McNabb says using Vick upset Eagles rhythm

A lot of effort and air has been expended in explaining how the mere presence of quarterback Mike Vick makes the Eagles offense a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators.

Less of the same has been spent examining the cost of getting Vick involved for the rest of the Eagles offense.  

Thursday night, the Eagles’ first offense was too often sloppy and out of sync in the first half against the Jaguars. 

After the game, Donovan McNabb took care not to tread on the implementation of plays involving Vick.  But he also clearly stated that shuffling Vick in and out — at least in this first game — was disruptive.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer relayed this answer from McNabb when asked if he felt the Eagles’ offense needed to get back to basics near the end of the first half, after Vick was sprinkled in liberally during the first few drives.

“Absolutely, absolutely.  I did,” said McNabb.  “In that situation, it’s needed.  I know what we were trying to do [with Vick] and we were able to get that done. I thought it was time for us to kind of get our offense going.”

McNabb then pointed out that, running their normal offense, the Eagles began to move the ball better.

“I think that’s very important in a game, whether it’s in the regular season or the preseason, to get that rhythm going.  If you’re going to show different looks, make sure it’s the right time.  That’s what the preseason’s for to make sure you know when that time is and we’ll get that time together.  I thought it was important at that time to get out and run our offense.”

When asked if it was hard to get a rhythm with Vick mixing in, McNabb said, “It was tough.  I think in any situation, honestly, when you’re trying something new, it’s important that you get into a rhythm first and then try to work it in there in the offense.  Offensively, we just can’t get that going consistently and I thought we did some great things that presented pressure to the defense but at some point you have to get into a rhythm and get things going down the field and move the chains.”

Eagles coach Andy Reid was asked about the rhythm of the offense regarding Vick and said, “If you’re going to use that a little but, then you have to work it in there.  That’s what we’re going to do as we go down the road here.  I expect the guys to make that part of the rhythm and make it work.  That will happen there.”

Certainly this was a night for trial-and-error in Philly.  And it will likely get tuned up.  But it’s also worth pointing out that, the third preseason game is the one in which you want your team to closely resemble what it’s going to be when the regular season starts.

The Eagles are implementing gadgetry that would have been better worked in during OTAs, minicamps, and training camp.  But it wasn’t.  And it’s worth wondering:  (1) how long it will take; (2) how much it will impact a team with Super Bowl aspirations in the early part of a season that, for the Eagles, begins in 16 days.

36 responses to “McNabb says using Vick upset Eagles rhythm

  1. That game was a mess. If the Eagles want to play XFL football, they need to get flashier names on the backs of the jerseys.
    I think that they have found a really unique way to wreck a promising season.
    Too much distraction here, and it is gonna cost

  2. The Eagles did not break out one new play. Nothing Vick did last night was anything they havent done in the past with other players. There was nothing “implimented” last night.

  3. McNabb has every right to be upset. Reid plays with that oversized take-out menu all game long like he’s ordering up some General Tso’s. His feel for the flow and timing of a game is horrible.
    He’s coached the heart out of McNabb.
    Now he’s working on coaching away his desire.
    Great job, Andy. I can see why you proved to be such a great parent.
    As for Vick, I dislike everything about him.

  4. “We apologize for jumping the gun on this one. We assumed (ass-you-me) that the information was based on an actual conversation, and it’s our fault for not ensuring the proper degree of clarity.”
    Thought you may want to reuse this apology.
    DNabb isn’t “miffed.” He merely answered the question about would it be better to get into a rhythm. Even states that is what preseason is for, to see how you can work that stuff in there. This just in, it was a preseason game.
    Perez Florio quit twisting words, you are a retired Lawyer …… or are you?!?
    Jason Babin has no Ctrl button on his computer…….he is always in Control!

  5. ENOUGH!! Get OVER IT Florio, the drama that you and the others thought would happen simply DIDNT, and now you try to make something out of NOTHING once again. I am done with this website, this Vick BS/bashine the Eagles in 3-5 stories a DAY is just getting weird and beyond repetitive. We GET IT. You HATE Philly and everything that pertains to it. What I dont get is your weird creepy obsession with Philly. Your seriously embarrassing yourself. I can’t believe this site used to be so great and its turned in to such pure garbage.

  6. I’m so sick of McNabb. He is such an F-ing baby. All he does in bitch and moan. If the Vick thing doesn’t work out, it will be because of McNabb, that prima donna jerk.

  7. “The Eagles are implementing gadgetry that would have been better worked in during OTAs, minicamps, and training camp. But it wasn’t. And it’s worth wondering: (1) how long it will take; (2) how much it will impact a team with Super Bowl aspirations in the early part of a season that, for the Eagles, begins in 16 days.”
    The Dolphins unveiled the Wildcat in late September, and within a few weeks teams all over the league had implemented their own version of it. That was in the middle of the regular season when teams are focused on game-planning for specific opponents each week instead of pre-season when they have more opportunity to experiment and practice new concepts. I know the Ravens had a package rolling with Troy Smith and Joe Flacco in October.
    It really shouldn’t take that long.

  8. I was afraid my resolve would weaken if I watched the game last night. Vick came in the game, the crowd roared, and I turned off the TV. Surprised my fiance by showing up at a dinner with friends that I had planned on blowing off.
    I wake up this morning officially Eagle-Free for the first time in 30 years. No regrets.
    The fact that this is going to be a disaster for the Eagles when they figure out that they are a day late and a dollar short implementing the Wild Cat because every defense in the league has studied it and learned how to stop it is just icing on the cake.
    Best of luck, iggles fans. You’re gonna need it.

  9. Tom Curran wrote this article not Mr. Negative Sensationalism. And Tom didn’t say McNabb was upset; only that changing the quarterbacks upset the rhythm.

  10. Face it.
    McNabb’s just preparing his excuse early this year.
    At least he ain’t saying it’s “because he’s black”.

  11. Donovan and Florio have a lot in common. They both are big cry babies, Neither can win the big game and neither is very good at what they do. At least PA has one quality team. Go STEELERS!!! As for Vick, he’ll be running that team before the season is over!

  12. thought the exact same thing mcnabb said as i watched last nights game. anygame, you get stretchs where an offense just needs to get it rolling and seems to be spinning their wheels then finally starts hitting on all cylinders. you cant keep switching qbs in mid stream. it has been tried before and it screws things up.

  13. Why is Andy Reid so respected around the league? He obviously is not much of a father. I understand he has been to 5 NFC title games but has won only one. So in the biggest games of his career he has 16% winning percentage. He has first and goal from the three last night and calls a lateral pass to the short side of the field? That led to the 93 yard return and made the game 14-3 against a Jag team that did not have one starting LB on the field. I understand that the OL is banged up but run the ball in that situation or run a bootleg pass.

  14. Coop- just keep lapping up Florio’s garbage. Did any of you who are believing this crap article watch the PC? McNabb’s fine. He also joked that he’s always open when he lines up out wide and that he’s gonna need his catches. He’s not upset at anything. They just had a few hiccups in a PRESEASON game that they won. Relax.

  15. “We tried some different things out,” said McNabb, who played three quarters. “Did it throw some things off? Maybe. But this is what the preseason is for, for us to clean some things up.”
    I just watched the presser. Above is what McNabb said. Curran didn’t exactly quote it correctly, he rearranged wording to make it appear that McNabb was upset. Surprised?
    As for McNabb, he knows that last night was important to get some flow going for an offense that has been struggling with injuries and being consistent during the preseason. He also knows that next week’s game isn’t when the starters are going to be able to work on it.
    McNabb is smart and didn’t let the emotion of the game cloud his judgement. Line needs some work together, but it’s coming together. Now, can we just get some infor on Todd Herremans? He apparently is going to miss the opener w/fracture and THAT is more concerning than changing words or assuming that McNabb must be upset
    amateurish reporting.

  16. McScabb already has already heard boos. He is always lost without Westbrook bailing him out.
    9-6-1 teams adds a huge distraction = 7-9, 8-8 team.
    This is going to be a blast to watch.

  17. What a surprise. Eaglefan comes out like they always do. You have to be an idiot to believe that McNabb isn’t bothered by Vick being on the team. It happens everyday in the workplace and it would be worse when happening to an NFL QB ego.
    Eaglefan said “No way. He’s not coming here”. Now, he’s the conquering hero that everyone has been waiting for.
    I’ll be waiting to hear the usual Eagle spin-doctoring when (assuming Vick even gets reinstated) the clubhouse is divided between old loyalties and new friendships.

  18. “The Eagles are implementing gadgetry that would have been better worked in during OTAs, minicamps, and training camp. But it wasn’t.”
    Maybe, just maybe, that had soemthing to do with half the offense – including the Pro Bowl lineman and the all world RB – being in the trainers room.
    Vox, I wonder how Romo liked losing 44-6? Oh yeah, he fainted like the heroine in one of your romance novels.

  19. Mcnabb did not say this how can you write this lie Florio? We now you are an eagles hater since you drank the cool aid at WIP610 when you visited but you are getting carried away with the bs stories and negative commecnt about the eagles.

  20. I think it would be better for the rythm to line Vick up as a WR and give him the ball on an end around, or line him up as a RB with McNabb at QB and let him have a direct snap.
    They did some wildcat stuff with Jackson last year and it didn’t affect the rythm, but it was as the most 4 times during the entire year, I think.

  21. Let the disaster begin! It’ll be fun to watch the Eagles come apart this season. Karma’s a bitch.

  22. Well this is working nicely, I smell a schism brewing. Eagle Fans seem to be pi$$ed off either at McNabb or Vick. I soooooooo hope this blows up in their faces, McNabb should have left that pitiful organization years ago. I can’t think of a Team who deserves Vick more than the Eagles.

  23. I’m still waiting for a big and powerful dog lover to hit Vick on the field. I hope he rolls him like Vick rolled those dogs that he was killing.

  24. If I were Mcnabb I wouldn’t spend 2 seconds worrying about M. Sick. The clock is ticking he will, kill, mangle or abuse something or someone soon, he can’t help himself.
    Look at his eyes – theres nothing there but; cunning and self love, he IS a psychopath and he will revert to old behaviors sooner then later, especially since he’s had such an easy go of it. Its like those old voices telling him again – “You can do anything you want”, big boy. Tick Tock..

  25. I watched the late night replay on the NFL network, and the eagles just barely beat the Jags of all teams. WAY TO GO VICK you disrupted the teams rhythm. keep up the good work

  26. Flashy Names like Con Vick. I think that would sell after all he’s a criminal. Does his PO get free
    tix to the game?

  27. McNabb was absolutely correct about establishing a rhythm before attempting any new plays with Vick on the field. As usual, Andy Reid showed the same bad judgement he’s displayed for years in Philly. In this case Reid showed no commen sense, a trait which he displays often enough to ruin any chance for a future Eagle Super Bowl win.
    What is wrong with Eagle management? They have created a golem! When the players perform badly, Reid almost always states that it’s his fault. WRONGO! He should make his players take responsibility with media, not protect and spoil them like children. We can all accept that players err fairly often, so there’s no need to protect them from the fans and media. Somebody tell Andy that please! Reid makes little more than vague, smug remarks to the media, almost never being truthful, and always as slippery as an eel . Why Eagle management puts up with such an incompetent egotist is beyond everyone but management.
    The final minute and thirty-five seconds of the Super Bowl against New England showed beyond a doubt how poor a coach Reid actually is. When Andy stood by helplessly with a timeout in hand and watched a spent McNabb and teamates burn off a whole minute standing around in a senseless huddle, well that should have been Reid’s swan song. Why didn’t he call timeout, leaving plenty of time to go down the field? The win was right there within our grasp and Andy dropped the football, season and Super Bowl. The man is incompetent, uncooperative, and by the recent signing of Vick, apparently losing his mind.
    Although McNabb was “all for” supporting Vick, his role as QB could eventually be threatened by Vick, so there’s naturally going to be some resentment on McNabb’s part. It’s just natural.
    I don’t know how many Eagle fans are as tired as I am of Andy Reid’s terrible judgement during critical game moments. There have been quite a few moments similar to that Super Bowl finale I mentioned earlier. Reid’s ability to make best judgements is sorely lacking. It’s now clear to me and it should be clear to all fans and media that Reid is just an average coach, lucky to be working for a great organization. Oh, Reid did quite well during the years when the other East division teams were rebuilding. Big deal! And let’s face it. Reid had has many great athetes at his disposal.
    Andy started this whole Vick mess because of three things. He is losing faith in McNabb and will go to any length to send Donovan messages instead of discussing things man to man. The result was inevitable of such actions caused another super brain fart on Reid’s part when Andy benched McNabb at halftime during a critical game last season, only three points down, leaving inexperienced newbie Kolb to come in and outshine the superstar veteran QB, inevitably shouldering the blame for the loss. Reid decision couldn’t have been worse and basically ruined the Eagle season.
    The second reason that Vick is an Eagle seems to elude everyone. Where can a team find a great athlete like Vick for a mere one million bucks? The simple answer is nowhere.
    Will the Eagles be difficult to defend when McNabb and Vick are on the field together?
    This is something many fans may hate to admit, and I can’t wait for such moments.
    I hate what Vick did to the dogs, but he paid his price to society and he has an absolute right, like every other American to pursue a future and happiness. Forget what WIP’s Eskin and Cataldo, the two sports cream puffs of WIP radio, say about Vick. They bad-mouthed him so much in the past that now they cannot do the necessary about-face and admit to the fans that having Vick on the field will be a fantastic addition!
    Nuff said.

  28. I guess some posters here forgot that it was McNabb who lobbied Andy Reid and the Eagles to bring in Vick.
    They also seem to have not watched the press conference.
    McNabb’s thoughts were definitely portrayed correctly in this article. It makes him seem more “whiney” and “angry” than he actually was last night.

  29. Well, is it any wonder Vick’s game is off. He hasn’t been permitted to electrocute, hang, or drown anything lately. And as long as the Eagles, or any other team keep this piece of excrement under contract, they will continue to be LOSERS.

  30. i thought people in the media are suspose to leave there fan badge at the door when they take a job with the media…Florio is just a hater, they wrote 30 articles on the scoreboard in Dallas like its some huge story. now he is trying down the eagles for giving someone a chance anytime he can…
    its sad he couldnt get 1 source to speak publicly to him on the scoreboard in Dallas but somehow he published an unaccurate story anyway. no source, no story…
    wait until someone close to you Mr.Florio needs a 2nd chance & you have to read unaccurate stories 20 times a day. let the Vick & scoreboard thing go & find something news worthy to publish…

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