Mornhinweg stays mum on whether McNabb was miffed

A rash of compelling stories that broke throughout the day kept us from getting back to the intriguing events that unfolded last night in Philadelphia.

And to get a better perspective on what went down at Lincoln Financial Field, we called Howard Eskin of WIP radio in Philly, who shared with us some additional details regarding the frustrations displayed by quarterback Donovan McNabb as to the impact of the insertion of quarterback Mike Vick on the inability of the Eagles’ offense to establish a rhythm.

Though head coach Andy Reid denied that McNabb made a gesture to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg indicating that McNabb wanted to pull the plug on the first phase of the Mike Vick experiment, the video that played throughout the day on ESPN is unmistakable. 

McNabb makes the one-handed “kill it” gesture multiple times, sharply waving his hand under his chin.  And though I’m not much of a lip reader, it’s pretty clear that McNabb’s message to Mornhinweg includes the phrase “got no rhythm.”

Per Eskin, multiple players confirmed after the game that McNabb was miffed.  Mornhinweg declined comment when he was asked by Eskin about whether Donovan was upset. 

Since Mornhinweg wasn’t made available to the media generally after the game, he wasn’t grilled on the topic by the assembled media.

So the reasonable conclusion is that McNabb already is pissed, and we’re not surprised by that.

We heard in the wake of the announcement that Vick had signed with the Eagles that McNabb wasn’t happy with the move.  And we didn’t believe for a second the sanitized, self-serving “I pretty much lobbied for Vick” stuff that McNabb was selling once his every facial gesture was being scrutinized.  There were plenty of inconsistencies in the statements made at the time regarding the precise nature of McNabb’s role, and so we refused to accept at face value the story that the Eagles were selling — especially since the Eagles had been blatantly untruthful about their interest in Vick in the days and weeks before suddenly signing him.

As we’ve previously explained it, we think that McNabb will go along with Vick’s presence if Vick understands his place, and if the organization will continue to kiss McNabb’s ring (and possibly other areas of his anatomy).

That said, we’re not quite sure what McNabb wants.  He said that the offense needs to establish a rhythm before Vick can enter the game at quarterback. 

So when does that happen? 

And if/when a rhythm has been established, why would the Eagles disrupt it by putting Vick under center?

Then there’s a factor that we hadn’t previously considered.  If coming out for a play or two disrupts McNabb’s ability to establish a rhythm, what does a handful of plays do for Vick’s ability to get into a groove?  Last year, Miami’s Wildcat package entailed Ronnie Brown taking the snap, at a time when Brown already had been on the field.  Vick will be coming in cold, running a play or two, and then leaving again before he can even begin to warm up.

Sure, Kordell Stewart managed to make that role work 14 years ago with the Steelers.  But he was a rookie at the time.  Vick spent six years in the NFL as an every-down quarterback.  His new function will require a major adjustment to his prior mindset.

Maybe, then, Vick’s best role will be to serve as a backup quarterback only, and as a part-time receiver or running back or kick/punt returner.  We say that only because we’re getting the feeling that that’s the only role for Vick that McNabb will truly tolerate.

Bottom line?  Stories of redemption and second chances sound great in a vacuum.  But when it’s time to win football games, that stuff goes out the window.

And if the situation on Thursday night was sufficiently frustrating to make McNabb break ranks from the “happy thoughts” approach that had characterized Vick’s first two weeks with the team, what will happen if Vick’s spot duty keeps the Eagles from establishing a rhythm during a game that actually counts?

45 responses to “Mornhinweg stays mum on whether McNabb was miffed

  1. “…if the organization will continue to kiss McNabb’s ring…”
    He doesn’t have a ring. And he never will, ’cause he’s a whiner who chokes in big moments.

  2. I LOVE IT!
    All the hype this team has gotten all offseason – going to really enjoy watching them crash and burn. Not only do they have a turnstyle at the left tackle position (I know he’ll be voting Tully Banta-Cain to the pro bowl on his ballet), unproven starter opposite Jackson, weak linebacker core, but now we have turmoil as well. Perfect.
    Can’t wait to see Dallas thrash this team.

  3. Florio, what is it with your constant McNabb bashing. You can’t wait to overblow any little thing that McNabb does. Are you still upset from when McNabb and the Cuse used to beat up on your Mountaineers in his college days?

  4. PRGSDW…What do you love? The fact that after Florio insisted there would be a bunch of protesters and there was none, or the fact that Florio said the crowd would boo Vick, when he got an ovation. You people seriously have some mental issues that your SO obsessed with the Eagles, you have to MAKE UP drama to feel better bout urselves. Funny how Mcnabb wanted to go thru complete series and switch back and was under the impression that would happen. He didnt want to come off the field every 2nd down, when either he or Vick could play the whole series and keep a rhythm going. I LOVE that you people have to MAKE UP LIES to try to stir up drama when everything is MORE than lovely In Phila. Dallas??? LMAO!! Yea bc the Eagles THRASHED Dallas with a far inferior team than they have this year, and Dallas got nothing but WORSE. So great reasoning in thinking that since the boys got worse and the MEN got better, they will somehow “thrash” the eagles…hahaha KEEP DREAMIN SALTY COWBOYS FANS!!! Yall are makin this all the much more enjoyable.

  5. Let me say first that I’m not an Eagles fan. I’m an NFL fan first and a New England fan in particular, and I don’t know why any rational fan would disagree with McNabb. On the one hand is Vick, who pissed away superior athletic talent — and I’m not even talking about the dog fighting — is a career 54% passer, and has never passed for more than 3,000 yards per year. The guy is not an NFL-caliber starting quarterback. Then you have McNabb. Every year he’s not injured he is a top 10 QB. He has a career 59% completion percentage, which by definition includes all the years he was learning how to be a QUARTERBACK and not an RB with an arm. Why wouldn’t he be ticked off about preseason snaps going to a guy who historically speaking is an overrated non-player? McNabb wants to win a Superbowl, just like every other competitor out there, and he shouldn’t have to apologize for or temper that. The Michael Vick circus act stands in the way of that goal.

  6. Bringing this piece of shit in is going to blow up in their face and they brought it on themselves.
    It will be fun watching them implode.

  7. Can’t wait to see Dallas thrash this team.
    HAHA….what a clown. you really do not have any real ammuniton to compare the “turmoil” from dallas last year to philly this preseason. Thrash us…bold statement from a 44-6 a$$ whippin laid on your boys in a playoff berth game…but playoff and Tony homo dont even belong in the same sentence unless its a negative one. Other than a few injuries we have dramatically increased the roster…I know you guys like to boast your preseason victories, but you might want to remind JJ and his cupcake on the sidelines that it is post season games you wanna win, not so much the pre. The only thing getting thrashed is roy williams shoulder, your big ass tv screen by regulation punts, and tonys ass by his bfffff “tight end”. Douche bags.

  8. McNabb didn’t look very mad when he and Vick were on the sidelines Joking and laughing when the 3rd QB went in… And he sure looked happy in his interview at the end of the game, when he was doing his broadcaster voice… I think you guys (read: ALL MEDIA) are reading too much into this. Players get mad at each other and coaches during every game when they are losing or not playing well. Remember how much of a big deal the media made of the 10 second “MAJOR BLOWUP” that Boldin and Todd Haley had in the post-season last year? Both guys said it was nothing, and that’s what it proved to be. Of course the video of that still shows up every few days when talk of Boldin’s contract come up. I wish sports writers would report news instead of making it up or blowing it out of proportion… I’m a dreamer I guess…

  9. @ mvlonergan
    I don’t blame McNabb either. Said it before, the Eagirls looked like they might be coming together than the front office felt like jacking with the chemistry some more for whatever reason. Why is the Eagirls front office constantly trying to sabotage McNabb?

  10. Bringing this piece of shit in is going to blow up in their face and they brought it on themselves.
    I would be thinking the same thing with JJ’s cut corner purchase habbits….after the terrible incident that happened at your practice field due to his cheap shady contractors, i would surely be in favor for rasing that thing up….everyone of those balls rocketing into that thing is a liability.

  11. Don’t pay any attention to the Eagles… they have never won a damn thing and never will. Anything said from their fan base is as irrelevant as the team is to the history of the NFL. Useless.

  12. “The only thing getting thrashed is roy williams shoulder, your big ass tv screen by regulation punts”
    What’s a “regulation punt”?

  13. “I would be thinking the same thing with JJ’s cut corner purchase habbits….after the terrible incident that happened at your practice field due to his cheap shady contractors, i would surely be in favor for rasing that thing up….everyone of those balls rocketing into that thing is a liability.”
    Pubicboy, your terrible education is the toughest liability you’ll ever face.

  14. I’m thinking of two numbers between 6 & 44 can you take a guess what they are cowgirl fans?

  15. VoxVeritas says:
    August 28, 2009 11:26 PM
    “You know what this is? It’s black on black crime.”
    I’m surprised you didn’t pull the race card on the jerry jones mothership dibacle.
    God, you are an idiot.

  16. i don’t understand why people are making a big deal about this. when vick entered the game it disrupted the offense. andy reid tried to simulate a full games worth of snaps into one half and it backfired. when vick was done for the game and mcnabb stayed on the field they moved the ball effectively and scored points. reid should have played mcnabb the first half, brought vick into the game for the third with the first team to help him get his timing back with the first unit’s players, and then worked the gimmick plays into those possessions.
    what mcnabb did was what i would want my quarterback to do because it was clearly for the betterment of the team. if mcnabb wasn’t right i could see why people would see was bitching. the wildcat shit can wait until the first team has proved that they can be effective.

  17. Aweeee is Vick’s presence causing a problem already ?
    You get what you deserve I say.

  18. This is really a non-issue.
    Any competitor would get upset when they are taken off the field in the heat of battle, if he was even upset.
    Do we really have to analzye every move mcnabb makes and spin it into a story?
    Would there be a story if he hadn’t made that gesture?
    Again cowboys fans, eagirls is corny and not creative, go back to the drawing board.

  19. Vox,
    First of all;
    You and the rest of you boys’ fans that think this doesn’t interfere with “the integrity of the game” are showing your ignorance. But most boys’ fans show their ignorance on a regular basis anyway.
    You just do it on a daily basis.
    I agree that you absent minded owner went by the NFL rules and the league should split the bill to raise the mother ship.
    What happened when the league decided to change the with of the goal posts? Did the league pay for every stadium’s expense or did the league make every team pay for it?
    You want to correct everyone’s view of the NFL’s rules, yet you tried to tell everyone that the play clock would NOT be reset on a “Do Over” if a punt hit the mothership, yet the rules show you are wrong, but, yet once again, you refuse to acknowledge any misunderstanding that YOU had of the rules.
    And you want to call people hypocrites.
    You are really a sad person.
    If you defend our country, then good for you.
    But don’t try to tell us how to think about football. Because you don’t know shit.
    Saying my screen name is the gayest Internet screen name ever, is like the gayest thing to say when you have no sensible comeback to say at all.
    But I’ve come to expect nothing more from you.

  20. McNabb better hope he perfoms well or Vick may strangle him or drown him or electrocute him.

  21. Good times……Does any of this matter, don’t any of you have a life? Vic is getting his second chance, so what? I feel like some of you need to have an intervention on how to interact with your wife and kids, not obsess about meaningless entertainment like football, movies and video games. It’s fun to watch but it’s not a lifestyle. Turn the TV off, go outside with your kids and be a DAD.

  22. Florio and his crackerjack journalism is at it again. If there isn’t a story, continue to beat the drum until you try to create a story. You and Eskin are determined to spew your opinions rather than state the facts of any story.
    Florio = glorified blogger, always citing “anonymous sources”. Most reputable news organizations will announce a source at least every once in a while, but you seem to always have “anonymous sources close to the organization”.
    Stick to writing about Ocho Cinco’s tweets… It’s the only thing you seem to do with any merit.

  23. The video of McNabb ignoring Vick and giving the kill sign to his O.C. reminded me of the time t.o. went to talk to McNabb on the sideline and McNabb was being smart by not engaging him as he was being screamed at by t.o.. Remember that? McNabb looked the same way with Vick. Different reason for the behavior – but it will be the same result.The Eagles are done. After week six when Vick comes back those 66 or so dogs he killed will come home to roost. Or something like that. I think there is a schism in the Eagles locker room. NFC is officially wide open . . .

  24. hahahahahahahah!!!
    you reap what you sow.
    McNabb is and always has been a big baby. But let’s be clear the real problem is Andy Reid. He thinks he is way smarter than he really is and continues to make decisions for this team with his gigantic ego.
    He owns this now. So all those Eagles fans out there like me that have been advocating for Reid to be fired, we just have one year left. If this keeps going the way it is now Reid might be fired by week 8, McNabb traded, Vick cut and Kolb starting at QB.

  25. Eagirls fans,
    Please answer these two questions for me: If McNabb threw for 5 TDs and had won this game all by himself, what would your regular season record be today? And if McNabb got intercepted 5 times while Vick threw for 3 TDs and still had won the game, what would your regular season record be after that?
    THIS IS PRESEASON. This isn’t the first year McNabb is in this offense… it’s his 10th. If the Eagles truly want Vick to be an integral part of the offense, he needs to be on the field and DM needs to get see what the “flow” of the game will be like with Vick in.
    McNabb crying about “the rhythm” in a preseason game…. all that says to me is that he doesn’t like the attention being on Vick instead of himself. Cause if he truly was a team first guy, he’d try to hash out how Vick and himself will be able to run this offense together….

  26. Signing Vick may be Andy Reid’s worst move as GM. I hope it gets him fired. The Eagles need new leadership, and not at QB.

  27. So with all this said Mike, you still think the Dolphins will burn an active roster spot each week on a 3rd QB so they can bring Pat White in cold to break the rhythm of their offense.
    Yeah right.

  28. As an Eagles fan for over 50 years I’ve suffered through the likes of Norm Snead, Mike Boryla, King Hill. Jack Concanon, and space prohibits continuing this list. If you don’t know who these and others like them are, you make my point. With the exception of Jaws, all the McNabb haters either have short memories or are perhaps just a little dull. The simple FACT, not OPINION, is that no one in the NFL has won more games the last decade than the Eagles, and McNabb has been the QB. Now the critics will quickly jump on this and say “Yes, but they haven’t won the Super Bowl.” That is true, but unless you’ve lived through decades of season after season of 2-4 wins, you just don’t know how great it has been to actually WIN some playoff games and get to the NFC title game. The louts love Buddy, and let’s see, he won how many games? Dallas has won how many playoff games since the late 90s? If McNabb walked on water, the haters would say, “Ah, yes, but he can’t swim”! My point is, be careful what you hate for, unless you’re ready to gamble on returning to the days of a Snead, Hill, Concannon, Hoying etc. and losing after losing season. The haters who pop up here and there under the safety of anonymity seem to prefer mediocrity over success. The packed stadium and viewer ratings expose the haters for what they really are, malcontents who really don’t have an intelligent word to offer the conversation. I celebrate this McNabb gesture and sincerely hope he WAS telling Marty to “STOP”! I see that as an exercise in leadership, where I want my QB to be. If Brady or Favre would do this, the haters would be raving about their leadershhip and ranting as to why McNabb isn’t more like them. Only the feeble minded attempt to argue both ends against the middle: McNabb the “bruised vagina” and then condemn him for taking on the role of leader and heatedly arguing for what he thinks is best for the team. But, then, a telling statistic. He’s playing and they are not.

  29. dawk, talk about lack of intelligence.
    First, if Brady or Farve told their O coordinator to stop it wouldn’t have been done by using the throat cut gesture, real professional McNabb is. Brady and Farve would have had a conversation opposed to making sure EVERYONE saw the action. Begs the question of whether or not McNabb has the team’s or his best interest at hand.
    Second, it takes real brain child to only be able to come up with two ways for things to be. Why in the world would it automatically go back to the awful days of Kotite. Truly successful teams can transition from one successful coach to another. Ummmm, like Pittsburgh.
    I too remember the Bad Old Days but the players on this team are very good and changing the coach will make them better not suddenly turn them into idiots that can only win three gams all year. Not too mention, as you so accurately point out, Andy Reid has ZERO Superbowls which is what truly matters. I for one would take Andy Reid being fired followed by a Superbowl win even if that meant the team suffered for a few years after. Remember, as one of the great Eagles said, you play to win the game. Not to lose 4 NFC Championships.

  30. The cancer starts as a small tumor. Then it slowly spreads to surrounding tissue. Growing and growing, affecting vital organs until, finally, the host is killed!

  31. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Of course, we are dealing with the Philly media here, so that’s no surprise. I was at the game and then re-watched it on DVR last night. The Eagles were truly struggling to sustain drives on the first few series when Vick was getting shuffled in and out.
    As the leader of the team, it’s McNabb’s job to say “enough is enough — this isn’t working.” This is football, after all, and the ultimate goal is to win. Preseason or not, the players want to perform well when they’re on the field. McNabb realizes the importance of the 3rd preseason game as the last chance to “gel”.
    If the same scenario occurred with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady everyone would be talking about how remarkable they are as leaders. When McNabb pulls the plug on a failing experiment, somehow he’s jealous of a guy who couldn’t shine his shoes as a QB. Besides, McNabb & Vick were seen joking and smiling on the sidelines throughout the game. Anyway, nothing McNabb said was wrong. It probably would have made more sense to let the offense establish a rhythm before mixing in the gimmick plays.
    This is just another case of the Philly media rebel-rousing those mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging idiots from South Philly. You know who I’m talking about…these are same fans who flood sports radio with incoherent psycho babble and show up at the NFL draft to boo the guy who will arguably go down as the greatest QB in franchise history.

  32. Philly fans forget the last time they won a superbowl lol…you dont get a ring for winning the NFC championship….sure Philly put a whooping on Dallas last year but that doesnt mean anything this year lol. yeah Philly is getting better with all this drama, injuries & loss of key players. if you think McNibble is better then Romo then you really lost your mind lol. McNibble has choked his career away in philly & thats why they had to bring Vick in. Romo is only a 3 year starter & at this point of his career his numbers are better then a lot of guys in the hall of fame,whats McNibbles chances of the HoF?(none). i dont know any team that would honestly take McNibble over Romo, including A.Ried/Eagles. its superbowl or bust for philly this year, lets see how McNibble (err i mean Vick) does this year.
    the Turds are gone & so is last year, this is the beginning of something special in Big D.
    The Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team!

  33. “You want to correct everyone’s view of the NFL’s rules, yet you tried to tell everyone that the play clock would NOT be reset”
    Yeah I took a stab at a new rule and was wrong. So execute me.
    “Saying my screen name is the gayest Internet screen name ever”
    I didn’t say that about you, Hugh. I said that about your OTHER name.

  34. “I’m surprised you didn’t pull the race card on the jerry jones mothership dibacle.”
    It was a reference to McNabb’s statement that TO’s criticism of him was “black on black crime”, fool. Why do you think that the NAACP hates him?

  35. “I celebrate this McNabb gesture and sincerely hope he WAS telling Marty to “STOP”! I see that as an exercise in leadership, where I want my QB to be.”
    You want the QB to lead the coaching staff? Seriously? No wonder things are constantly so jacked up in Philthy. The QB thinks he’s the coach, and the coach can’t even run a household let alone an NFL team.

  36. “mad555 says:
    August 29, 2009 12:14 AM
    I’m thinking of two numbers between 6 & 44 can you take a guess what they are cowgirl fans?”
    I’m thinking of two numbers between 0 & 5 that match the number of Super Bowl wins each team has. Can you guess which one is yours Eagirl ?
    Here’s a visual aid to help you:

  37. VoxVeritas says:
    August 28, 2009 11:25 PM
    @ mvlonergan
    I don’t blame McNabb either. Said it before, the Eagirls looked like they might be coming together than the front office felt like jacking with the chemistry some more for whatever reason. Why is the Eagirls front office constantly trying to sabotage McNabb?
    I can never tell if you’re being sincere or just concern trolling, but this is a sensible argument that most Philly fans probably agree with.

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