he had taken Fitzgerald. Man… Now that might have won some Superbowls.

  37. To put it succinctly, Eli has been clutch in 4th quarter comebacks and during the 2007 playoffs. Rivers, not so clutch.

  38. Don’t know if I’d go along with that one, florio. Playing in San Diego’s “as close to dome settings as you can get” field conditions pales in comparison to suiting up weekly in Giants’ Stadium with its notorious winter winds, especially considering River’s weak arm strength.
    there’s a reason that the past successful QB list in the New york market is a short one. Not to mention the difference between dealing with the new York Media and San Diego market is as stark as the noticably different lifestyles are when you step off of a plane traveling from coast to coast.
    Rivers ended up in the perfect place for him, but he wouldn’t have worked everywhere. He was nevver billed to be that guy, like the classic franchise QB’s who can “make all the throws” are. Smith and the Chargers took a risk with taking him so high because they realized he’d have a chance to fit what they do, and it’s paid off.

  39. I’d say Eli would have won with most of the San Diego teams that Rivers has had. Lets not forget Rivers plays in a crap division. KC and Oakland twice compared to Dallas and Philly? Shit any QB would be able to win in that division with LT and Gates.
    Nor do I think Rivers could survive in New York much less win 3 road games in the playoffs.
    Florio get the hell off your anti giants ranting. What did Taylor stiff you on an autograph when you were a baby?

  40. ok mikey, rivers isn’t tom brady here…the chargers have had a great supporting cast the past 3 yrs and he hasn’t exactly showed up in the clutch to put them into the afc’s elite status. Pretty dumb to say he would have won the big one the yr Eli did just bc he has great reg season #s. Eli had shit numbers that yr but he played a helluva postseason which is almost all that matters.
    Eli is a bit overrated for sure but he has the peyton factor increasing his value….plus he plays in NYC which is a bit different from SD…all in all deals look about right and far from “a steal for SD”

  41. Okay first off, to say that Rivers would’ve “easily folded” under the pressure of the NY media, and wouldn’t be able to handle the scrutiny that the great Eli Manning has endured, is simply ridiculous. Neither you nor I have any idea how Rivers would handle the New York media. The difference between the SD and NY medias is obvious, but that is absolutely no proof that Rivers wouldn’t be able to handle the meanie-headed members of the New York media.
    And if you think that the infamous Cutler “incident” (which was terribly overblown to anyone that actually attended the game) means anything in all this then you’re just plain wrong. Since that minor kerfuffle, Rivers has gained the respect of everyone in his locker room through his desire to win, with or without injury. He was a model of a citizen all last year and showed tremendous leadership in the same season that the team’s best player struggled through an injury. You can continue to believe in the ludicrous opinion that Rivers is a “loud-mouth punk” (or something to that effect) all you want, but all that would accomplish is make you look even more like an uninformed idiot than you already do (and when I say “you” I’m not really referring to anyone specifically, just the many Rivers haters that still just don’t get it). Also, it really disappoints me to see Rivers made out as the bad guy in the Cutler-Rivers incident, seeing as how Cutler has, and continues to be, more of a douchebag than Rivers ever was. You NEVER would hear about Rivers claiming to have a stronger arm than one of the greatest QBs of all time, then demand a trade from his team cause his GM may or may not have listened to offers for him (which happens all the time in sports).
    In regards to the 2007 playoff loss to the Patriots, all I have to say is that ANY team would have a tough time beating the undefeated Patriots with a hobbled QB, a side-lined RB, and an injury to your top receiver. And they still only lost by 9. As for 2006, well, Rivers didn’t have his best game (in his first ever playoff game, mind you; and he still a better performance then Eli’s first playoff game) but the Chargers were really just a Marlon McCree non-fumble away from winning that game.
    And if you wanna talk about being clutch: how about winning the last 4 games of your regular season to get into the playoffs, then taking your team on a game-saving drive with less than 2 minutes to go? That may not be the same as Eli’s amazing 4th quarter performance in the Super Bowl, but there’s no way you can say that Rivers is incapable of doing the same.
    Look, I’m not an Eli hater, and I really do think he deserves the contract he’s getting. But the bottom line is that Eli is getting payed more then Rivers for the simple fact that he won a Super Bowl and Rivers didn’t, even though Rivers has outperformed Manning in most every other category. Super Bowl or not, I’d rather have Rivers as my QB for the next 6 years than Manning. And that’s really the main point Florio is trying to make here.

  42. Florio is absolutely right.
    Anyone who think Eli is a better QB hasn’t looked at their stats or hasn’t watched Rivers play enough. It’s not even close. And let’s think about this whole supporting cast argument. LT might be famous, but the Giants running game has been way better in the last two seasons. The Giants offensive line has been better than the Chargers the last two seasons. Plaxico was better than any receiver the Chargers have had the last 3 years. Gates is great, but was hurt all last year. So those who say Rivers has a better supporting cast don’t have much an argument.
    And I’m sure you all will see Rivers get drafted early in your fantasy football drafts this weekend while Eli will go undrafted. So accept the obvious. Florio is right. The Giants might have multiple super bowls if Rivers was their QB.

  43. Chokers Choke and Winners Win!
    That’s why Eli Manning has a ring and Rivers does NOT!
    To sit here and say that Rivers could have came through in the clutch during the last drive in the big game is like saying I could pick the winning lottery numbers if I wanted to.
    Shame on you for your crappy watered down attempt at journalism!
    Eli Earned that ring, Rivers is not even the beginning of a pimple on Eli ass!!
    I should take your law degree away for printing such crap!!

  44. A real bargain? thousands of NFL supporters are putting in 40-50 hour work weeks and taking home just enough cash to make ends meet, and you want me to think that the Chargers, a company that exists purely for entertainments for non beach bound san diegans, got one of their employees to stick aroud another year for the minimim
    Poor Rivers, I hope he can feed his family

  45. Florio, are you seriously saying the Giants supporting cast was better than the Chargers? Are you freaking kidding me? Eli supporters and Chargers fan should be outraged by that idiotic comment.
    So you’re saying that the Chargers having two future hall-of-famers at running back (Tomlinson) and tight end (Gates) was inferior talent-wise to the Giants and Plaxico and his bad ankle and… well that is pretty much it. So, two future hall-of-famers aren’t as good as a 6’5 one-trick pony with bad wheels and a bunch of spare parts? You’ve got to be kidding!

  46. gregjennings says: August 28, 2009 8:56 PM
    You can’t compare the two. Totally different teams, and the situations would be different. NY is NY, San Diego is well…. San Diego. There’s a lot more pressure in NY with the media and all. Plus, with San Diego’s running game I think my grandma would put up descent numbers.
    Rightttttttt. So with NY’s running game, Eli really has no excuses for putting up lousy numbers. Hypocrite.

  47. I find your version of reality a little hard to swallow.
    First off, arguing that you can have better ground support that LT in the backfield is a bit ludicrous. The fact of the matter is if you were given one fantasy draft pick over each of the last three years and your choice was LT or Jacobs, I don’t think we would have anyone who wouldn’t pick LT.
    The same thing goes at TE. Gates is the hands down pick.
    On defense, Strahan was a beast, but people like Merriman are no slouchers either.
    So at the end of the day, I think that Rivers has had the better supporting cast as a whole.
    Then you move to the divisions that these teams play in. As many people have mentioned, the AFC West is horrible. I wouldn’t call them the worst division in football (that dubious honor belongs to the NFC West) but they are definitely the worst division in the AFC. So you have Rivers playing in the worst division in his conference and Manning playing in the best division in his conference. And yet Manning’s team still has made the playoffs more over that time span.
    Rivers has the reputation as a loud mouthed punk for a reason. I’ve seen him on TV starting shouting matches with fans. There’s just no call for it. He might be trying to reform now, but the fact is that we have never seen that behavior out of many of the quarterbacks we consider to be in the top echelon. The overall maturity of the Chargers is in question when you also recall LT whining like a baby after the loss to the Patriots at home in that 14-2 season because they did the lights out dance on the logo in the middle of the field. Get over yourself. I hate the Patriots as much as the next guy, but I hate losers that whine about how they are treated after they get their tails whipped even more.
    I don’t think Rivers has the maturity to handle a market like New York. And with a more talented team in an easier division, he has produced less in the one statistical category that really matters – the W.
    So now, with comparable contracts, the pressure is really on Rivers. If he doesn’t produce a Super Bowl win in the next few seasons, then I think you have to take this article and eat it.

  48. This depends on your definition of “better”, because “better” is a subjective word. It depends on what you measure when you define it.
    Was Dan Marino better than Mark Rypien or Jeff Hostetler? By looking at every major statistic, Marino was superior to both QB’s.
    However, the goal of every NFL team every season is to win a championship. Rypien and Hostetler both have won Super Bowls as starters, and Rypien was even the MVP of his championship game. Those are tangible results that can not be disputed.
    Losing with style, flair, and skill is still losing. Until Rivers wears a Super Bowl ring (the tangible result of acheiving the end goal of winning a championship), Manning will be “better” IF you measure QB’s based on achieving the end goal. If you are more concerned about what happens in the middle and do not care to measure whether or not that effort achieves the goal, Rivers may be “better”.

  49. eli …superbowl ring,that’s all you have to closed.
    by the way,the door is rapidly closing for the chargers and their superbowl quest,everybodys getting old.the other teams in the division are on the ascending side of the slope while the chargers are on the decending side.

  50. Anyone glancing at any statistical category of any kind, including those that account for the quality of the defenses they’re playing against (especially those ones) will see that Rivers is not a nose ahead of Eli in these categories, but light years ahead. Statistically, Rivers is somewhere in Brady’s neighborhood, and while he certainly won’t earn Brady’s rep without a bevy of superbowl rings, it’s hilarious that people still think Eli’s quality as a quarterback can be established by a superbowl ring.
    The old Dilfer/Marino argument does away with that point without need for further discussion.
    Rivers is not just better than Eli, he’s WAY better than Eli, and there is no reasonable objective measurement which will contradict that.

  51. Red,
    Eli does not have the luxury of playing versus the Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos twice a year. If you have ever been to a Giants game in december and beyond you would realize that the conditions are terrible for QB’s. Rivers plays in SD which is almost like playing in a dome.
    Florio how come you failed to mention that the Chargers once had a QB named Drew Brees and let him walk in favor of Rivers. I am not saying Rivers is a bad QB he is a very good one but my point is that I do not think Rivers would have succeeded in NY where Eli has due to his ability to shrug off criticism.

  52. Beezer, a variety of statistical measures account for the quality of a team’s opponent. Rivers is still dramatically better than Eli n such categories.
    People who critcize Smith for letting Brees walk tend to ignore the fact that, at the time, no one had any idea whether he would recover from his throwing shoulder injury. I expect a GM to make a solid, calculated decision, not rub a crystal ball.

  53. The reality is, Florio, what ACTUALLY IS REALITY.
    And are you really gonna claim that the Giants have had a better supporting cast??
    Are you simply not aware of Ladainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates?
    How did you get your job?

  54. If not for the creation of fantasy football this attempt at “news” would never even exist. Back when football was not a fantasy players were rated by their ability to win, not by how many points they scored you from week to week or who they help you beat in your league. Look at Terry Bradshaw’s career stats and put them against Dan Marino’s, then ask anyone who saw them play and you’ll find out who the consensus “better” player was. Being a stat whore before fantasy football was created was something that was frowned upon not celebrated. Winning the big one SHOULD be forever the measure of a quaterback, because it’s “why they play the game”.
    Anyone can make a “what if”…
    What if my aunt had two balls… well then she’d be my uncle…

  55. I’m sorry but Phillip Rivers can’t win the big games. Period. I give the Chargers a two year window before age and free agency decimates their slim Super Bowl hopes. Times running out.

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