Dolphins-Buccaneers one-liners

In his first start, Dolphins WR Brian Hartline had three catches for 79 yards including a 54-yard reception to set up the game’s only touchdown.

The Dolphins offense struggled overall, however, and coach Tony Sparano was unhappy with their failure to sustain long drives.

Sparano also was unhappy with the Dolphins defense’s inability to stop the Buccaneers from converting on third down.

RB Patrick Cobbs blocked a punt, but LB Charlie Anderson touched the ball which wound up costing the Dolphins a chance to recover it.

Dolphins QB Chad Henne had a rough game, completing only two of eight passes with an interception and he was sacked four times.

Neither Byron Leftwich nor Luke McCown played well enough to make Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris’s end the quarterback competition.

John Romano of the St. Petersburg Times wrote that the more you saw of the two veteran Buccaneers quarterbacks, the more you wanted to see rookie Josh Freeman.

Buccaneers RB Cadillac Williams said his left knee felt great after rushing eight times for 54 yards in his first preseason action.

The Buccaneers may have found their third receiver in Maurice Stovall, who finished with six catches for 74 yards.

The Buccaneers starting defense allowed the Dolphins only one first down.

5 responses to “Dolphins-Buccaneers one-liners

  1. Romano sounds like your typcial idiot sportswriter aiming for the flashiest story. Yes, Leftwich sucked, with 4 out of 5 passes being completely uncatchable and 1 out of 5 being pretty, but McCown deserves a break: the starting O-line was off the field and Miami had begun sending everybody because up to that point they were being made to look silly. Despite the intense blitzes, McCown’s throws were still nice and he made the best decisions possible to get the ball out of his hands.
    Freeman, on the other hand, looked horrible, worse than Pat White even. Couldn’t believe how Buck and Co were saying, “We’re going to come away thinking Freeman should be the story” while he looked utterly pathetic and outmatched.

  2. 45 minute rain delay, crappy play by both teams and only one TD between them. Surprised anybody stayed ’til the end of the game. Guess there’s not much going on in Tampa on Thursday nights.

  3. Luke McCown was the best QB on the tampa roster…. and he had to play with the second-stringers of Tampa Bay. He’s clearly better than Leftwich.
    Freeman was horrible, even as a rookie. he definitely needs more development time, should ride the pine for a year learning from McCown & Leftwich. Kid has potential but is way too raw for the NFL right now.
    game was definitely a snooze-fest though

  4. Thank GOD we got rid of Chad Pennington… Cant even throw more than 30 yards throw… I watched that game… and he ALWAYS short throw… This will be his last year of playing, until mid-season, he will be replaced.. Chad The Noddle Arm Pennington… I sometime just wish he never got that injured vs Buffalo, which he got injured on his throwing arm, 2 times in 2 years… By same team! His throwing power went down the drain.. Amazing and sad.

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