Marvel Smith may retire

The 49ers signed former Steelers tackle Marvel Smith to an incentive-laden two-year deal, hoping that he could overcome his back injuries and provide the team depth on the offensive line.

Instead, Smith has struggled in practice, and it appears he may headed for retirement.

Via Twitter, Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat says Smith was excused from Saturday’s preseason game for “personal reasons” and there’s a “strong chance” he’s going to retire. 

Earlier in camp, coach Mike Singletary announced that Adam Snyder would start over Smith at right tackle.  (Snyder will miss Saturday’s game with a knee injury.)

Smith underwent back surgery in the offseason and there were serious questions whether he’d ever be “100%” again.  He played nine years in Pittsburgh, making one Pro Bowl.

7 responses to “Marvel Smith may retire

  1. The Steelers KNOW when you are done: Jason Gildon, Greg Lloyd, etc. Even Rod Woodson would’ve stuck around had he converted to Safety as they asked: he eventually played there anyway, a yr or 2 later. Good luck Marvel – the Steelers O-line will miss you.

  2. Bummer. It stinks to see a good player get hampered by injuries when they still want to play. But he’s had a good career: made the pro bowl, and has 2 SB rings.

  3. When oh when will they learn — the Steelers NEVER dump a guy without good reason. And the suckers still bite on, picking up players on rep only and usually overpaying. Yancey Thigpen, Kendrell Bell, Marvel Smith — the beat goes on.
    Next up: Nate “Whirlpool” Washington.

  4. Poor Marvel. He just got beat into submission in practice by James Harrison. He’s a good guy with two rings & I hope he heals enough to be comfortable as a person.

  5. And Chris Hope has been terrible in Tennessee…oh wait he made a Pro could this have happened?? But good call on realizing Plaxico was gonna shoot himself in the leg and as he puts it “nearly killed my own self”

  6. yeah, the steelers know when players are done.
    as evidenced by the fact that they let plax walk, cut porter, and signed duce staley. solid decisions.

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